How Pain-Centaurs was created by Youf?

There are two hypothesis about Grazer Origin, though I supports Black Net theory in one hand, I cannot abandone their magical origin.... See King of Sartar and Nick Brooke's Website: Horse Nomad of Glorantha.

Magic of Ironhoof
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Macabre of Vos Vorainu

A Tale of Elder Centaur. a Priest of Arachne Solara in the Temple of Wild

Dancing was always important for Walzing and Hunting Bands. They explained about it that they should try to commune with Dragons in Everything of Nature as much as they can invoke in their performance in the draconic temple of cities. So they performed dances in night just outside of the city walls of Great Youf Cities like Vos Vorainu.

Delecti also liked varieties of dances for another reason. And he found a chance to gain support from foolish populace for funding more of his experiment and mad creations. His conductors, Dancers of the Darkness invented many types of sensual, dark, and hypnotic dances.

After the leaders of Dragon's Eye began to force their subjects to worship themselves, Delecti invented by himself the tune and style of macabre and taught it to populace, in the burning fire of the declining Empire. Every night, the dancers of the darkness led the poor populace who could find leisure only in dance and orgiastic engagement in the night shadow. And dancers gathered pennies from them and bring back it to their lord.

The remnant people of Golden Mare (*Descendants of Berenethtelli-Hyaloring since Emperor Vuranostum) owned the land that Delecti performed his dancing outside the city, watched the too many other bad omens aside from it. They worried about the future and awaiting Doom of the innocent people of Youf that would eat every people in the prophecy, when they could contact the ancestor spirit in the Wild Temple suburb of the city, that which could contact only through oldest rituals that was used only by them. Its Drolgard and Serpentbeasts warned them, dragons and foreign demons will kill and eat them all. Sooner or later, they adviced them they must leave the Youf, or would be killed for the sin and crime of dark souls of Youf Leaders.

But the chieftain of Golden Mare refused it for they could not leave their ancestral land, for only there, they could find the Horse Woman of Hippoi they must find in the future. So they asked the spirits about the way how they could avoid the doom without leaving the land of Grey. One of the spirits knew the answer, "but it is very difficult and torment for your people." It said. But the chieftain finally convinced it to talk about the way.

As usual nights, the dancers went to play the tune and danced along the poor dancers around the black fire. The Golden Mare surprisingly refused to play and let them into the land of playing. That night, Delecti himself donned the Mask of Macabre and entertained many Youf ghoul lords and fat bellies. Shamed, Delecti himself visited the Golden Mare chieftain's tent and asked about his intention.

"Why don't you join our dance?" Delecti asked. "Death is coming to everyone, no matter whether he or she, wealthy or poor, old or young. Death is equal and our only common enjoyable thing. Play and enjoy with us!"

"We dance only with our Golden Mare, waiting the return of the Horse Goddess"

The chieftain replied.

Delecti angered by the chieftain's prideful behavior,

"I am now de facto the Lord of the city, why do you want to shame me avoiding merely a dance, sharing pleasure and performing our sacred ceremony? Join us, or you will be punished."

The chieftain of the Golden Mare coldly replied.

"You voice betrayed your words, your mask betrayed your face. You taught Death is Life, but you seek different thing. You seek Life without Death, want to control both death and life through your blasphemy and exploiting poors and innocents. You want to outwit the doom that waits you, by sacrificing your friends! But there, you cannot find what you want!" And he shut the entrance of his tent.

Delecti was astonished for the chieftain justly knew his plot and angered with his wicked soul, and Delecti cursed the chieftain and the Golden Mares, departed. Soon, secretly he and the dancers poisoned them, and brought them into the Stitched Zoo. Delecti welcomed them inside the fense.

"You said you danced only with your horse and mare, very well. I help you always dance with your horse, gladly."

Laughing and Mocking them.

But that was what chieftain and Golden Mare intended. They endured the torments of Delecti and waited the chance. Dragonewts came, killed every leaders. And Stitched Zoo half-beasts helped Golden Mare to kill Delecti's poor victims of the Zoo when the Fence was destroyed by dragonewts. They avenged the evil to the zoo administrators, except Delecti, for he escaped into the Bog of Upland Marsh, which he created by his Evil Magic. When Golden Horde was ate all by dragons, they overlooked Golden Mare for they are not human.

Ironhoof came from the Wild Temple, and helped them to cut pain-centaurs who cannot endure the torment anymore. Since that day, we and grazers are staunchest allies against the Delecti the Necromancer, and now Delecti knows how Golden Mare tricked him and help them outwit the doom as he. And he always worries about our anger and our connection to Arachne Solara, fears inside the shambling body, rotting inside of his body. Far worse than our past curse he cast to us. As a result of his past greed and evil.

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