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See Map of Second Age Glorantha

Analysis of Second Age Glorantha:
Glorantha has experienced several great cataclysm and these have changed geography, but while many of Cataclysm in RW occured for the upheavals of physical clash in the structure of natural sources, Glorantha sometimes hinted these disasters caused by for the commitment of mass magic of Large Community that is possible only for modern society in Real World, or personified Will (even most "sceptical" idealist to realism of personified Other World Entities like Malkioni and Mostali admitted these nature of phenomena is possible to observe.) called as Spirits, Gods by some communities. (After Debate with Greg Stafford, he admitted "natural" cataclysm without intention of Personified Will is rarer than RW, when I mentioned Change of Course of Yellow River in Real World.)

Second Age is special for Declining of Elder Races for their hostility to other elder races and High Oriented Society of Human organized a system which could use a method of Magic which is impossible for the denizens of other eras.

If the theory appeared in Kralorela Article in "Genertela Book", "Magic is gradually have declined since God Age." is true, we should consider it as a excuse why 2nd Age Imperialists have used many showy performances for constructing their society, As far as I know, even some of Godlearners took prophecy of Hero Wars as a sign of Catastrophy which would succeed after them. And maybe they wanted to check the progress of this process. I don't know the Role of Mysticism in this situation, please Read in the article of Eurmal in Storm Tribe, "Illusion in Glorantha". (But this analysis is false after all.) If Mystics actively supported the process of Weaken the Magic, they could fulfill roles of Terrorist to other Nations.

Before Closing, some of great Naval Power controlled the Ocean of Glorantha, greatest force was of course Waertagi, but Mokatans also have long History of Sailing As far as I know in Missing Lands and Eastern Mythology Documents which Greg Stafford recently invented. And Errinoru is most famous Seafaring Inhuman Hero...unless "Legendary Hero of Elf Sea" admiral is merely a obscure idea of Peter Metcalph.

Most of Cataclysm and Change is derived from the shortsighted experiments of God Learners. AFAIK, some of change of Geography have showed by the Uz Lore Handbook Obscure Maps of Genertela. And later, some fragments of Greg Stafford's Handscripts and others showed more detailed maps of Seshnela, Slontos and Jrustela. But IIRC, other spots of Disasters such like Brithos and Kralorela still hid in the Brain of Great Shaman Trickster Arkati.

Seshnela: Political Center of Godlearner Empire. Detailed Map of 2nd Age is put on the "Sog City Visitors Guide 7nd Ecclesiastical Council" . (I can't recall the accurate name of this Live Action Role Playing booklet. I read it in the office of Issaries.) Luatha destroyed this Peninsula by Magical Ritual, see History of Seshnelan Kings in Issaries Site.

Fronela: There was no mentions about the geographycal Change in the History after the Dawn, but Uz Lore Maps hinted Loskalm added or reclaimed the each of Peninsula surrounding Ozur Bay without mentioning, I think that is occured during Syndics Ban.

Slontos: Greg Stafford have posted Handwriting Precise Map recently in Issaries Website and AFAIK still available. The reason of Destruction and Sunk of Protectrates is equivocal, but most strong theory is caused by the blasphemy of Trickster synthetic Temple set upon somewhere of Slontos, Eurmal was called Hofhalados the Nonwise. (I should mention one center of Godlearnized Caladra & Aurelion existed in Slontos.)

Jrustela: Religious Origin of Godlearner Movement, the conglomerate of City States firstly discovered the miracle of Abiding Book, and led the shaping (and Dooming) Malkioni History after that. Steve Lieb drew very beautiful map (I think by the guidance of Greg Stafford.) for Jrustela as Mystical Age Maps (Hero Plane Maps). AFAIK, Waertagi revenged Jrustela with this attack. And after this victory, "Betrayal of Zzabur" Closing struck them too, and they lost most of their power after that.

Brithos: The Greatest Change started from this Island, the Remnant of Kingdom of Logic Danmalastan, if Survivors of Aloranit speak truth, Zzabur himself cast the Closing Curse over Oceans and shifted his Island to Somewhere of Hidden Place in otherside. If I remember correctly, Old Trade Island is located on the bay of Mainland of Brithos and still existed on the mouth of Foggy Magical Sea Area of Brithos. There is no detailed Map of this Age, as far as I know.

Kralorela: Least Developed Land which conquered by a sect or ally of God Learners. NDR (FDR) eventually it showed the collapse from the consequence of shortsighted experiments of Godlearners as other areas, uniqueness of Kralorela appeared. Enlargement of Suam Chaw and Earth Dragon Shudder is hinted in some fragments as a cataclysm of Great geographycal Change. But Maps of Uz Lore only caught the change between 1st Age and 2nd Age. In that map, Suam Chow (Inland Sea of Kralorela appeared after the Dawn Age. Maybe that is merely a mistake without enough speculations.

Aside from Godlearners, some of Experiments and Backlash of other Empires (such as Poison of Errinoru which absorbed some Parts of Wall of Balumbasta, Awakening of True Dragons during Dragonkill) also changed the geography of Glorantha.

EWF as known as Empire of Wyrm's Friends or Empire without Friends

Middle Sea Empire (MSE) as known as God Learner Empire

East Sea Empire (ESE), Golden Empire of Mokato

Errinoru Elven Empire

Gloranthan Explorers in 2nd Age
Independent Powers and Old Day traditionalists

If you want to know more about Second Age, maybe you can participate in the Convulsion Program 2002, "Paps 831"Try to contact Keith Nellist.

And see also David Dunham's Site, Geographical Index of Glorantha.

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