Golden Sea Empire of Mokato

"Our Empire is without mistake, because the Golden Emperor's example
leads us and infallible Hobimarong advises us."
(Thanks to Nils Weinander!)

Timeline of Imperial Foundation and Collapse:
The start of the Eastern Seas empire was contemporary with the Jrusteli
war against the Waertagi (or 718 ST). The end came shortly before the Closing.
(Quote from Nils Weinander)

Very Important Personalities:

Eranth Eyoon
Serd Marnad
Reha Manari

Places of Interest:
Great Temple of Hobimarong

Pinnacle of Prosperity: Age and Greatest Domain

We cannot count enough Information and Setting of this Empire even in
unofficial books, and the Expert of this Area Nils Weinander and Greg
Stafford were still in the process of regulating and harmonizing of each
ideas (I got great volume of their writings about East and failed to
contribute about it....) .

AFAIK most Reliable Source is Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars and
Mokatan Middle Sea Empire seems ruled most of Areas of East Sea even
semi-Heroplane Isles such like Forng and Memb. I don't know theistic worship
to Island God Hobimarong, Dream Magic of Awaking Magicians and Greg
Stafford's Pantheon of Mysticism. Three Sages of Mokato.

I find difficulty to imagine the Last Days of Mokatan Empire Glory, God
Hobimarong ordered his worshippers (and Citizens of Empire) voluntarily to
abandone the Glory of the Empire. (I can recall Abandonement of Mayan
Civilization in the RW Highland of Middle America as such case..) Maybe many
youngs would revolt against slavic olds...

(Quote from Keith Nellist:
I guess the god of the Mokatans was worshipped in a sacrificial manner,
government would be carried out by his functionaries, although there would be
mystic sages among the population, they would not really be part of the

See Map of Our Greatest Domain!

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