Errinoru Jungle Council

"Grower and Sailor of the whole World rules our Forest!"

Timeline of Imperial Foundation and Collapse:

Start: 610 (Lynelsian Council)
Pinnacle: 755? (Star of Errinoru)
End: 975 (Enigmatic Epidemic)

Very Important Personalities:
Errinoru, Leader of Errinoru Family

Places of Interest:
The Six Cities of Silver
Dinal Jungle: Apotheosis of Errinoru

Pinnacle of Prosperity: Age and Greatest Domain

Maybe this Empire is most inscrutable of four empires for human standard.
And Sandy Petersen once mentioned the mindset of Yellow Elves is most
alienic among three Races of Elven Community, they are literally living
plant, and yellow elves Embyli are most gathering conscioused in the
Aldryami Society.

But Errinoru was not ordinary Embyli and he befriended (or conquered) other
races, and Six Dryads who created Errinoru knew about it. He once ruled (or
allied with) People of Elamle, some part of Doraddi, Trolls and Mostali, and
he sailed as a Captain of Barges and went around the World like a rootless
elf. And he went to Underworld throwing himself to Magasta's Pool and
returning back to Mundane World...

Most Reliable Source of Errinoru Empire is the Elder Secrets of Glorantha:
Avalonhill, Elder Races Book. Errinoru Empire was collapsed by enigmatic
epidemic brought by Monsters and bugs which ate Magical Flowers of Errinoru
Family. (Peter Metcalph suggested it came from Kothar Shamanists, I think it came from
Fonritan "Chaotics",

See Map of Our Greatest Forest!

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