Middle Sea Empire: Godlearners

"We watch the beauty of Invisible God's Face and sketch it!"

Timeline of Imperial Foundation and Collapse:

Start: 650? (Jrusteli Alliance) 718? (Tanian's Victory)
Pinnacle: 849? (Goddess Switch)
End: 940 (Sunk of Jrustela) 1049 (Sunk of Seshnela)

Very Important Personalities:

Name or Alias Profile
Argalis High Sorcerer Leader of Godlearners
Sir Ethilrist Slontan Mercenary Captain
Gilam de Estau aka ShangHsa Reincarnated Crazy Mystic
Halwal the Agitator Rival of Argalis
Lord of World Knowledge President of Yoranday University
Ordanal Jrusteli King of Melib
Paruzal the Impaler Survivor of Future Catastrophy
Valastos Seven Pens
Critic for Abusements of GL Experiments
Yomili Blackskin Pamaltelan Sorceror and Lord of Pithdaros

Places of Interest:

Name Area Sightseeing Place Note
Angazabo Isle (East Isles) Diet of Pearl
Erandinthanos (Jrusela) Starting Point of GL Movement
Frowal (Seshnela) Capital (Administrator: Emperor of MSE)
New Froswal (Umathela) Fifty Thousand God Learner Questers
Old Garanga Vichi (Loral) Monster Zoo (Godzilla, Mosulla, Gamella,etc...)
Shrine to Korgatsu and
New Dragon Ring
(Kralorela) (Administrator ShangHsa)
Temple of Seshnelan Guardian (Seshnela) (Administrator: Secret Serpent Guardian Froalar)
Temple of Tolat (Verenela, Melib) Sword of Tolat (Administrator: Ordanal)
Trickster Temple (Slontos) (Administrator: Hofhadalos the Wise)
Great Temple of Wachaza (Jrustela) Strategical Point of MSE Naval Power
Varanswal (Umathela) Artificial God Jogrampur
Waitingroom Mountain (Slontos) Dating Place of Caladra & Aurelio
Yoranday (Umathela) University of Psychic Zoo (Administrator: Lord of World Knowledge)
Zistorwal aka Locsil, Lylket (Kethaela,Leftarm) Mass Production Factory of Magic
Items, and New Mechanical Arts, Artificial God Zistor

Pinnacle of Prosperity: Age and Greatest Domain

Manic Cosmology of Glorantha
School Valiants of God Learner Expeditions
Locsil: Clanking City

Greg Stafford have written the History of Seshnelan King (I translated them
into Japanese but but it was still banned to exhibit by Issaries.) and I
think it is the most reliable source to understand the culture of MSE. Aside
from it, many Pulishments of Reaching Moon Megacorp have picked up Malkioni
as the Source, and I haven't developed this area enough to comment here.
(Below I add a comment to changed Coastline of Glorantha by their magic.)

World View of God learners are generally perceived as Older Version
Glorantha Perspective because they thought One True Glorantha and Idea of
unified Mythology as method to gain materialistic power and reached to
Solace and Joy (if they were not atheistic as Brithini.) Some of Ancient
Ruins of GL still existed and mentioned in scattered forms of Missing Land,
and Godlearners gained most various domains among the Four Empires, and it
seems most involved in many disputes of each Remnants of Four Continents.

Survivors of Godlearner Empire after Janaxian Extermination of Idea aside
from Lord "Impaler" Paruzal in Ramalia, there are those of some Heroplane
Experimental Field such as University of Yoranday, Luathelan Pit, Mad Tea
Party of Trickster Temple, and Fort Wrath of Ralzakaak in Dorastor (Most of
Information coming from Peter Metcalph). And most (all?) of them went mad by
the Curse cast by their enemies and backfire of their own magic and Modern
Age Adventurers seems to find difficulty for searching their secret. And
their method of approach to Hero Quest is on the contrary to Arkati "We
never quest without respect." So maybe Heroquesters under tutelage of
Godlearners utterly anti-heroic...

(Quote from Keith Nellist:
Clearly ruled by the Malkioni worldview, but with a wide range of peculiar
interpretations including Zabandan (however that works), demonology,
theomancy, zistorism, and including theist cults of any utility; Issaries,
Lhankhor Mhy, Caladra, Aurelion. If you include the New Dragon Ring as an
offshoot of the MSE then it also includes mystics. )

See Map of Our Greatest Domain!

If you want to know more about MSE, visit glorantha.com and see Issaries Initiate Site: Kings of Seshnela in Londarios Library: http://www.glorantha.com/new/londarios.html

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