EWF: Empire of Wyrm's Friends

"We are Dragons, as our World!"

Timeline of Imperial Foundation and Collapse:

Start: 575 (Walzing and Hunting Band)

Pinnacle: 875? (Pent, Ralios, Fronela, Prax?: Glorantha Book of Genertela
Box. but perhaps their influence is limited to religious term of these
outskirt area as Nysalor Missionaries of First Age. See Pelorian Map of
Fortunate Succession.)

End: 1042 (Assassination of Leaders by Blue Moonies and Dragonewts)
Dragonkill (Massacre of True Golden Horde): 1120

Very Important Personalities:

Name Profile
Aringor Lightbringer Ralian Hero and friend of EWF (Peter Metcalph)
Delecti the Necromancer
Alchemist of Stitched Zoo
Forang Farosh
A Common Man who survived by as a spirit
Ingolf Dragonfriend
EWF Hero and Helper of Commoner
Iskandrang the Great Great EWF Leader
Jerem the Mystic Mysterious Mystic from East
Lord Labrygon Designer of Puzzle Canal in Pavis
Li Phanquann Eastern Swordmaster
Obduran Skyflyer Symbol of EWF Mystics
Pavis Half-Elven Lord of City of Giant
Perenal the Protector Draconic Mystic in Civic War Era
Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros Inhuman King of Dragonewt
Usdaros the Impatient Another Draconic Mystic who got Temporal Power
Varajiir Nopor Conqueror of Waha, Friend of Pavis

Places of Interest:

Name Area Sightseeing Place Note
City of 100 Magicians (Aggar) Great Library for Tomes of Draconic Magic
Dragon's Eye (Creekstream) (Capital) Inner Brotherhood, (Administrator Inhuman King Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros)
Ormsgone Valley (Oslir) "Awaking of Cosmic Dragon" Experiment
Pavis (Prax-Wasteland) Experiments returning to Green Age (Administrator:
Pavis Elfblood & Flintnail Hardeye Mostali)
Raibanth (Dara Happa) Dragonsun (Administrator Sothenik? (Martin Laurie))
Molarios University (Peloria Yolp) Great Tome of Draconic Lore
Vos Vorannu (Creekstream) Stitched Zoo, (Administrator Delecti Necromancer)
Zoo Island (Righthand Isles) Some say it was belonged to God Learners, anyway destroyed by Machine Wars

Pinnacle of Prosperity: Age and Greatest Domain
(Quote from Peter Metcalph:
I don't know how far the EWF reached into Fronela. The most obvious
way is barred by the Carmanians who were never part of the EWF. I
assume that EWF influence took a circuitous route, spreading from
Peloria into Ralios (through Aggar) then into Jorstland and then
back over the Nidan Mountains into what is now Jonatela. The extent
of EWF in Prax is better known: it introduced the Pure Horse Tribe
and was partly responsible for the Sun Domers and the City of Pavis.)

Note about Dragonsun
Mystery of Dragonewt Eggs and Lifecycle
Macabre of Vos Vorainu

(I can use Youf for identifying this Empire, but "Empire of Wyrm's
Friend" is no longer good term for it, see King of Sartar):

As you all know, Argrath is in a sense the Successor of EWF and its
Draconic Heritage while other traditional Orlanthi antagonized Draconic
Worship. (I don't know the connection between similarity of Dragonewt
Philosophy and Eastern Mythology of Glorantha, I don't know How "Gwandorling
Saga" connected Argrath Dragonfriend and Lightbringer's Quest in Argrath's
Saga, Consequence of Ressurrect of Sheng Seleris, and Draconic Movement of
Final Stage. But I cannot recommend easy link among Kralorelan Source and

King of Sartar is AFAIK most reliable source for replicating the Scene in
the Writing of Hrestol Arganitis after Minarian Memory Removal. Some of
Residents still remained the Information of this Empire,like Necromancer
Delecti and Forang Forash in Tink. As RW, Sometimes Local Cultures rather
hold the knowledge which lost in Central Area, Dara Happa, Pavis and Upland
Marsh are included in such category and mentioned in some fanzines
(Fortunate Succession: Dragon Sun, Tales of the reaching Moon #19 & Pavis &
Big Rubble) as relics of EWF.

In Glorantha, City of Thousand Magician in Aggar still holds many documents
for the Empire, Harald Smith set the Area of Saird as the expert of this
Area and AFAIK he also made many Settings for this Area (Though other
Gloranthans reluctanut to take up this area. See "Who Were the Sairdite
Dragon Killers? Who Did They Kill?" in Glorantha Q&A in Issaries Site.) I
don't know how Old Day Traditionalists act in the Kerofinela and Hendrixi
Land. But I think "Stubborness" of Nationality of this Area worked against
both Area though this Area is Center of Empire.

Conflict between EWF and Godlearners were appeared in the Timeline Table of
Glorantha Book of Genertela Box: Avalonhill in Kethaela, Only Old One
controlled this Buffer Area and managed to survive the pressures. Peter
Metcalph added other Proxy War Areas, Ralios and Pavisian Prax. But these
information are too obscure to descibe .(By the way, I don't know even
Gorangi Vak is whether 1st Age Hero (Tales #18) or 2nd Age Hero (Storm

(Quote from Keith Nellist:
Although EWF would seem to be a mystic practice I think they had a certain
connection with the Korgatsu animist tradition, Orlanthi theist sacrifice
(Orlanth Dragonfriend) and certain types of impersonal sorcery (Delecti, City
of 1000 Magicians) . I might suggest, if pushed, that the Third Council,
being more aggressive and Imperialist than the previous Collective was
dominated by Theists, rather than mystics who would retreat from the
entanglements of Empire. (note that Zorak Zoran was a popular war god, that
the Council included significant parts of Theist Peloria. )

My opinion against some of his opinion above:
Greg Stafford wrote the image of EWF like Mystic Tradition, and my idea connection between
Korgatsu Tradition and Kralori Martial Arts is maybe controversial for it, but I think Korgatsu Tradition is more connected to New Dragon Ring and Shang Sha rather than EWF.
(Please see article about Kralori Martial Arts.)

See Map of Our Greatest Domain!

See also Roderick Robertson's Map of Pre-Dragonkill Dragonpass.

If you want to know more about EWF, visit glorantha.com and see Issaries Initiate Site: History of Dragonpass (But it's not available for observers and non GTA members...sorry.)

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