Arroin and Zotulla

(Originally inspired by Different World Uleria Cult)

While in Kethaela, Unity Council, in Elder Wild, Council of All Races. Fronela had only Zoria. She taught to her lovers, her unity to fight against Chaos, hater of Love.

"Love is stronger than War."

[Some excerpts of my unofficial bits for History of Zoria]

UlEria was a goddess of Life, Fertility, Friendship, Sexual Connection, Unity, Love, Compassion, Mercy and Spiritual Oneness to the One (Malkioni called it Joy of the Heat, it is the only weapon knights hold against sorcerers), before Maker and Grower divided. After Harana Ilor (Harmony), Orenoar (Truth) came and visited her city, she taught the art of Love to her city residents.

Especially, she loved music, and troll one of Seven ancestor's Hombobobom visited and enchanted by the rhythm of the city, her daughter Borkrak made her own queendom near of the city. (1)

Orenoar taught her how to make love with difference and varieties, so she adapted the way of Burtae. In Union of BogMaradan and UlEria. From City Ulawar of Pelanda goddess came.

By the muster of her, Knights of Love fought against Knights of Death came to East with Durbadal. (Monotheists are Evil, soulless, don't care about another life....)

After the Battle of Falling Storm, trolls under Boztakang helped her against Chaos allied with Winter Wood Vronkal in the battle of Boztakang Victory and Icebreak, she sent her army to Northwest after threat was lost from her front, in the battle of Winter Win.

<<West of Tastolar is the Enkoshons river valley that Vadrus defeated during the Great Winter. The local Vadrudi seeks wives from among the river folk here and their women are known for their fog-magics.  The savage Vadrudi courtship rites have recently been tamed by an appearance of the Love Goddess, Zoria.  >> (Peter Metcalph)

(I cannot recall the meaning of the tale anymore, though I remember I wrote it and remained in old notebook, please analyze my intention of subconsciousness....It was written before "Storm Tribe" mentioned about Chaos Demon, Grenfalur the Eater. (But it didn't talk much about the relation of him and Elf God Eron, healing God of Water.))

Arroin and Zotulla (Unfinished)

"Arroin was the most merciful God in Glorantha. He is a son of Chalana Arroy, who brought back Sun again to the Earth. In Gods Age, even if there is a battle and war, but no death. Arroin was graceful, loved by all, and had many friends among gods.

Humakt, Issaries and his younger sister, the Goddess of Dance, and Polaris and Donandar are all such later became greater deities. They taught many own songs to Arroin and he taught them his own mental healing tune in return. But Arroin lost his divine power unlike his friends, I want to tell you now about why he lost and he now only heals with herbs.

One day, Arroin found a beautiful nymph among the foot of Rocks like Trees, at that time, already Queen Zoria taught her art in her circle, Aldrya was with her lover, Shanasse, and her mother, Uleria blessed many happy couples (later they are called "burtae") set her idol of Beauty over the top of Spike.

No one experienced love turned into hatred, The young nymph whom Arroin loved was Zotulla, a daughter of Aldrya and Shannasse. She made her own magical cycle around her pool, and set all her beautiful possession inside of her circle.

Arroin also then was very beautiful god filled with harmony and life, at one time, he walked into her circle while wandering, Zotulla also enchanted by her own magic. At the wedding of the couple, very many gods came to them beyond difference of tribe and family, race and age, and blessed groom and bride. Arroin's mother Chalana gave her daughter-in-law magical wand, and Zotulla's mother, Aldrya capped Arroin wreath of apple flowers.

At this time, Zotulla clumsily boasted ? and made an oath that brought "Aryr", Aryr told Orenoar and she split water of Styx to the Oath. And Styx whispered silently to Humakt, friend of Arroin with her tide of ebb and flow. When Arroin repeated Zotulla's oath unwillingly, Aryr already left from her, but Styx heard same oath from the mouth of young god, but Arroin used human word, not divine words for the oath. (2)

When Humakt took Sword of Death guided by trickster, cold wintry wind blew to forest, and god Valind whose beard is icy, and eyes are blue came to the forest where Arroin and Zotulla lived, but Arroin departed temporarily for he was busy to heal others. Valind didn't know Zotulla was someone's own, but her beauty broke his icy heart by Uleria when he first saw her.

"I will make her mine by any means."

Oblivion of Trickster heard his wish and traded the wish with his crystal goblet. While trickster made cantrip before her with handkerchief, she forgot her husband and forget to gather healing herbs for him. After that, manly Winter God came in, she fell in love with Valind and left the forest. Arroin was ridiculed during Gods War, and though his friends offered him their help to bring back her, Arroin said,

"I saw her happily with Winter, and I don't want to hinder her happiness." (3)

(Many of his friends didn't understand his statement, for physical and mental are inseparable at that age.) Anyway, many began to die for Zotulla forgot to gather healing herbs for sickened, and blizzard froze stream of rivers. Arroin endured  humiliation, and awaited Fear, worse than Winter coming.

After all, Styx somehow realised the Oath was broken, and tightened Zotulla's pillory around her neck. Styx grew furious when Valind broke the pillory, and ordered one of his furies, Humakt to go and punish oath breakers. Valind fled in fear when his uncle came with Zotulla far north of his Palace. Humakt then pursued its track Cold Waste and steeled him to visit her with his Cold Blade, he met Arroin during his way to Winter Palace, (for Arroin heard Humakt coming from noisy Hare.)

The two met in the magical circle, then only with pine trees of Vronkal, Arroin asked to his friend.

"Hello, friend."

"Friend, what let you come here, the oath was broken, and I come here."

"But it is different what I said and what I thought."

By his statement, Alyr was enlarged. Humakt watched Arroin's eyes and both of them stopped.

"Kill you and I pass over your corpse, I will cross the Bridge of Sword even if it will cut me into two, and I bring her to the world."

"You said you will listen to my plea once I healed your wound with Zotulla's herb, please save her for our friendship, and your Truth."

Humakt could not resist Arroin's entreaty, but Humakt taught Arroin that:

"I am not the last one Styx own, she will send another to her that will be more faithful to her, without my honor, without our friendship."

and Humakt departed to return to Styx, for reporting his failure, and he left his Great Sword in the middle of Magical Circle.

Styx firstly enraged hearing about Humakt's faliure, but an idea hit her and it let her grin. Humakt said,

"Arroin already knows how to cross the Sword Bridge."

Styx answered to it,

"I will bring warped reward to the warped oath."

And she sent for Ikadz, not informing it to Humakt.

Again two met in the Middle of Circle, where Humakt's greatsword left and freezing in cold of wintry winds, but Ikadz is not a friend of Arroin, and Arroin's mother, Chalana already went to her Quest. Ikadz didn't have no pity toward him.

Ikadz had iron sticks, cages, garrote and other evil metal tools. When he saw Sword of Humakt, he said,

"I found a good hanger."

He hanged Arroin over the great hilt and began his vile work as usual with a chain whip and a flail, brand sticks. Ikadz replaced death with unlimited agony. And Arroin's healing power flew from his body with blood. At that time, Chalana Arroy and Humakt met in the Court of Silence. Where deads dominated. When gods heard reaching scream of Arroin, Yelm asked.

"Is it a cry asking help?"

Orlanth sadly replied,

"No, it is the first cry of New World."

When Gods ascended from Gate of Dawn, only Chalana could find Alyr and taught Humakt about it. Humakt caught it and gods bound it firmly together, when Humakt saw what Ikadz did to Arroin over his Sword inside of the circle, he enraged to such a insult to his honor and his friend.

Chalana Arroy found the hare and gods gave good Beats to trickster, she brought it handkerchief, removing curse of it from Zotulla. Zotulla was ashamed to the result of her foolish oath but she was now bound to oaths doubly. Though Zotulla and her step-mother came to Arroin and healed him with herbs as far as possible, they could not heal his magic. (4) For Arroin used all of it in the Circle.

(Chaos punishes both Winter King and trickster?)

Humakt grabbed his Bloody Sword and attacked Ikadz, but Ikadz defended himself from Humakt with Iron Scissors and sneered his Death. Their battle continued changing in time and space. (Humakti say that their God finally killed Ikadz at the foot of Mountain, worshipper of Ikadz proud themselves that their god entrapped in Styx and tormented the Death God to his own death.) Many Humakti who knows this story never use healing magic and its use is dishonorable for them.

(This tale was originally heard from a Humakt Sword of Vronkali in Brolia.(5))"

(1) See also my story about Third Kidnapping of Alwoon the Poet

(2) In another version of this story, Arroin boasted without Truth and Harmony, Love is nothing, Uleria angered to his word, and cursed him with Aryr.

(3) Selfless love as that of Layla and Majnun...

(4) Paris and First Nymph Lover before he kidnapped Helen at Sparta....?

(5) Eron is elven God of Erontree, and God of Healing and Water later equated with barbarian god(dess) Chalana Arroy, maybe before 2nd Age, Erontree and its river from Nidan (See Genertela Map, the river is from the foot of Southernmost of Nida, like Isengald of Rohan in Tolkien's Middleearth, from there, it seems Nida River also flows to Aloranit and Seshnela.) is quite large and it involves Oranor and Jonatela, Zotulla is a nymph of pool near of its stream, later it was cleared monotheists from Turnwall, completely in my humble opinion.

After Monotheists killed Goddess of Zoria (As Snodal killed God of Silver Feet later....), three races, trolls, elves and dwarves restarted their old feud and grudge again......maybe it is related to War in Oral-Ta....

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