Yanoor and his Utuma

[Emperor Yanoor: Reign 0-768ST]

His way involves a tiny flaw as his predecessors, even if he was the best among his contemporary sages. Many fools couldn't perceive it and followed his Death but clever mandarins fled to the North, and confronted another threat from Ignorance.

---Erudite Mandarin of Kuchawn: 1600ST

His Utuma left lesson as his predecessors, the ignorant people could not his status of Bardo [Coma between Life and Death] and tried to join him, so illusions succumbed them and they went to Hell, or worse, they were bound inside of Middle World as ghosts.

---Austerity Student of Fukunama, disciple of Eight Sisters of Justice: 1580ST

Vashanti was Great and purged all of evil and dirtiness of Foreign Land, banished all such and reknitted Ancient Empire by his Web of Righteousness. But he realized it wasn't enough, for he thought Spiritual and Physical World was separated by it, thus state-rituals and buildings for Dragons are not enough, he needed philosophy because he thought people began to debate about the teaching of his predecessors under the influence of Chelen [1].

He said,

"Certainly mandarins can read words of Mikaday on the obelisk-glyph of Vayobi Victorious. Cosmic Wisdom can be attained through Thalurzni's art and Daruda's vision, but such folk is quite a few even in this blissful Empire. How I can enlighten (or at least to help them to reach Summerland) people who can't afford to read Vayobi?"

That was the most difficult task for Vashanti.

So Vashanti invited lots of people called Sages from hermitages of ShanShan, Elders of East Blissful Islands Gnaw Chang Hia, even foreign scholars of Atrilith and Durapdur ( though Vashanti didn't love them and limited them in Strong Ristriction.) Many of Sages were invited from inside of Web of Righteous Knowledge, [2] )

Yanoor was half-foreign blood, Mother was Vithelan???? but Kralo-mei, he was still a boy when sages of Gnaw Chang Hia gathered at the Emerald Fish Lord? island in front of Vashanti and debated about the relative merits of Void of Larn Hasamador and Unrealization of Mashunasan. Yanoor also studied the Void and understood well about the flaw and incompleteness of Mashunasan's teaching. So Yanoor one by one won over the many sages of the island, finally, Vashanti himself confronted the boy and asked to him, "I have built so many temples and ashrams for Larn Hasamador and Void, what is the merit of this charity?"[3] "Nothing, Spiritual World doesn't exist without Physical World, thus it is meaningless to divide the two even if ignorance let you misunderstand." Yanoor said and explained it in the common wisdom of Draconic Sages, even Thrunhin Dah appeared from the seaside and listened the discussion of the two, and finally, Vashanti also perceived his time was coming [4], so he commited Utuma and Maluraya shone over the Sea while many poets read aloud their poem for wander of Maluraya over ships inside of the beautiful bay in calm Suam Chow. [5]

Yanoor enthroned and he taught many about the Void and spiritual liberation doesn't need costume or ceremony in the wisdom of Ho Adara, so he tolerated many foreigners to debate about the truth of Empire. So though Mikadays (Mandarins) doesn't welcome his toleration of Hankalo foreign Idea, praised Yanoor's wisdom to Middle Way and [6] For he considered Doubter is his friend, not enemy for it helps people not to astray from Middle Way.

Another discussion began when Austerity [7] and teaching of Symbolic Meditation spread from Vithela 375 years after the "Dawn".

Though everyone of them praised the wisdom of Daruda and Yanoor that combined the Void and Draconic Wisdom, they are different for its use. Some said great sages should delay his liberation and risk to reach own moksa with many lives along with Reincarnations, but others wanted to use the Wisdom of Void only to hasten to reach Liberation and try to reach Liberation only in one life. [8]

Yanoor went among the Mountain of ShanShan [9] and listened to the discussion between the Twin Mountain. [10] The main discussion is about the meaning of Symbols that decorate Middle World. Sages of South Mountain say it helps to achieve liberation because it changes properly the sense of practitioners [11], but others of North Mountain rejected such idea and it is only useful as distraction and should be ignored in the paradox of "Void among Void".[12]

Yanoor sat on the middle [13] and meditated the meaning of it, and talked with the Eye of Sky, Maluraya which saw many wonders of previous emperors and their deeds. [14] So the Sun stopped over the middle of sky and showered blessing over Yanoor, so he sided with negativeness and rejected the Austerity [15]

Yanoor's Vision of Decipherment spread out to Whole of the Empire, but only legitimate children of Ebe and Okerio could perceive it, bastard children of Ebe [16] could not perceive it. One of Yanoor's disciple, Archexarch of War (He was called Archexarch of Seven Phoenix and Pureness.) also descended from North Mountain of Twin, and declared to purge such wrongness from Empire, because that disturbed the vision of Yanoor.

The Archexarch was from Dragonsons, a result of alchemic creation of Palace Eunuchs, so he learnt the way of Vayobi and Thalurzni and ignored the art of Mandarins, Eunuchs and Generals helped him and oppressed the traditional way of mandarins.

Though many people didn't share his vision and Yanoor was silent for he was sick after the great attempt fighting with the Chelen the Doubter. Or, he was enchanted to communicate with ancestors and dead in such status, many supported Archexarch's attempt for their attachment to Middle World let them to ignore the tradition of Kralorela and attempt to show the wealth and dignity to foreigners is good to convert them Kralo-mei, eunuchs supported such idea and mandarins were ignored by generals. Thus ports were opened to foreigners and trade was promoted.


Yanoor's Army invaded the realm of elder races for the Archexarch thought it is bad to remain bastards inside of Land of Splendor, they left with Circle of Learning from the City of Heaven and sent great fleet to purge their influence, Great War occured when once Babadi and Dozaki tried to merge and to confront together against Kralori, but failed. [18] Babadi of Diamond and Aldryami of South, Dozaki of North Ignorant were all driven off to deeper, or higher wild or beyond Empire.

The Archexarch invited some Western Adventurers and Scholars to speculate the Watch Tower of Suam Chow, that was destroyed during the reign of his predecessors. Gilam exposed his hypothesis that was unified Kralorela even before the Web of Righteous Knowledge [19], Archexarch agreed and left him in the island.

Gilam de Estau tried to recover the Watch Tower in the Isle that was used to unite all of Time of Empire by counting same time and recording same history in same Calendar. [20] But western imperfect, illogical way consequently found only the Source of Five Elements in the place rather than Original Six Principles that made working in Demigod Cycle.

Gilam made links to each of Kralori Port Cities with the course of Feng-Shui, he also travelled to the place where Yanoor's mind visited, and recovered the memory of former lives, and he turned into Shansar, the Emperor of Immanent Mastery. Thus he founded the Path of Immanent Mastery and materialistic point of view tried to make surgery the tradition of Ancient Empire, Yanoor didn't care much about such foolishness that tried to analyze Void with Chelen, but Gilam found him in the state of Bardo to reach the Summerland Heaven, and he was surrounded by many demons and devils that reflects his inner turmoil and still remained illusion of Yanoor.

Worst of Such Visions were events of his predecessors met in worst times, when Daruda confronted the Atrocity of Sortum, when Thalurzni met the death of his wife Halisayan, when Mikaday saw treachery of his people, when Vayobi was defeated by the power of Herespur, or when Vashanti saw his flaw of the Web of Righteous Knowledge.

But Yanoor was entrapped in the vision of Shavaya's meditation upon hilltop surrounded by the army of Bloody Sun Demons and Sekever, by the disturbance of a fly (that was Gilam), so as First and Last Kralori Emperor, Yanoor liberated as Human Mystic, not Draconic as other Kralori Emperors, so his Utuma didn't help people to reach Liberation, but for the virtue and wisdom of Shavaya, Yanoor wasn't lost from the Great Cycle of KraLor. [21]

With ignorance about his homeland, Archexarch of Seven Phoenix and Pureness searched the wonders of Eastern Sea with his Golden Barge Fleet to heal the wound of his Emperor by the miracle of Golden Elixir that can be found at Legendary Isles. But Archexarch met the Dream Sages of Keetela and Mokato that could explain his vision differently, and they taught him what occured to his emperor and his people, so his object was lost in despair and his fleet was crushed in Sshorg Sea, when the Archexarch drank the poison which distilled from the source of Elixir.

Shansar began to rule the Empire with the help of Demons and Chestelo, fear and blood. Suffering of Kralori continued for 352 years. [22]

[1] Doubter

[2] Perhaps, seekers of such sages are called Wandering Sages of Vashanti according to Peter Metcalph's idea


<<See meeting of Bodhidharma and Great Buddhist Emperor Liang Wudi:

(Bodhidharma's actual role in the emergence of Zen is obscure, since most authorities regard the sect as a Chinese fusion of imported Mahayana Buddhism with native Daoist (Taoist) (see Daoism) doctrines, but legends abound of his spiritual determination. ) IIRC chinese Nagarjuna texts translated from original involve much mistranslation of terms for the difference of language, or intentional warp by translator priests.(TI)

(If you attain anything at all, it's conditional, it's karmic. It results in retribution. It turns the Wheel. As long as you're subject to birth and death, you'll never attain enlightenment. To attain enlightenment you have to see your nature. Unless you see your nature all this talk about cause and effect is nonsense. Buddhas don't practice nonsense. To say he attains anything at all is to slander a buddha. What could he possibly attain? Even focusing on a mind, a power, an understanding, or a view is impossible for a buddha. A buddha isn't one sided. The nature of his mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He's free of practice and realization. He's free of cause and effect.

The mind's capacity is limitless, and its manifestations are inexhaustible. Seeing forms with your eyes, hearing sounds with your ears, smelling odors with your nose, tasting flavors with your tongue, every movement or state is all your mind. At every moment, where language can't go, that's your mind.

Whoever knows that the mind is a fiction and devoid of anything real knows that his own mind neither exists nor doesn't exist. Mortals keep creating the mind, claiming it exists. And arhats keep negating the mind, claiming it doesn't exist. But bodhisattvas and buddhas neither create nor negate the mind. This is what's meant by the mind that neither exists nor doesn't exist...

The buddha in the mind is like a fragrance in a tree. The buddha comes from a mind free of suffering, just as a fragrance comes from a tree free of decay. There's no fragrance without a tree and no buddha without the mind. If there's a fragrance without a tree it's a different fragrance. If there's a buddha without your mind, it's a different buddha.

Mortals keep creating karma and mistakenly insist there's no retribution. But can they deny suffering? Can they deny that what the present state of mind sows the next state of mind reaps? How can they escape? But if the present state of mind sows nothing the next state of mind reaps nothing. Don't misconceive karma.

[A question is asked about performing meritorious works.]
The sutras of the Buddha contain countless metaphors. Because mortals have shallow minds and don't understand anything deep, the Buddha used the tangible to represent the sublime. People who seek blessings by concentrating on external works instead of internal cultivation are attempting the impossible. )>>

[4] This is very unusual to decide the next emperor in such short time and next emperor is from foreign blood.

[5] Barbarians believe in Great Darkness. I am skeptical about Kralori for Grey Age is also quite long about them....., Fen Watha Loo, the Wandering Poet also made his own poem for praising this Yanoor's deed later.

[6] Later, Godunya said it was his flaw that he accepted Seshnegi Visitors and Gilam De Estau.

[7] In RM, I suppose Greg equated it with Tantric Teaching though didn't mention anything about worship of Shakti, but I am not sure he used same term "Austerity" to the mythical great event of "Austerity War".


<<792-794 Buddhist debate at Samye: Chinese monks expulsed from Tibet. The great Samye debate in Tibet in 792-4AD between the Chinese monk Hva-san and the Indian monk Kamalasida, which the latter finally won, meant that Tibet was to rely more on India than China for its Buddhism. >>

[9] See RM about Thunder, or Bolt of Enlightenment of HeenMaroun?

[10] See also RM maps, I am not sure why Greg illustrated Twin Mts depicted as merely a branch of main Sensan Mountains in his Vithelan Maps, this is my original theory.

[11] World is made of Everything.

[12]Dragonewt Creation Myth

[13]it was called Dragon's Eye?, perhaps some kind of Mandala depicts Maluraya

[14] Later hsunchens led by strong Horned Ones drove out sages from twin mountains with the help of Godlearners after they departed from Shang Hsa's helpers, but this is another story.

[15] with Tantrism.

[16] According to Kralori myth, Elder Races including Mostali, Aldryami, Uz, Keets and various minority races

[17] Later, Famous Taolin Temple [Jaubon?] was founded in the Province of Jaubon to save not only Kralori but all humanity from the clutch of modern day Kralori Funeral Ritual to Outer World, they rejected the idea of Archexarch of Seven Phoenix and Pureness as false though he was one of their founders. (My image of them is that of Jedi in Star Wars...)

[18] I am not sure the number of archexarchs are concreted before the reign of Godunya,. One of port cities he founded is Lur Nop, IMG one attempt to use Nichung against Vormain was at that time, to save Wandering Poet, Fen Watha Loo, a friend of Emperor Yanoor, lost when he finally visited Vormain.

[19] Time for Godlearnish Cosmology derived from Kethaela.

[20] Before Vayobi, each of Kralori city states used different calendars based on reign of each (good or bad) patricians and tyrants.

[21] It might be similar to Ingolf didn't reach Orvene but Capertine?

[22] ShangHsa His-name-be-cursed.