Holy Country---Kethaela

11 / Oct / 2003: Updated according to Joerg's Information and New Releases

#Overview of Whole Land
Joerg Baumgartner's Site
Mything Links of Oliver Bernuetz
Kethaela (French)
Map Collection of Efendi
Lokarnos: Kethaela and Holy Country
Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars
The City of Wonder: Ye Booke of Tentacles #1 (Simon Bray)
"When the Wolf Pirates Came to the City of Wonders" Gloranthan Vision: by Phyllis Ann Karr
Tradetalk #4 Map and old Overview

#Rightarm Islands
Tradetalk #4 Simon Bray & Martin Hawley
Seapolis Tales #17
Deeper (City of Ludoch) Greg Stafford's Post in Glorantha Digest

HeroQuest & Voices (Esrolia)
Nochet Tradetalk #4 by Michael O'brien
Necropolis of Twin Goddess (Zugoteg?) in Drastic Resolution: Darkness
Various Posts in Glorantha Digest about Military and Society (through Lokarnos.com)
Against Grazers: Enclosure #2
Map: Factions of Esrolia 1625 (Wesley Quadros Website)

Cult of Caladra and Aurelion: Tales #8
Tradetalk #5 Vesa Lehtinen & Map
Keyword: Caladraland in Pyramid (by Jamie "Trotsky" Revell)

HeroQuest & Voices (Esvulari)
Map from Unspoken Word
Tradetalk #4 (old) and #12 (a little about Esvulari) Joerg Baumgartner & Mark Galeotti
Karse: City of Vices (Joerg Baumgartner's Old Description)

#God Forgot
Leonardo the Scientist:Tradetalk #12
Locsil: Peter Metcalph's Post in GD
Refuge: Several Glorantha Digest Post
Border March: Martin Laurie's Gwandorling Saga

#Shadow Plateau
Overview: Drastic Resolution: Darkness
Map: drawn originally by Greg Stafford
Maybe: Some by Belintar's Book (Work in Progress (Unpublished) by Greg Stafford)

English Glorantha
Treasury of Glorantha (Japanese)