Residents of Yolp Mountain:

Wendarian People of Northwest (Tales #16 Oronin Valley p.49 Mount Gestinus,
South Pillar of Five Sacred Mountains)

Darjiin Manimati refugees from Shargash and Kazkurtum (GROY Manimati Cities
p.35, Enclosure p. 56-57 Manimati Dynasties)
In Wesley's Lunar Map, Dezokon and Ostodaka survive till modern age. How
about the relationship between Darjiinite and Yolp Digijelms?
In Classcal Cosmology of Glorantha, water is associated to darkness, but
fire and darkness are never friendly to each other.

Trolls of Yolp (Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness p. 66-68, See also
James Frusetta Site: the map of Yolp)
They are the recent dominant race of Yolp Mountains, (I don't know what is
the Mistak Mountain of Wesley's Lunar Map) maybe they drove Manimati from
mountain peaks in Great Darkness...

Empire and Darjiin, Alkothi

"I hate Darjiin usurpers!" (A Cry from the Outside Wall of Haranshold. See
Ye Booke of Tentacles #3, p. 100)

"Father, why the people of Alkoth and Manimati have hated each other so long
time since the immemorable days? My uncle doesn't teach me....But you are
Irripi Ontori. I expect you might gladly teach me..."

"Okay, if you want to know about the history of us, read these documents
(Enclosure #1 p. 55-57, GROY p.95-97). As you know, since the time of Dara
Happan "Erz Azali Baka Est Ja" Roofer (Emperor Manarlavus),
we are always threatened by Alkothi
blasphemers and they killed our ancestors and burned our buildings for their
religious aim. And they don't believe our dynasty of Great Manimat is equal
to their Yelm and the Brooch of Manimat is rightfully ours."

"But I can refer these documents about Eleventh's raid of Raibanth, I can
grasp the context of GROY p.36 metaphorically. I can directly translate them
into the FS p.10, if a Raibanthi saw the doomsday of their world, it might
be the end of his beloved city. Maybe it was the limited sense of "the
Dominion of Shargash", why they are so blind to the fact that they were the folks those who truly
destroyed their own empire?"

"It is not so important for them because they cannot distinguish Life from
Death separately in their city of Underworld, and they believe that they can
controll the Death and Rebirth through their rites of Red and Green."

"What a ridiculous people! They should be all burned to their bones into
their sacred pyres, maybe it is their pleasure. But we have managed to lock
them to their surrounding plains of Henjarl through Imperial lobbyists and
bribery to the court and Secret Polices of Lunars."

"Don't speak so loudly about it, you might be punished as the poor sage Nick

<<THE SECRET SERVICES (in our games, the Black Army and Blue Army, plus the
Spoken Word; David Gadbois suggested several in an old Codex article;
traditionally, the "Blue Moon Assassins" and other branches of the emperor's
secret police) have absolutely no political power or influence. Why, that
would be quite unthinkable! They are all utterly loyal to the interests of
the state (not their political masters' more narrow interests), and have no
interest in shaping policy. Of course not! The very thought! >>

 (It sounds to me like the persistent denial to the real existence of
Shoggoth by the author of Necronomicon....)

And you should consider about our subtle method and vengeance to their
brutal violence, for example, through the Lunar Empire.... do you know only
our Yestendos Cult can drive their Moonboat? And as you said, Danfive Xaron
cult is strong in our Satrapy (though I don't know ILH will mention the
detail of the distribution map of novel cults like Lunars aside from local
traditional cults), through their path of Darkness and Fear, we can bind
their hands."

"And many of Red Emperors are fond of our custom,
like Voracius and Current Emperor Argenteus, the
center of Authority also supports our activity to hinder the influence of
Alkoth.....through the Rite of Dorkath and Sex Hunt.....We support Polaris
Cult and have weakened the cult of Red Destroyer...."

"But there is a prophecy in Hero Wars, if Shargash once again will be free
from their shackle, I fear that time, because it seems that they will attack
first when be freed....for their sacrifice to empower their brutal gods, I
worry about it."

Yolp Mountain



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