Pent Isalebao Clan Description

Isalebao Clan is notorious for Cruelty and Fierceness even among pentans who get used to in the harsh circumstance and living in Darwinian "Survival of Fittest" Principle. They have lived as Most Brutal Warriors in Northeastern Pent near to the Kingdom of Ignorance in Summer. (In Winter, they usually stay in the southern Edge of Snowline as Seleran Imperial Days, because they ruled Praxian Subordinates in that Age.) Even after their good Patron Sheng Seleris was enslaved in the Western Moon Hell, they have kept their lifestyle to gain livestock from Trade (usually untrustful and unfair traders by many neighbors) and raid against other clans and caravans of Lunar and Kralorela. Recently they try to raid the Redhair Tribe Place and want to involving other Clans and Tribemates War against Western Redmoon Empire.

They keep the memory of their Long Wandering and Settlement, victories and defeats which is in unusual span and "Scientific Form" only with the Oral Tradition of Pentan Tradition. Now they are the One of the Stormworshipper Clans which follow the Bronzesword Prophet because they know the Great Sun Kargzant was also enslaved to Underworld in Great Darkness, Lunars concealed him, their Great Mystic and Incarnation of Shaman Demigod, Seleris into their Pit of Heaven, Dark Spot (which cannot be reached through ordinary heroquest method for it locates the outside of World.....Chaos), they knew Only Way to rescue their Beloved Great Khan is participate in Cosmic Explorer Warbands or help them secretly against Redhair Spies.

Other remained Kargzant Tribe foolishly reveres False Sun Ialam of Dara Happa which only lures them into hideous Cold Hell and prey to Mother Spider (That was how Lunars tricked them as our Ancestors tricked Dara Happans...they ignorantly empower their Enemy God!), but they changed their Worship to Eastern Windlord because the Prophesy of Bronzesword Prophet revealed their Only Way to "Survival in Judgement War" is Compromise to Old Enemy of Kargzant...Storm Elements, they are the sole power which can confront Coldness of Himile. But they also always tried to return back their Kargzant to Sky World as the Glorious Day of Jenarong and Sheng Seleris....and sacrifice many blood of their Enemies to Hell....for Kargzant can drink these Blood and recover his Great Strength back to Life as Dawn.

They are almost perfectly from Kralorelan Stock. But some of a few Waleran exceptions are all regarded as Descendants of Burst-blood...honorable Hero Commanders of Sheng Seleris.

Pentan, but "Bastardized" for Foreign Influence, Composite Culture and Religion of Four Winds, Favorable Memory to Sheng Seleris, they never admit, but there are firmly influenced from the Kingdom of Ignorance....They are Gongarilli which means they raise Sheep and Cattle, Goats besides their Horses. Most of their Horses are Vuanso and Palangso, and they didn't have Breed and Tradition (Worship) of Hyal. Materialistic Culture is poor, they despise Luxury as Disease of Civilzation as one of orthodox Animistic Culture, but they believe Sheng Seleris taught Luxury is another task which is imposed in Hero Path and receive them as Trial of Zolathi.

Basic Clan Structure of Kargzanite ruled from a Chieftain of Henird and a counsel of Josad, but since Disaster of Night of Horror, many societal change was founded for the Bronzesword Prophet Reformation.

Pentan influenced from Kralorelan and Startan (Language of Kingdom of Ignorance (Chern Durel))

As most Warlike Clan of Eastwind Tribe, they keeps a small number of Heavy Cavalry Team and Footsoldier Skirmishers as Standing Force since the Night of Horror. For they lived with raids rather than raising herds, they specialized War Tactics and Arts.

Four Winds of Direction, but they are Eastern Wind Tribe, so they regard East Wind as most Important. They also keep worship to Kargzant and Sheng Seleris, but they don't receive any practical and /or magical benefit from that. As Gongarilli, they revered Hyalor Horsebreaker (who added Foreign Breed Horses to his herd as their kin) rather than Hyalor Horsebreeder (who bred his beloved Horses in Grey Age)

People of Note

Johos Banuma, Blind Bard and Powerful Shaman

Though he cannot see enemies with his physical eyes, he can see with Spiritual Eyes got from one of many Hero Quests which he was participated in. His Arts for calling about Ancient Customs, and telling his Story are called to move even Earth and Stars themselves. He is a good Friend of Joloi Maskoss, Greatest Shaman(ess) of Pentan Plain.

Ivia Desemed, Mad Chieftain of Isalebao Clan

Rumoured that is Another Curse from Redmoonies that Isalebaos always have had Mad Chieftains, but Johos liberated them from this Curse recently with his great magic. This Chieftain wants avenge to this betrayal (imposed by Redhairs?).

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