(Tagor Mahaquata)

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Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness
Tales of the Reaching Moon #17 Catchup Special Cult of Jakaleel
Avalonhill Edition of Trollpack and Troll Gods
Glorious Reascent of Yelm (Ivory Page)
Enclosure 1 Gods & Goddesses of Lunar Empire

It's unofficial bit and may be controversy to HW future regional books such as Future Supplyment of Near Area "Rinliddi: Fly Away Home".

Hero Wars Rinliddi may become disputed place among Uz, Pentans, Lunar Fundamentalists and Traditionalists of Bird Riders. Perhaps it only enlarged general view between Dara Happans and Trolls. And still Most Unknown Strange People of Kargzanite Pentans also participate in this Area as Another Inheritor of Sun Empire of God Age and Genert Garden, we stood against this Hollow Vacuum.

Genertela continent contents many high places which have high flat top-face.
Shadow Plateau, Plateau of Statue, Hungry Plateau created from many differ natural / magical circumstances for many reason. In RW, only Physical and Geological Components should be concerned, Glorantha also concerns Magical Components, This World is the type Such as Inhabitants like Dragons and Giants created Major Landshapes and cut their Road, chop and roll a head of Mountain. (FREX, Shadow Plateau was made by Hands of Orlanth and Lodril...If any of Rationalist Monotheist blame it, banish him!)

Important Gods of This Area:
Gods of Dara Happan City Mernita
Lesilla (Goddess of Mernita in Dara Happa)
Gerra (Wife Of Lukarius, Goddess of Pelandan Pyramid)
Vendara (Goddess of Blue Streak for Dara Happans)

Gods of Blue Moon Trolls
Mahaquata (Bat and Bat Troll Goddess)
Annilla (Goddess of Blue Streak of Trolls)
Quatanara (Friend of Boztakang)
Jaka Lelor (Spirit Magic Master & Wife of Zolan, Jakareel the Seven Mother)
Boztakang (Chaos Warrior of Uz)
Subere (Goddess of Inner Darkness)
Adzurana (Fearful Goddess of Oath, Human Name is Styx)
Edzaroun (Dark River, Avatar of Adzurana)

Local Deities of Rinliddi
Vrimakus: (Rinliddian Sun God, The Eye in the Sky, Bird God)
Avarnia: (Wife of Vrimak, Goddess of Quail)
Denegoria: (Orayan Goddess of Savage Freedom, Rescued by HonEel)
Shidan: (Earth Father and Husband of Basekora)
Basekora: (Rinliddian Earth Goddess)
Dutukkos: (God of Arkos River)

Places of Interest Note#8 p52
See here for Blue Moon Plateau Map:

Blue Moon Ship of Artmal
This mystical ship came from far place of Glorantha oversea, it may be modelled to modern Lunar Moonships, Annillan trolls kept castody to that in some unknown Underworld Places. It contains great magic and treasure of Artmali Empire.

Cliff Temple of Free Assassin Guild
Similarity to Cliff Temple of Portalaka (Center of Tibetan Theocracy before Exile from Chinese Communism), its members has contract to assassination for high remunaration even to outsiders of Empire. But it is unknown how they decide the price of Death with condition. (See about Assassination of EWF Leaders) They are prohibited to participate in Dart War tactics by Lunar Officials, though always it is rumored secret high price route to touch this contract.

Ice Coffin of Bozkatang
Accurate Location is Lost in History, Great Shrine to Chaosslayer teaches his coffin exists near Area. He has long slept in this coffin waiting to Last Return of Chaos and Final War.

Inner Temple of Blue Stone
This Temple exists in the Interior of Plateau. This is Enormous Ancient Ruin of Mernita and once Jakareel the Witch secluded here. Many Serenes (Blue Moon Elemental) guard the Largest Fragment of Blue Moon fallen from Sky before God War. It contains most inscrutable volume library about Arachne Solara written with Dark Tongue.

Labyrinth of Underworld: Red and Blue Tunnel
Bina Bang and her concerned Lunar Sympathizers differentiated many tunnels between Blue Veins and and Red Artery (Illuminated by Imperial Bureaucracy), but her son Pikat Yaraboom keeps more conservative attitude to Empire and made an effort to these tunnels from Hand of Imperial Armies. Krashitkids and Mostali also touch these tunnels and robbed property by uz Army, so many structures kept in unknown even to Long native Uzuz still don't know yet.

Morbode Temple of Argan Argar
This is the Greatest Temple of Argan Argar in Northern Genertela. It can be divided to Two Areas. Surface World Temple is dedicated to Argar Chaosbane, Underworld temple is dedicated to Argar Friend of Old Good Shadow. See hereabout Temple of Old Good Shadow.

Magic Circle of Blue King
This Magic Construct of Blue King YarGan is used for Great Ritual Magic in the Inner Circle of Cult. It worked last in Disastar of Sheng Seleris, when Magnificus and Blue Moon High Priestess played Ouranekki during Battle of Kitor.

Nest of Bat Trolls
Sons of Mahaquata lived in this Tunnel, they can be seen hanging on the roof with their legs. They are most fierce warriors to defend Plateau from Outsiders.

Restraurant of Horse
Redline History quoted Several Names of Pentan Tribes as Servants of Sheng Seleris. This Sites is Famous HQ Site for Neighbor Pentans to become Chaosslayer. But for Antogonist Uz, this site is resraurant for fine horse meats.

Well of Lorian
This Well of Underworld has very Clear Water magically reflected Skyworld, Galaxy River stretched across the lake and sometimes move as Living Animal.


This Tale derived from King of Sartar and some freakish Idea of pseudo Taoistic Trilogy (Tetralogy) of Ged (Arsula Le Guin), Jack of Shadow (Roger Zelazny). I wrote this for some concept.
First, King of Sartar mentioned Extinct of Uz Race in Future of Argrath Saga, (Remnant barely managed to survive Disastar of Hero Wars but died in Black Orm Mountain with the Hand of Successor of Argrath.) But if they survived, where they would go? Second, Uz Race is most Popular Elder Race to Play. And Many Designers of Glorantha are fascinated with them and cannot tolerate Extinction even in One of Situation of Many Alternet Future. Third, if Uz-Mosez exists and leads them to Motherland of Israelz, they want to go back Wonderhome, Womb of Kyger Litor. And they will peacefully live without Trouble of Surface World. (It's True Victory, not temporal Winning of Storm Barbarians.)

1730S.T after Dragons Crashed Red Moon. Argrath still reigned Surfaceworld shortly before Apotheosis. Always Orlanthi brings Civilzation as Winner of War, but they always lose it to Barbarism after it.

"Congratulation to Conqueror of Peloria, White Dragon Emperor."
"Thank you for your eulogy, but I hate this term, please call me King of Orlanthi. Why do you come here and what render do you want to receive from me?"
"You used term "render". Good Term, your Magesty. Always we suffered from Ancient Pact and Render. You are generous. It is our render from you. Please give us Passage and Help to traveling to Crack of Hell, Center of Pent."
"Why now? Certainly, I made Sheng Seleris and his servants back to Hell of Torment where he would fit to rule. And I killed many of them..."
"We and our Relative Kajak Abb Boztakangson helped your Last Combat against Evil Red Moonies. We always want to come back Wonderhome far beyond the place your people call the Land of Dead. Most of Our Ancient except Firewitch and her Concerned already agreed this plan."
"Wait. It must be long and interesting story. And many of you aren't Mistress Race. Can You survive Long Way of Dangerous Hero Plane without Support of these Demi Gods?"
"We broke Curse of Gbaji with your Help, your Majesty. And we always fear the travel and halfway though we always come and go in birth and death. But our Seers and prophecy teach us Surface World is not our world any more. You give us Valor to go back and chance to lose attachment to Property of Surface. I know always Poison of Surface World slowly ruined our Body, maybe while we go back to Hanroo Field, we have chance to Regain prosperity of Kolasting."

Blue Moon Ambassador taught their tradition to Grey Lords of White Dragon Emperor.

Blue Stone and Serenes
Blue Stone existed before Fire, Earth and Sea. It lived and radiated Blue Light to Battle Field of Giant and Dragon, but we cannot explain it to Non Darkness Races, who only know Superficial Darkness you followed in lifeline. Serenes are servants of Blue Stone as Dehori serve to Dehore.

Mystery of Three Goddesses
Always Truth is One Sided Cause in Historical Line. We always struggle this Sanity and at last, gain "Beyond". Others call it "Lunatic Insanity", but we can recall Once "Golden Empire of Murharzarm" thrived even in the Outskirt of Empire and then betrayed "our" Royality.. we tolerate treachery again and again even once we experienced agony of Fire and "Truth" of Dayzatar...we escaped Insanity surrounding Fear of Styx and Subere.

Lunars called our Goddess "Lesilla", Former Body of their Goddess before "Enlightenment". But We Uz eat meats which we catch or hunt...and make them into our own flesh...Once Darkness munched One Dara Happan City and made into Part of them. Lunars were always innocent fool. We attribute their innocence to their Coherent Sin and Guilty.

Dara Happans always revered Death for us, "Eater of Womb". Death is Great Power of Zorak Zoran, Husband of Jaka Lelor, which once lived in Chamber of Subere and fought against Aether who didn't know himself yet and then. Zoran was horribly wounded and burned for this struggle, but he couldn't defeat him at tha time...he did not know existence of "Key" yet.

When Aether departed from the Womb of Subere, he and Xiola Umber made One Pact to Styx, never forget Existence of each other. And Subere gave him his Secret, "Key" and advised it to bring Upper World, but he cast a glance to it and grimaced, he refused part of himself and Fate. Always Breaker of Stygian Pact is Light Side since then.. And we have received renders from them for Damage.

After Aether went Upper World, he left "Key", his weak point. He made Sky World and Celestial Palace, his family and Dara Happan Empire...Lodril once found Existence of "Key" and invaded to deep Underworld, but he cannot find the accurate location of it...for it was hidden from Hand of Gods inappropriate for Wit of Darkness concealed from them.

First Storm appeared to Sky World as Broken Ring and was traced by White Moon...It was Daughter of Yelm, called Verithurusa, but she cannot control her own speed for tracing...and she fell from Heaven for "Revolt against Order of Death". During Verithususa was enslaved Darkness, Subere let messenger Issaries propose Yelm to receive both "Key" and his daughter. But Court of Sky refused again. Verithurusa was forsook in Darkness. Subere unwillingly let "Blue Moon" eat her essence, Our Goddess in the course of Pact. Three Shadows appeared from Pool of Blood where she was sacrificed. They are Annilla, Mahaquata and Quatanara.

Annilla came from Regret of Verithurusa, she was enpowered by Force of Sea and Shadow, her heart was broke away from her Body, it is Blue Streak. She comes and goes between UpperWorld and Underworld, her two sisters and makes tide of Sea with her Great Magical Power, she is meditator of Godtime and Time. She is Source of Mystery and Mist. She is Conductor of Three and spins Yarn.

Mahaquata came from Hatred of Verithurusa and was wandering Upperworld during God War when Sky Races and Wind Races struggled for Supremacy. She was among Beast Races, and used Magic of Tranformation for Trick, but once enslaved by many enemies and her minions became target of both sides, Kortagi Boztakangson rescued her, and she gave him Magic of Transformation. She was Friend of Dragonkind ever since. Now she lives Hell of Arkat where he reigns at Dove Constallation where God Learners so called.

Quatanara came from Fear of her and is most horrible entity of the three Blue Moon Goddesses, she is Agent of Styx, once she drowned in the River and salvaged from that depth, but she lost completely "Sanity" and became Invulnerable to any attack except Smash of Styx and her Weapon. She was One of Furiae who enforced Backlash of Pact to Oathbreakers. She usually lives in Underworld and exceptonally has been summoned, when Greatest Chaos Armies confronted Boztakang, he called her and her Power and she appeared One of Battroll as Cousin of Mahaquata.

Queen Cerulia
Two Thieves of Storm Tribe stole "Key" from Palace of Subere. They used it for making the Two World upside down. Our Goddesses participated in Army to Skyworld accompanied with Lorian and Xentha. Solar Empire of Murharzarm one by one abandoned their outer territory according to their Influence shrinked, they didn't do other thing.

After all, Army of Beast Riders laid seige to One of Septapolis, Mernita. The Queen of this City was Queen Cerulia in Blue, Twin-sister of Gerra in Red, Empress of Dara Happa, Wife of Emperor Lukarius. But she was envious to Prosperity of Mernita even after Deluge and her Beauty and Reputation. But Cerulia always forgave malice of her sister, because she know balance of Light and Darkness, and Blue Moon often stayed over City and radiated Magical influenced Happiness and Welfare of the City.

When her city was surrounded, Cerulia commanded her citizens sent Messenger to Center of Empire, Raibanth for request of relief. But her sister Red Woman whispered to the Ear of Emperor, Husband.
"We now see Perfect Immolational Item for Trade. You have the Bow and the Arrow given from Shargash, use it and kill my sister and rebellous City and Defeat the All Minions of Rebels!"
Lukarius heard his Lover's saying and shot the Arrow of Shargash the Great Demon of Death to the Blue Moon floating over Mernita. But she wronged. Always Blue Moon is Half Living Thing, it ate the City instead of Crushing.

When Cerulia saw the Consequence of her trust, she shouted,
"Always you want Render! I cannot deny you any more! Eat our flesh and change us to your legion!"
All of Citizens and residents of Mernita became Uz by eating and coming to Our Ancestors, Blue Moon Assassin Sisterhood. Gerra died for her treachery by Horrible Curse of Swems and her epidemic infected her people, Emperor Urvairinus buried her corpse to farland of Pelanda with Fear of Disease, but her Specter who forgot her evil deed and treachery appeared from her tomb, Cursed Pyramid. She was Rufelza. She remembered only our Ancient Pact, Stygian Power still bound the two people even after many treacheries.

New Evil
Dara Happa was finally collapsed from in by our intrigue to retribution, most Great Lie which we made is that of Cerulia who Never Permits Treachery. She disguised herself as Human as Kingtroll, and let humans tolerate Chaos, Self-Castration, and other self-destructions in the course of her teaching "Illumination".
(Illumination was sweet poison, not medicine for personal power.)
This Lie always is useful for defeating Humanz.

When Vrimakus heard about us, he sent Bird Warrior Flocks against Us. Mahaquata's dependents who was given Wings of Her intercepted them. While Zorak Zoran eventually defeated Leader of Thieves (Humakt?) in Underworld, Boztakang defeated Chaos Demons in Northern Plain. (He still slept in Ice Coffin waiting to return Chaos.) But Kiger Litor made fault to gave Dara Happans chance of Life instead of Render. Elder Pact worked again.

In First Council (Council of World Friend's) Eraiyalaia the Veil participated as Representative of Us, but she always sought the Breakthrough...Finally Nysalor refused his another-half, Arkat and made destruction across the Northern Continent again.

We have long lived as Bounty Hunters with High Receive. Dragonewts gave us many magical treasures and advised us for ready to Trap to True Golden Horde, our Rival Pelorians. We made mistake in the process to Leaders of EWF, Dragonkinds and Orlanthi. (Now Drolgard and Arangolf returning, Circle repairs itself with help of Mahaquata. Very Good.)

Blue Moon Navy of Lunar Empire, Jakaleeli
Rinliddians are Bird Reverends and Former Body of Lunars, they mimicked our Goddess Worship and embraced Seed of Chaos, they knew it would eventually overwhelm them in the future, but they ignored it for temporal power. They abused Power of Mahaquata, Steed of Arkat. They made Chaos Monster from it, Dorastor Ruin.

Gerra rebirthed from Death. Our Goddess and High Priestess Cerulia reluctantly admited our relationship though knowing always we have been betrayed, Pact of Styx was so strong. And we have always wanted to free from this Pact, leaving Surface World. But we kept silence until their pact reversed as in Nysalorian Empire.

And now Dragons and Argrath take render from them, we finally gain fruit. we can peacefully come back to Our Kin's Home of Underworld and gave you this surface world to the Hand of Justice, White Dragon Emperor. Thank you very much.