Welcome to this Underground Temple of Argan Argar, son of Netta. The Hurtplace part of Morbode Temple dedicated to Chaos-Slayer, Night Son. He killed Blasphemous Chaotic Demon Braznofstel with his sharp spear on this Surface when Night overwhelmed Hurtplace.

But underground part is dedicated to Argan the Friend of The Old Good Shadows, they are abandoned or forgotten Material from Arachne Solara (Greg)'s hand for some reasons. Light of Crazy Blue Moon and Transcendent Red Moon teach the way to the Shadows how to open their Seventh Soul, they have obliged to hear this advice whether it decide to follow it or not. See here to know topological terms between Blue Moon Plateau and Morbode Temple.


As you all know, Current Glorantha becomes melting-pot of irrational and uncompatible worldview existences at Godlearnish "rational point of view", (as Nick Brooke and Wyrms footnote text mentioned: see here: What happens to One True Glorantha) FREX, King of Sartar1993, Glorious ReAscent of Yelm Ivory 1995, Entekosiad 1996 etc... and Eastern Mythology enforced this trend more and more in his mercantile reason. Works on Progress are of course innocent for purpose, but what we can do with it? We can use Christopher Tolkien Style (Middle Earth World) or Apostles of Lovecraft Style (Cthulhu Mythology) in his Worldmachine.

Greg Stafford's work seems to keep constant changing condition, unless he wants to stop his activity. He keeps this condition as if he were sitting upon Murharzarm Footstool of his own Cult: maybe he cannot dethrone himself unless someone become Rebellous Terminus...Sorry.
So, I can see "Ol' G Shadow" in some case but I cannot
rigidly categolize them to this list.

1: Greg simply ignores it. (like problem of Redbird)
2: He wants solution, but cannot find it.
3: He truely forgets this material. (merely)
4: He can dragonewtnize on this contradiction. (He can see it as natural in Glorantha.)

In My Opinion, One True Glorantha has still some possibility, even if it is only in a sense of INHUMAN KING. We can regulate or at least put in order unintentional irregulate of the world.

OBJECT: Not "Grolfindel problem"!

1: not intention to disturb far more Gregging: inevitable problem in enlarging Fantasy World, Greg of course has right to heroquest more.
2: Nostalgia to Old Version Glorantha: do you remember Glorantha with only one Storm King (Orlanth), one Earth Goddess (Ernalda), and one Son of Light (Yelmalio), some people still wants older version like Computer OS selection, Some people still uses Win95, Win98, etc...(Greg95, Greg98?) and older version available to Great stock of Rules which Sandy Petersen made...
3: Treasury of old ideal Stock, I think many ideas sleeping which didn't be accepted to "mainstream".
Some people wants to use abandoned material in their original Glorantha or even other Worlds.
4: Risky to Drive out of control: turbulence and too Large accumlate regulate Material can make this world limitless multification: imagine too many cults in too many every age with too many historical change.

Finally I dare to say, " Source is limited, but resource is unlimited."

What occurs to Every Glorantha Digests?

If I make some question to Gurus of Glorantha, sometimes no question from circle of Digester,

it suggests some reason:

1: There are no answer, unintentionally (this is mere case, Gloranthan Digesters already did everything like Doraddi)
2: Flat Line of Blank Area (Debate coming to too heat, so Powers decide to ignore this area)
3: Work in Progress of Greg Stafford (caution! he is master of the Mainstream world!)

4: Blank area for world flexibility (similarity to 2, but digesters positively admit this condition, blank area isn't always same. please think about Balazar (Griffin Mountain) condition for commercial reason in Avalonhill?)
5: My idea awfully far from Mainstream
6: Nobody can understand what on earth I am asking, if indeed I am asking anything and not merely writing out a stream of consciousness somewhat rooted in recent Greggery. (this head added by Nick Brooke, thanks!)
This accumulating gathering unconsciousness made here and now gregging Glorantha.

ITEMS: Some items unintentionally covered by fold of Gregging Curtain, but it doesn't mean his unreliability for general topics.

First Appearance: Name of Official notes or Fanzines first appeared.
Nature: Personality and / or fundamental nature of ITEM
Blue Moon Critic: Bitter ignorant critician categorizes fault of many writings of Glorantha, booking and putting too much importance on subtle distinctions bent with Blue Moonlit Shadow.
Red Moon Seventh Solution: Halfboiled Pedantic scholar who only have limited perception eagerly expresses his poor sense with vulger Lunarize impudence.

Androgeus of Jesarma (personality: 02/11/00added)
First Appearance: White Bear and Red Moon
Nature: One Unit of Three Superheros, but he / she only is independent.
Blue Moon Critic: Serious, King of Sartar didn't mention any of his existence! Where is Jesarma?
Red Moon Seventh Solution: same Hermaprodite Jernotius of Northwestern Peloria is, but she was One former Incarnate of Rufelza Red Goddess as Lunars claimed...
Peter Metcalph said "He was "Good Shadow of Shadow" in KoS and Natha has same bell attribute as Androgeus in "WB & RM"....In Wyrm's Footprint, Halfbird Articles mentioned prophesy appearing Hermaphodite in Hero Wars.

Gunda the Guilty and Valkyrie Host (personality: 02/11/00added)
First Appearance: White Bear and Red Moon
Nature: She was half-valkyrie whose mother raped by one sage.
Blue Moon Critic: What on earth is Valkyrie existence in Glorantha?
Red Moon Seventh Solution: Peter Metcalph said Valkyrie is One Female Knight Order of Loskalm, but many others suggested connection between Fronelan Storm Worship and Existence of Valkyries...Here is my original cult writeup of Fronelan Valkyries and Golden House.

Lightfore (Star Planet or God-like entity: 02/13/00added)
First Appearance: Wyrm's Footnote: Gods of Light
Nature: Mystical Entity of Reverse Sun: see here.
Blue Moon Critic: Dayzatar family was crashed by Pelorian Trilogy, sacrificed for Yelmic Society structure and Gods Wall, please make attention to small existence of Shargash, Polaris, Ourania of Gods Wall....
Red Moon Seventh Solution: In Imtherian and Saird Work of Harald Smith seems to try absorbing this gap with subtle method. This Buffer Area between Orlanthi and Dara Happa, more older version Mythology applied for Yelmalio and Ernalda of Main deities in these Areas.

Shargash and Lightning Boy
First Appearance: Wyrm's Footnote about Shargash, Lightning Boy in Cult of Prax (Maybe)
Nature: River of Cradle hinted Orlanth robbed Some Entity Lightning Bolt in Orlanth Writeup, and Martin Laurie said he created new myth about Shargash linked to this problem, Some Old Wyrm's Footnote Articles mentioned such like primal existence of southern city Alkoth and about Shargash=Alkor citygod.
Blue Moon Critic: Some says Shargash was Vadrus or Orlanth himself as Lunarized Ignorant of Central Pelorians, but they ignore subtlety and patchwork of Gloranthan Religion.
Red Moon Seventh Solution: Shargash was model and identity of AryanIndia-like Dara Happan Nature, and his existence from current status about circumstance of Speciality "Enclosure" . We should bear it to our mind.

First Appearance: Wyrm's Footnote Starbrow's Rebellion
Nature: Greg Stafford keeps very gealousy attitude as Jehovah in Old Testament to other alternet type worlds such as Michael Moorcock Working in New Kingdoms and feinted linking, Starbrow's Rebellion in Wyrm's Footprint mentioned Redbird was famous mercenery who rescued Prince Temartain of Sartar and went back to Stormbringer World in circa 1616.

Blue Moon Critic: Go on Next. Maybe this is Stigma of Greg Stafford.
Red Moon Seventh Solution: We should know Greg Stafford is merely human as Muhammad (We should keep mouth shut to both GS and me, please.)

Warela Triolina & Aerlit Vedrudi
First Appearance: Wyrm's Footnote, Malkion the Prophet was appeared linage of Sea Triolini as his son, Waertag and Vadrudi, outlaw devine tribe of Storm in West Sea.
Blue Moon Critic:
Red Moon Seventh Solution: Axaxial Roster metamorphosed this myth into Birthtales of Walrus Ouori People, but it cannot be translated it as GS compromise as Orlanth made.

Artmal Empire
First Appearance: Gods of Glorantha, Tales#11 Pamaltela Velbet Trek, Orlanthi Mythos in King of Sartar?
Nature: From Golden Age Empire to Storm Age Empire, Artmal descended from heaven by Moonship to South Continent, Older Version taught its center was Nargan Dessert when it was Great Waterbody in Golden Age before Chaos Invasion, but current conditon removed its existence and Descent of God Artmal Ship from Blue Moon to Storm Age during relatively Short Prosperity of Genjera, Northern Part of Southern Continent.
Blue Moon Critic:
Red Moon Seventh Solution: Current

Jorstland Empire
First Appearance:
Nature: Avalonhill "Troll Gods" mentioned this community placed around center of Felster Lake in the Early Third Age, but Sandy Petersen insisted for reason I don't know.
Blue Moon Critic:
Red Moon Seventh Solution:

Waking Magician and Dream Magic
First Appearance: Tales#17, RQ con4
First Appearance:
Blue Moon Critic:
Red Moon Seventh Solution:

Great God, Local God (Especially, Yelmalio!)
First Appearance:
Blue Moon Critic:
Red Moon Seventh Solution:

See Tear of Yelmalio

First Appearance:
Blue Moon Critic:ed Moon Seventh Solution:



If you think you have material involves Old Good Shadow which should be added to this list, please E-MAIL to Terra Incognita.