Tear of Yelmalio

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A Tale of Jrusteli Land for Jrusteli "Godlearnish" Children, written by
"False" Harshax Belintar "Personal God Trainer", 707ST

In Court of the Celestial Emperor Yelm, many princes and princesses of Imperial
Blood lived as Stars and Planets such as bloody warrior Shargash, cruel
scholar Buserian, spearman Hastatus, starprincess Vrithurusa, etc... One of
them noblest was Dayseneras, later called as Yelmalio, "Light of Emperor".
Though he was not so loved by his father as he loved his father, Dayseneras
diligently served his father in Celestial Court.

The son of Yelm was also one of Disciples of Kargan Tor as Humakt and Shargash,
and foremost of them. Surely, they are friends before Humakt would
make a mistake. But while Humakt forgot locate of his most precious weapon
stolen from Womb of Subere, Carrot God secretly stole it again and gave it
to Humakt's lesser brother. And the event which Tear of Yelmalio first
dropped occured.

Rebellus Orlanth smashed great Emperor and called "Freedom" for all over the
world confronting before Dayseneras, crying silently and bearing the dead body
of Emperor. He could not guard his father, and father's "Ka" Antirius appeared
before him for agonizing him after all other men in fear left from chamber of
Great Tower.

Though never blamed for his carelessness for his own weapon, seeing his
friend's agony because he could see Invisible Antirius flagellated incessantly Dayseneras,
Humakt accused himself and cutting down his linage as Storm Tribe.
Princes of Sun fought for only themselves and selfish goal and didn't go even
funeral of their great father, Dayseneras despaired to his brothers and
abandoned his name Dayseneras because it means "an imperial servant", he rescued
his father's golden spear from Golden Ziggurat while brothers' struggle for last
hope with guidance of his uncle, Dayzatar, fled to frontier of Sun Empire,
because they already forsaw Great Night.

During Lorian Invading Skypalace, Dayzatar suggested Yelmalio to come with him
for never coming back Golden Age, but he could not abandone suffering people and
dropped a tear again from his eye. Shargash laughed at his weakness. But
Dayzatar also knew worth of Truth and went without saying any more.

In Peloria when Yelmalio descending, Sshorg Flood washed around all around
her daughter's valley, Ark floated the great lake and never admitted to take
drownings, but Yelmalio dived under water as a Golden Armoured Captain of Star
and sang a song for Elves and their Seeds never rotted for this accident. After water went back,
elves grew from sunkenland and appreciated Yelmalio. His third tear dropped from
his left eye for Elves because they would die whether then he save them or

After "Only we should survive" Emperor sheltered only his own people,
Yelmalio went with Elves and never came back to Dara Happa, at the beautiful
bank of Oslir river, last group of Good Spirit Souls gathered. At here, Arroin
told his friend "the Well of Healing and Rebirth" almost drained by unknown
selfish will. His sister Yelorna, dropped her original name of Celestial
Court for same reason as Yelmalio, wanted to go solely for her own quest of
Unicorn. Already unshameful Ernalda, wife of Yelmalio in Skypalace again and
again teached him philosophy, after she left him to go Stead of Orlanth, he
reached Inner Esoterica,


So he also departed solely.

Aldrya taught her father-in-law about Secret of Great Tree, and gave new
name Halamalao as known as One Harmony of Elven Forest in Green Age. He
dived depth of Great Tree with his Glowing Spear
for Spider Woman was known for Great Wisdom.
At the Root of Elven Great Tree, Halamalao heard about Fire Power
which could be used for bringing back Rebirth of Yelm, It was rumoured to be
in Hill of Gold. But Spider Woman said to him at there,
"You don't suffer enough from this circumstance as your father in Journey of Deadland,
you should go Hill of Gold for this great magic, and suffered as much as
your father walking from throne to Dusk Gate attacked from Blue People."
Yelmalio nodded,
"Now your name is Heliakal, dying Sun. More your agony increases, more
potential of this Ritual Magic will grow"
he nodded again,
"And you must abandone Memory to your friend, they all will forget your
It was untolerable even for his strong willingness, Yelmalio dropped his
Precious Tear by four times.
Arachne Solara saw his decision, and told about Last Stage,
"Your Uncle Lodril hid his Fire Source
before he was enslaved by Argan Argar which was bestowed by his father
for his Three Children, you must find it for your Father
cannot find right route to return back True World after World
itself will scatter to Fragments."

In Vanch surrounded by his friend Jajagapa and Dog Gods, Yelmalio started
Hill of Gold Quest, Mistress of Hill, Inora had two relatives of both Dark
Pantheon and Storm Pantheon from Patrimonal and Matrimonal bloodline, for
avoidance of Raping her Hill,
she called on warriors from both family. Unreliable dogs ran from front of conflict
because Orlanth used many alynx cats against them and blamed Yelmalio for hurting
Ernalda, though Orlanth could not kill him for he knew purpose of Yelmalio, never
thought to help this act. He smashed him and left.

Wounded Yelmalio stabbed Well of Fire at the Center of Hill with his Spear and
concetrated Last Source of Fire which Lodril hid secretly in the bowel of
Asrelia before Lesser Darkness, Zorak Zoran attacked him during he went on pausing
this working and stole One of his Great Power, Salamander Amanstan, and forced him
to finish his ritual imperfect. Yelmalio lost so much his power that he could not destroy
crafty but shrewd Inora who closed shamelessly to him.

(In another version of this part of tale, Yelmalio stabbed the Monster who enslaved Yelm
at the Upside-down Underworld Opposite Center of World, and helped Bijiif
to distinguish himself among dead gods and wait to the coming of Orlanth.)

In Dara Happa, Shargash finally started to break all uncomfortable for his
existence, he could not distinguish dead and alive, mercy and brutality. And he
unwillingly became minion of Chaos. In Enclosure, Dead fought with Dead as
survivors of mundane world, at last Shargash started eating his own flesh
and fell from Heaven.

As Yelmalio expected, Great Darkness came, all of Star Captains one by one
abandoned his position before Xenthan Digijelms and Minions of Sky Gorp.
Eventually, Shargash and Polaris fell from Sky, and only Green Elves and
Yelmalio survived on Surface World as People of Fire and Light.

It was all barren during Orlanth went Underworld voluntarily, Even through
worst thing, Yelmalio wandered darkest land for helping Still Good People,
but managed to grasp his father's spear for Suggesting the Existence of
Last Beacon of Hope, Issaries might not able to find his returning route without last
Fire God of Earth wandering deadland.
But for paying high price, only agony and despair lived with him.

At last, Dawn came from East with Cold Wind of Orlanth and Spring, Glorious
Reascent let dying Yelmalio get up from great hollow bawl. Emperor came and
met with him. He smiled weakly but his father received his spear from his son's
hand and taught his son coldly.
"Your role is Over, nobody on Earth remember you as Yamsur and other many my
sons for you abandoned yourself, you are too pure to live in imperfect world,
paradoxically only in war you can keep your pureness with merciless act, sleep and
no more think about my World"
Then Cold Night came, Yelmalio dropped last tear from his left eye, and

And nobody remember him accurately even though crack of power appeared in Hero Wars.

(It was rumored that Pharaoh of Kethaela employed unique Guardians of Palace
in City of Wonder consisted with Yelmalions from Caladraland,
but Some of them converted to Pharaohnic New Type Worship
"Light Son" and became administrators of "Tournament of Luck and Death",
but they were massacred before Assault of Jar-Eel Razoress in Other Side Realm.)

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