Dragon Emperors and Heroes of Kralorela

Reference: Ye Booke of Tentacles #2, Genertela Book, Secret Book, Some Thread of Glorantha Digest hinted from Eastern Dictionary, Some Greg Sez! articles in Issaries Site, and Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars

Kralorelan Dragon Emperors

TarnGatHa (In Eastern Isles, he is Vith, and God Learners identified him with Aether)
First Emperor and Dragon. He ruled the Western Blissful Land Vithela, he is the Son of Un Lo as known as Cosmic Dragon created him from his Utuma.

HeeMaroun (In Eastern Isles, Govemeranen. and God Learners saw him as Ehilm (Yelm))
After Vithela was tore into pieces by Antigods, he accepted the Responsibility to watch
Whole World from over ShanShan Mountains.

Metsyla (In Eastern Isles, he is called Osdero)
Though he was wise, he didn't want to learn more than he knew (See Glorantha Prosopaedia). For the sin of his arrogance, the Land Abzered was submerged in the Sea of Fog, Evil Seafolk Zabdamar appeared from there.

After Metsyla had died in Deluge, he was the Emperor who ruled Kerendaruth. (Ancient Name of Kralorela) He enlightened Evil God of Land of Ignorance (Chern Durel) Solarstorm, and made his Third Eye open. He was differ from Metsyla in the manner of humility, and he never permitted himself to abandone modesty.

Sekever: Anti Dragon
The Secret of Dragon was lost and Antigods ruled Blissful Land. Sekever learned Art from Antigods, and was accompanied by abominable Living Deads and Cannibalists HuanToo controlled them.

He rediscovered the Secret of Dragon and banished Sekever from KraLor. He made Magical Well linked to Skyworld and Underworld. He was the first who called Kralorela (or KraLor) this Land. He founded Summer Land to Eastern Vithela and enabled Dead Spirits to wait Ascension of Dragon Emperors there and join them.

He was the Balance of Element and banished Four Evil Gods of Elements: Shadow Cancer, Secret Water, Earth Eater and Star Permutator to Bliss of Ignorance. He is the Originator of Kralorelan Alchemy and drank Pill of Immotality with his wife Halisayan and let her administrate Summer Land. See here more about Thalurzni

He was the first who conducted the Kralorelan Legal Law and founded many Stone Draconic Monuments. He gained help of Alou Blushman and incorporated Darudanic Mysticism to Nation and instruction of Mandarins. He wandered around his realm incognito and healed troubles of his People.

He made Original Ideograph Characters from Scattered Documents of Vithela and made the root of Kralorelan Culture. He organized the Army "Dragons of War" with support of Thrunhin Da against Returning Antigod Sekever, it became the Body of Kralorelan Imperial Army.

Creating Web of Righteous Knowledge, he combined scattered World. (It is called Cosmic Compromise by Storm Barbarians.) After it, he became a perfect Dragon.

The Emperor at Sunstop. He was attacked by False Dragon Ring, unwillingly transformed into Dragon imperfectly. Thousands of Kralorelan People followed his Death for they felt too much grief. Determined Exarchs exiled to Kingdom of Ignorance and prepared return back to Kralorela.

ShangHsa, "May His Name is Cursed" : Anti Dragon (Other Name is MaoTzen)
He was not True Emperor. He was accompanied with Western Barbarians (called God Learners) in "New Dragon Ring" and polluted Great Tradition of Thousands of Years with his Evil and hid his fault during his oppressive Hundreds of Years. But at last, Heaven and True Dragons angered against his Atrocities and Exarchs made his downfall at War in Heaven.

He was a peddler of City Hsin Yin. After he succeeded the Abdication of ShangHsa, he was negative to enthrone himself, secluding far from Empire to the Plateau of Statue in Wasteland until Exarchs and Mandarins sensed his high Virtue. Since then, to Now Golden Dragon Emperor's Reign has always been perfect except during barbarians usurped his right. But Always Evil comes from Outside as ShangHsa and Sheng Seleris, he showed his true Draconic Figure and expelled these usurpers from Kralorela. He made Seven Magical Bridges between Hum Chang (Isle of Wonder) and Vaska Long (Main Land) to prepare the rising of lost land Provinces under Suam Chow.

Sheng Seleris: Anti Dragon (Other Name is AgartuSay)
This Blackhearted Traitor, Pain Star was pentan nomad barbarian, but he stole Kralorelan Secret from Instant Torture Camp, and used it to Empire itself. Emperor Godunya once defeated him in Contest, but he gained New Magics and Slaves in Western Land and struck back to Kralorela. In Worst Time, Godunya left Blood Rain to His Empire, and widows only lived in Kralorela.

Godunya (Reascent)
Since Atrocious Specter Sheng Seleris was enslaved in Hell and Curse of Western Bloody Coloured Moon, Empire restored to Normal Condition, Rightful Emperor enthroned again.

Kralorelan Demigods Heroes


Persons already gone to Summer Land (Or already delivered from Earth)

Thrunhin Dah (Harantara in East Isles):
Dragon who rules Sea of Fog provides Spell to shift into Shape of Killer Whale Cultists of Orca. She whimsically? (for unknown reason?) created Zabdamar Races and made them Kralorelan Enemy. She sank Ancient Capital Goropheng to Swam Chou. Blue Dragon of Deep.

August Dragon:
Though he was Prominent Philosopher of Dragon, he has long spent his life with Hibernation for his Excellent Wisdom. Since Ascension of Emperor Vashanti (0ST), he has woke up Four Times and showed his tremendous Wisdom and Power of foresight each time. His Nest exists in Northern End of Island Hum Chang, the city of Ting Shui.

Miyo Rice Mother:
Kralorelan Fertility Goddess who controls Rice Crop, She was born in Jaubon Province and Daughter of Emperor Shavaya.

Okerio Allgiver:
She was the Wife given to Ebe from Mercy of Dragon. Aptanace the Sage and his descendants True Humans came from their association.

Ebe Wild Man:
First Human. He related with many Lives for his Loneliness until he was given his Wife. And he made many another races. (They include Races of Dozaki (Trolls), Babadi (Dwarfs))

Halisayan Source of Compassion:
Wife of Emperor Thalurzni was born in city Hsian Wan, God Learners identified her with Pelorian Goddess Dendara.

Dark Sister of Halisayan. Secret Guardian and Rebel against Oppressor. God Learners saw her as Pelorian Goddess Gorgorma.

He was the First Civilized Man born from Wild Man Ebe and Allgiver Okerio. All Civilized People derived from him. He and his son Julang Hombondol lived in Hanjan Province.

Emerald Fish Lord:
In Modern Glorantha (17C), he was revered greatly in the valley of Kuwai Tan Kang River, most Northern Province Siyang.

Another Merciful Goddess of Kralorela, she might be the Goddess who haunted Godunya in Seleran War. She is a daughter of TarnGatHa and was identified with Chalana Arroy by Godlearners. (Glorantha Con Compendium #4)

One of Ancient Originators of Mystical Ascension Philosophers. His teaching was similar to Real World Indian Jainism. His disciples insists that Emperor Metsyla ruined himself because he denied their teaching of Seclusion.

Ho Adara:
Ancient Seer of Vithela (Kerendaruth) taught his famous mantra "Do your work" and anyone can obtain a mystical fulfillment by simply paying total attention to his or her daily tasks.

Hua Lowchu:
Manifest Mystic and Martial Artist in Ancient Kralorela: Kerendaruth. He spread Vithelan Worship of Kabalt (War God with Bolt of Liberation) and fought against Herespur, another martial artist and antigod.

Han Majang:
First Imperial Minister and God, he served three Emperors, ordered Planets and Heavenly Bodies under Arch Exarch of Heaven, and recorded Histories for Kralorelan Official.

Lui Wei:
In Mikaday Reign, he was a magical entity born from Goddess Okerio. He founded City Lokaw with his own Egg Shell. He is said to have constructed Magically Guarded Iron Forts at Threshold to Great Waste. (But he doesn't have characteristic to make such warlike constructs...)

Alou Brushman:
He supported Emperor Mikaday and invented Art of Writing with Brush. He is a Guardian of Civilians.

Fen Watha Loo:
This (Orpheus-like) Great Kralorelan Poet travelled to Underworld to kiss all of his dead lovers, before he went to Monastery to visit Eastern Mysterious Isles (Vormain).

Sharan Cho:
He was contaminated by foreign thinking when he joined Council of Barbarian Land in First Age, as Kralori Ambassador, some say he is now trapped to Middle World and lives as a mortal man.

Pai Raow the Cook:
He was born in the Kralorelan Oldest Province of Hanjan, and in 17th Century, revered as God of Cooking.

Li Phanquann Undead Slayer:
This Second Age Kralori hero joined Foreign Death (Humakt) cult and hunted undeads for Empire of Wyrm's Friend. He wounded Vampire God in Genert's Waste.

Heseroon Marn:
The Martial Artist dared to disobey Tyranny of ShangHsa and was killed. He was revived from Godunya's Hand and saw as Mystic adoministrating Imperial War Mystical Art.

Now Living Heroes:
Exarch of Seven Dragons and Wisdom:
The Dragon Mystic controlling all of Imperial Military under Godunya current day Rules.

Udam Bagur, Exarch of Hell:
The Exarch judging Deads reward and punishment under the Law of Emperor Godunya.

Ban You:
This hero holds Lighthouse at the southern chip of Great Island Hum Chang and Guard the Mouth of Suam Chow with his famous Great Golden Net.

Can Shu:
Formerly he was Exarch of Wanzow Province who solely opposed to destroy Fleets of Pharaoh appearing from Opening of Western Sea. Today, he came to Kingdom of Ignorance as "Exarch", illegally trades Dust of Black Lotus to Solar Cult of Chern Durel and fills himself ambition. He hires many foreign mercinaries and subjugates many Demons under his rule.

Imolo Wen:
Swordmaster of Terrible Swift Sword. He killed Two Headed Demon ShayTunn Remnant of Seleran Empire in Boshan Province and has administered Martial Art School. Favor of Godunya to him and Influence of his family in Empire is target for bad popularity from the eyes of Civilian Mandarins.

Kui Hui Gianthero:
The man who killed Lobster Demon Graba Cartak circa 1580ST, had gigantic body that got from something peculiar mystical practice and fought against Sheng Seleris. His address is in City Laonan Tao of Puchai Province.

Yao Fune:
The Pacifist Religionist who insists his pacifism bringing back sunken Seven Provinces of Suam Chou.

Red Gardener:
Mysterious Person who living in Star City Kuchawn. He is rumored to have been the Ruler of Western Red Moon Empire before Sheng Seleris banished him from there.

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