Caste Systems of Malkioni Societies

Last Updated 20 / Feb / 2005, along with release of Men of the Sea

Updated 03 / Apr / 2004, for Peter Metcalph's set about Vadeli and Arkati in Four Scrolls of Revelation and Tradetalk #13 fanzines, add labels.

Updated 05 / Oct / 2003, for Seshnela, Esvulari and according to Hero Quest and Voices

Helped by Trotsky Jamie Revell, Efendi, Nick Brooke, Peter Metcalph and Kevin McDonald: Updated 17 / May / 2003

(Slightly Revised for Arrolian Lunar Church according to Tales #20)

If you want to know about the earliest form of Western Monotheistic Society in Glorantha.

Nick Brooke's teaching about Sorcery in early RQ days:
"Knights, Priests, and Sorcerers in Glorantha"

Sects and References / Saints / Religious Centers
Comprehensive Caste Table of Malkioni (Ever Unfinished....)

Rokari Church of Tanisor-Rindland
New Hrestoli Church of Loskalm
Kingdom of Logic and Mystical Actions of Malkion
Stygian Arkati Arcanas (Secret Society)
Social Ranks and Titles of Malkioni

Sects and References / Saints / Religious Centers

Sects and References Saints of each Malkionism Societies Religious Centers of Malkionism

Brithini: Revealed Mythologies
Vadeli: Revealed Mythologies, Tradetalk #13
Waertagi: Revealed Mythologies
Old Hrestoli (Before Godlearners): Kings of Seshnela
God Learner Empire: Kings of Seshnela
Castle Coast:
Rokari: Tales #13
New Hrestoli: Tales #13
Arrolian Syanorans: Tales #20
Sedalpists: Missing Lands? (Cult of Silence)
Ebbeshites: Four Scrolls of Revelation (Martin Hawley)
Damned of Ramalia: Tradetalk #10 (Jamie Revell)
Carmanians: Loren Miller's Church Writeup and Website
Atroxites: Hero Wars 1st Edition Rulebook
Slontans: Tradetalk #11
Aeolians: Joerg Baumgartner's Website?, Tradetalk #12? (Mark Galeotti?)
Safelstans: Tradetalk #3, Tales #13, Nick Brooke's Website, Nikk Effingham's Website
Stygians: Four Scrolls of Revelation (Peter Metcalph)
Boristi: Tradetalk #2
Malki of Umathela: Men of the Sea

#Aeol (Only for Aeolians)
#Arkat (Only for Stygian Heresy, demon for most other Malkioni)
#Carmanos, Syranthir and Charmain, Trinity of Lake Oronin (Only Carmanianism)
#Dormal (After Opening, Worldly Saint)
#Dronar, Menena, Horal, Zzabur, Talar (Coastal Area still accustomed with Danmalastan Tradition)
#Ebbesh (Only Ebbeshites of Pamaltela, Demon for other Pamaltela Malkioni)
#Ethilrist and Atrox (Only for Black Horse County)
#Eliavar & Onokos, Deliam (Only for Quinpolic League, Demon for Rokari Orthodoxy?) Foreign Money Laundering?
#Hensherek (Only for Cerise Church Lunars)
#Hrestol (Only for New Hrestoli, Old Hrestoli as Prophet, Saint for other Sects)
#Jonat (Only for Syanorans, Pagan Hero for Other Malkionism)
#Kaxtor (Only for Slontos Seven Church)
#Makri the Travelled, Swiril of the Net, Ormalin (Hymists of Umathelan Malki)
#Nomia? (Hrestoli and Galvosti?)
#Rokar (Prophet only for Rokari and Sedalpism? demon for Hrestoli) &Mardron
#Seravos (God Learner Prophet? of Jrustela, Abiding Book)
#Tomaris (Only Irensavalism of Fronela)
#Valkaro (Only for Valkarian Tradition of East Isles)
#Waertag (Only for Waertagi and their cousins)
#Wordless Prophet (Only Clamours and Sedalpists of Pamaltela)
#Zzabur (Not worshipped but as an idol of Atheism Sorcery like Fire Wizards of Loskalm)

#Serpent Dynasty: Temple of Froalar, Frowal
#Godlearner Empire: Erandinthanos, Frowal
#New (and Old) Hrestoli: Golgotha of Sog City
#New Hrestoli: Southpoint (Isefwal): Cathedral of St. Hrestol
#Galvosti: (Nomia?)
#Sedalpism: Nikosdoros of Cerngoth
#Ebbeshites: Ebbeshal
#Silence: Vanburch of Cerngoth
#Henotheism: Fiesive
#Rokari: LePlain: Cathedral of St. Mardron
#Aeolian: Durengard (Not Mt. Passant)
#Carmanian: Brinnus
#Arrolian & Syanoran: Cathedral of St. Jonat?
#Damned of Ramalia:
#Slontan Seven Churches: Kaxtorplose (Erenplose)

#Enchanter (Goventainer?): Hrelar Amali
#Arkati: Red Ruin and Arkhome?
#Malki: Nikosdros?

Comprehensive Caste Table of Malkioni (Ever Unfinished....)

If you want to know more about this topic, see Peter Metcalph's Analysis

Not as many European Feudal and Medieval Similarity Parallel to Gloranthan Malkioni, Greg Stafford and other creators of Glorantha tend to think Caste System (similar to Ancient Hindu Varana System, (Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra) and Fixed Society System is appropriate as they are followers / holders of Law and Stability Rune. It is the core and the parallel strings of their society.

FSOR: Four Scrolls of Revelation, Convulsion 2002 Source Book
RMM: Reaching Moon Megacorp (the publisher of Tales Fanzine), not official but still has great authority to this topic.

Groups Four Main Castes Other Important Details
Farmer Soldier Wizard Lord Women Caste Mobility Knighthood Note
Brithini Dronar Horal Zzabur* Talar Menena (Caste Mobility: No) No No Immortals: *Each of Caste named after the Founders in legend

God Forgottens have perverse version of their system along with upper caste True Brithini.
Information: Genertela Boxset and Revealed Mythologies, Tales #13 Center of Worship: Don't need such "illogical" facility after the gap of Otherworld and Middleworld opened, Vani and Talarwal? Tap: Yes
Paganism: No
Vadeli Brown Red - (Blue) : Extinct? (Nick thinks Blues are Sorcerers, not Lords.) No No (**) No.
(As once Hrestol exiled to their domain, Peter thinks there's a perverse version of the original, like the Twisted Mentats of Dune.)
Demonic Immortals: **Vadeli Castes described as races, rather than a choise of society. (Peter Metcalph thinks that castes are actually skin types to shield them against specific magic.)
Main Information: Missing Lands and Revealed Mythologies, Tales #13, Tradetalk #13 (Outside of Genertela) by Peter Metcalph Center of Worship: Don't need such unreasonable facility, maybe Ancient Empire of Chir? Tap: Yes
Paganism: ?
Waertagi (Telepathic Deri?: Slaves) - - - - - - They lost their ancient immortality for their bastardized religion or something else. (See Greg's unfinished tale "Aftal the Captain" in ML.
Main Information: Missing Lands, Revealed Mythologies, Elder Races Book, Tales #13 Center of Worship: Edrenrin Isles? Tap: Yes?
Paganism: Water God Ancestors
Old Hrestoli As Brithini? As Brithini? As Brithini? - No? No (Except Successors of Hrestol) Only Chosen People as a representative (like RW Shiite Imams?)***

(You are wrong. The Brithini are
not the only Malkioni survivors of the Ice Age and other
Malkioni nations (such as Loskalm and Seshnela) were founded
by non-Brithini settlers: Peter)
***Knights are truly virtuous and know secrets of all Four Castes (in Legend.)
Main Information: Kings of Seshnela Center of Worship: Malkonwal (before it was destroyed), Temple of Seshna (Only for Serpent Dynasty?), Golgotha of Sog (Fronela) Tap: No
Paganism: No
God Learner Empire - - - - - - - Destroyed by the Collapse of 2nd Age.
Main Information: Kings of Seshnela and Abiding Book, Revealed Mythologies Center of Worship: Erandinthanos of Jrustela and the place where Prophet Seravos taught Abiding Book Tap: ?
Paganism: Mostly Demonologic Contact
Castle Coast - - - - - - Yes -
Main Information: Nick Brooke's Website (David Hall's Introduction) Center of Worship: ? Tap: No
Paganism: No
Navigationist Church Serfs / Peasants Soldiers / Knights Wizards Lords Yes
No (at least not without enough silver?) No Note: Different Prophet from Rokari!
Main Information: Hero Quest and Voices Center of Worship: Quinpolic League? Tap: No
Paganism: No?
Rokari**** Serfs / Peasants Soldiers / Knights Wizards Lords No (Exception) No No ****See below
Main Information: Tales of the Reaching Moon #13, Nick Brooke's Website, Hero Quest and Voices Center of Worship: Cathedral of St Mardron in LePlain Tap: No (Only Available with Lord Caste permission)
Paganism: No
New Hrestoli Farmer Soldiers/
Lords Yes (Only for selected) Yes! (Majority of the Society approve it.) Elites of Society Meritocracy only? possible under Syndics Ban. *****See below
Main Information: Tales of the Reaching Moon #13, Nick Brooke's Website, Trotsky's Website and (his Sorcerer Knight) Center of Worship: Cathedral of St. Hrestol in Southpoint (Isefwal?: Peter Metcalph) Tap: No
Paganism: No
Cerise Church - - - - Yes Yes? ? Note: Under Lunar Cycle
Main Information: Hero Quest and Voices Center of Worship: Maybe same as Syanoran Church, or not Tap: No
Paganism Yes
Syanorans - - - - - - - They thinks Marriage Bond is Sacred and illicit union and its result are cursed.
(RMM setting)
Main Information: Nick Brooke's Website, Jonat's Saga? (Unpublished) Center of Worship: Cathedral of St. Jonat ? (Okarnia?) Tap: Only available against bastards!
Paganism: Some Storm Gods?
Arrolians Seven Castes each attributed to Seven Mothers(Tales #20) Yes Yes (By the acceptance of Lunar Creed) ? Minderkind School of Riverjoin (Varnaro) is the main missionary force.....
Main Information: Tales #20 (I don't know how Nick Brooke thinks about the relation of them and Lunarized Syanorans in his website (2003, May)) Center of Worship: Riverjoin and Eastpoint Tap: Accepted as Chaos (Entropy) Power
Paganism: Yes, Lunar Gods
Valkarists Fishmen Spearmen Magic Men ? No No (Generally) No? Nick thinks there is also Lord Caste, too.
(RMM setting)
Main Information: Four Scrolls of Revelation (Martin Hawley), Nick Brooke's Website Center of Worship: Ambovombe, Valkaro's Isle Tap: Only against Sea Monsters (Extogallia)
Paganism: Some East Gods?
Malki of Umathela Peasant Soldier Wizard Lord Dolemi or Dryad (Only available in Cerngoth) Generally no? Varied (Sedalpists and Ebbeshites are one of various, diversed Wizardly sects of Pamaltela, like Callers, Iconodules, without mentioning Cult of Silence and Stiflers, Clamourers)
Main Information: Men of the Sea Center of Worship: Various Tap: No
Paganism: Tolerable but not permitted
Sedalpists Peasants? Soldiers****** Wizards Lord - - No ******They shun War and Soldier Caste, Influenced by Cult of Silence?
Main Information: Missing Lands? (Cult of Silence: Clamours....?), Nick Brooke's Website Center of Worship: Nikosdros and Vanburch of Cerngoth? (Cult of Silence) Tap: No
Paganism: No
Ebbeshites Peasants Ghazis
No (But Upper Caste Women are more vile than men.) No (without Masarin's permission) No? Hedonists (FSOR: Martin Hawley)
Main Information: Four Scrolls of Revelation (Martin Hawley), Enclosure #2 Center of Worship: Ebbeshal of Afadjann Tap: Yes (If Ras permits and you enjoy it.)
Paganism: Yes?
Damned of Ramalia (Fallen Mraloti) Warriors Sorcerers Axemen and Taxmen No No - Diabolists (Tradetalk #10, Ttrotsky)
Main Information: Tradetalk #10 Ramalia (Jamie Revell) Center of Worship: Tap: Tapping Lower Castes is Okay.
Paganism: Some Chaos Deities
Carmanians (Native Pelandans) Hazar Vizier Carmanoi Only available for Wareesha Yes They might not know the concept. (Nick has another opinion about the concept of "Knight".) All of Carmanian Male Adults are born as Hazar caste. And leader of each Houses (Fazzik: Kevin McDonald) selects their role.
Main Information: Loren Miller's Website and Church Writeup, Nick Brooke's Website Center of Worship: Brinnus and Castle Blue of Lake Oronin Tap: No
Pagan Worship: Yes (Most of Church Members except Magi (Mystic-Wizard))
Atroxites Culeran (Peasant)
Refugees and Outlaws?
Ridderan (Warrior) Zoberan
(Only Ethilrist?) Only available by Ethilrist's permission No? Yes (Only for elites who promoted by Sir Ethilrist) Black Horse County HW 1st Edition Rulebook
Main Information: Hero Wars Rulebook First Edition Center of Worship: Muse Roost Tap: No
Pagan Worship: No (Peter thinks there is Arkat the Demon Shrine in Muse Roost)
Seven Churches of Slontans (Handra, Kaxtorplose, Bath and Wells) - - - - - - - Seven Churches?
(Tradetalk #10&11 Peter Mecalph: In the real world, the Seven Bishops were opponents of James II in a court case that led to his downfall. One of the Seven Bishops was the Bishop of Bath and Wells (in southwestern England).)
Main Information: Tradetalk #11 (Handra Special) Center of Worship: Kaxtorplose? Tap: No
Pagan Worship: No (Relatively tolerant in Handra (for its Ralian root))
Aeolians 17 classes? (Standard Roles of Orlanthi?) Yes Yes - (RMM Setting)
Main Information: Joerg Baumgartner's Website, Glorantha Introduction to HW, Tradetalk #12, Issaries Official Site, Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars, Hero Quest and Voices Center of Worship: Durengard and Mount Passant of Heortland Tap: No
Pagan Worship: Storm Gods as Saints
Safelstans Peasants -Merchant Princes? -Princes -Princes of the Church - (Yes) Might makes right. (Yes) Might makes right. See below about Arkati. "Caste structures are looser because this is a more advanced society."
(Nick Brooke: RMM setting?)
Main Information: Tradetalk #3 (Naskorion), Nikk Effingham's Website (Henotheist Church), Nick Brooke's Website Center of Worship: Fiesive, Arkhome?, Zorakarkat, etc... Tap: No?
Pagan Worship: Yes! (Storm and / or Darkness)
Stygians - - - - - - Mystical Warriors / Assassins? Mystics rather than Sorcerers and they are true masters of Safelstan Politics behind curtain. (FSOR: Peter Metcalph)
Main Information: Four Scrolls of Revelation (Peter Metcalph: Arkati), Troll Gods Center of Worship: Statham Well in Hero Plane? (Troll Gods) Tap: No? (Yes against Deceiver!)
Pagan Worship: Yes, against Deceiver!
Boristi - - - - - - - Peter Metcalph thinks that Chaos Monks are one radical branch of this sect. See TT#2 p.33.
Main Information: Tradetalk #2 (p.24-27) by Ingo Tschinke Center of Worship: Borin of Belstos? Tap: Yes for Chaos Existence!
Pagan Worship: No
Galvosti - - - - - - - They were once an ally of Godlearners
Main Information: Nick Brooke's Website Center of Worship: Col (Summoning Demon Arkat?) Tap: Yes for Pagans and Heretics!
Pagan Worship: No

Rokari Church of Tanisor-Rindland

Types District Note
Duchy Tanisor, Rindland, Nolos (Doje? Glo: Intro), Pasos (Doje? Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars) Tanisor and Rindland was ruled by King and Ecclesiarch, Quinpolic League opposes their force.
County Deu, Estaurenic, Noyelle, Voi, Pithdaros (Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars) Pithdaros was inhabited by Agimori migrated in King Ulmal's reign.
Barony Dangim March, Vogai, Gilboch Dangim March was called County under Ralian Rule.
Castle Coast, Arolanit -

New Hrestol Church of Loskalm
They support Hrestol's teaching about Joy of the Heart and taught their people the strict translation of it, the perfectly vertical structure of meritocracy and caste mobility is only available through this folded structure. (At least until the Hero Wars begin to dissolve Ancien Regime. See also the Article: "Voices of Loskalm" of Jamie Ttrotsky in the Four Scrolls of Revelation: Thank you, Mark.)

Jamie Revell's Table

Groups Farmer Knight Wizard Lord
Populace Various - - -
Military -Soldier Knight Grand Knight Lord Militant
Religion / Magic -Acolythist Chaplain? Wizard(-Adept: Old RQ status) Lord Spiritual
Politic - -Squire Administrator? Lord Temporal
Note - - Adept is ignored in HW and HQ setting. -

Below is Peter Metcalph's approach more adhered to the religious / historical models rather than result of consideration about practical / social occupation roles by Ttrotsky.

Primary Concern Men Men Overmen Overmen
Producing Farmers - - King
Military - Soldiers Knights King
Religion / Magic - Acolythists Wizards King
Politic Citizens Squires Prefects King
Note Many known ranks such as the Grand Knights and Cardinals are
IMO graduations in the basic Overman ranks rather than special
ranks themselves. (Peter Metcalph)

Original Six Tribes of Danmalastan: Kingdom of Logic (Revealed Mythologies)

As many other people, they lived blissful life in their Primeval Age before the Gods War. And it seems that they don't need Hierarchy and had a plenty of objects for their life.

Locations Northernmost Middle North Northeast Middle South Southeast Southernmost
Six Tribes Waertagi Enrovalini Kachasti Kadeniti Viymorni Tadeniti
Role Sailor Theologician Communicator Builder Explorer Scribe
Destiny Remnants: Waertagi Remnants: Brithini Enslaved by Vadeli and Mostali in Gods War Their land was conquered by Vadeli and sunk under Banthe Sea by Zzabur Remnants: Vadeli Destroyed by Helerians and Vadeli

From Revealed Mythologies and Anaxial Roster, Malkioni Age of Before History

Godlearners Analysis Malkion Incarnation Phenomenon Beasts Sorcery Planes Note
First Action Creation Age Creator (Firbirth) Creation - Immeasurable Plane, Joy -
Second Action Green Age Law (Kiona) Manifestation Erasanchula, Hykim, Mikyh, Seven Primes Law Plane, Solace -
Third Action Golden Age Founder (Malkion) Multiplication Eight Powers and Five Materials Saint Plane -
Fourth Action Storm Age Prophet (Ordelvis) Duplication Forty Ancients Adept Plane -
Fifth Action Great Darkness Sacrifice (Malkionaru) Destruction (Sacrifice) Monsters Mundane Plane -
Time Great Compromise? Hrestol? - - Hell Plane -

Arcana of Stygian Arkati
Here is Secret Society types (Arcana) of Arkati classified by Peter Metcalph. (Four Scrolls of Revelation)

Types Cabals Crypterias Covens
Characteristic Secular Powers behind Curtain Power to unify Cabals and antagonize Tanisorians Shun secular authority, concetrating on fight against Deceiver(s), very strong magical society
Disadvantages Main target of Tanisorian Inquisition, seriously fragmental More Intolerant to dissenting Arkati and less effective in controlling ordinary safelstans Uncompromising Fanatic, Wage war against other "minion of deceiver" arcanas

And various sects of according to characteristics of their own "Arkat". This is very confused for former Seven types and latter Five types are somewhat different, Peter Metcalph made an attempt to compromise them.....

Old Genertela Boxset (I don't have this english edition) Great Liberator Savior Chaosbane Peacemaker Destroyer Deceiver? - - Note: Mentioned only "human" Arkat sects
Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars King (Tortun, Syran, Azilos) Knight (Azilos) - - - - Devil (Chaos Monks?, Argin the Terror?) Martyr (World Loser's Movement) Troll (Guhan) Note: By Greg Stafford?
Four Scrolls of Revelation by Peter Metcalph Paslac Tragic Path - (Peter Metcalph thinks this is subset of "Great" aspect.) (Peter Metcalph thinks "Chaosbane" aspect is subset of "Knight" aspect against Boristi and Chaos Monks.) (Peter Metcalph thinks this is softened version of "Troll" aspect, celebrates his friendship to elder races.) Zorakarkat of Naskorion

(Peter Metcalph thinks "Devil" aspect of Boristi and Chaos Monks is also subset of this aspect.)
- Grim "Humarkat" and grotesque "Arkat the Loser". See also "Peacemaker" aspect. Note: Peter Metcalph thinks that Chaos Monks are subset of Boristi squids.

Malkioni Society Ranks
And it is outline vertical structure of the division of two society (Political and Religion): But some of Malkioni Culture doesn't need such two-folded Structure or Vertical System itself. And the real state of affairs is far more complicated structure. (Codex #2 fanzine p. 9 also holds some notions about Malkioni rank and files, titles by Martin Crim.)

Leaders of Politic / Religion
Rokari New Hrestoli Carmanians Stygians
Lowest - Mayors? / Liturgists?
- Hipparchs
Minor Landholder Barons / Abbots Barons (Prefects: Peter) /
<Barony (Prefecture?) / >
Fazzik Exarchs
Middle Ruler Counts / Bishops Counts / Vicars
<County / Diocese >
Sirdar Archon
Area Leader Dukes / Archbishops Princes (8) / Cardinals (8)
Satrap (4?) / Magi (100) Arcane
Highest King (1) / Ecclesiarch (1) King (1) / Ecclesiarch (1) Shah (1) / Hierophant (1) Autarch (1)
Note Each of Fragmented Feudal States are inherited by one's oldest son.

(The Rokari do not consider the Church and Lordly ranks to be equal in status so they wouldn't recognize the above table: Peter Metcalph)
True Meritocracy except truly Heroic Leaders. (There is no "Bishop" or "Archbishop" in Loskalmi Titles: Nick Brooke & Trotsky.) [with some sort of Puritan flavour: TI] Houses are important in Carmanian Society.
Sirdar is Low Administrator appointed by Satraps. (Kevin McDonald)
Magi are born as Magi in birth.
Mystical Achievement of disciplines
rather than titles.

If you want to know more about this topic, read also Jamie Revell Ttrotsky's site and Nick Brooke's site for reference.

Sects and References / Saints / Religious Centers
Comprehensive Caste Table of Malkioni (Ever Unfinished....)

Rokari Church of Tanisor-Rindland
New Hrestoli Church of Loskalm
Kingdom of Logic and Mystical Actions of Malkion
Stygian Arkati Arcanas (Secret Society)
Social Ranks and Titles of Malkioni

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