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Mythical Age Abzered: Kralorela, Teshnos and Vormain
Mythical Age Land of Dream: Mokato and Haragala
Mythical Age Other Races: Keets, Elder Races and Adpara People
History Timeline of Eastern World
Melib and Closing
Terms of Mystical Disciplines
The difference of Island Names and Locations

Old RQ 3rd Edition Genertela Boxed Set
Troll Pack: Uz Lore (Maps and Kralori fragments)
Revealed Mythologies
Missing Lands
Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars
Anaxial Roster
Hero Quest Voices

Fan Contribution (Italic means Unofficial or only half-officialized by Greg Stafford, yet.)
The Tales of the Reaching Moon #17 Catch-up Special (Mainly, Mokato)
Glorantha Con Compendium #4 (Sheng Seleris)
The Four Scrolls of Revelations (Melib)
Ye Booke of Tentacles (Teshnos and Kralorela)
Site of Nils Weinander
Various Posts to Glorantha Digest and mails: Nils Weinander and Alex Ferguson
Sorry, I missed to include one of great contributers: Peter Metcalph (July / 21 / 2003)

Vithelan Civilization and Submerge of Deluge: Westerner's Atlantis Complex?

The modern day realm of East Isles composes only small portion of Issaries inc, "East World Mystical Map", for it includes only the range between the area of Vormain and Vithalash.
Compare with

"+" means the land emerged from the sea surface, or as Churanpur, it might fell from the sky.
"-" means the land was submerged and lost by the deluge, or destroyed by magical method, or banished to Dream World as the isles which followed Avanapdur, the King of Iradgenderi.

Abzered: The Land of Osdero (Metsyla) The Eagle Phoenix Emperor

Earth Cataclysm and Miracle Rescue Ruling Force or Dominant Belief of Mysticism Vithela
Abzered (Far North of Vithalash)
Kerendaruth Sechkaul
Kralorela (1) Verenela (2) Vormain (3)
Creation Age
(Green Age?)
Three Sons and Vith

Gambling Contest of Prosandara and Venperasha, created Deselenro Isles (+) and Samako Ocean (-)
Sensan Mountains were created at that Age. (See below about Thalurzni.) Endi Varo made Three Worlds (Challenge = Sorcery, Play = God, Desire = Spirit Plane, and it seems that Teshnans didn't decide which is superior and / or inferior in the basic teaching.)
Dogsalu War Dogsalu, made from fear and doubt, and sought Yothenara, from the couple, born Govemeranen. (Peter Metcalph hypothesized TarnGatHa = Dogsalu, not Vith) 1st House TarnGatha (Dogsalu)

Starts after with the Dogsalu War and ends with the Keltari war. (Peter)

High God Age
(Golden Age?)
Vith ruled from Vithalash.
Ivaro pool made. (-)
Togaro Sea was made and Ancient Keetela submerged. (-)
TarnGatHa's reign
(Intermingling of Three Worlds, Middle World was made.)
Keltari War Bandan, Sedsaru and Keltari stole the Conch Shell, and Vith went to Sky World. Enevar and Govmeranen destroyed Keltari with their teaching. Many seas were made by AntiGods (-).
Gods Age
(Storm Age?)(4)
Early Govmeranen ruled from his Orchard?

VenForn taught his Atrilithic (5) Way in South Vithela

Osdero's Early reign, Harantara and Sarono much submerged Abzered (-) but later some of the land recovered (+).
HeenMaroun's reign

Thrunhin Dah's action caused Sarono Sea (-).

Aptanance the Sage founded oldest Civilization in the Land of Kerendaruth over the Ancient Fifteen Provinces (?).

(Underworld (Fifth World) was made reflecting the strife in Middle World. )

King Dengbalu, Zaranstargi (from South Empire of Artmal) helped Tolat and got his Sword, used it against Sea Gods.
2nd House HeenMaroun (Govmeranen)

Starts after the Keltari War and ends with Oorsu Sara's first attack (which ends Govmeranen's Reign of Peace and begins Nenduren's Peace).

1st House? (Peter Metcalph, but the position here is from amateur chinoiserist TI, for he thinks Kralorela must be center of the Ancient World)
Middle Govemeranen named Three, Osdero (Abzered), Meranenero (Vithela) and Queen Hrenseneso (Duravan).

(Peter Metcalph hypothesized Nenduren's Peace is equal to Osdero's reign, but I am not sure about it.)
Metsyla and his Seventeen Lessons. (It is the base of common Abzered culture.) 3rd House Metsyla (Osdero)

Starts after Oorsu Sara's first conquest and ends in the destruction of
Thereafter the Imperial Houses rule only over Vormain and subject territories.

2nd House? (Peter Metcalph and TI, see above)
Late Romance of Kahar and Harantara. (Sshorg and Sea Gods submerged Duravan and next, engulfed Abzered (-) and drowned Osdero.) Much of the land submerged under Ocean. Read also the creation myth of Zabdamar race in Missing Land. Southern King Turvenost and his advisor Hesurenav, much of the land Sechkaul (-) submerged by Sshorg. 4th House Valzain

Valzain established the traditions and laws of Vormain, including the Isolation.
Unlike Teshnos and Kralorela, Vormain society is mostly as it was in Valzain's time.  The end of the house is probably the same event as the End of Nenduren's Peace, Oorsu Sara's Second War and the God's Cycle.
Kuyaku founded the oldest 22 Joserui districts of Vormain. (This is from Greg Stafford, but it seems not so confident.)
Oorsu Sara (Ipi) War Three Sage Rivalries, Nenduren, Larn Hasamador and Mashunasan.

Agkalasta, the Lord of Three World, Oorkantana was followed by his Tali (Herespur and Janadi,etc...).

He vanished Ooduren and Govmeranen, Nenduren once made him his disciple but later Oorsu intentionally? failed his teaching and destroyed his master and Memb (-), but finally the Demon was destroyed by Mashunasan's Jerema Madoon.
Oorsu Sara cursed the Land of Kerandaruth. (Several times, the descriptions of Black Sun and Bloody Rain indicate something peculiar phenomenon in Kralorela (Like the reign of Sekever and Sheng Seleris) 5th House Sekever dynasty.

After Valzain retires, the new house relaxes the rigid Isolation.  This
a brief and ghastly reign of horrors that is finally crushed by the heroic
of the next house.

The 3rd house were the rulers of the land of Arodoshu/Ghenisk.

The 4th House were the rulers of the land of Zishu / Chadu. (Peter & Alex)
Demigods Cycle
(Great Darkness?)
Early (Happy Conquest) Sed Parad and Ho Adara

Three Heroes, Hong Malagum (Wind), Kenman Imo (Fire) and Hessa Mevala (Water).

Hensarava constellation appeared in Sky as Herespur surrendered to Conquerors.

Janadi was killed by them but tied up together again and ruled Sortum since then.
Shavaya and Rice Mother Miyo

NiangMao the Mystic taught both Metsyla and Shavaya. (Ye Booke of Tenrtacles #2)
(Chaos (Sixth) World was made.) I suppose Teshnan Cosmology somehow resembles to that of Dara Happans and Malkioni in the course of creations or "actions"? 6th House

Starts at the same time as Daruda's reign and the start of the Demigod's
Instead of divine figures, the Emperors are now human.  Famous for the Happy
Conquests.  Collapses as a result of the Atrocity War (specifically Janandi's
second assault).  Condemned by modern Vormaino for allowing foreign ideals
to enter Vormain under the guise of plunder.


(From Kang Island, Hessa Mevala)

5th House. After the collapse of the 4th house, manages
to gain control of the rest of Vormain (in a hegemony) and
establishes the centre of the Vorumai universe for the rest
of eternity. (Alex and Peter, but these House notes and Greg's cycles are perfectly not attached and easy targets shifted / replaced / abandoned.)

Middle (Atrocity War) Darja Danad began to teach his Martial Art.

Mon Verlo freed Herespur, Herespur taught his martial arts to his comrades, Akorgat, Bodastu and Sekever.

Churanpur fell from Sky for Herespur and Karkal? knocked it down (+), the tsunami submerged much of Vormain (-).

Akorgat conquered Sky World as Sky Tyrant. Seneb was destroyed by King Janadi. (-)

(Peter thinks Churanpur fell after Kralori conquered Vormain in the reign of Vayobi, but I doubt such one (the side of demigods) on one (the side of antigods) War was the condition of this Age.)
Sekever and Daruda (First Dragon Emperor) (From His Act, Suam Chow was made), Thalurzni. (Genertela Box mentioned it was Thalurzni who made ShanShan by folding up as it had been a table-cloth....but maybe this setting was gregged....) Churanpurese (later called Ashurtans?) conquered Melib.

Soravatoor and Kang Luway against Melibi Ashurtans ?(if they are Zaranistargi, the day of Monkey King might be more older age, but I think Kang was from Monkey Ruin of Prax: Ye Booke of Tentacles#2)

(But Peter Metcalph thinks he and Kang were in Dawn Age.)
7th House

Notable for the philosophical ideas of the Sage Enrono and the victories
of the warrior Kumanti Lun.  Overthrown from within by corrupt FoShan,
which the modern Vormaino attribute to foreign ideas.

8th House FoShan Dynasty

An evil dynasty of demonic emperors and wicked antigods

9th House KuanKal Dynasty

A dynasty of draconic conquerers.  Their alien brutality leads to their
by Vormaini rebels.

10th House Rebel Dynasty

A dynasty with good intentions.  However it was tragically exterminated in
the Herespur War when the Great Tsunami washed over Vormain.  Modern
Vormaino believe it was too soft on Isolation.

6th to 11th Houses. They were Doomed but Heroic epics aplenty. (Alex and Peter)

For the Great Deluge occured from the falling city of Heaven (Churanpur) much of 22 districts are submerged.

FoShan (Kralori called it AntiGods)
Late (Austerity War) Bodastu destroyed Imadsalash (Spike).

Darja Danad led the attack against Antigods.

(Peter Metcalph thinks Austerity War is not concern of Vormaino, except for heroes like Kumanti Lun.)
Mikaday, Vayobi and Sekever. 11th House Tsunami dynasty.

During the Herespur War, the Isle of Churanpur descends from heaven and its
inhabitants menace both Melib and Vormain.  A tribe from Churanpur conquers
Vormain with the aid of the Great Tsunami.  However the cruelty of their regime
quickly leads to their overthrow.

One House is ruled by the Dead. All the living are groaning
with the oppression of the unproductive classes and angry threats are made to bury them. The Emperor creates the Underworld for them to live in and after a while abdicates and joins them.

The 12th house are literally demons and vampires who literally toture Vormain. After a while, a hero rises up and slays them. He afterwards founds the 13th House. (Peter and Alex)
Avanapdur War Avanapdur, the Queen? of Iradegenderi, had many followers (including Janadi and Herespur?), but tricked they are her enemies, (or Mashunasan told lies about her.)

Mon Verlo of Deves released Herespur at the end of Austerity War.

Hensarava the Archer killed Sky Tyrant Akorgat. Three Heroes finally attacked Sortum and crushed Janadi (-).
Sekever again (I think in the second reign of Sekever, Suam Chow enlarged (-)), Vashanti's reign until Dawn.

Hua Lowchu was the one of Three Austerity War heroes. (He hated Mon Verlo for Mon had released Herespur.)
Sekever attacked Sechkaul. Mystic Chal taught King Bulthshasam how to raise Somash against the Antigod. (He made Book of Well Being at that age.) 12th House Avanapdur

Now condemned as horribly misguided.  This dynasty accepted the aid of
Avanapdur to defeat the Tsunami folk. When Avanapdur was revealed as
an illusion, the power of this house crumbled overnight.  Also marks the
end of the Demigod's Cycle and Vayobi's reign.  Condemned for not being
Kralori (Vayobi) invaded and ruled with puppet KuanKal.

Enrono the Sage from Yendori, and he was Nendureni. Kumanti Lun was the one of the Three Heroes of Austerity War.
Human Cycle
Grey Age In Uz Lore, there is no Suam Chow in the vague map, but I think it was simply a mistake from indifference.... Hisgoranstor of Gach invaded Melib and conquered it under Teshnos. 13th House Isolation

Starts at the same time as Human Cycle, Vashanti's reign and Bulthshasam
of Teshnos.  Associated with Telask.  Resurrects the Isolation to keep
away from Vormain.  Retires at the Dawn (which is also when Soravatoor of
Teshnos took over).

13th house has grabbed some of the surrounding islands, in the name of supposed (and possibly actual) "reunification". (Peter and Alex)
Dawn Age Tamanjary sank for the Attack of Waertagi (-). Yanoor's reign
Imperial Age Three Sages of Mokato Eranth Eyoon, Reha Menari and Serd Marnad made the Basis of Later East Sea Empire of Mokato, Hobimarong.

Many Experimental Magic were tried at that age and backfired.
False Dragon Ring and ShangHsa King Bratoszaran of Melib lost his Sword of Tolat to war against Slontans and Seshnelans.

Under King Ordanal, Eest Province of Middle Sea Empire.
Divider Waking Magicians tried to infiltrate Vormaino Structure.
Third Age Godunya's reign
Hero Wars
Ruling Force or Dominant Belief of Mysticism Kralorela Verenela Vormain

(1) Kralori Cosmology is complexed for emperors seems not to be merely representatives of each of their reign Surface / Middle World of the Empire (unlike most of days of Dara Happan emperors), it is in a sense similar to current masks of Red Emperors in Lunar Empire, as the leader of Egi on the Moon Surface, so Archexarchs (I don't know what kind of entity call themselves or be called so...) are celestial or underworld, powerful super-human, heroic or demigodish beings, like Udam Bagur, the Judge of Kralori dead, but still follow Godunya, rightful emperor of Kralorela.

And I should say Kralori (Abzered) Myth is far less settled than other sets of Vithelan Mythology. (Revealed Mythologies), a portion of the book Revealed Mythologies taught that Daruda ruled most of Gods and Demigods Cycle being inconsistent with other parts.....

(2) From current view of Greg Stafford, it seems that at least Teshnans (even if it is not condition of all Vithelans...) Three Worlds are equally important for Middle World. (Or should be shunned as all Gardens of Temptation (Point of View from Minority Group of Zitro Argon (?) "Mystics".))

Maybe they were influenced more from cultures of other four World Systems like that of Genertela and Center of the World (Teleos?).

Later, Somash (Godlearners equated him with Dara Happan God Yelm) inherited / incarnated as an aspect (or avatar?) of Endi Varo the Creator.

(3) Left: Peter Metcalph's New Setting for Vormaino Mythic Age according to Revealed Mythologies (2003 / July). Not much edited by TI and incompatibilty to former lists (Right Vormaino timelines and events of other areas) is for it is likely to the spot of Future Gregging, and I think incompatibilty of two historical records is not unusual in Real World, especially in Ancient Mythic World, see the differences of Kojiki and Nohonshoki and many heretical, unorthodox documents of Mythic Japan dynasties.
<<The Vormaini are said to have twenty one imperial dynasties since the creation.

Before the sundering of Abzered, Vormain and Kralorela were the same land (as well as Verenela) so the first three Imperial Houses of Vormain are the same as the Kralori Emperors and whatever saintly personages dwelt in Teshnos at that time with Vithelan names given in parenthesis. (Peter Metcalph)>>

Right: Vormaino Imperial Houses setting here are mostly unoffcial of Peter Metcalph and Alex Ferguson (Information Source: Tadaaki Kakegawa and Nils Weinander) and Greg might freely alter and change it in future, but as some of colored magic Gods (Joserui: See also Glorantha Con Compendium #4), some of those officialised in Revealed Mythologies.

Colored Joserui of Vormaino Empire (Originally, Sandy Petersen's List)
Valzain, white & black, Emperor of the Sky, Master of All Magic, patron of rulers and the Imperial House. Anyone who can count amongst his ancestry an Emperor, no matter how far back it goes, can worship Valzain at least as a lay member.

Telask, blue, the cerulean warrior, is the patron of the kenshin as well as the Hairun family.

Zaktirra, green, the viridian mage, source of curses, is also the patron of the sinister Sunda Kalapa family.

Vijaya, the auric wonder, is the patron of the Surabaya family.

Gosarh, the sanguine lord, is the patron of the Jayangar family. He is also father to the mongrel pirate god, Tsankth.

Alafin, the porphyr, is the patron of the Hairunin family. The fact that a Hairunin can never be permitted into a shrine of Telask whereas likewise a Hairun can never be allowed to worship holy Alafin tends to exacerbate difficulties between these two families. Alafin represents Nullity, the Void, but not in a chaotic sense.

Fenquorr, purple, Mistress of Heliotropic Magic, patron of noble women.

Pelquorr, orange, Mistress of Titian Magic, patron of common women.

Henshie, red, Master of Vermilion Magic, artificer of the gods, patron of craftsmen.

Octamo, yellow, Master of Citrean Magic, source of all blessings, patron of farmers.

Rynglorem, gray, Master of Fulvous Magic, patron of scholars, poets, and bureaucrats.

(TI's Note: Perhaps my impression is right that Peter Metcalph and Alex Ferguson illustrated current Vormain with much the image of Warring States Period of Real World Japan with Five Warlord Houses (Hairun, Hairunin, Sunda Kalapa, Surbaya and Jayangar) but when Greg Stafford visited Japan, he made a question to Japanese GTA members that what age of Real World Japan is appropriate for current Vormain Setting, and many of them answered about Heian Period (much more older age than the Age of Samurai)...... So, Greg might have change the setting for Japanese Gloranthaphiles, or have kept older Sandy's concept for European Akira Kurosawa and Glorantha fans.....(Greg: Count on it. (July 2003)))

(4) Sometimes, my Godlearnish part irritates me with the inconsistency or ambiguity for each cultural difference about the Mythic Age division, for example, I think Artmali Empire was mostly in Storm Age and Govemeranen Empire was in Golden Age, but please don't ignore this inconsistency or local color of each culture, or you will be cursed as Godlearners....(TI). See my scribble about Thalurzni, I wrote him as a ruler of Great Darkness rather than that of Storm Age.....

(5) Several times, Greg used Atrilithic Way term as more easily reachable, but easy-to-fail way to Enlightenment comparing with more Orthodox "Durapdur" Mysticism in his Eastern Mythology.

The Land of Dream: Oren Parond and Ibor Adan

Earth Cataclysm and Miracle Rescue Vithela
Abzered (6) Memb
Hanfarador and Thellini East Isles
(Northwest of Vithalash)
(Northeast of Vithalash)
(Far South of Vithalash)
(Southwest of Vithalash)
(Southeast of Vithalash)
Creation Age
Dogsaru War
High God Age
Keltari War
Gods Age Early Followed Memb central power? Forest Dynasty VenForn the Great Mystic was born in that land and learned magic from Spirit Master Festanur.

Huge Dynasty
Affairs at Dusk and Queen Hreseneso of Beneren.

Keets immigrated that land and involved it against Sea Gods.

Sivoli and Kamboli, two Great Mystics of VenForn.
Parrot (Keet?) People (They have perfectly different set of origin from keets: Greg Stafford.)
Middle Fetela and Zatalum.

Teljen Strait opened (-)
VenForn? Emerald Ring Dynasty

Meranenero made the Gate to Vithela, (later it was destroyed by Oorsu Sara.)
Huge Dynasty
Romance of Angunera and Durvalzo
Dynast of Gold...but submerged by Sshorg later.
Late War between Feletalash and Zatalumlash Emerald Eye Dynasty

Three Sage Rivalries, Nenduren, Larn Hasamador and Mashunasan.
Beautiful Dynasty Only Fozeranto was remained as the Holding of Antigod Debaday Battle against Churen under Queen Ferenalina
Oorsu Sara (Ipi) War Bedbedsu overran Feletalash Good People. Destroyed by Oorsu Sara (-).
Demigods Cycle Early (Happy Conquest) Hong Malagum of Opi? Emerald Eye Dynasty Kenman Imo and Hensereva Teaching, recovered some of Churen land.
Middle (Atrocity War) Brothers: Mergano Pur and Seregno Pur Darja Danad was from Indeward Isle.
(It has connection with late age Chulan Alliance, with friendship of Waertagi.)

Seneb, the land between Vithalash and Memb was destroyed by King Janadi. (-) Mon Verlo of Deves.
Late (Austerity War) Sea Eagle Dynasty (8) See Nils Weinander's Comment about Hsunchen Myth.
Avanapdur War Much of followers of Avanapdur submerged. Jodadilli in midst of Seneb, (later Loso Sea (-) ) was the Worship Center of Avanapdur.

Sunk for they followed Avanapdur, but maybe they remained as Cloud Dynasty?

Mon Verlo of Deves released Herespur. (He was hated by Hua Lowchu for he released the Demon.)
Human Cycle Grey Age (Southern Islands?) Jesolo and his war against Debaday of Fozeranto. Antigod Debaday of Fozeranto, battle against Jesolo and his Golden Fleet, but defeated and his land only remained as Sofali Island in Historical Age.
Dawn Age Mokatan's war against Waertagi. Chulan Alliance centered upon Vatofeneg Island, later disintegrated. (It had friendship to waertagi since Darja Danad.)
Imperial Age Eranth Eyoon, Reha Menari and Serd Marnad made the Basis of Later East Sea Empire of Hobimarong.

Mokatan East Sea Empire.

Hero Jungozaro and Haragala

Valkaro founded Monotheistic Hold in the isles. (7)
Gatherer Waking Magicians tried to invade Vithalash (?) to kill Goddess Thella? It seems that Forng and its Parrot people remains in historical Age and keeps Ancient Record of South Vithela, and they joined to Mokatan Hegemony in Imperial Age.
Third Age Hanfarador Alliance against Arandinni Andins. (Twin Phoenix Saga) Haragala's Domination under their god Lumavoxoran.
Hero Wars
East Isles Memb Churen Duravan Forng

(6) Though the Area of Twin Phoenix Saga was originally a part of Abzered, and Aythellin (and Thellini) is north of Vormain Island in Tales #17 and Nils' map of East Isles, I want to put them on near the modern East Isles for I think they got much more influence from them rather than insular cultures of Abzered Three Countries (Kralorela, Vormain and Teshnos) I think these two areas are one of most civilized area in East Isles.

(7) One of their isles, in Ambatolampy was once the event of Bekesh Marnad (Frenzypeace and Avanadan) and other two Sages (later they became two of the Three Sages of Mokatan Empire.) See below about the difference of Nils' Map and Greg's Map. About Valkarist Church of East Isles, see also Nick Brooke's Website Writeup

(8) About Sea Eagle Dynasty: read for Four World Guardians in Issaries Website Glorantha Prosopaedia: Loon (North), Otter (West), Sea Eagle (East) and Turtle (South).

(In My Opinion, Loon is very important among Ralians. Turtle means Sofali, befriended with Orlanth in Heortling Myth, and now live in Sofali Islands near of Trowjang and East of Maslo, South Continent. I don't know anything about "Otter", maybe decimated by Monotheists?)

Other Races, Hsunchens and Anti-God Races

Earth Cataclysm and Miracle Rescue Vithela
Anti Gods (9)
Keets Ratuki Sortum Fozeranto Churanpur Andin Iradgenderi
Creation Age
Dogsaru War
High God Age Rivarlies between Kerendek and Endaralath, Manthi.

Togaro Sea was made and Ancient Keetela (Far South of Vithalash) submerged. (-)
Sortum was founded.
The North Stronghold of Antigods. (My Image is Angband in Silmarillion...(TI))
Keltari War
Gods Age Early Keets immigrated Duravan and involved it against Sea Gods.
Middle Great Eral led their escape from Duravan. Pursued by Bezarngay. After Affairs at Dusk, only Fozeranto was remained as the Holding of Antigod Debaday.
Oorsu Sara (Ipi) War
Demigods Cycle Early (Happy Conquest) In Sesre Island, they got help from the Goddess Binda Herespur of Sortum surrendered to Happy Conquerors.

Janadi, the one of Tali was killed by Happy Conquerors, but tied up together again and ruled Sortum since then.
Andin Isles (maybe outpost of Sortum?) already existed. Trick of Avanapdur of Loso, Adlanari and Black Mirror.
Middle (Atrocity War) Great Ezel Balurenesh taught Dream Magic to Keets. (Ibor Adan is another name of Avanapdur.) King Janadi submerged Seneb. +the city of Churanpur fell from Sky, they conquered Melib and sank much of the contemporary Vormaino land.
Late (Austerity War)
Avanapdur War Many of them followed Avanapdur. Three Heroes finally attacked Sortum and crushed Janadi and the Island (-). As other Avanapdur Isles, it disappeared. (Zatalumlash Andins came to Arandinni.)

See Hanfarador.
Human Cycle Grey Age Anakorelo, and Ferendel.

Mirror War (Thella the Glassless Mirror)

Conflict between Waking Magicians
(Originally, Sandy Petersen's Idea?) and Thellans. (10)
Antigod Debaday, battle against Jesolo and his Golden Fleet, but defeated and his land only remained as Sofali Island in Historical Age.
Adlanari and Mirror War
Dawn Age Conflict between Dividers and Gatherers among Waking Magicians? Battle against Waertagi and Vormaino (11)
Imperial Age Rivalry of Bekesh Marnad (Frenzypeace of Ananadan) and Serd Marnad (Mairnali)
Third Age Modern Day Stronghold of Andins: Arandinni Islands (King Dech Oro)
Hero Wars
Keets Ratuki Sortum Fozeranto Churanpur Andin Iradgenderi

(9) Other Main Strongholds of Anti Gods are:

Garangaroon: The Island of Black Mirror, Antigod Adlanari's Isle of Black Mirror
Irenamalash (Walalash): The Stone Palace where Stone People lives. (I think it is the image of Dwarf Kingdom in Genertela for Vithelans like Diamond Mountain or far west Nida.)
Jakamath: Underworld Kingdom of Antigod. Demonlord Keltari rules here.
Jodadilili: Dreamworld, once it is in Middle World, the land of Avanapdur.
Meksornmali: Beyond Sensan Mountain, i.e. Beyond Western Barrier of Genertela, Pamaltela and (much sunk) Brithini Lands.
Serakaru Mountains: Antigod Hold of Northern Continent, Great Mountain of Typhoon God Serakaru (Kero Fin)
Underworld: Some of Deads are judged by God Festatu, but others are ruled by Antigod Hesezjagu and the two gods are resolute enemies for their rule.
Valkaro Island: I think this area is counted among AntiGod area, for its Atheistic Way midst of East Isles.

(10) I want to try to explain Dream Magic and Waking Magicians plainly.

First, Keet Mystic Ezel Balurenesh Found Dream Magic through Goddess Gabkeran (Mother of Anti Gods, but another wife of Vith!) before Avanapdur War and he taught it is good way to his Keet people.

Second, Antigod Avanapdur "tricked" eastislanders he is not Antigod and worshippable aspect of Durapdur, but Mashnasan said it is trick.

Third, After Avanapdur was banished to Dream World, The idea of Oren Parond = Thella appeared, and from him / her, Dream Magic is not always bad and through it, some of East Islanders began to think it was a good way for achieving Enlightenment and Liberation. It was Mirror War. Battle between Glassless Mirror and Black Mirror.

Fourth, Waking Magicians appeared and thinks the Net of Thella and Oren Parond is another trick of Avanapdur and his minion of Iradgenderi for Thella is Avanapdur. And they want to destroy the Short World that combines East Dream Magic.

Fifth, among Waking Magicians appeared schism for their method to break the illusion, Gatherers thinks they should enter into Dawn Gate and destroy Thella, Dividers thinks Net should be unravelled from the End.

Sixth, in Historical Second Age, Dividers tried to infiltrate Vormain for they thought they could unravel Thella's Net from there, and Gatherers sought the way to invade Vithela. But both of them failed, Sandy Petersen thinks that it is because they tried it at the same time and cancelled the effect of their ritual each other (Glorantha Con #4 Compendium)....

(11) I hesitate to call Ratuki "Hsunchen", for some thinks that only mammalian Hsunchens should call themselves so, and Nils thinks that they worship Shark in theistic manner.

Shark-hsunchen who have no permanent island of their own. They cruise throughout the Isles, pillaging and looting. However, since the end of the Doldrums (the Closing's manifestation here) they have been occupying islands, installing governors, and gradually building a slave empire of their own. The Ratuki are accompanied by ordinary human pirates, who are like their "pilot-fish", scouts, and scavengers. These scum are more often encountered than the terrifying Ratuki themselves.

The Ratuki home is a Leviathan, a colossal sea-monster on which their town is built. This monster is accompanied by a mass of sharks that constantly badger it, snapping at its flanks to steer it, and chewing into its belly blubber to keep it at the surface (lest the town be submerged). Thus, the Ratuki Isle is followed by a huge slick of blood and fat floating atop the water. Hardly anyone has seen this horror.

Anti Rasila's Glorantha Site for Sea and Waertagi

Timeline of Eastern World of Glorantha

0ST: [Kralorela] Emperor Vashanti ascended and went to Summer Land, Yanoor succeeded. [Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars by Peter Metcalph] In Old Sandy Petersen's setting, most of Kralori Emperors were in Grey Age and History before Shang Hsa.

0ST: [Vormain] 14th Imperial House was inaugurated, when 13th Imperial House (during the latter Darkness?) voluntarily retired. [Missing Land: Vormain]

Early Dawn Age: [East Isles] Chulan Alliance thrived, their center was Vatofeneg Islands. [Revealed Mythologies]

300ST: [Vormain] Dividers usurp 14th House, and install the 15th. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

300?-375ST: [Vormain] 15th Imperial House was a pawn of the Dividers and was violently extirpated as a result of the Sunstop cataclysms. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

375ST: [Kralorela] Sunstop, Emperor Yanoor meditated upon Dragon's Eye (not the dragonewt city of same name) and deciphered its Symbolism. [Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars by Peter Metcalph]

375-720?ST:[Vormain] Drug crazed 16th Imperial House, It was ultimately a pawn of the Waertagi who controlled its supply. Because of this, the dynasty was forced to aid the Waertagi in their wars against the Jeweled Isle of Mokato. beginnings of the "Busho" system of imperial appointed warlords. First one to actually seize power might be immediately after Tamanjary. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

Late Dawn Age?: [East Isles] Waertagi and Vormai conspired against the alliance of Mokatan and Ratuki, and they summoned Sea Gods to sink the mainland of Ratuki, Tamanjary. [Glorantha: Introduction to HW] Later, Ratuki moved to their mainland to Leviathan, the moving island. (See below 718ST Italic)

550ST: [Kralorela] Yanoor created Circle of Learning in the City of Heaven. (But the so-called city existed in Kralorela of Surface World, not in the sky.) [Troll Gods: Uz Lore, Glorantha]

560ST: [Kralorela] Kralori fleet destroyed the naval alliance of babadi (Mostali) and dozaki (Uz) near of Chern Durel? [Troll Gods: Uz Lore, Glorantha]

718ST: Battle of Tamanjary in old Timeline. (But I have doubt that it occured at the night before the Tanian's Victory Battle (TI)) See above.

718ST: [East Isles] The Waertagi were destroyed by western atheists at the battle of Tanian's Victory. Mokatan won the war. [Peter Metcalph's Timeline]

720ST-960ST: [Vormain] 17th Imperial House began its reign with a slow period of recovery from the massive losses in both men and material due to the previous House's policies. It maintained its insularity in the face of threats from the New Dragons (an NDR invasion was destroyed by an unseasonal wind at this time), the Eastern Seas Empire and the God Learners. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

727ST: [Kralorela] Kralori was attacked and began to be conquered by New (False) Dragon Ring. [Glorantha: Introduction to HW] (Revealed Mythologies teaches us that gradually the more closed ally of New Dragon Ring became EWF rather than Middle Sea Empire. (TI))

Early 8th Century: [Kralorela] Rightful exarchs conquered Dozaki's New Home as known as Chern Durel, overthrew troll overlords and renamed it their New Empire of Splendour. [Troll Pack: Uz Lore]

768ST: [Kralorela] King Orvansfal of Seshnela heard the success of Immanent Masters and Gilam de Estau on his death bed. [Kings of Seshnela] Yanoor expired, imperfectly (?) commiting Utuma over Closed Hills, many populace of the land tragically followed him. Shang-Hsa (renamed Gilam) enthroned with the guide of five cities and representatives of New Dragon Ring. [Old Genertela Box Set & Revealed Mythologies]

772ST (Late 8th Century): [Verenela] Svalakswal was established on Melib Island, it became the center of Colony of Eest. [Kings of Seshnela, Four Scrolls of Revelation]

Middle 2nd Age?: [East Isles] Jungozaro of Mokato (Tales #17 said that he was a keet hero, but I don't know whether Greg admits it or not.) settled in Haragala and killed Monster.

850ST: [East Isles] Valkaro left the Middle Sea Empire and travelled to East Isles, perhaps one of the independent isles free from Mokatan East Sea confederation. [Peter Metcalph's Timeline of the Sea]

880ST: [East Isles] 880 ST Valkaro's War ends and the Jaganyar family lost face after their failure to win significant territorial gains (id est Valkaro's Isle).[Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

930 ST: Hairunen family conquer the Northern Hinter Isles which was formerly a Kralori Protectorate. This pisses the New Dragon Ring Emperor no end and he prepares to invade Vormain. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

Circa 945ST: [Kralorela] Heseroon Marn the Faithful began to lead the Rebellion against False (New) Dragon Ring, but failed and executed after One Century. [Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars and Revealed Mythologies] This book mentioned that Heseroon Marn's War continued almost One Century (TI).

Around 950ST: [Verenela] The Closing began in Melib. [Four Scrolls of Revelation] Golden Age of Independent Melib Civilization? Reign of King Tarujhija and Nolaozurman.
Martin Hawley assumed that the effect of Closing between Teshnos and Melib was not strong as Inland Seas, I suppose [TI].

960ST: [Kralorela] Thrunhin Dah, the Blue Dragon of Deep flooded Suam Chow. (Maybe the subeffect of Closing.) [Glorantha]

960-1052ST: [Vormain] Closing reaches Vormain. Last heir of the 17th dynasty is forced to abdicate. (or killed by invasion to Kralorela?) 18th House re-establishes isolationism and social order. This House adopted policies that were well-suited to the new era of the Closing. To avoid destructive war, all nobles had to reside at Edimyo for half the year and their wives and children remained there for the other half. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

1003-1009ST: [Verenela] King Balzarcho's reign in Melib. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

Circa 1045ST: [Kralorela] Heseroon Marn the Faithful died just before the Dragon Awakening Shudder. [Glorantha]

1051ST: [Kralorela] Dragon Awakening Shudder, planet Lokarnos jumped and exarchs of Chern Durel plotted to overthrow Shang-hsa. [Glorantha Con Compendium #4: Sheng Seleris] Perhaps in this event, Peter assumes that City Goropheng Submerged.

1051? 1052ST: [Vormain] Earthquake on the day of last 18th House Emperor's enthronement. All the ruling dynasty and most of the rest of the imperial nobility die. Two minor noble families (19th and 20th) agree to share the throne, each "retiring" from the throne in favour of the other. (At first, their differences were minor and they agreed to alternate emperors between the two houses.) Results are large numbers of landless fighting men and robber-Busho insisting on their heriditary right to oppress the peasants. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

1052-1189ST: [Vormain] The roles of the two lines (19th and 20 th Imperial Houses) begin to polarise, with the 19th dynasty increasingly bringing back 1st-age trappings, including an increasingly large bureaucracy, and a larger role in government for a "renunciate" emperor. The 20th support more power for the martial aristocracy, and the emergent 'middle class'. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

Early 3rd Age?: [Vormain] Infamous 19th Imperial House fought a bitter war against Desolation Island residents. [Missing Land, but mainly from unofficial setting of Peter and Alex]

By 1060ST: [Verenela] Teshnos reduced Melib to a vassal state. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

1072ST: [Verenela] Heshomir called himself Rajah of Water Teshnos. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

1110ST: [Verenela] King Anjaunikstar began independence of Unified Melib. Orgiastic Reign. [Four Scrolls of Revelation] War against Teshnos.

1120ST: [Kralorela] War in Heaven, exarchs summoned true dragons and crushed false dragons of Shang-Hsa, and summoned inner dragons of Immanent Masters, destroyed them from inside. [Glorantha]

1124ST: [Kralorela] Godunya was found in the Plateau of Statues in Great Waste and enthroned. [Glorantha Con Compendium #4]

1189ST: [Vormain] 21th Imperial House inaugurated and has ruled Vormain since that day. [Missing Land: Vormain]

1191-1230ST: [Verenela] Great King of Melib, Jayaranka's reign. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

Circa 13th Century: [Kralorela] The Last of Eight Sisters of Extraordinary Fair Legalists in City Fuknama died, when she was 237 years old. [Genertela Book]

1230-1237ST: [Verenela] Trowjang Amazon (Marazi), Queen Javere's reign of Melib. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

Early Third Age?: [Kralorela] Battle of Lost Hopes, Kralori Army defeated Praxian Nichung (Beast Riders) completely. [Tales #15, Waha Cult]

1237-1298ST: [Verenela] King Rajendra's reign in Melib, friendship with Kralori.
[Four Scrolls of Revelation]

1250ST: [Kralorela] AgartuSay (later Sheng Seleris) challenged to the one of Kralori exarchs, defeated and became a slave. (At that time, Godunya hiding again.) [Glorantha Con Compendium #4] Later, he participated in Saka Morn sect in Instant Torture Camp, and found his God, Zo-Lath-Ehy.

1350ST?? 21st House pretender offers to restore many of their ancient prerogatives to the Five Families, including that there will be five Busho appointmented from among them, gaining their support thereby, and swinging the balance of the civil war decisively. [Unofficial setting of Peter and Alex] Boo, it sounds too similar to German Empire Kurfursts (TI).

1352ST: [Kralorela] Sheng Seleris "failed" Final Trial to Liberation and chose the Rule of the World. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1352-55ST: [Kralorela] Sheng Seleris's miracle in the Province of Boshan. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1356ST: [Kralorela] Sheng conquered Iron Fort with Pentian and Prxian Nomad Horde. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium] Sheng ravaged Kralorela until the Challenge of the Contest in 1363ST.

1358-1367ST: [Verenela] Warrior-Prince Kusrini's heroic reign. [Four Scrolls of Revelation] He travelled to Gate of Dawn.

1363ST: [Kralorela] Godunya and Sheng Seleris engaged Right to Rule Contest, Godunya won. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium] Seralaloon (Or Halsayan?) haunted Godunya in his dream. (At this period, already most (all?) of Godunya's Magical Bridges seems to be built. Maybe the Giant Hero mentioned here is not Kui Hui. (TI))

1363-72ST: [Kralorela] Subconquest of Selerans. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1442ST: [Kralorela] "All Widows after the Week" Battle, Sheng Seleris defeated Godunya by that turn for Sheng brought western resources and magic, the Emperor leaving blood rain over the land. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1444ST: [Kralorela] Sheng Seleris stellarized. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1460ST: [Kralorela] The News reached to Kralori that Sheng was trapped to Western Red Hell of Entropy. [Glorantha Con #4 Compendium]

1487-1539ST: [Verenela] Queen Gerishini's Peaceful Reign of Melib [Four Scrolls of Revelation] Friendship with Trowjang.

Early 16C ST: [Kralorela] Swordmaster Imolo Wen killed Two Headed Demon ShayTunn in Boshan. [Old Genertela Boxed Set] Some says that it was a remnant of Sheng Seleris tongs.

1586ST: [Verenela] Kethaelan fleet reached Teshnan Coast while Harstar of Gio sought the way to go Melib. [Old Genertela Boxed Set.]

1587ST: [Kralorela] Kralori Fleet destroyed Kethaelan Fleet, Can-Shu, the exarch of Wanzow province was dismissed for his heretical idea. [Glorantha, Timeline of Peter Metcalph]

1589ST: [Kralorela] Kralori merchants established contact with the East Isles Hankalo. [Peter Metcalph Timeline of Sea]

1589ST: [Verenela] Harstar conquered Melib and began to call himself Prince (Rajah?) of this island. [Four Scrolls of Revelation]

1618ST: [Verenela] Prince of Wokistan, High Priest of Somash Garusharp executed two-thirds of population in the city of Gio, for the city people protested King Pubnashap's attitude to their former ruler, Harstar. [Old Genertela Boxed Set.]

1621ST: [Kralorela] Kralori Exarchs performed a funeral for the outer world and submerged a grotesque statue on the depth of Suam Chow. [Old Genertela Boxed Set.]

Melib and Closing
(See Four Scrolls of Revelation: Melib)
Disclaimer1: Why Harstar could not cross the sea? For he wasn't good at swim as Belintar in Sindpaper...

Disclaimer2: I couldn't agree, read about some cases for inland sea, like Ozur, Choralinthor, Maslo and Suam Chow. And doldrums in East Isles. They could manage to drive small boats even in Closing Effect. I think Harstar couldn't cross the Rozgali for many of his subordinates couldn't swim.. for coming battle against Melib natives.

Disclaimer1: I think Martin Hawley did same mistake as Greg did in Revealed Mythologies for Sheng Seleris, he crossed the sea to attack Vormain, like Mongol under Kubirai.....

Disclaimer2: I don't think so. Then, what is "inland sea"?

The Terms of Mystical Disciplines

Austerities (Some Meditative Schools): More Difficult and Vigorous than normal meditation, but attain to reach Liberation by shorter time. Perhaps related to Austerity War.
Frenzypeace (Bekesh Marnad): Related to the Mystical Entity Avanadan, it was later rebuked by two of the Mokato three sages. (See also about isle of Ambatolampy below.)
Immotion (Larn Hasamador): Understanding Nothing as the Route to achieve mystical Oneness. In Vithela, neither Orthodox nor Unorthodox (Similar to Buddhism Enlightenment?)
Liberation (Ooduren): The Ultimate Objective of Vithelan Mysticism. Teaching of Mystical School Founder, now lost and refound by many mystical Schools (or so they insist.)
Nothing (Larn Hasamador): Related to Immotion
Perfect Stillness (Enrono): After Nenduren fell into disfavor, Enrono of Vormain taught a regime and objective to be perfect for the task of living and well with the Universe. Maybe similar to Zen Buddhism?
Stillness (Nenduren): Unorthodox Teaching of Vithela to reach Atrilith, Oorsu Sara learned and destroyed its School.
Unrealization (Mashunasan): Widespread Meditative Practice of East in Orthodoxy of Vithela (perhaps, not in the area of Abzered), to attain Durapdur. Similar to Real World Raja Yogism?
Utuma (Draconism): Orthodox Teaching of Kralorela and once in Youf. See TI's List of Dragons
Void (NyangMao): Similar to Jainism, taught by NyangMao in Kralorela as Unorthodox Teaching, see Ye Book of Tentacles #2
The Difference of Tales #17
and Missing Land
Island names and locations
Missing Land and Greg Stafford's sketch Tales #17 and Nils Weinander's Map, old Sandy Petersen's Map?
Vormain Islands*
North Hinterisles,
West of Aythellin
Shenza Nikumbila
Main Island of Vormain Belgeng Tokan
West Island of Main Vormain Chadau Zishu
Westernmost of Vormain Ghenisl Aradoshu
East of Valkaro Isles Andin Isles and Hanfarador Islands South West of
Ambatolampy Island West of Mokato
(See above about Bekesh Marhad)
Westernmost one of three Valkaro Isles
Islands of Southwest Vithela Korola Island See Nils' Site
Mountainous Isle, north of Vithela Maromonkotro? Anatasy Island
Faranvogath South of Hanfarador Isles West of Valkaro Islands

Anatasy and those that have changed place were placed by Sandy, Greg Fried and me and subsequently gregged / sandyed by Missing Lands. Go with the names and placements of Missing Lands.(Nils Weinander)

*Peter Metcalph's hypothesis is that the inconsistency of Vormain Isle names are from the diffence of language: Vormain and East Isles.

Eastern Calendar: with help of Nils Weinander and Peter Metcalph

Mythical Age Abzered: Kralorela, Teshnos and Vormain
Mythical Age Land of Dream: Mokato and Haragala
Mythical Age Other Races: Keets, Elder Races and Adpara People
History Timeline of Eastern World
Melib and Closing
Terms of Mystical Disciplines
The difference of Island Names and Locations

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