Saird: The Land between Empire and Dragonpass

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Gods of Saird:

Earth Goddesses
*Ernalda (Orlanthi both for Heortling and Alakoring?): In GROY, Greg said
Ernalda was once Sairdite Great Goddess (I don't what the difference between
Oria and Ernalda, and local other Earth Goddesses merely a lingustical
difference of title or magic provided, applied type of crop, etc...), maybe
both of Nealda and Reladiva were her minor mask of her or Oria, and many
local goddesses complicated the matter to difficult.

*Oria (Plain) and Biselenslib (Marsh) (Pelorians surrounded Area of Dara
Happa) In Dara Happan and Lunar Rule, Lodril is applied to these Goddesses
as a husband because he is usually obedient to elder brother. Shargash is
not good for Lunar Empire for their fanatical attitude.

*Reladiva and Nealda (Vanch and Imther) Another Local Earth Goddess to Vanch
and Imther, though maybe both of them are Mask of Ernalda. The God named
Yelmalio has a religious center in the Hill of Gold in Saird, and usually
one mask of him occupies the role of her husband (In Ancient Vingkotling Age
or EWF age, Beren the Rider (Horse Riders?) occupied the role of their
husband?), I don't know how much Today's religious attitude of Lunar
Authority goes between Mascline and Feminine. Holay Province is known for
topped by Queens. Other Provincial Area like Vanch or Imther are different

from Sylila.

*Heliakal (aka Heliacal) (Vanch, Dead God) There is no one who worship him
in Modern Age since his death in Lesser Darkness (Harald Smith), and for his
death consequences to make the land goddess Reladiva into sterile. Maybe
Hwarin or other heroes who want to recover some of ancient fertility of this
land try to HQ and succeeded. (Hwarin was identified with Reladiva) But
maybe enemies did reversely and hindered the effect. Anyway, Hill of Gold is
Great Religious Place for many races and societies of Surrounding Area (even
for people apart from Vanch like Talastari (Hill of Victory) or Dara Happans
(Place of the Orb of the Eye.) But my view about the role of Yelmalio in the
Mythology is rather the martyr, scapegoat, or trickster than hero or
warrior, and I think Yelmalio went voluntarily to Death for the World as
Christ went to the hill of Golgotha.

*Tunoral (Vanch) Raccoon God, Harald Smith said recently he changed his idea
to more Unified Mythology, and both of Tunoral and Khelmal were subservient
God of Heliacal in the Unified Myth of Hill of Gold Quest. The worshippers
of both areas, Vanch and Imther insist their own god only inherited true
power of Heliacal. But I don't know enough about their lists of their gods
and the system of Sun Dome Templars, as you know, in 2nd Age, Balazar
firstly recovered the worship of Tharkantus after the destruction of Nysalor
and Deyseneras and went to Balazar...Sun Dome Templars were subservient to
EWF (I think it was frigid alliance except some exceptions like in Pavis and
the mercenaries of Arinsor, because always Yelmalions showed preference to
Dara Happan Yelmic System where they contact to Orlanthi...) And I think the
inhabitants of Vanch are rather primitive hunters (though much more
civilised than Balazarings) and Tunoral is God of um, Thieves for other Area
Inhabitants on the contrary to the status of other "Yelmalions" Hoplite

*Khelmal (Imther) God of Sun Dome Temple? in Imther, I don't know how Harald
adopted the Images of New Lolon Gospel to Official Unified Setting, he used
many components of Greeks and Roman picture for describing Imtherian Cycles
of Myth. (Maybe all of these influence are Pelandan, Lunar, or missing ring
of Mythic World before History?) NLG taught me much similarity of natural
scheme of Imther similar to Harald's native land, so Racoons and Opossums
live in the wilderness of Imther and Vanch. I tried to induce the image of
Ancient Egypt to this concept. (And confusing it more...)

Other Great Gods
*Odayla (Sylila?) Great Bear, in some areas of Past Orlanthi area this god
superceded the role of unruly Orlanth, as in Lunar Mythology, Rufelza tamed
the Sky Bear, and he seems to have been brother of Orlanth rather than son
or other subservient status even in thrived Dynasties of Sairdite
, (three brothers divided the world) I don't know how far
Alakoring reached to the north before he was killed by Tobosta, but it seems
most of (all of?) Orlanthi to the north of Tarsh are called as Alakorings
even for Modern Age, maybe Odayla took the many roles of Orlanth aside from
his main role as Hunter God in Lunar Empire.

*Jajagappa (Vanch and Imther) (and Annara Gor?) He the Doghead God first
appeared in Redline History in illustration of Lunar Base which describes
Jannisor's attack to Glamour. And Harald said he decided Jajagappa is the
god of Jannisor, as the God of Psychopomp who gathers the souls of Dead by
his net. I think Jajagappa is much similar to Egyptian Mythology Anubis the
Judge of Dead, (he is the illegitimate child between Osiris and Nephytis the
wife of Set in Egyptian Myth...) I don't know why Harald adopted it to
Jannisor's God, but I think maybe it is the one aspect of conflict between
Orlantio and Khelmal in Imtherian Mythology. Read about Jannisor.

*Arahar, Teliska (Imther...Yuthuppa?) Harald adopted many of old resources
in Wyrm's Footnotes which abandoned by Greg who tried to write down Dara
Happa more complicated, and the Polaris and Goddess of Dance (who was the
daughter of Harana Ilor and Larnsti) became Gods of Imther in Harald's
scheme, I think his effort is good at least while his intention is limited
in isolated mountainous area of Imther, but I don't know how much
neighborhood areas adopt Imtherian Pantheon.

*Lightfore Laragar and Lightbringers (Imther) I don't know how Harald
induced the relationship between Cosmic Compromise and Orlanthi Mythology in
original Greg's idea to his area. Many Lightbringer Mythologies are created
after Greg firstly wrote about Elmal aside from the mythology of Seven
Mothers, for example, Pelandan Lightfore Idojartos receives worship as
Psychopomp. I don't know how each of cultures stress "why Sun did return to
us" myth. Maybe some cultures think the Sun volutarily returned to the Sky.

*Entekos (Molanni?) and Doburdun (Pelanda) In Modern Lunar Empire, it seems
Lunar Provincial Policy uses this Pelandan Pantheon as substitute of Orlanth
worship aside from Seven Mothers, maybe it is connected to the difference
between the change caused by Sheng's invasion to Moon and massacre of Egi,
reconstruction of HonEel. Sylila, Holay and Tarsh seems different method to
tame Barbarous customs. Maybe it is much influenced by political power in
the center of Empire. (Tarsh Dynasty is maybe more oppressive toward Sartar
than other Orlanthi provinces) I don't know how is Entekos worship in the
Heartland of Empire, but if Valare Addi (she was a Dara Happan of Esvuthil)
succeeded to gather many supporters of her heroquest, perhaps many converts
appeared after her apotheosis.

Propitiatory Worship?
*Orlanth (aka Orlantio) At the Hill of Gold, always enemies of Yelmalio
appears and gain a propitatory worship by heroquesters. In Imther, Orlanth
always takes a role of Trickster (very strong, but vicious and disloyal) and
roled as if he were Eurmal in Lightbringer's Quest in Heortling Myth, I
don't know how much Vanch and Holay adopted these unique idea, IIRC, Harald
told me Vanch is a patchworked area of Animal God worshippers, I don't know
modern Odaylan's idea in these Alakoring Lunar stock. Maybe it also
influenced by the mythology of Balazar, Talastar, Brolia or other more
barbarous areas.

*Zorak Zoran (aka Orak) Support of Lunars to Troll Culture is perhaps not
applied to Zorak Zoran worship for their hostility to Chaos and permanent
enmity to Solar Culture, as Issaries com recently revealed about the
propitatory worship, we need not to cover number of his small community of
berserkers. Trolls maybe come and go to Hill of Gold for getting Fire Magic
and Spirit.

*Inora (I can't remember how Imtherians call her) Queen of Snow on the
mountain, and she always appears as a ruler of it, though she is the weakest
of the four, she and her worshippers may set her center to the top of it, so
she can gather more power than other Great Gods like Orlanth or Zoran.

Heroes of Saird:

*Lokamayadon (Talastar) and Mahzanelm (Dara Happa) In Enclosure, Harald
Smith wrote about Mahzanelm's invasion to Saird. And some of document said
he was killed by Lokamayadon. it seems that both of them appeared as Bad
Guys by the document written by their enemies. And perhaps neither of them
don't worshipped even by their homeland inhabitants for their cults were
defeated by enemies so completely. Maybe Loko Moko or Mahzanelm appear as
demons of their hostile culture.

*Alakoring Dragonbreaker (Aggar and many other places) and Verenmars (Saird)
other dragonslayer-heroes
It seems that Harald doesn't reveal the connection of Alakoring
and High King Verenmars (Son of Carmanian Shah's daughter
and Dara Happan Emperor) yet
, and doesn't know enough about them.
He hints that Sairdite Anti-EWF Dynasty keep independence from
Dara Happans and Carmanians than to be secure with remaining
in the position of their overseers or satraps.

*Jannisor Chaosbinder (Imther) Harald wrote muchabout him, he said his model
is Daniel Boone in American Frontier colonization, (I don't know well about
him) But Harald said Jannisor wears racoon cap and he is a woodsman from
outside of civilization, (but he used the statue of Roman Emperor for him
(M. Antoninus) and many Oddessey Image for him.) Harald said he was still
worshipped by Imtherians though he antagonized to Lunars, maybe that is why
the royalblood of Imther doesn't survive, for Lunars prevented their power
and tried to decrease their number.

*Hwarin Dalthippa (Sylila) Originally, she was a daughter of Rufus and
Dendara priestess, (so her cult writeup said.) She made some Roman Style
architects like Daughter's Road and conquered many countries by Lunar Way,
she incarnated as the local Goddess Reladiva and wedded with a member
Orlanthi style society. She created Good Horse breed as Horse Goddess? and
recovered the nymph of Rist after the Moonburn. I don't know how her worship
was treated by the neighborhood.

If you want to know more about this area:

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And I can add the Intelligence Summary of Report
As a format of Unofficial Campaign Setting of Future Peloria in Hero Wars
For Martin Laurie Induces many Harald Smith's Idea.

Aside from printed sources like Codex #3 and New Lolon Gospel #1&#2, Harald told me some about Marls of Imther before the release of "Imther the Edge of Empire". (2004 / June)

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