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Who are you?
I am Johos Banuma. Blind Bard of Isalebao Clan.

Who are we?
We are Isalebao Clan in the Eastwind Guardian Tribe. We are the strongest Clan of Kargzanti and Four Winds in the Pentan Steppes.

What makes us great?
Obedience to Light makes us Great. In Combat, Steadfastness and Rapidness, and the Bond to your own Horse is greatly appreciated and famed to our Hero Path.

Honour coming from the discretion of Kargzant, not from Ignorance or Spiritual Blindness. Duel with a Honorable Enemy of course promotes our Honour, but we never treat enemies with Honor which they never understand. Sheng Seleris taught us how to kill enemies as Mass Group, A Totally Controlled Regiments from One Mind.

What is difference between men and women?
Men are coming from the Light and the Heat of Kargzant, while Women are coming from the Bounty and the Gentleness of Ungariant. Ungariant was once humbled before the Glory of Khan Kargzant as a Concubine. But later she was greatly honoured for contribution to their clan, making decision to wield Enemies and kept connection to Dark Woman because she had blood belonged to Dark Races.

Man Nature is Steadfast and Stern to Comrades, Burning All Outsiders with their Flame of Kargzant. We are sacrificed to Sun Khan while Initiation to Adulthood in living Status. But we cannot maintain our Clans and Society without help of Women's Bounty and devotion of our Horses. Never permit our ignorance risking both about our dignity and theirs but never tolerate their Treachery.

Woman Nature is clumsy and untrustful because for natural reason...but very useful and important when we are in crises. Our wives and concubines of Nobles are generally coming from enemy clans as a loot of Raids or Assurance of Good Connection. So most of them are untrustful and treated as concubines because they still keep loyalty to their own clan, but once they showed steel fidelity to ours because of our Strength and Virtue, they can become our Teachers. We know other clans and tribes have other idea about this case. If you want to get Wife by robbing, that is One of Hero Path because many folklore taught about such deeds.

Where do we live?
We generally live in the Northeastern Steppes of Beautiful but Stern Lives in Summer because that place was Kargzant himself bestowed our Ancestors.

How do we live?
We have used many Woods coming from the Northern Secret Forest and Magical Trees coming from Ancient Otherside. These are topsecrets of our Life, and never permit outsiders to reach this Secret. These Woods are made into our Wagons and Yurts, Paos.

We eat Meats, drink Milk and Kumiss, and use Products from Our Herds besides our Beloved Horses as Hero Gon Garil did in Desperation Legend. And we got clothes from this Bond, we shun Luxury and despise Habits of Redhair Bastards. Never permit their Decadance invade our Way.

We have fought against many Traditional Enemies and have sacrificed their Bloods as much as possible even after Kargzant had not returned back to us since Night of Horror. Because we know Kargzant became the Ruler of Underworld as he was in the Darkness Age, he did not become Dead as Outsiders believe. We do so for this reason.

What is important in my life?
Obedience to righteous Chieftains, Khans and Leaders. Valor in War. Horses are sacred and symbol of our clan unity, if we cannot keep Magic of Horses which connects Kargzant and Arandyla properly, Unjust Leader will be chosen, we are forced to obey Unjust Rulers, and Supporters and Loyalty, Fidelity will go to Mad Direction. If Supporters became Rebels against Chosen Leader, they should tragically be executed. But that is rightful for only through that way we can keep Tradition of Magic and our Friends. Kargzant will burn us with the Flame of Justice without Support of our Horses in Spirit World. This is the contract between Sun and his Horse.

Who rules us?
Chosen Leader rules us. He is selected from Henird Accomplished Adults who keep blood of True Bloodline of Clanfounder, but Hyalor taught us how we can adopt foreigners who lost their memory to their Ancestor related to our Great Spirits. So some of Clan Great Heroes and Chieftains had had foreign customs before adoption. Their Best is the Bronzesword Prophet. He ruled us in the course with traditions, Will of Great Djinn and Ancestors.

Fate also rules us...with subtlety, but remember the Trick of Spider works similar effect, we must be cautious before deciding which control us. After Kargzant once abandoned us for the treachery of Dara Happans and Kralorelans, that working increased in difficulty. But Bond among your Family and Horse may help you.

What makes a person great?
There are always Two Pathes, Hero Path and Good Slavery. Sheng Seleris taught us about latter because he well knows all of People cannot go into Hero Path. And a Hero requires support of his Slaves in the course of their Willingness. Freedom is coming from the Will of Kargzant and Fate, we could not avoid Fate if that befalls over us. But Tricks of Spider always have defect.

What is evil?
Disobedience is Evil. And Peace is Evil for men, Coldness is Evil for Women. When Kargzant could not drink enough Bloods, his Color became from Red into Yellow, and later went to White. And Kralorelans and Dara Happans thrived under Weakened Kargzant. We should not tolerate these status again, because Kargzant could not find his enemy in the Underworld.

If so, Long Winter will return back again to our golden Steppes. We could not live long without Trees and Fires. Coldness coming from Stasis and Not Moving. Many Elders in tales who could not accept Fate which Kargzant bestowed them denied to support Justice of Kargzant and fell to Seduction of Spiders. They made Two Empires. If such happens in our future, Kargzant may abandon us again, but this time, eternally. Never permit this condition.

And all of Evil are coming from Spider, she always taught human bad connection to others which causes Self-Destruction and Lethargy in Coldness. Chieftain betrayed his own clan, Horse's Bounty reduces, People plot against righteous Leaders. Once she brought same Evil to Western Land and almost succeeded as a Form of "World Council". But even in these False Days, some of Wise could see about her and Nysalor's Fake, and refused them as I can possible.

What is my lot in life?

How do we deal with others?
As Kargzant taught us, War started from the Trick. Always we should start war with Trickery. Defeat is nothing, and Victory is everything. So if Outsiders include our neighborhood Clans coming to us, you should never decide solely your action unless you got Loyalities from your Clanmates as a Leader or Chieftain.

Enemies all know our nature hard to deceive, so they scarcely come before us as Friends, and want to attack immediately. But some of Outsiders were the compatriots of Seleran Empire, so we should respect them even if they forget our common memory.

Storm Orlanthi are long lost descendants of our Friend Gods. We still don't know enough about them as the Bronzesword Prophet, we know they are always the worst Enemy of Lunar Empire as Kingdom of Tarsh and Seleran Empire were Firm Allies against Moon Demons.

Sun Tribes are Our Neighborhoods because they still foolishly support their "Sun" as if they cannot understand what happened in the Night of Horror and revered the Enemy God as before Kargzant reigned. They are Ignorants and their Blood should be consumed for Kargzant of Underworld, but as Bronze Sword Prophet said, they are deceived by Enemies, We should guard them and ally with them if Outsiders want to destroy them, because they were also supporters of Sheng Seleris. Guard them but raid them for Kargzant.

Orathorn Sorcerers were the One of Sheng Seleris' Supporters and controlled his Constructs and Instructs for Empire's Welfare. (Some of them are still incomprehensible. But Sheng's intention was always right in Long Terms.) They used Foreign and Strange Magic which we didn't know any similar example. After Sheng Seleris was enslaved by Lunars, they fought against Lunars with us, but Disastor of Night of Horror which brought us many deads removed them from us. (They insisted that was coming from Accident in the Cause of Lunar Evil "Chaotic" Sorcery and their "Logical " Magic) They still can be contacted with us, but we should keep safe distance until situations would be improved.

Who are our enemies?
Pure Horse Tribes are tragic Anachronists who believe their Ancient Custom and Magic still have Utilities in the Real Life of Modern Age. So they generally ignore reality of themselves, slip to Illusionary Mystical Opium and force unreasonable in difficult Situation, many of them died after they refused Hero Gon Garil's Reformation and ignored Short of Working in their Fertility Magic. One of them went to Southern Praxian Land for tracing route of Dead God Yamsa, but they haven't been heard from anywhere since Draconian Empire of West died. Char Uns were Last Group of them and became an Ally of Red Moonies. They showed always very Hostile attitude to us, so we don't need to decide how we should treat them.

Redhair Tribe is a Sympathizer of Redmoon Empire and Enemy of us. They are Bastard Tribe created from Dishonor under Devil Kastok's Lance and don't have True Ancestor Spirits. They keep their Redhairs collecting Children from Neighborhood Clans and Foreign Tribes, sold their Own Children without Redhair. They are not Human and a Minion of Red Coldness. They got Prosperity with their Trade between Empires, we will kill them and let wolves eat their corpses, plunder their wealth. They always work as Spies and served to Demon Empire like Women.

Two Empires of Lowland West and East is Legacy of Evil after Kargzant firstly abandoned Center of this World. Western Redmoon Empire is an Ally of Dozaki and Successors of Liar Ialam for they have pretended them as the true Supporters of Sun, Pelorian Bowl is always filthy with their empty Luxury and Sweet Lie. Kill them and deprave their Secrets but never permit their False Customs invade us more as Redhairs. Of course Lunars are Worst Enemy in this World. Second to Worst is Kralorelans. Sheng Seleris knew how we should treat them fairly, but they still enslave him.

Since Hell Crack opened and Dozaki crawled from the Backhill Path, and Golden Bow and Hyalor drove them to Edge of the World, Northern Dozaki and Denizens of Northeastern Chern Durel are always attacking us with every method, but we have always defeated them. But they are too poor to raid or ravage, so we want to avoid them as we can. They are always hungry for Food and Meat, and dangerous more than Desperate Blue Wolves. So we can took advantage from them using against the Other Minions of Outer Coldness.

Blue Moon Uzdom is Another Stronghold of Dozaki, but they are a Staunch Ally with Lunars against Majority of Dozaki. They use Strange Magic and Perspective to our Plain, and they can call Power of Mother Spider directly if they need, they can move invisibly and kill enemies without trouble, they are most dangerous Enemy in the Lunar Armies.

Southern Praxians are living in the Land of Giants who ruled bountiful Garden before Kargzant dethroned and went westward. But Giants were killed by the Outer Demon of Coldness and Hatred, and South Wind and Witch Eirisa mated and mimickly copied our Pact between Kargzant and his Horse. But Witch could not be satisfied with her Children and plotted conspiracy against us, after Hero Hyalor saw through her Deception and revealed her Crime to Goddess Hippoi, they were the Enemy of us, and kill all of Horses as soon as see them.

Natives of Eol and Tundra are also an Ally of Lunars, they were once cruelly oppressed by their own master but when Rufus changed his Policy whimsically as always, they shamelessly returned back to their Status of Spider Slaves, they are skillful slingers and use Simple but Strong Magic based with their Great Elementals.

Who are our Djinns (Gods)?
We know our Djinni has many faces, attributes, natures. They are very complex existences beyond human, the more greater they became, the more intricated their nature will be. Once foreigners who conquered Kralorela analyzed our Worship for their purpose, and they tricked Kargzant and his family to cut themselves into many pieces volutarily. That weakened both of our Spirits and Gods, and greatly helped our enemies, that should never be repeated again.

Sheng Seleris taught us how we can integrate them again, and we can now happily receive both Service of Shamans and Benefit of Blood Sacrifice without trouble. After Lunars enslaved him, Redhair Missionaries came to us and lied about him that he was the Darkside of Lunar "Illuminati" and advised us to abandon our Way. That is another trick.

Kargzant was our Greatest God and Allfather Spirit, our First Ancestor Djinni. But he stayed in the Underworld and let his Rebellous son freely trick us for some reason since Tragedy of Night of Horror. We still revere him, but never take same Ceremony as before Night of Horror because it will work only for strengthening enemy Lunars and Ialam. If we can free our Greatest Shaman Sheng Seleris once more, we will be able to restart his classic ceremonial worship.

Four Sons and Four Daughters of Kargzant are the Backbone in the Worship of Kargzant and still have same influence over our Culture though their father is enslaved in the Underworld. Each of them represents one of the Ages and class Status Groups and some of Elite who belongs to their Own Age Group has privilege to join and access for Special Subcults, such as Jardan's Goldenbow and Henird's Polester Warleader and Chieftain Subcults.

Four Windlords were once our Enemy but the Bronzesword Prophet appeared before us, he revealed how Kargzant and Four Brothers tricked our Enemies. Since Kargzant was replaced to Ialam the Enemy, they patronized our Society, but their Worshippers generally show surly attitude toward us than their Gods.

Kalikos was a Hero of Northen Tundra and always keeps watch in his Citadel against the Nest of Hollri and Himile's Home, you can see their Battlefield in the Northern night Sky. He was a son of Kargzant but Evil Char Uns stole his Magical Horse and gave it to Lunars. So they abused his Power keeping Gloranthan Climate unbalanced, such Warp always effects surrounding things as Great Coldness, so we should stop them and get back this dangerous toy from them.

Hyalor Horse Breaker was a Great Chieftain before Kargzant returned back and regained Dagger of Sovereignty. He returned back Horse Goddess' Daughter and taught us how to keep Herds of Horses. He was Great Antagonist of Praxians and Foreigners, and we always pray to him before we attack them.

AgartuSay Sheng Seleris was the Greatest Hero we ever met, his Generals, Bursts were also Great Demigods but they never permitted themselves disobedience. He taught how we could get Strength from the Wealth of enemy Civilization, and he conquered almost all of Kargzanite Realm again, but the Trick of Red Moonies managed to work him confined to his Star, and his Star changed to Black Dark Spot, they keep him there and tortured him routinely, but they well know such acts only increase his Hatred and Power as once he was created in the Prison of Kralorelans.

Gon Garil, Dijaar and his Six Friends, Jenarong, Lendarsh were all local Heroes and our Ancestors fought against Misfortunes, they still remain their Life as Essence of their Deed, and we can use their Existence for their Descendants, those are fair trade.

Our Shamans can call on the Demons and the minion of Spiders such as Dark Woman (Gorgorma, mother of Yara) with many Hands to control and use them as Evil against Evil, such method is very useful in some cases, but often become Dangerous, so we should keep such method from Uncautious Hands and Eyes of Children...

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