Emperor Vayobi

 Source: Journey to the West, the episode of Second Emperor of Tang and Dead King fell into
the Well of Dragon. And Life of Li Po (Died c. 762, Chinese poet who spent
much of his time wandering and composing romantic, wine-inspired verse.)

 During the long sleep of Dragon August, Vayobi was born in a minor noble house of Boshan. In his youth, already Emperor Mikaday founded the Bureaucratic Network of Draconic Mandarins and Examinations even for the poorest people of Empire. Vayobi was an unethusiastic but an excellent student of Draconic Way and passed all of examinations for starting the Cursus Honorum to honored Exarch. But deluge from Suam Chow gulped his village and his family was destroyed. And he sorrowfully stated he wanted to see all of Draconic aspects in the nature, and disappeared from normal world. (Later, he found his lost-younger sister's family and retired from his office.)

 Vayobi spent long time in the mountainous area and wandered among mystical Hermits of Shan Shan. Most of them were Nendureni, Larn Hasamadori. He fought and befriended gangs and barbarians. (Later, some schools of marshal arts insisted their Draconic style discipline was derived from the War Dragon.) Eventually he subjugated whole of Near Area. He bored with that and departed to the capital of Empire Splendour.

 Vayobi came to the Palace wearing only cotton tunic and wielding only a Sword. Palace guards and mandarins didn't permit him to enter, but once the a violent dragonson was beaten by him singlehandedly in the garden, Mikaday phrenologically found his Draconic feature and they became friends about Draconic Knowledge.

 Even before he met to the Emperor, he was a very capable man and famous poet, but he became notorius for his deliquency in the Mandarinic court of Mikaday the Merciful, Emperor always treat him with great respect, and his Poems were very popular among nobles of Imperial Court. He could understand all of Mandate of Mikaday soon after he began to understand the Language of Dragon.

 But Great Han Majang, Prime Minister of Mikaday treated him more sternly. After all, Emperor Mikaday ascended to Summerland, Han Majang prevented Vayobi from taking the Control of his Empire. And he called himself as Regent of Kralorela until the Successor of Mikaday would get temperance of his own Draconic Nature.

 But the young Emperor didn't admit his role as simple figurehead. Because of Mikaday's detest to the Imperial Army, merceneries from frontiers and barbarian lands kept upperhand in that Age. But Vayobi took another idea for that. Han Majang's Great Army was crushed by Vayobi's tactics and elite southerners singing his beautiful poems in advance. Ignorant commoners bored with the long peace and prosperity of the Mikaday's Reign, so his victory was welcomed. Han Majang fled from Empire for he didn't want to be executed by Emperor and wanted to recover the Artifact of Thalurzni's Furnace which was lost during the reign of Emperor Mikaday.

 The last glorious culture of Ancient Age thrived under the young emperor Vayobi, and the Emperor himself made many beautiful arts for decolating his Empire. But his evil and vanity induced the return of Sekever, Anti Dragon to Blissful Kralorela again. Because Emperor only knew the True Way to go to the Summerland Heaven with Utuma, all of Imperial material possession was Emperor's own in the course of understanding of Utuma.

 In this way, he thought he could taught his subjects the meaninglessness of life in the Material World. Commoners still loved him for his beauty and charisma, their anger advanced against bureaucrats who were loyal to Vayobi during his Army went to the front of Barbarians.

 Sekever took the form of beautiful woman which knew great scholastic traditions, she came from Vormain with Silver Barge (Cleopatra and Antonius?) and full of beautiful maidens (later the fact was revealed that Sekever seduced many beastfalks and especially elurae to his evil and collupted mystical way. ) They seduced righteous mandarins and good bloodline dragonsons of Empire to corrupted way, as they called the aspect of their Dragons the Beast Within.

 She came with a great gift because Sekever once stole the Furnace of Thalurzni from Kralorela, Vayobi wanted to recover it. But the hidden location was only known for that Anti-Dragon, but Han Majang tried to disturb them because he knewif the two got it, they could use it only for more Evil. After long expedition, Sekever and Han Majang fought for it over a ship and the Furnace slipped from the Broken Ship, fell to the Depth of Suam Chou. Vayobi became furious and chained Han to deepest prison of the palace.

 Sekever taught Vayobi how he could unify all languages and writing systems of fifteen Kralorelan land (in that age, Kralorelans used diversed and changed Vithelan language after the collapse of empire of Metsyla. Read about oppressive way of "First Emperor" of RW Sina.) into one unified form. Sekever taught him how ancient Draconic Vithelans wrote poems and sang songs of reincarnation for TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun.

 So Vayobi and Sekever built great Tower of Reading and Writing in the province of Jaubon. And they started to collect all of writing of Dragons in Kralorela. Vayobi was the only person in the court of yellow well knew the mysterious Scholaress was actually the Antidragon, but he believed he could wield this dangerous source of ancient knowledge as his own.

 Sekever taught him how to see the mystery of water writing on the Surface of Water, she taught him the flexibility of spring making his seeking beauty of Writing, and magic would be enhanced for suited to the draconic lore. And Emperor indulged in the research of Stream of blue river from over Carved Bridge which set inside the tower over inland sea, and gradually he forgot how Sekever can be dangerous toward him. and finally she let Sekever banish Han Majang his former-protectant to the Underworld.

 Once true magic was written by the unified graphs of Kralorela, Vayobi wrote beautiful five poems about the beauty of his Empire over the banquet. Because Sekever had him wear his heaviest regalia, and taught him he could see the Lost Furnace of Thalurzni with his draconic vision, and while he getting drunk, tried to seek it, broke the Bridge, intoxicated Vayobi drowned in the Waves of Suam Chou. His Draconic Fire was extinguished and replaced to the substance of water Pure-Cold. Sekever forced the loyal soldiers and dragons to Vayobi to follow into the Blue Sea as their master. Ascended to False Throne again as before the reign of Daruda.

 But Vayobi didn't die for the water, Blue Dragon of Deep, Thrunhin Dah taught him how he could fix the damage coming from his folly, and Vayobi apologized to Han Majang who meditated in the Depth of Water for his past Deed. And dragon Han Majang pardoned him because he found at last his young Emperor reached to the Enlightenment.

 War Dragons were founded in the Deep Sea of Kahar, but Thrunhin Dah forbad Vayobi to return immidiately, and taught him how to become being of thelesson itself rather than the focus of predecessor's lesson. Vayobi called his tactics and battle formation by gathering Dragon Incarnate.

 Dragon of War swept across the coastal area of Kralorela, where Sekever positioned there many demon army and the legion of corpses. Sekever could see the movement of Vayobi because she was once defeated by Daruda, but Vayobi knew Sekever could not defeat at the same time the trace of both movement of Dragons and Humans. Finally, Sekever revealed her shape of False Dragon, and Vayobi also revealed his Draconic blue Serpentine body, they clinched to each other and wrestled, they made a gigantic spiral body coiling over the Imperial Palace. But finally Vayobi destroyed her backbone and poison emanated from her Body.

 Sekever and his subject beasts were destroyed under the Great Rock, Vayobi forbade his subject to close that area. Later Vayobi invaded to Vormain for purging the Pollution of Sekever and replaced their king to rightful successor. After this Last War, Vayobi humbled him before his subjects and permitted Vashanti the leader of mandarins become his successor though they were Sekever's Subjects.

He retired and lived with his younger-sister's family. Because they only knew Vayobi's name with only condemnation who brought many Deluges of War Dragons because Vayobi didn't know they were his lost kin and descendants. Vayobi lived incognito with these families and experienced how he had changed in his long life before Utuma. All was Dream. He died over the ship while he was drunk and made a poem about beauty of Tanya and Kendaramin. His one daughter only knew his identity and recorded his life, and later became Great Dragondaughter after practicing and passed examinations of Draconism. She is one of the Eight Sisters Justice.

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