The Unofficial Summary of Gwandorling Saga

Below is the summary of the Great Gwandorling Saga that narrated by Martin Laurie and regulated by Wesley Quadros, it is written by Terra Incognita with their permission. Hero Wars and Glorantha is Trademark of Issaries. Don't abuse or infringe it and use it with their permission.

As a campaign, Gwandorling Saga has been administrated by the narrator Martin Laurie, a great historian of Ancient Military, and has routinely been made to public by the one of players, Wesley Quadros (Gudny Stormchaser) at his own site.

Gwandorling Saga began from the Gwandor clan of Culbrea tribe, (See Fanzine Ye Booke of Tentacles #2 for the detail of this clan and its neighbors.) Or see here Patrik Sandberg Page.

From among them, one of Argraths (means "Liberator" by Sartarite) and the greatest heroes in Hero Wars appears.

Some Japanese Information about Culbrea clan and the first and second chapter of it can be accessed from Malion's Site.

Revised Headlines following Official 2002/11/15

Hidden Kings Saga

The Lamp of Sartar

1: The tale of Sartar's lamp
From the Gwandorling Tula in 1620 ST, the companions of adventurous thanes of Gwandorling heard about the seige of Whitewall and decided to start their adventure. They sought the way to hinder the strength of Evil Empire by hiding the Lamp of Sartar in the tower. During the trip, they met lunar lord Jomes Wulf and was warned.

2: A visit to the Sazdorf
After they met some friendly Pol Joni, they met Sazdolf clan trolls too, which showed curiosity to their intention in their land. And they were invited to their clan. Trolls and companions established long last friendship at that time. The Queen of Sazdolf talked them about the Grub sisters who might offer help their object.

3: The assault on Sartar's Tower
A patrol of High Llama riders, servants of three sister interrogated adventurers. At the shack of ancient Three Sisters, they adviced heroes, and the lost Dundealos tribe warriors also arrived there and joined the act to assault the tower for they wanted to kill the Sage of the Tower, it succeeded and the companions killed almost all of tower Lunars except the sorcerer fleeing, they found the Lamp.

4: Into Prax
After the Victory, the gagarthi Dundealosings betrayed Gwandorlings, bound them and stole the Lamp of Sartar. The heroes decided to venture into a heroquest enacting the King Vingkot revenged to the theft of Gagarth. With High Llamas, they went to Prax, met a carmanian Sir Benthor who also sought vengeance. They arrived at Battle Altar and dueled. Next, they reached Biggle Stone and met Twisted One offering help during the Quest.

5: Vengeance is gained
After they passed a patrol of sable riders and closed the lair of gagarthi, they took information from a captive with the help of a high llama shaman Undaan. And Argrath received first prophecy about his future and draconic path. With the help of Sir Benthor and High Llamas, they succeeded to recover the Lamp. They distributed the booty and went home. But heroes found smoke rising over Gwandorling tula.

Clan Politics and neighbor enemies

6: Visit to the Blueberry
Cincina Tribe raided the Gwandorling. (See YBoT #2 for detail of Culbrea tribe.) Blueberry Clan of Cincina showed visitors warm hospitality and some information. Gudny appealed visitors from foreign countries with his great Storm power. After that, a dragonewt visited Gwandorlings and talked Argrath about True Black Dragon. Then, Blueberries visited Gwandorling tula and blamed Uroxi Varax for his adultery during his visit. After Varax and Lothar proved his innocense by their duel, Blendast the king of Culbrea tribe himself visited Gwandorling and blessed them by words. Some outlanders joined Gwandorling.

7: A journey to Tink
Culbrea Golden Tongue was beaten by Gorde clan of Cinsina, and Lunars forced unjust rule to the feud between Culbrea and Cinsina. Angrily, Gudny enacted the HQ how Orlanth received Sword of Death from Humakt. More joined Gwandorling, like Voydag of Gorde and Gudny let two Balamoni to his household. Adventurers visited Jonstown with Uz caravan and realized the house of Gwandor hasn't sent proper silver to the clan. Argrath and Sigmund began to learn some Draconic Way and they traded for Colymer Cows while passing through Dragons Eye. At last, they arrived at their destination Tink and Argrath talked with Ferang Ferosh, Ferang offered information if they bring package to Isidilian, the Lord of Dwarf Mine.

To be continued........

2002/12/15 Original Gwandorling Saga are 1-78.

Volume 1: The Hidden King

1: The tale of Sartar's lamp
2: A visit to the Sazdorf
3: The assault on Sartar's Tower
4: Into Prax
5: Vengeance is gained
6: Visit to the Blueberry
7: A journey to Tink
8: Meeting Isildirian
9: Raiding the Gorde
10: Among the Kodigvari
11: The death of Kulbrast
12: Outlawry and Crag-Spider
13: A visit to Boldhome
14: Boldhome a-fire
15: Firebulls and Old Wind
16: Meeting Sota Lamplighter
17: War with Sun County
18: Defeating Palangio
19: Moon-rock to Crag-Spider
20: Meeting the Alone kings
21: Raiding in the northlands
22: A journey to Bullford
23: Argraths
24: Journeys in the Border Marches
25: Taming the skybulls
26: Sota in chains, Rokari troubles
27: Battles with Brithini
28: Freeing Orgovalt
29: Raiding Aldachur
30: Preparations for an east-faring 31: Into the Wastes
32: Week 2 in the Wastes - Krjalki Bog
33: Week 3 - Still in the Bog
34: Week 4 - Dead Bottom
35: Week 5 - Northward
36: Week 6 - Plateau of Statues
37: Week 7 - Tunnelled Hills
38: Week 8 - Dragon's Rest
39: Week 8 - Freeing the Monks
40: A year of growth
41: Homecoming
42: Agraths and assassination
43: Plans for the North
44: Draconic Revelations
45: Treachery in Nochet

Volume 2: The Dragonlord

46: Delving for dragon lore
47: War in Esrolia
48: The Battle of Pennel Ford
49: The Battle of Milran
50: The Boat Planet
51: Assassins in Knight Fort
52: The Virtue Stars
53: The Dragon Rise 54: Struggles of a fledgling nation
55: More struggles
56: The Battle of Sword Hill
57: Into Ormsfang
58: The Battle of Glasswall
59: The Dinacoli treason
60: The Dinacoli retribution
61: Into Hell 62: Muse Roost and the death of Kallyr
63: The Battle of Heroes
64: Trouble in the Marches
65: Babysitting for Crag-Spider
66: The liberation of southern Tarsh
67: Fall of the Glowline
68: A coronation gone bad
69: The flying mountain
70: Interlude

Volume 3: The Dragonking

71: Tarsh enflamed!
72: The siege of Futhest - Part 2
73: The siege of Futhest - Part 3
74: The siege of Futhest - Part 4
75: The siege of Futhest - Finale
76: Another Argrath
77: Holay and a new Deathlord
78: Marching to War

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