Godunya and King Boggle

Love (Fertility) and Harmony (Healing) aren't same, as Disorder (Trickster) and Illusion....

My Opinion about Paradox of Draconism
I think draconism is composed from paradox, mysticism [well, not mysticism....this opinion is written before HQ published] denies the Middle World as Garden of Temptation, but dragons created the World and made their home. Many (all?) of geographical features might be True Dragons, and though Westerners think that nature was created by the will of Invisible God to be conquered , and serve human purpose, Kralori might think that nature and civilization are opposite sides of a coin and harmonizable, as Yin and Yang. They succeeded to make one of most organized culture over draconic incomprehensive nature with their unlimited (?) trust to rulers and their merciful emperors.

Greg's opinion about refuting Unrealisation or Void as Orthodox Teaching in an area of Vithelan Continent.

Last Revision: 2004 / May / 10

[Hand Signs of Buddhism Scriptures: Godunya's Sign against King Boggle?: See about Buddhism Philosophy: schism among Madhyamica, Yogacara (Eight-folded System of Soul), Sautrantika and Sarvastivada. The difference of Hinduism (Hinayana?) and Mahayana Buddhism about the concept of "Void" (the former rejected this teaching of Nagarjuna). Why Kralori pays high regard to riddles and paradoxes, or why Praxians hate Kralori for tolerating Chaos.

In Glorantha Source, aside from a few sources treat Plateau of Statues like Elder Secrets of Glorantha and Tales #15 (Sandy Petersen?), Godunya's Seclusion can be found at old Genertela Book and Revealed Mythologies, Description of Boggles and Story with Uleria by Greg Stafford can be found at Anaxial Roster p.244-5 and Wyrm's Footprint.]

Once, all of Bullites of Prax gathered under one person, that was very rare event after Storm Bull killed Devil under the Block and departed from Material World, leaving his son, Waha. But that was a Jyhad which the great hero was called incarnate of the Berserk God, and all of others followed him, or forced to obey at his will. Praxians were encouraged to see the coming fall of City of Giant by Jaldon, so they ignored this incident what indicates the Waha's brutal father intended.

And they marched to the Great Waste to the another realm of Chaos, which also known for the great wound of Chaos. That was truly great army involves lots of servants and slaves of mighty berserks, and they suffered days and nights, but people of Prax rejoiced their cry of torment as the sacrifice to Bull God.

It was known among them that Enigmatic, Storm Bull great statue exists over the Plateau, before people of Genert (Oases Folks) deserted there. That was another reason the berserk people of Bull to go there and pay homage. And the leader of Jyhad thought that if he can stop the evil of that place, that was the day that the great celebration of Bull will occur to homage the Bull, and his torment in the Middle World will stop, though he could not understand what does it mean.

Bullites of Only Safe are different from cousins of West and Chaos Bog of Block, and laughed at the idea of the leader of Bullbands when they heard about it, The leader of the Only Safe said that place was another primal scar of Cosmos, and said keep track on your own business, there is other way to fight chaos at that eastern place.

But the leader of Jihad didn't relent. So blood storms there, and foreigner grasped the grip of leadership after many died and others surrendered. The Bison Khan was unusual person who tried to unify berserkers. He was originally a erudite heortling, but abandoned civilised way and was adopted to the bestiality of Bisons.

In the Jyhadic Caravanserai, the strange Kralori Man (who had already strange metalic golden skin) accompanied as a slave who was directly under the Bison Khan, who nearly succeeded to buy himself after the long labour at his master's every whim. That was not easy task. For the Khan was strange, wicked-sense of humor about philosophical debate, and many of his slaves died for they could not answer properly. Only the Golden Man could go along with his whim.

"Why do you think Bison People is greatest among Praxians?" the Golden Skinned Kralori asked one day.

"Because our might father Bull Storm is Bison, as his wife Eiritha is female Bison, as Praxian tribes believe their own weak herd animals as their copy of sacred family of Great Waha and Eiritha, but they are apprently wrong." The Khan innocently replied.

Another day, the Bison Khan asked what the Kralori worried.

"I abandoned everything, including my belief. I am still confused for this reason though I chose it." The Kralori murmured. The Bison Khan considered that was good omen because this cruel barbarian found favor with this slave and he was now ready to join his band as house hold, but it wasn't.@

"Please leave me in the top of ruin, center of Waste." (Bone Mountain style?) The yellow skinned monk said to his former master when he asked the reason. He angered to the attitude of Godunya for ignorance, for he considered that was a proof of his sturborness and his refusal to join his clan and tradition of Nomadic way. So he gave the Kralori only pack of half-spoiled water and breads, kicked him and departed. But Godunya, the Golden Skinned Man, sat on the meditative form and waited the Boggles.

High Priest of Than-Ulbar [High Priest of Atyar in Tunneled Hills, See Tales #15] trembled to see the scheme of Great Serpent Coiled around the plateau, just the south of his domain. (Though that image soon dissolved in the devastated land.) and he saw the impoverished monk meditating upon the plateau who holds Kralori feature and remained monastic garbs, specific handsigns for meditation. He was the man which caused the flashback of nightmare.

High Priest of Than-Ulbar could recall the horrible memory of Kralori, one of them, called Li Phannquan destroyed fruit of the Priest's long effort, unpriced ally, incarnate of Vampire God Vivamort into nothing. He called the High Priest "false-Kralori-mai" and his Sword carved the wound on the head of the Priest's own, that needed more than 200 healing years by hibernating. Though he only felt secure for Eastern Dragons have shown no concern to the struggle between Law and Chaos, he well knew that dragons could destroy his knowledge storage into nothingness which he accumulated long year since he turned into the disciple of Atyar after Gilam de Estau went to West.

That was enough for him, but this time, True Golden Dragon itself coiled over the plateau! the Priest felt its power as same in the day which Empire of West and East both destroyed by the powers hidden. But the Priest astonishingly realised for unknown reason, King Boggle, the ruler of Plateau of Statue, didn't realised the mirage and the power of Monk who serenely meditating upon his territory, where all sane mortals shall be crazed by the disorder and mischief of Boggles. So the Priest ordered one of his servants to pay homage to King Boggle and tell him about the monk.

"For the name of Atyar, holder of Secret Knowledge, don't you see the Monk sitting on Plateau of Statue? Where Dead Giants bestowed you to rule the Plateau?" King Boggle suddenly realised the monk was there, meditating upon the center of plateau and his servant boggles also didn't realised that trespasser.

King Boggle was not fool to see what the Priest was frightened, but just wanted to make diversion and pastime for he knew the Priest also soon reach madness as other playthings and immortal King Boggle had enough time to play with. So King decided to be with the Priest at that time. King Boggle sent a Servant Boggle to disturb meditation of the monk.

Servant Boggle realised the monk had a miraculous golden skin that glowed from inside, but said, "You are trespassing to the domain of disorder and illusion, thus I visit you, emanation of the source of disorder. Suffer here all of your desire reflected in opposite manner by realising the thirst of here, when giants of the Garden died by the army from north, the people of this city also died for that thirsty." The Servant Boggle hocus-pocused.

Golden-skinned Monk opened the eyes, made handsign of "touching the earth" and said, "All of Middle World is illusion, Larn Hasamador said so. This is why I sit here, that is why I try to find the meaning of the world and waits your master."

And Godunya told the Boggle his experience in the past of Kralorela, when the Kralorela Empire still shone under the brightness of Emperor Yanoor and Godunya sought only his personal Liberation.

Servant Boggle was so confused by the words and logic of Yellow Skinned Monk, so then he temporally lost its Iradgenderi (?) nature and turned into straight and average being of Middle World.

King Boggle was little bewildered, angered to the Servant and asked him.

"What did you see, Servant Boggle?"

"He was once a petty and simple belt buckle maker of Kralorelan City named sin Yin, and sought to learn the good and bad of Ordinary People's reason of life. But he failed to conceal himself from Evil Usurpers from Ocean for his Belt Buckle, in the shape of Ouroboros let the Usurpers realise his vanity and they forced him to exile. His confusion was so immense that I was overwhelmed!"

"Enough!" King Boggle shouted. "Go, Knight Boggle!" Larger Boggle which contained more Disorder Power, and long held the plateau from the evil of Tunneled Hills, departed.

Knight Boggle realised the monk had miraculous twin pupils inside of his eyes, but said, "You are trespassing to the domain of disorder and illusion, thus I visit you, incarnation of the source of disorder. Suffer here all of your desire reflected in opposite manner by realising the thirst of here, when giants of the Garden died by the army from north, the people of this city also died for that thirsty." The Knight Boggle drew his Sword of Disorder and hocus-pocused.

The Monk revealed doubled pupil of the eyes, made handsign of "Circle of Harmony" and said, "All of Middle World is from Cosmic Dragon, the Eternal Tranquility and sole Solid Substance of the Void. Thus everything of this world is not empty dream and reason to exist. So I went Hemkarba as Jerem, to prove even foreigners has right to exist. "

And Godunya told the Boggle his experience in the past of Dragon Pass when Youf thrived, when the Evil Exarchs was corrupted by the plot of Emperor ShangHsa and Godunya failed to save them.

Knight Boggle was so confused by the experiences and wonders of Yellow Skinned Monk, so then he temporally lost its Iradgenderi (?) nature and turned into straight and average being of Middle World, as the defender of Middle World from Minion of Entropy. He greeted the Monk solemnly and promised him to carry his message to King Boggle.

King Boggle was very bewildered, punished the knight by warping all of his body and mind temporary, and asked him.

"What did you see, Knight Boggle?"

"He preached his truth among the greedy warlords and poor people of Dragon Pass, and sought to learn humility and the way to make one from many. But he failed to grasp the Void which itself should help him to seek liberation for he feels it is similar to corpse-like Liberation to stop all of perception, when he made talk with Lizards (Dragonewts) which failed long time to achieve it, they exploited their ego as if it is their toy."

"And he learned why Jerem failed, he sought the way to analyse the confusion by objective method, went to West, and turned into Antidragon to prove even foreigners have right to achieve mystical truth of Dragon. His confusion and loneliness was so great that my petty power was overwhelmed."

"Enough!" King Boggle shouted. "I meet him privately and ruined his purpose whatever it is!" who was the Boggle which contained Greatest Disorder Power, and ruled the plateau from the evil of Tunneled Hills has long threatened it since Lord Genert ordered him to do so, he spread his wings of Nightmare and went to the location of Golden.

At the same time, the exarchs finally perceived him from long distance, and reached to his place one by one after long search, surrounded him and pleaded Godunya to return Dragonland and to turn into the Vessel of Summerland Heaven.

"I might not be the man who you seek." The Golden skinned monk murmured. Some quailed, but one of them, young among old dared to say more.

"Your majesty, your servants obey your words. Please enlighten the suffered people long under the shackle of ShangHsa, you helped us when we were nearly killed in the War in Heaven. But you didn't teach us you are the man. " Godunya smiled but said.

"Now I found the solution in the riddle contest with King of Boggles. I must find the answer why ShangHsa failed and turned into Adpara." Godunya dropped tear,

"In dream, I saw the Sea of Blood that pours on this world, outside of the Land of KraLor, if their blood soak the virtue of KraLor, perhaps dragons will leave us eternally and we are abandoned, but may I abandon you as well as them?"

"No, please don't do such!" Exarchs lamented.

Godunya didn't answer to them but showed soothing handsign before them. And whispered.

"I wait here to prove it." And watched to see the winged one coming.

King Boggle greeted Godunya and said, "You are trespassing to the domain of disorder and illusion, thus I visit you, the Avatar of the source of disorder! Suffer here all of your desire reflected in opposite manner by realising the thirst of here, when giants of the Garden died by the army from north, the people of this city also died for that thirsty." Godunya opened his eyes and said.

"Welcome, I wait you. I want a lesson of Middle Way which my predecessor Mikaday always sought." Godunya stated.

"I want to ask you about when the Goddess of Love, Okerio [Uleria? Erdires?] offered you her body, you decided to help her and even after people of this Giant Grave died out, you sealed the rise of Entropic Power of this spot. I want to ask you lesson which will prevent me from repeating ShangHsa's fault, for he failed to suppress his hidden desire to see the Dragon's World by watching his own favorable way, not letting it to be."

King Boggle answered.
"But how you can prove it? I understand what you have long failed, and now you will repeat here again. For there is no way to prove our Souls are common place without Middle World, corrupted perception. You seek Middle Way but there is no such way in this World. Your Empire is hollow and meaningless to reach Void!"

"I agree it can be proved only through Paradoxes that denying the nihilism is equal to Void. Experience is not enough for every populace, for they think if Time is meaningless, Liberation is also meaningless. So I will ask you to make bet with me." He glanced to the West and saw the man who wielded Large Adamant Axe and garb of King Bison.

"Here comes Greatest Warrior against Chaos among Nichung Praxians." Godunya said, "He comes to kill Minions of Entropy for he thinks it is right to do so without knowing the meaning of it. And he might destroy them all which wounds the World as well as he perceive. He has power to incarnate his god and heroes."

"Then what is our gamble and wager?" King Boggle puzzled.

"Now I will remove his Gift, Pain of the Wound gifted from his brutal God and Spirit (it is called Illumination [Lunars are false for they think illumination is something with solid substance, thus wrongly attributed void with Nysalor] ). I came here to save one of Kralori, a company of MaoTzen from Eternal Deprabity and Nihility before he corrupted. For his ignorance, he wrongly identified Nihility with Void, as his former Master Jerem."

Godunya doesn't have pity on the Bison Khan, though he certainly killed many evil people, he also has cruelly killed many more innocent people and good thing brutally without mind and simply out of twisted pleasure.

Godunya walking the sign of North Dipper, whispered one Powerful Word to the paper which he drew from his sleeve, and it turned into small bird [taoistic cantrip], flying to the Bison Khan. The bird sang a strange song echoed throughout the valley of Only Safe. The Khan began to dizzy and to brandish his Axe blindingly.

Godunya stated, "he will be confused and commit suicide for he thinks he is contaminated by Chaos. But that is after he will destroy all of the city of Than-Ulbar, he will not stop until you beg me pardon and stop him to kill your demon friend. "

"The priest is not my friend but a toy, I don't care his welfare. I don't care much what you can do to him, or the Bison Khan." King Boggle stated.

"As you like, then I will win our gamble bet."

"The Bison could not kill me for Disorder is my source as well as his God." King Boggle replied.

"Then try it." Godunya returned to his meditation, making the handsign of eternal mercy of Dragon.

The Priest of Than Ulbar called the minion of Broos and Bagogi, but they are slaughtered by the swings of the Khan's axe as if they were the haystock before a sickle. King Boggle could not intervene him with any distraction. The Khan then emanated the Bull, every boggles fled from there for the Eternal Battle also emerged in front of them. In that Battle Field, the primal power of Chaos and Disorder crushed.

At last, King Boggle realised he could not help the High-priest from the rash of Bull's charges. So King Boggle sent for Godunya, "Show your power to this another children of Disorder, that once drove off the Entropy from the shore of Eternity!" Godunya changed form into Goldenskinned Dragon, and stopped movement of everything including the Bull with only the mere presence.

Godunya serenely asked to the High Priest of Atyar, once the companion of ShangHsa but left him when he realised his mentor's downfall. "Why do you still continue destruction even after you realise you can decide what you do?"

"The world is void and meaningless." the Atyari said. "So I became the plunderer of knowledge, because it only help people to seek despair and nihilism."

"You don't understand the meaning of the Void, it is not Nihilism you think. Substantially Relationship composes the World of Dragons, the Void is not what you seek. Without understanding of Void, Mercy is merely a superficial thing." Godunya replied. That word suddenly enlightened the Thanatar Priest. His Chaotic Nature was removed from him, thus what stuck him to Mundane World was also removed.

Godunya finally cleansed the Chaos taint of the priest (Chsa Glut's predecessor?), his Kralori body dissolved into ash. The Storm Khan enraged for he considered it Godunya helped Chaos.

[Love of Material World (As Uleria tamed Boggles) as Storm Bull to Eiritha, helped Bison Khan?]

"Come here and get the edge of my Axe, Seductive Chaos!" roared the Bison Khan to the Golden Dragon. Godunya came close to the Great Bison and he swung. But only some golden scales fell by its swing, and those turned into butterflies.

"You don't exist substantially, so you cannot feel the edge of my axe!" Bison Khan roared in state of confusion.

"No, I exist physically as you. Mutual Relationship composes the World, that is not illusion. " The Bison Khan turned into the shape of Great Bull once again, Godunya changed into the shape of Golden Dragon.

"Don't you have something firm belief?" The King Boggle questioned while the Bison fiercely in charge. Golden Dragon stepped back and coiled around the Bison.

"No, that's the Middle Way of Mikaday." Godunya said. "I asked to myself why you can't be secure without the answer, and finally realised that I also am Void and not-substantial."

"Then you are worse than Chaos!" Bison roared again and again, but gradually, he began to lose the power and lost its mighty temper.

"No, only through this realisation and stop seeking own substantial self, the Unlimited Mercy and Compassion of Ouroboros can be perceived. You don't know Void, thus though you can see the scar which inflicts on Glorantha, you cannot perceive the mere slave girl's agony and torment. Thus your gift was removed and your realisation turned into Curse."

[When the gods of Disorder and Chaos began infringing upon the world the dragons and their kin did nothing. They were populous and powerful but did not move when their friends and surroundings were destroyed, nor did they seem to be affected when vast portions of their own, lesser kin were wiped out by the invasions of Chaos. In fact, it seemed as if the entire dragonewt race was willing to let itself be passively slain.....Dragon Pantheon: Greg Stafford]

The Bison Khan finally realised the reason why he lost his power, collapsed, and at the center of the plateau, fell over the Sword, Other berserkers who lent the magic to the Bull incarnation of the Khan realised what occured to their leader, fled from there like a swarm of ants.

"This is the time I must come back." Godunya stated. King Boggle realised he lost the gamble, so he permitted Exarchs leaving with Godunya.

That was why Animal Nomads of Great Waste attacked Kralorela at the Battle of Lost Hopes for the revenge of the Storm Khan without Jaldon or Waha, but Godunya prepared for it. And Army of Kralorela won over them....[Search about relationship of contemporary events, like Sheng Seleris's conquest over praxians and their lose against Uz around the Pavis.....]

End of Story of Godunya and King Boggle