History of Isalebao Clan

Ordaan Tribe was the Trunk of Many Modern Blooddrinker Tribes. Isalebao also derived from this root. In Darkness Age while Kargzant disappeared and Hell Crack opened, many of Pentan Clans fled from the Motherland of Green Plain (Southern Pent), majority of Ordaans stayed their motherland. But some of them participated in the group of migration to Pelorian Bowl for searching the Lost Khan of Khans and method how to revive their True Horses, not for seeking safe place in Darkness as other clans.

After many years of Struggle against False Stars, Kargzant returned back to the Sky World inmuch weaker status before, and the Strongest Hellish Light was Sargash and he also appeared in the Sky World, though Kargzant defeated them with Support of Kargzanites, his Power was faded greatly and he was bound to Sun Path. After this Struggle, Ialam also returned back to the Sky and cowardly attacked wounded Kargzant, Kargzant bravely defend himself but steeled against Critical Brow. Ialam used many Dirty Tricks and Foreign Demons against his father. One Group of these enemies were Dragons. Another Group were Horned Bulls.

But finally Kargzant bound the disobedient Son and took his horse, gave Ialam's Horse to more Faithful Son, Golden Bow. Ialam was chained in the Underworld Prison as once Kargzant was treated, Jardan faithfully worked as the Viceroy of Night while Kargzant descends to Monsterland for Drinking Blood of Sacrifices since that time. Kargzant long deceived Dara Happans that they had sacrificed for their Demon-God, Ialam. (But recently, Magic of Lunars and Orathornians brought Void in the Middle of this World, Ialam was freed, and Jardan could not pursuit his escape. And he called himself as the Greatest God during Vacancy of Kargzant.)

But Affairs over Surface didn't go well as Sky World Incidents, while Western Migrators met Storm Worshippers and Monster? Riders coming from the Southern Great Salt Lake (Sea), we met the other foes in the motherland. They were coming from Ourselves. And our Civil War gradually intruded to our heart. As Unity Council of Storm Gods mistakely held Spirit of Spider as the Unity and Hope of Dawn Symbol, she ate our Magical Power in the process of power of missionaries grew.

Finally Our Ancient Rival Praxians trickly defeated Overlords of Pelorian Bowl in the Battle of Silver Flame. And Spider Spirit bit our Spirit Bond which linked Horses and Society, and requirement to new Magic raised in our Eastern Society. Kargzant Stopped over us (375ST) and our Cousins returning back to their Homelands. That was Balance between Pure Horse Tribe and Gongarilli, but soon Balance was faded because Latter is far more stronger than Former. And our Total Power and Solidarity declined. 2nd Age was our Weakened Days.

We heard about finally the worshippers of Ialam betrayed Storm Worshippers in Westernland, but we could not strike back them because we must fought against ourselves. General Kastok and Hero Turrogus (?Martin Laurie denied this idea) were Dara Happans who didn't corrupted by Civilized Way. They used many Cavalry Armies and Our Tactics for defeating us. But the Master of them have jealousy and feared Katok's Deed, Power and Intention, Emperor of Dara Happa executed him, that Luck relieved some of us.

But worse happening came after that, Kralorelans were always isolationists and didn't need expand their territory, but after Foreigners conquered Kralorela, False Dragon Ring attacked us and wanted to control the Trade Route. At the same Age, Dara Happa was also conquered by the Dragonmen of South, they also wanted to bring "Civilization" to our Pasture and Steppe, some of Pure Horse Tribe wanted to join them rather than to compromise with us, and became Founders of Southern Cities of Prax. The Two Empires oppressed us hard, and some of us taking refuge in False Worship and Magic like having dealing with Monsters, Dozaki and even Outer Coldness. Li Phanquann of North Wind killed many of them.

But Spider finally bored with her Game and and changed her attitude completely, suddenly Dragonmen killed their Emperor and went Mad, Native Kralorelans rebelled against their Foreign Rulers, in that chance, we defeated Praxians with Kralorelan Army at Battle of Lost Hope (Tales #15 p.5, Early Third Age) and Agartu Say was born.

AgartuSay is the Greatest Hero of this World. He became Sheng Seleris after he returned back from the Kralorelan Prison which they treated him as a Slave, his Pride empowered him and changed his innerself entirely. His Jyhad started, finally he outwitted their Hypocrisy and Vanity and returned back to our Beautiful Plain. He got Many Strange Magic and Arts from his enslaved days, and promised to use them for conquering all over the World. His Fiery Words burned our Soul, and we went forward to Glorious Day. Some of Bursts came from our Tribe and accompanied with him all of his Conquests.

We occupied Iron Forts firstly he attacked Kralorela and later Praxian Trade Route under his Order, that Age is most glorious days, we can take everything from Civilized Weaklings, but we could show them how much we despise these around their Lives. Praxian Trade Route had been controlled by Dozaki Minions and Gerak Kag Sect centered in the Pavis Rubble, but Sheng made us avoid confronting directly toward them, and trade route was given to us without trouble. Sheng Seleris used Prosperity of Civilzation only for gaining Strength, not for corrupting ourselves as Decadents of Owners.

When finally Rufus tricked Sheng Seleris at Kitor and enslaved him to Dark Spot, we were not with us because we should control his Eastern Territory and Sultanates. But HonEel the Witch of Moon and Rufus attacked back us without Greatest Leaders, we also lost these Battle after Battle, and Remnants of Sheng Seleris Empire returned back to Motherland and started to plot to attack back, one of them were Most Reverend Horse Priestess of Oraya, but HonEel shamelessly used forbidden tactics before our Kargzant, and our Priestess lose in the Contest.

Night of Horror occured in the middle of Great two Armies, vile Lunars and our Great Horde clashed hard. Many Heroes fought against each other and died in Great Disastor, maybe we should not call on Orathorn Sorcerers, they were one Factor of that Castrophy, Ethilrist and HonEel killed many of us, and we killed as many as them, but Magic went Mad and uncontrollable, Great Cold Void appeared. Both of Army died. There was no Win or Lose. But Serious for us, because we never supirior to them in number, so they acted as if they won.

Bronzesword Prophet was a Stranger from Foreignland but strangely knew All of our Traditions. He insisted our Ancestor Spirit returning back to his Body and burned him to act against Lunars.

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