History of Kralorela

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"Dragons created the World Glorantha, and said it is not substantially real because illusion is the Magic, but also said,
void is relationship that links everything that was from Utuma. Thus Paradox resolves this contradiction of Magic."

Each Reigns of Emperors and Map Domains of Ancient Kralorela (Abzered, Kerendaruth, KraLor)

According to Greg's Map on Vithela file.....(somewhat confused is difference of Greg's Original Map (available for GTA members) in 1998 and Steve Lieb's computer graphic map.)

Cycles Minor Events Kralorelan Rulers Godlearner Taxonomy
Creation Cycle Green Age
High Gods Cycle TarnGatHa Golden Age
Gods Cycle HeenMaroun Storm Age
Shavaya, Sekever
Demi Gods Cycle Happy Conquest Daruda, Thalurzni Great Darkness
Atrocity War Mikaday, Vayobi, Sekever
Austerity War (Grey Age?) Vayobi, Vashanti
Human Cycle Dawn Age Yanoor Time
Imperial Age ShangHsa
Third Age Godunya, Sheng Seleris, Godunya

Historian of Clocktower (Lunar Cycle): First, Great Mystery exists in everything as a manifestation of Ouroboros. And scholars don't agree what was that.

Vashanti Scholar (Confucian Agnosticism): Of course we don't know what the meaning of it. These are at least good metaphor how our perception and idea is from Time.

Historian of Clocktower (Lunar Cycle): But then, dualism appears in Kra and Lor, as inhale and exhale of him, Power of Hakka and Miracle combines here as Paradox, and from it born Six Ancestral Entities.

Vashanti Scholar (Confucian Agnosticism): They are called Ebe and Okerio, in the euhemeristic legend of us inherited from Vithela. We don't care much about what we are not sure on the contrary of barbarians who are trapped in their illusional mythologies.

Historian of Clocktower (Lunar Cycle): The six was primal cosmic components and from them, power of Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought, Spirit emerges Elements that compose both Material and Spiritual existences.

Vashanti Scholar (Confucian Agnosticism): And they (Scholars of Clocktower) assumed that they found the pattern of History, so as Sky Entities, Their "Moon" , Lokarnos, and Sun will be move routinely without considering the intervention of willingness of people. Bah, they reject freewill of humanity.

Historian of Clocktower (Lunar Cycle): Gradually, our ancestors hope everything will get maturity more soon, so the world began to age rapidly, but it had unintentional effect to people, people and things grow aged.

And Timeline along with Whole History of Vithelan Continent.

(Below is translated from my Japanese Version Genertela Box, if you let me know accurate quotation of the original English Text, I will replace this to yours soon.)

In Glorantha Book of Old Genertela Box, "the physical remnant of that Age [Philosophical Age before Mythic Age] can be evidently found in everything (Kralori), cannot be found in obvious manner (Malkioni), sometimes apparent, but sometimes not. (Lunar).

In Genertela Book, Kralorelan Empire has continued "Five million (5,000,000) Generations". If you let me repeat to apply foolishness of historians in King of Sartar (Sorry, Greg!) by converting generations to actual years, it might be 100,000,000 years (though there is no assurance people breeding in Mythic Era as in History). Comparing this to Revealed Mythologies p. 54, each of cycles are ten times ten ten times years (ten billion years), thus 10,000,000,000 years. (Before Sun, Death and Self-conscious....) If I force this to adjust former to latter, Mythic Age men lived more than 2,000 years....

But I suppose there is great difference between cosmology of Kralorela and that of Vithela. Quick thought, Kralorela is nearest area of Sortum in Vithela, it might be called Land of Hakka, (Doubt, Scientific Skepticism? See Peter Metcalph's Assumption that TarngatHa = Dogsaru) and my clear dualistic concept of Tibet and China......so, maybe it is plausible that some Kralori has quite otherworldly perception of Time before History (as Tibetans and Indians which don't care much about Historical Record), while other group has quite rigid concept of Time and History, good at record keeping by astrological and mechanical technology and art, as Real World Chinese Historians since Sima Qian.

Timekeeping: Great Scholars

Kuchawn: Accurate (Scientific Analysis?) Time Keeping, Philosophical, Logical and Otherworldly. Only this city remains and helped Godunya overthrow remnants of Sheng Seleris Zolathi by its tantric? practice.

Clock Tower Island of East: Non-chaotic Lunar? (See Stephen Martin's assumption about Mythic Age eastern Moons in Moon Rites) Once Emperor Thalurzni founded to recover the glory of Metsylan Age, by understanding secret of History, by making Great Mechanical Clocktower which symbolized six Ancestral Beings. Vayobi finally destroyed it. (Perhaps Kralori thinks Moon was artificial construction of Mythic Age ancestors consist of Six Phases?)

Goropheng: Alchemistic Perception to Time...? Humanized Timekeeping, illogical but naturally sounds for mundane world people (Divine Emperors hold only short reign spans comparing to "Otherworldly" Vithelan timetables according to Real World Chinese Technic.)

(Perhaps finally all destroyed by Dragon Awakening Shudder and Godunya, for contaminated by God Learners?)

As I wrote in the pages of Emperor Thalurzni:

My Image about Kralorelan Legendary Emperors

Metsyla: Solomon, Confucius, (Yin)
Shavaya: Fire, Sun, Egyptian Phalaoh, Emperor Yellow= Huang-Ti (Yang)
Daruda: Avalokitesvara, Emperor Sinnou= Shen-nung (Bull), Fukki= Fu Xi (Serpentine Legs) (Balance) Darkness, Roman Trajanus
Thalurzni: Smith, Wayland, Cullervo (Illmarinen?) in Scandinavian Myth, Emperor Sengyokku= Juan Xu, Uu= Zi-Yu (Storm and Iron) (Yin), Hadrianus
Mikaday: Emperor Gyou= Yao, Shun=Shun (Yang) Earth, Pius
Vayobi: Emperor Cyuu (Evil), Antonius, Mikabosi, Star, Ambidextrous (Harmony) Water

P SEA /DISORDER SILENCE / Wise Passivity Creation UnLo divide himself willingly.
2 SEA /HARMONY SILENCE / Tranquil Composure
3 SEA /DEATH SILENCE / Lucid Stillness
4 SEA /FERTILITY SILENCE / Taciturn Solemnity Dogsalu was seduced by Life Yothenara
5 SEA /STASIS SILENCE / Fortunate Incapacity
6 SEA /MOVEMENT SILENCE / Profound Solitude
7 SEA /ILLUSION SILENCE / Futile Annihilation Dogsalu lost his Hakka and got power of Enlightenment.
8 SEA /TRUTH SECRET / Erudite Obfuscation High Gods Metsyla got power from Govmeranen
9 FIRE /DISORDER SECRET / Concealed Truths Metsyla built his cities and civilisations
11 FIRE /DEATH SECRET / Inner Knowledge
12 FIRE /FERTILITY SECRET / Constrained Discretion
13 FIRE /STASIS SECRET / Esoteric Reality
14 FIRE /MOVEMENT SECRET / Lurking Ambuscade
15 FIRE /ILLUSION BEING / Naked Essence Gods
16 FIRE /TRUTH BEING / the Fervid Soul
17 EARTH /DISORDER BEING / Cheery Exhilaration
19 EARTH /DEATH BEING / Absolute Innascibility
20 EARTH /FERTILITY BEING / Pleasant Torpor
21 EARTH /STASIS BEING / the Journey's End
22 EARTH /MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE / Practiced Sagacity Demi Gods
24 EARTH /TRUTH EXPERIENCE / Conscious Insight
29 DARKNESS /STASIS THOUGHT / Assured Credence
30 DARKNESS /MOVEMENT THOUGHT / Seeking Comprehension
31 DARKNESS /ILLUSION THOUGHT / Intelligent Incredulity
32 DARKNESS /TRUTH THOUGHT / Sufficient Omniscience
33 STORM /DISORDER THOUGHT / Hesitant Cognizance
34 STORM /HARMONY THOUGHT / Mature Nescience
35 STORM /DEATH THOUGHT / Mindless Dolor
36 STORM /FERTILITY SPIRIT / Exuberant Creation
37 STORM /STASIS SPIRIT / Portentous Gloom
38 STORM /MOVEMENT SPIRIT / the Unpathed Waters
39 STORM /ILLUSION SPIRIT / the Living Glebe
40 STORM /TRUTH SPIRIT / Effulgent Radiance
41 SACRED TIME SPIRIT / Novel Tempestuousness
42 SACRED TIME SPIRIT / Universal Ruin Vashanti destroyed the World and remade.

euhemerism: noun
A theory attributing the origin of the gods to the deification of historical heroes.

[After Euhemerus, fourth-century B.C. Greek philosopher.]

See arbitariness of Histroy as good another example of Ancient Record Keeping, by Nick Brooke.
(For I think Dara Happa is another good example that has similarity to RW ancient China, as Kralorela.)

According to Tantrists of Godunya's court, Mandala of TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun are:

Pre-Utuma Post-Utuma Emanation Note
TarnGatHa Six Ancestry (Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought Spirit) and Orxili Six Worlds (Gods World, Spirit World, Essence Plane, Middle World, Underworld, Chaos) and Dragon World. Time About Six Worlds, see Teshnan "Hero Quest Voice"
HeenMaroun Four (Five?) Virtues (North Innocense -> Ignorance, West Intelligence -> Materialism, East Wonder -> Illusion and South Pleasure- >Indolence) Four (Five) Elements (Northeast: Shadow Cancer, Northwest: Earth Eater, Southeast: Secret Water, Southwest: Star Permutator) Space See my story of Emperor Thalurzni and his Furnace

Spirit World Dragon World Material World
Spirit Secret
Underworld Chaos
Thought Being
Gods World Essence Plane

Dogsalists Teaching about Tantric Method. [IIRC, Dogsalu = TarnGatHa was suggested by Peter.]

[This is commonly told in the Tantrists of Kralori before New Dragon Ring destroyed Ancient Ritual of Utuma, but Mandarins accused its heretical way and condemned it is from Sortumite as lies to corrupt people and evil propaganda, as the Prince of Chaos, Govmeranen, called a cousin of Arlu and Bandan. (Hakka is the source of speculative mind (Sorcery?).) ]

To achieve the Truth, to refuse the quitessence of Ordinary World and to affirm the World of Dragons, We have True Mystery of Dogsalu, which was from TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun, but concealed by Daruda for its risk and dangerous way to help populace.

When Yothenara mated with Vith, his pillar turned into Dogsalu the Serpent [TarnGatHa], the Pillar met the Gate of Heaven and Ecstasy overwhelmed his existence, but he couldn't stop his essence distilled to outside, so Glorantha was made from this spillage of ejaculation. Dogsalu was his Kundalini. (See Three Against One Myth.)

Prince of Chaos was grown among adpara, and they gifted him many beautiful womento bind when the Prince of Chaos [Govemeranen = HeenMaroun =Yelm] tried to purge himself from the taint of Evil, by the malicious will of his cousins and parents to chain inside of Adpara's realm, almost all of sages refused him, Mashunasan is no exception. Though NyangMao stayed with him for a while, his taint was so deep and so strong, so simply thousand times of reincarnation and punishment isn't enough, so HeenMaroun meditated upon the Mountain and found the power to take this World as it is by himself, by finding the way of [Karlachakra].

Ebe also practiced [Mother Tantra] but failed tragically many times, so created many false races until he mated with Okerio.


Myth of Hakka and Dogsalu, variation of Vithelan Myth. (Teaching of Kralori Tantrist?)

When Grand Ancestry meditated upon himself, he watched the Silence that filled the World. He created the Secret that makes his life with meaning. Thus Being emerged from it, but from it, Hakka also exposed. One by one, he experienced the illusional facades that covered, and destroyed it by his Thought. But he could not find anything but Void. From, Nihilism, Dogsalu appeared and attacked the Goddess of Love. I coiled around TarnGatHa, Spirit of Grand Ancestry. Suddely, he realised that Void itself is illusion, entangled by yourself, and truly liberated, and his Sorrpw and Doubt dissolved into nothing. Thus Grand Ancestry commited Utuma, and Six made the Silence which completed the Grand Cycle.


Korgatsu Tradition, Shan Shan Mountain. (IMG, body of HeenMaroun) Dragon Hsunchen.

Ebe and Okerio <-> Majadan and Erdires.

Persian Jamshid's Glory? It was lost when Emperor reached Hubris?

Influence of Sortum.


First and Last Human Emperor of Kerendaruth. It seems that he is virtuous, but some kind of tragic figure. See my opinion contained in the tale of Shavaya and his daughter, Miyo in the second cycle of Cat and Thunder Man.

He enlightened Solar Storm, it might be related to Bloody Sun and Rain that is mentioned severally in Kralori History. (It relates Symbolic Blood = Sun?)



See also my Story of Thalurzni. (His reign is in middle of Great Darkness (Atrocity War) in my story.)

See my story about Mikaday and his first wife.

See my tales about his relation to Sekever.



See my story about his ambition and desire.

Story of Vashanti (Civil War of Kralorela) it longs 500 years in my unofficial set. This is Silver Age in Kethaela.

See my tale about he and Gilam De Estau and Yanoor.

Yanoor's Great Deeds: Sunstop (Symbolic Meaning), Enemy of Non-humans, Discussion with Vashanti? Formalism vs Mysticism? (Zen?) Philosophical Understranding of the World along with phenomenon of Decline of Magic in Inner World.....It is similar to Khordavu's refoundation of DH religion, (but both Khorzanelm and Ordanestyu are from him....)

Tolerant Attitude to Foreigners? and Sea-communication: Opening of Port Lur Nop

Discussion between Zen Buddhists and Tantrists?


Sandy Petersen or someone said, "ShangHsa is Yanoor."

[Terra:] Even in [Alex's] Glorantha, I assume some (many?) people of Kralorela hate exarchs who fled to North and enjoyed good life by defeating mere trollkins while they suffered under the Yoke of ShangHsa and failed revolts of Heseroon Marn. Exarchs might have brought back Tantric Methods to mainland after Godunya overthrew ShangHsa, but some people (didn't escape from there) don't admit it is traditional way of Kralorela.

[Peter:] That's an interesting insight. That many Kralori sages practice magical techniques developed during their sojourn in the New Kingdom of Wisdom that are viewed as corrupt and ignorant by the mainstream.

[Terra:] I still think there is some similarity to enigmatic Zolathi="Saka" Morn sect and Kralori tantrism, but don't have strong opinion on it, except RW example that relationship between tibetan Sakya sect and Mongolian Empire.

[Peter:] Hmm. So Saka Morn could be an Ignorant practice that was purified during the New Kingdom of Wisdom? So that when Sheng Seleris studies it, he sees the evil possibilities latent in these teachings and succumbs?

See my story about him and King Boggle.

Exarchs from KoI brought Tantric Method to Kralorela? (Alex?)

Sheng Seleris

Life is Slavery....."perverted" Doctrine of Saka Morn = Zolathi Sect belief derived from Kralori (Mahayana?) teaching. Perhaps Sheng is Antigod in Eastern Cosmology, but he is Great Hero and Ruler of Pentian Nomads, see Description in Sons of Kargzant. Pentians are not evil, just not civilised.


I think many independent states made their own record before Vayobi's conquest as many "feudal" (though this term usually attached to medieval in European History) states ancient China, or difference of hiduistic Alkoth and record keeper Yuthuppans.

"We destroyed all contaminated record exploited by God Learners, for they arbitarily warped and exploited the wisdom of Dragon and Cosmic Dragon for their own shortsightedness and dark desire." (As Sima Qian rejected Mystical Emperors and his successive Confucian historians did so as he. (Though Sima was never be Confucian.)

Current Plan of Imperial Court Chi Ting

Map of Chi Ting


Eunuchs: West, Dragonsons, Sorcerers of Thalurzni (According to HeroQuest Voices and Peter Metcalph's Idea)
Yogists? Shamans?: North, Daruda Tradition, Ecstatic (Tantric) Rite) of Yanoor?
Mandarins: East, Tradition of Mikaday and Vashanti, Theists

Below is excerpt from my personal post to Efendi and editors of Zin Letter in Suomi:

To Efendi:
I managed to make the map of Kralorela with Chinese Characters, with help of IBM Homepage Builder, Webart Designer soft. I want to express my gratitude for you have helped greatly with your linguistical knowledge and especially with your ability on modern Beijing Dialect, though I am not sure friends of Suomi love it or not, (for Kralori are not Chinese, so their characters are not chinese character, even if it might be similar to it)

(To friends of Suomi: sorry, this is only written in Japanese, please watch only maps if you can't read explanations and comments.)

To Olli Kantola:
This is an attempt to make rough guideline, not want to make canon. As RW gamers of Europe and America prefer to write down "Snakepipe Hollow" rather than to do more strictly attached to true Sartar language, "Ginijji", (for phonogram people, pronunciation is far more important than the shape and form of characters) that is our feeling and attachment to our traditional way of record keeping. In RW, still many Chinese taoists believe Written Language holds magical power and don't drop or fling [written paper] clumsily, [burn papers if they finish to use.]

If Kralori characters derived from some kind of runes as I supposed (for I think rune is a sort of pictograph or familiar with it rather than alphabetic phonograph), perhaps it might similar to the relation between Ancient Egyptian Demotic and Hieroglyph. Before First Emperor forcefully unified all of Chinese Characters in Qin Dynasty, each of independent states used different characters. If I have chance, I want to convert the map into the realm of more epigraphy.

If I have chance, I want to draw about the capital of Kralorela, Chi Ting with quite different approach, please see panoramic 3D mandala of Karlachakra Tantra....

Sample vague plot is like.....(though I have only still very rough image...)
<<Now, Godunya waits and begins final transformation in the cocoon made by silkworms of friendship, many of his disciples has argued about the interpretation of latest August's prophesy and addresses of Yellow Emperor, while mandarins overlook the mundane affair, war generals, remnant of alchemists and eunuchs united and intrigue to find new Emperor by themselves while Orthodxy Dragon Circle concentrate on the making of new Mandala.... many nationalists and good-will low mandarins see this bad omen, and try to find the way to avoid forthcoming civil war.....>>

To Matti Jarvinen: (Sorry, I am not sure how I am rude when I shamelessly spell your name without umlaut)
I hope you don't feel difficult on I used your Kralori Map for my project, about Zin Letters, certainly in Genertela Box, many names are similar to modern Beijing Dialect. (But it seems that Greg changed his mind for I see many non-chinese like terms (TarnGatHa, Seralaloon, etc...)) in Revealed Mythologies after the Avalonhill Box. Maybe it is from Tibetan Language according to Alex Ferguson's assumption? I am not sure.

Secret of Chi Ting
Godunya is now ready on the final transformation inside of Cosmic Chamber (Great Mandala of Karlachakra?). Emperor is not merely a political machine but a vessel of power for Kralori to achieve the Absolute in Kralorela.

That is no simple task....for he tries to recover Lost Seven Provinces linked by Bridges, his task turned into more difficult, for his connection to Sky Energy, his skin color turned into Golden, the watery realm will be Earthly if he succeeds.

The ritual of Bodhisattva is an attempt to the souls / spirits / essences of Summerland Heaven into Dragon, in each of end of Kralori Emperor's reign has been enacted such ritual, but the procedure is replaced / lost / perversed by the characteristics of emperors and outsider invasion. It must be enacted to balance Three Worlds Magic (as in Middle World) even though each of potential potency and unified as whole to open the way to Mystical Draconic World.

That of Daruda was most orthodox, but now lost. (Animistic Procedure?)

That of Thalurzni was Sorcerous, Materialistic but his famous Furnace properly balanced Three Potentials, but he failed to make whole of Empire into Ascension by Alchemical Transformation. (Its method enlarged the diversity of each of provinces?) Eunuchs later misapplied Orgiastic Flavor to his teaching as in Tibetan Tantric Source?

That of Mikaday turned into "Traditional" Form (Chinese Style? Enacting Ritual of Sky and Earth? by First Emperor? in the mountain of Tai.) In Confucianism Style, mandarins administrated ritual? But Dragonsons also took a role. (More Diversity for he didn't show concern to unity.)

Vayobi drowned to Suam Chow and didn't do the ritual properly, but Thrunhin Dah did substitutional role. And he demanded earth into Water....(Materialistic Unity, but not in spiritually)

Vashanti returned to more traditional form. And most mandarins see his ritual of Web of Righteousness is best to avoid contamination of Outside World and keep tradition of Ancient Dragon.

Yanoor had barbarian influence and did the ritual improperly over hill, pagan style of Shavaya, before Daruda over Hill. (For Kralori don't revere Mountain as RW Chinese?) Much Outlandish Influence? (For inbalance, many Kralori improperly self-sacrificing in final transformation for their poor attempt to make balance of Three?)

Shang Hsa EWF and Godlearner Influence, again Sorcerous? But he didn't make effort to ascend. Draconic Shudder and War in Heaven indicated their failing to unify Sky and Earth.

Godunya is an incarnate of mercy. [Avalokiteshvara?] And his first seclusion in the city of Hsin Yin as merely a belt buckle maker, second in Dragon Pass, third in Plateau of Statue doesn't indicate only his humility but his attempt to test kralori mandarins whether ready to recover the Good Old Ancient.

Sheng Seleris.....Tibetan Tantric Influence along with Sakya Sect in Mongolian Empire of RW.

Godunya Again. His seven bridges.

Story of Godunya (Yellowskinned Monk) and King Boggle

Six Chakras?: Silence, Secret, Being, Experience, Thought, Spirit

What Will occur if the ritual fail?
*Godunya goes to mad and begins to eat eunuchs and mandarins. By literally transforming into scaled gigantic lizard but completely crazed.
*Palace turns into Ground Zero and destroys whole in Atomic Bomb manner.
*As in Yanoor's fail, ghost began to stalk the world and life turned death / vice versa.

What Will occur if the ritual succeed?
*Suam Chow recedes and Ancient Lost Provinces appear along with Ancient Strange Fauna and Flora.
*(By Sacrificing all of outside world (hurrah :-)) ), Kralorela finally
resplendent with Ancient Glory.
*People comes to mad as dragonewts, but quite happy state of beings.

Vague and Arbitrary Comparison between RW Chinese Dynasties and Reigns of Kralorelan Emperors

Legendary Emperor Names: http://www.pantheon.org/

Dynasty Names: http://www.chinaknowledge.de/index.html

Cycles Minor Events Kralorelan Rulers Mystical China (Taoistic) Historical China (Confucian?)
Creation Cycle
High Gods Cycle TarnGatHa OcThree Mythic Emperors
Gods Cycle HeenMaroun Xia
Metsyla ܒFive Legendary Emperors Shang
Shavaya, Sekever Yao A퍑Zhou, Warring States
Demi Gods Cycle Happy Conquest Daruda, Thalurzni wShun `AQin, Han
Atrocity War Mikaday, Vayobi, Sekever ZDa-Yu OAkThree Kingdoms, North and South Dynasty
Austerity War (Grey Age?) Vayobi, Vashanti @Sui
Human Cycle Dawn Age Yanoor Tang
Imperial Age ShangHsa ܑFive Dynasties
Third Age Godunya, Sheng Seleris, Godunya vAAASong, Yuan, Ming, Qing

Kralori Mythology: People without Mythology, or People of All Mythologies
Q: What do you mean on this title?
A: This is according to my poor attempt to make uniqueness of Kralorelan Culture, and along with the trend of Gloranthan Eastern People in Mixed Three World Magics without risk of mentioning "Mysticism" in the limitation of core HQ rulebook. (See Teshnan Heroquest Voice: They call Essence Plane "World of Challenge", Spirit World "World of Desire", and Gods World "World of Play". And they don't think one is superior nor others are inferior. Perhaps such can be also applied to Kralorela. http://glorantha.kondalski.org/g9index/2597.html)
Q: But how it can be? In Glorantha, beings of Mythgology certainly exist in reality, perceived as true events subjectively in each cultures and communities.
A: Sure, but please think about the objective reality, and limitation of each perceivers. (No, I don't want to make "Sobjectivity" debate again, but see my imperfect note on "Lies of Lunars" http://www2u.biglobe.ne.jp/~BLUEMAGI/LiesofLunars-e.htm) Ancient Chinese Confucians (under Orthodox Teaching), model of Kralori are agnostics, and ordinary people (as other nations and people) don't care much about the metaphysical facts of History and Cosmological Events. If such people listen to some kind of "Mythology" like that of RW Greek, Orlanth, or Yelmic Mythology, their reaction is two types, "So what? (Kahar's reply)" and "Think about it as an metaphor, this helps to understand our problem we face now." For they were pragmatists and didn't care much which doesn't directly relate to their concern and society.
But they either don't care much about the belief of oddballs, (like adventurers, diletttantes, or entertainers.), as RW ancient chinese people didn't care much about belief of buddhists, taoists, muslim as far as they pay tax properly and don't intend to cause riot or other destructive working on their system.....Their attitude is similar to Lunar attitude to classic religion.
Q: But I still think Eastern World of Glorantha is of Mysticism....
A: Yes, but please read Kevin McDonald's recent post about "Buddha enlightens local gods and spirits" and Dalai Lama 14th's autobiography about their ecstatic practice of fortune-telling of a "spirit". And I suppose Kralori tolerates Mythology of neighbor lands like Vithelan, Teshnan, even of Praxians, Pentians and ANTIGOD people, etc....I think cosmopolitanism in Glorantha inevitably tolerates ambiguity of antagonizing local cultures which insist opposite claims, Ancient Chinese People have varied as Ancient Egyptian city states have each different cosmology and creation myth, but didn't make effort for unified mythology like that of Greeks. So as in RW China, I think in Kralorela, simple folklore and tales co-exist with highly-philosophical metaphors, and COSMIC PARADOX tolerates opposite things.
Q: What is COSMIC PARADOX? Does it similar to Lunar Illumnination?
A: Sort of. But this is more comprehensive, spiritual and sophisticated than it. (From POV of Kralori) Their core of belief is of course DRAGON. It includes In-hale and Ex-hale, three Otherworlds, Four Yes and No. (Mark Galeotti's idea), Five Elements and Six Ancestry. I got this idea from Mahayana Buddhism and Zen. A sort of idea that truth is obtainable only through paradox.
Q: Then, what is the current trend of flavour of Tantric Lamaism? I think it somehow contradicts to "Chinese" flavour of Kralorela.....and Chinese and Tibetans are long rivals in history and culture....        
A: (The tibetan flavour was induced by Alex Ferguson, I suppose. Ironically, RW modern Chinese insists that Tibet is always a part of China.....perhaps it is similar to Ireland and England.....bad comparison...?) Sure, but I think this is trend of post-Sheng Seleris period. Do you know Lamaism (Sect of Sakya) flourished in Mongolian Empire?  Kralori has experienced change, but in their mindset, such is always a recurrence to "forgotten" past way of Old Good Days. I think Godunya defeated Sheng's lieutenants of Zolathi by learning their method, and found old way to channel its power. I think Kralori tantrists induce Sensual Images in Godunya's court, perhaps allying with eunuchs, and opposes mandarins who sought more traditional way of court (from POV of them) service like that of Vashanti. Current seclusion of Godunya to achieve final transformation is bad omen for mandarins...... 

What is Pragmatism in Glorantha?

Q: What is pragmatism and practicality in Glorantha? Because we know there is no "magic", no supernatural entities in Real World from the point of view of Objective sense. But Glorantha is inherently magical and its physics cannot be separated from magic. And magic practitioners "subjectively" perceive other worlds and denizens of afterlife.

A: I think pragmatism and practicality still exist even in Glorantha, because Material World is firm and common, but othersides are fragile and much depend on the perception of practitioners. Thus agnostics (like people of No God Church in Heortland) exist and dailylife takes precedence over moral of afterlife and knowledge of traveling othersides. Nomads live in severe circumstance and can't afford to pay much concern about ceremony.

We know Confucius was agnostic about religion (though he certainly pay reverence to tradition as tradition.) and said tradition and ceremonies are important to live virtuous and humanly.

Kralori Mandala and Tantrism

Q: Is there "Mandala" in Kralorela?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it something relates to Kralori draconic magic?

A: Yes, but sometimes not.

Q: Do Kralori mandarins use Mandala?

A: Partly yes. Because they keeps "circles" of Kralorela that composes of Empire. But they reject to call it as mandala and thus reject the analysis from point of view of microcosm and macrocosm. (they think it is dangerous to identify them with Emperors, thus dragons) They learn Draconic Understanding humanly, and reject the concept of personal "Liberation" except few achieved highest class in hierarchy like archexarchs. Draconic Wisdom manifests to them in understandable form. I think their way is open to every populace who understand the glyphs of Mikaday on obelisks which can be found at every great city corners. That is not something esoteric secret transmitted from tutor lama to one disciple.

Q: But are there any other type of Mandala?

A: I think Kralori sorcerers (Thalurzni) use some kind of diagram to make portal to the node of their spells, it is somewhat different from Glorantha Western Malkioni Wizards. It is similar to Fuxi's octagram. and Kralori animists (and theists?) also draw circles to go Spirit World. But what I want to say specifically Mandala is that Mixed Three Magic that makes safely combines all and enhance its effect. It is ritual and not personal magic. And energies should be balanced properly by three groups.

And independent "failed mystic" monks who enhance their power by similar, but vulgar form of it. IMG, some of Zolathi brought this kind of magic to Peloria.

Q: Then, what kind of Mandala now mandarins of Godunya's court commit to make?

A: Godunya's attempt is harder than his predecessors because he not only want to bring his faithful subjects to heaven, but he also recover the lost organs (provinces) of Kralorela and dodge the danger of upcoming Hero Wars. Once, Godunya was seriously wounded by Sheng Seleris and was helped by strange "tantric" magicians, they said they can trap the Pain Star to the one corner of Sky, they succeeded and Godunya was seemingly grateful to them. Now Godunya secluded as other transition years of different emperors, and tantrists insist they got permission from Godunya to make their preparation for great ritual (it is similar to panoramic mandala of Karlachakra), but mandarins doubt it and consider it as another plot of eunuchs against them.

Discussion with Alex Ferguson: About Unity and Diversity of Kralorela