Emperor Mikaday and Daughter of Emerald Fish Lord

Plotline: Devil and YHWH (Job), or Odin and Frigg in Griminismal

In the court of Thalurzni, not only mortals, but animal spirits, daimons, ghosts and immortals came to court and given ranks and classes (that is before Vashanti's banishment to many of them out of his Web), one of them was Emerald Fish Lord, one of descendants of Thrunhin Dah and ruled the canton of Kuwai Tan River (1).

Emperor Thalurzni was famous for his difficulty to please (adulation or bribery) and fairness, but infamous for his strictness and ruthlessness to evil doers, (especially, after his wife Halisayan died, he occasionallly showed bad temper to any foolishness.)

One day, Thalurzni's disciples debated about their law and order. Though firstly Emperor listened silently their opinions, after Thalurzni was asked his opinion, he showed many cases how humanity looks virtuous is weak against adversity and temptation, and finally concluded,

"Humanity coherently involves Evil, so we make law and order to fix their coherent Four Vices, gluttony, weakness in will, vanity and arrogance."(2)

Almost all of Thalurzni didn't show any counter evidence toward his opinion, only Chief Minister of Earth, Mikaday dared to oppose. He said detailing of law only encourage evidoers to seek loophalls.

"All of good Kralori have their own goodness, as you can find the source of water when you dig a well, but it is difficult to row against current of water. If an infant nearly fall to that well, any Kralori, even worst of Greenwood, would advance to catch and rescue him."

"Here is our good case, Emerald Fish Lord, who is famous for his wisdom and love to his subjects and loyalty to you. The canton lord of North Kuwai Tan River. His Canton is quite fertile and peaceful, young and lower all diligently follow their elder and higher. That is his virtue. "

Thalurzni smiled to his valor, but said. "But his wisdom and virtue is merely superficial. His spiritual kingdom is in danger of turmoil for inner and outer enemies, I will prove it by teaching my power to him and his weakness. He has a beautiful daughter, famous for her dance, I think she is his weak point."

"Try it". Mikaday said. "I will help him and his daughter."

"You don't understand whole of this picture of mandala, we can test him while I test you." Thalurzni said.(3)

At highland valley over the Canton of Emerald Fish Lord, Black Prince of Mountain ruled and enchanted by the beauty of Lord's daughter, asked to marry her. But he was merely a barbarian lord, so Lord took no notice to his offer while Empire of Splendor supported his canton and his people, and he wanted to find proper husband from great families of Kralori.

One day, ambassador of Emperor visited the Office of Emerald Fish Lord in a bank of the river. He greeted the ambassador (called himself "Voice of Han Majang") deligently according to highest reverence. But the ambassador ignored all and sentenced his guilty of embezzlement and ordered him to pay more according to the wealth of your Canton,

Astonished and upset, Emerald Fish Lord opposed to this false accusation and asked the proof of it.

The Ambassador ridiculed and accused,
"You didn't report the wealth of your Canton properly and accumlated wealth illegally among your kin of mountain, watch the flow of your river....you privide the very source of life to the enemy of Empire, Black Prince of Mountain rebels agianst divine authority of Empire, that is rightfully His majesty Thalurzni's own." (4)

Emerald Fish Lord replied weakly, "It is unfair, water, the bounty of my ancestor Thrunhin Dah should be shared equally among people of UnLo, no matter they are enlightened or not!"

"So tell to the executioner of Emperor who will bring you sword that you fall over. You show disrespect to Emperor's loyal servant, you will be removed from Emperor's glory and guidance. Go mountain and ask help from your barbaric kins." mocked and departed.

At that night in heavy heart, Lord could not sleep well and talked to his beloved daughter. How to guard his Canton from minions of Black Prince of Mountain without support of Empire?

The princess realised the depth of her father's worry, and she told her father that she willingly go to the palace of Black Prince for the sake of canton's welfare, her father refused to part with her:

"I cannot do it. I cannot offer my most precious to merely a lord of savages hiding in mountain without knowing Enlightenment of Dragon though now doubt about its fairness and power closes to me." The daughter scolded her father and said,

"You received only a word of a servant of servants of Emperor's own, Emperor is flawless and you shouldn't measure the dragon with only its small scales, I think it is a chance to teach enlightenment to barbarian, as Harantara did it to Kahar. I will marry the Prince and teach him Enlightenment."(5)

The company of bride and her trousseau went along the way to the palace of Black Mountain, she found a shrine to Compassionate Seralaloon. While she offered prayer and chant to the Statue of Mercy, she dropped a tear. The statue of Seraloloon was vitalised by the will of Mikaday and asked the daughter about her worry.

The daughter told Seralaloon who she must marry without any notice of his sincerity or true heart to the virtue of Dragons, the Goddess took pity on her and taught her how to chant on the Guardian Being of East and avoid the contamination of Nichung and Hsunchen.

The marriage of the daughter and Black Prince was performed properly but proved futile, for at that night, Black Prince could not touch her for the dress Mikaday gave her brightening that dazzling his eyes and her prayer to Dragon Emperor weakened his vigor and strength, angered, Black Prince decided to threaten her by attacking the canton of her father.

Mikaday got more higher seeing power while he was searching on the springs of mountains of ShanShan, returned to the palace of Thalurzni and gladly reported, "Emerald Fish Lord's loyalty seems to be firm despite many misfortunes, even in long reincarnations and on the way to goal moksa (Liberation), many might stray out or make a detour, but they always go forward, until the day will come Emperor ascend." (6)

Thalurzni sternly replied, "I don't want to leave my throne until Empire of Eagle Phoenix recovered (though you might expect it and want it), my disciple. And death and rebirth is enough obstacle to prevent foolish people to stay around me and prevent me from finishing my task, you don't understand whole of this yet. I put on more of him, by next turn, he will meet inner enemy." (7)

Mikaday said, "I shall obey your order. But I think such knowledge is useless for people of Empire to follow good way of life according to your teaching."(8)

Thalurzni said, "I don't think so." He went to his secret chamber and turned his Furnace upside-down.

When the black armored army of angry Black Prince surrounded the watery palace of Canton inside of the stream of Kuwai Tan Kang, the army of Emerald Fish Lord was far less inferior in number. "Curse upon the day I was born." Emerald Fish Lord murmured. (9)

Many of people of Canton adviced Emerald Fish Lord to step down as barbarians demand to their chieftain, but Emerald Fish Lord could not leave his office.

"I cannot leave my office, Kralorelan Emperor ordered me to keep this canton."

"But where is your emperor?" Evil Advisors asked.

"If now I leave my office, the anger of Black Prince will fall upon people of this Canton instead of on me." Emerald Fish Lord replied.

The river then changed its course and upperland contamination and dirtied the water of lowland for unknown reason. Voice of Han Majang was upset to see impossible, the river course turning and flowing backward. He visited the canton again, and called the marrage between his daughter and the Black Prince was treachery to Empire.

Emerald Fish Lord wasn't courteous anymore and lamented his sacrifice of daughter meant nothing, Debate stormed among still faithful Emerald Fish Lord and evil advisors of Emerald Fish Lord about human nature (theism?), samsara (animism), and world (sorcery), and finally the doom falling on many innocent people in the world of Dragon Emperor, a monk intervened and confute their logic. (10)

Mikaday disguised as merely an itinerant monk and visited this pathetic site of Family of Emerald Fish. For his confuting, Mikaday was insulted and lashed bound by Emerald Fish Lord. Mikaday suffered three days and nights hanging over the well. Following invasion of the Black Prince to the Watery Palace made whole of household of Emerald Fish Lord hostages and Mikaday succeeded to go underground dungeon of Black Prince without any action.

Mikaday's illusional body appeared to the side of his body and went to help Emerald Fish Lord and his daughter. (11)

The mother of Black Prince was evil hag of Mountain and knew lots of Evil Magic, she threatened the Daughter of Emerald Fish Lord to do many difficult work or to abandone rightful worship to Dragons and Kralori way and embrace Black Prince.The daughter refused to abandone her belief, so suffered. (12)

One day, the hag ordered her many unreasonable demands, but Mikaday helped his wife in future by disguising and hinted solutions.

[Change Cupid to Mikaday, Psyche to Emerald Fish Lord's daughter, Venus to Evil Hag Mother of Black Prince (13)]

[Then she tooke a great quantity of wheat, of barly, poppy seede, peason, lintles, and beanes, and mingled them altogether on a heape saying : Thou evil favoured girle, thou seemest unable to get the grace of thy lover, by no other meanes, but only by diligent and painefull service, wherefore I will prove what thou canst doe : see that thou separate all these graines one from another, disposing them orderly in their quantity, and let it be done before night. When she had appointed this taske unto Psyches, she departed to a great banket that was prepared that day. But Psyches went not about to dissever the graine, (as being a thing impossible to be brought to passe by reason it lay so confusedly scattered) but being astonyed at the cruell commandement of Venus, sate still and said nothing.

Then the little pismire the emote, taking pitty of her great difficulty and labour, cursing the cruellnesse of the daughter of Jupiter, and of so evill a mother, ran about, hither and thither, and called to all her friends, Yee quick sons of the ground, the mother of all things, take mercy on this poore maid, espouse to Cupid, who is in great danger of her person, I pray you helpe her with all diligence. Incontinently one came after another, dissevering and dividing the graine, and after that they had put each kinde of corne in order, they ranne away againe in all haste. When night came, Venus returned home from the banket wel tippled with wine, smelling of balme, and crowned with garlands of roses, who when shee had espied what Psyches had done, gan say, This is not the labour of thy hands, but rather of his that is amorous of thee : then she gave her a morsel of brown bread, and went to sleep.

In the mean season, Cupid was closed fast in the surest chamber of the house, partly because he should not hurt himself with wanton dalliance, and partly because he should not speake with his love : so these two lovers were divided one from another. When night was passed Venus called Psyches, and said, Seest thou yonder Forest that extendeth out in length with the river? there be great sheepe shining like gold, and kept by no manner of person. I command thee that thou go thither and bring me home some of the wooll of their fleeces. Psyches arose willingly not to do her commandement, but to throw her selfe headlong into water to end her sorrows. Then a green reed inspired by divine inspiration, with a gratious tune and melody gan say, O Psyches I pray thee not to trouble or pollute my water by the death of thee, and yet beware that thou goe not towards the terrible sheepe of this coast, untill such time as the heat of the sunne be past, for when the sunne is in his force, then seeme they most dreadfull and furious, with their sharpe hornes, their stony foreheads and their gaping throats, wherewith they arme themselves to the destruction of mankinde.

But untill they have refreshed themselves in the river, thou must hide thy selfe here by me, under this great plaine tree, and as soone as their great fury is past, thou maist goe among the thickets and bushes under the wood side and gather the lockes their golden Fleeces, which thou shalt finde hanging upon the briers. Then spake the gentle and benigne reed, shewing a mean to Psyches to save her life, which she bore well in memory, and with all diligence went and gathered up such lockes as shee found, and put them in her apron, and carried them home to Venus. Howbeit the danger of this second labour did not please her, nor give her sufficient witnesse of the good service of Psyches, but with a sower resemblance of laughter, did say : Of a certaine I know that this is not thy fact, but I will prove if that thou bee of so stout, so good a courage, and singular prudency as thou seemest to bee.

Then Venus spake unto Psyches againe saying : Seest thou the toppe of yonder great Hill, from whence there runneth downe waters of blacke and deadly colour, which nourisheth the floods of Stix, Cocytus? I charge thee to goe thither, and bring me a vessell of that water : wherewithall she gave her a bottle of Christall, menacing and threatening her rigorously. Then poor Psyches went in all haste to the top of the mountaine, rather to end her life, then to fetch any water, and when she was come up to the ridge of the hill, she perceived that it was impossible to bring it to passe : for she saw a great rocke gushing out most horrible fountaines of waters, which ran downe and fell by many stops and passages into the valley beneath : on each side shee did see great Dragons, which were stretching out their long and bloody Neckes, that did never sleepe, but appointed to keepe the river there : the waters seemed to themselves likewise saying, Away; away, what wilt thou doe? flie, flie, or else thou wilt be slaine.

Then Psyches (seeing the impossibility of this affaire) stood still as though she were transformed into a stone and although she was present in body, yet was she absent in spirit and sense, by reason of the great perill which she saw, insomuch that she could not comfort her self with weeping, such was the present danger that she was in. But the royall bird of great Jupiter, the Eagle remembring his old service which he had done, when as by the pricke of Cupid he brought up the boy Ganimedes, to the heavens, to be made butler of Jupiter, and minding to shew the like service in the person of the wife of Cupid, came from the high-house of the Skies, and said unto Psyches, O simple woman without all experience, doest thou thinke to get or dip up any drop of this dreadfull water? No, no, assure thy selfe thou art never able to come nigh it, for the Gods themselves do greatly feare at the sight thereof. What, have you not heard, that it is a custome among men to sweare by the puissance of the Gods, and the Gods do sweare by the majesty of the river Stix? but give me thy bottle, and sodainly he tooke it, and filled it with the water of the river, and taking his flight through those cruell and horrible dragons, brought it unto Psyches : who being very joyfull thereof, presented it to Venus, who would not yet be appeased, but menacing more and more said, What, thou seemest unto me a very witch and enchauntresse, that bringest these things to passe, howbeit thou shalt do nothing more.

Take this box and to Hell to Proserpina, and desire her to send me a little of her beauty, as much as will serve me the space of one day, and say that such as I had is consumed away since my sonne fell sicke, but returne againe quickly, for I must dresse my selfe therewithall, and goe to the Theatre of the Gods : then poore Psyches perceived the end of all fortune, thinking verely that she should never returne, and not without cause, when as she was compelled to go to the gulfe and furies of hell. Wherefore without any further delay, she went up to an high tower to throw her selfe downe headlong (thinking that it was the next and readiest way to hell) but the tower (as inspired) spake unto her saying, O poore miser, why goest thou about to slay thy selfe? Why dost thou rashly yeeld unto thy last perill and danger? know thou that if thy spirit be once separated from thy body, thou shalt surely go to hell, but never to returne againe, wherefore harken to me; Lacedemon a Citie in Greece is not farre hence: go thou thither and enquire for the hill Tenarus, whereas thou shalt find a hold leading to hell, even to the Pallace of Pluto, but take heede thou go not with emptie hands to that place of darknesse: but Carrie two sops sodden in the flour of barley and Honney in thy hands, and two halfepence in thy mouth. And when thou hast passed a good part of that way, thou shalt see a lame Asse carrying of wood, and a lame fellow driving him, who will desire thee to give him up the sticks that fall downe, but passe thou on and do nothing; by and by thou shalt come unto a river of hell, whereas Charon is ferriman, who will first have his fare paied him, before he will carry the soules over the river in his boat, whereby you may see that avarice raigneth amongst the dead, neither Charon nor Pluto will do any thing for nought: for if it be a poore man that would passe over and lacketh money, he shal be compelled to die in his journey before they will shew him any reliefe, wherefore deliver to carraine Charon one of the halfpence (which thou bearest for thy passage) and let him receive it out of thy mouth.

And it shall come to passe as thou sittest in the boat thou shalt see an old man swimming on the top of the river, holding up his deadly hands, and desiring thee to receive him into the barke, but have no regard to his piteous cry; when thou art passed over the floud, thou shalt espie old women spinning, who will desire thee to helpe them, hut beware thou do not consent unto them in any case, for these and like baits and traps will Venus set to make thee let fall one of thy sops, and thinke not that the keeping of thy sops is a light matter, for if thou leese one of them thou shalt be assured never to returne againe to this world. Then shalt thou see a great and marvailous dogge, with three heads, barking continually at the soules of such as enter in, but he can do them no other harme, he lieth day and night before the gate of Proserpina, and keepeth the house of Pluto with great diligence, to whom if thou cast one of thy sops, thou maist have accesse to Proserpina without all danger : shee will make thee good cheere, and entertaine thee with delicate meate and drinke, but sit thou upon the ground, and desire browne bread, and then declare thy message unto her, and when thou hast received such beauty as she giveth, in thy returne appease the rage of the dogge with thy other sop, and give thy other halfe penny to covetous Charon, and come the same way againe into the world as thou wentest : but above all things have a regard that thou looke not in the boxe, neither be not too curious about the treasure of the divine beauty. In this manner tire tower spake unto Psyches, and advertised her what she should do : and immediately she tooke two halfe pence, two sops, and all things necessary, and went to the mountaine Tenarus to go towards hell.

After that Psyches had passed by the lame Asse, paid her halfe pennie for passage, neglected the old man in the river, denyed to helpe the woman spinning, and filled the ravenous month of the dogge with a sop, shee came to the chamber of Proserpina. There Psyches would not sit in any royall seate, nor eate any delicate meates, but kneeled at the feete of Proserpina, onely contented with course bread, declared her message, and after she had received a mysticall secret in a boxe, she departed, and stopped the mouth of the dogge with the other sop, and paied the boatman the other halfe penny. When Psyches was returned from hell, to the light of the world, shee was ravished with great desire, saying, Am not I a foole, that knowing that I carrie here the divine beauty, will not take a little thereof to garnish my face, to please my love withall? And by and by shee opened the boxe where she could perceive no beauty nor any thing else, save onely an infernall and deadly sleepe, which immediatly invaded all her members as soone as the boxe was uncovered, in such sort that she fell downe upon the ground, and lay there as a sleeping corps. ]

She also left temporary her body as illusinary existence when she opened the box. She wandered around the dark labyrinth of underground palace of Black Prince and eventually found the body of Mikaday disguised a monk. Only the daughter of Emerald Fish Lord penetrated his disguise and unfastened the bondage. They accidentally fell in love. They escaped the dark underground labyrinth of Black Prince and went to the downriver of Kuwai Tan Kang. Both Black Prince and the Hag infiltrated that their captives escaped, turned their anger to the Lord.

Emerald Fish Lord suffered Three Years for the anger of Black Prince and evil hag, over the well. But Voice of Han Majang could not change Kuwai Tan River to go downward....(14)

When his suffering years passed, Thalurzni opened his Furnace and peeked in it. Suddenly all scenary of Siyang Province appeared inside of it, Thalurzni picked up the Army of Black Prince by his own hands and all of Black Prince's kin became captives of Kralori Imperium.

The daughter asked Mikaday to sooth Thalurzni's anger to slight his successor. Though Mikaday didn't feel such neediness but went to the court with his newly wife. Emperor awaited the couple with unusual good humor and welcomed Mikaday and his new wife to his Palace.

Mikaday said, "Certainly my father-in-law was punished for his haughtiness and paid enough, and Black Prince paid more than ten times of my father-in-law, but still we don't have enough answer for his long agony....." Thalurzni looked sharply toward the lord and urged his disciple to reply his question by himself.

Mikaday answered to the master:

"When the world was still young, in the Garden of Metsyla, there was a pond of Ivaro. Black Prince of Mountain and his minions were in fact, king and people of Black Ant kingdom of the hummock in former lives, before neither he nor Emerald Fish Lord (then he was merely an ignorant fish swimming in the pond) got perception and consciousness by overhearing and eavesdropping the precepts of sages."

"The family of Emerald Fish saw the family of ant fell to the pond when they failed to cross the pond over the needle blade of green tree, caught and ate as much as they could, the Black Prince lost his family one hundred and fourty seven, that is why Emerald Fish Lord just suffered one hundred and fourty seven killing of his household (property?) now, but only daughter of the Emerald Fish Lord felt sorry to the ant, and secretly hid the prince and his servants inside of her mouth, not swallowed, that is why now Black Prince humbled before her and now she waited her husband."

"But do you think such knowledge of former lives help Kralori?" Mikaday asked to his mentor.

"I think most of them don't use this knowledge properly to seek Liberation, they will stop to consider about the goodness of mundane affairs and welfare of Empire, just seek impossible as Avanapdur suggested." Thalurzni bitterly answered.

"I think they will inevitable fail based on imperfect knowledge of time and space." Mikaday agreed.

"Your understanding is imperfect, my disciple." Thalurzni said. "You don't understand why the wind shake the blade when the ants tried to walk over it."

Mikaday questioned,
"But that doesn't explain why waters began to go downward to the sea and good Kralori are now suffering to depend on the favor barbarians and savages about water."

"Orxili, the Prima Materia of this World is willless." Thalurzni said, "Kra is In-breath (Yang) and Lor is Out-breath (Yin) will of the Great Ancestral Dragon, and these ebb and flow control Five Elements of Orxili."

"Thrunhin-dah is source of Water, and Kralorela was made from Kundalini of Daruda, Spiritual Fire of my predecessor. (Sea of Fog failed to be molded for the elemental composition of Water and Air was inbalanced. (15)) And my vessel, Prince of Darkness was from my element, Darkness of Thalurzni. So Black Prince was enhanced by my influence despite his crimes."

"While your element is Earth, Mikaday. Your wife is also from the Source of Elemental Water, so Family of Thrunhin Dah must by subjugated by Family of Korgatsu. in this same sense. But when I simply turned the Furnace in this chamber and induced as River Flow adversed its flow, as wind from Sea of Mist brings bad omen, as Bloody Rain. The marriage between Water (the daughter) and Earth (Mikaday) weakened this relation of me and Black Prince."(16)

"It is the course of our nature in the circumstance of TarnGatHa, in his miraculous thought, as I opposed to the actions to my predecessor, Daruda." Thalurzni serenely concluded.

"I don't think it is preferable way to explain this World of TarnGatHa. It seems that smallest people don't have chance to prove themselves." Mikaday said. Thalurzni shrugged his broad shoulder and told his disciple that the wedding of Mikaday and the daughter of Emerald Fish Lord will be next week.

"That is always our feeling towards mentors, I feel same to my mentor, Daruda." Thalurzni spoke to himself. "But this is the course of World change, and we don't have to give answer to even smallest who don't understand the whole meaning of Draconic Wisdom for their petty concern, humanity is coherently short-sighted and thus evil."

Mikaday replied, "I don't think so."

Thalurzni said, "Even if you are right and I am wrong, I don't want to see my ideal collapsed by your reign. For me, Empire is not simply a material of our practice, it is Dragon which also seeks liberation."

Mikaday didn't say anymore, but his compassionate eyes told that "You will fail."(17)

Thalurzni punished evil advisors of Emerald Fish Lord, mother Hag of Black Prince and Voice of Han Majang with the guilty of misinterpretation of Dragon's precept, Black Prince of Mountain and Emerald Fish Lord now realised what was happening when they peeked into the inside of Thalurzni's Furnace and profound kaleidoscopic mystery of draconic wisdom.

Now perfectly humbled, they swore fealty toward Mikaday and his wife. Mikaday gave his father-in-law a role to care watery rich and welfare of all Kralori, as successor of Emperor Thalurzni.


(1)Kuwai Tan Kang River is greatest river of Kralorela, stretched long on Siyang Province of modern Kralorelan Domain. Its fertile valley has been long disputing point among lowland Kralori and highland barbarian people of Hsunchen and Horned Ones of Korgatsu.

(2)Christianity concept of Original Sin is always stressed overly by Confucians, when they chose words to blame on christians, "you chose Evil as your own nature, cast out from Eden, so you are Evil. You chose only One Own
God and exclude others, so you are narrow-minded, blurblurblurblur...." Monotheism approves humility before One God through such "narrow-mindedness", that might be the concept that despised by Jahiriya Arabs before Muhammad.....(but maybe good counter-opinion can be found at Icelandic "Njal's Saga"....)

(As a pragmatic people, we Japanese quite wisely? keep indifferent attitude (or ignore) other "minority" Monotheism groups, like Jews and Muslims, for they have never been important for its interest of history. And Muslims and Jews NEVER think original sin is common idea for monotheism.....)

This concept is concerned very much by Confucians, for in the end of Warring States Period, Great Debate stormed under the struggle among countries, already in Zhou Dynasty in China, Tien (Miracle Rescue?) and Shens (Gods?) are separated before Warring State Period, as humanists, Chinese philosophers debated. "Human coherent nature, is it good or evil?" In doctorinal point of view of history, once legalists which thinks human nature is EVIL overwhelmed other countries, but its Empire didn't last long....that is the beginning of Han Dynasty, .

Word of Mencius: (Teaching of Mencius later turned into Orthodox Creed of Confucianism.)

"Why do I say all human beings have a heart which cannot stand to see the suffering of others? Even nowadays, if an infant were about to fall into a well, anyone would be upset and concerned. This concern would not be due to the fact that the person wanted to get in good with the baby's parents, or because s/he wanted to improve his/her reputation among the community or among his/her circle of friends. Nor would it be because he/she was afraid of the criticism that might result from a show of non-concern."

"From this point of view, we can say that if you did lack concern for the infant, you would not be human. Also, to lack a sense of shame and disgust would not be human; to lack a feeling of humility and deference is to be "in-human" and to lack a sense of right and wrong is to be inhuman."

"The sense of concern for others is the starting point of jen. The feeling of shame and disgust is the starting point of Righteousness. The sense of humility and deference is the starting point of Propriety and the sense of right and wrong is the starting point of Wisdom.">>

Word of Xunzi: (Chinese Legalism is famous for it contributed the foundation of Unification of All China after Warring States Period, under flag of Qin Dynasty, but it was later condemned error and heretical by Orthodox Confucianism.)

<<In their youth, both Han Feizi and the Legalist Prime Minister Li Si studied under a prominent Confucian scholar. As you might have guessed, this scholar was Xunzi, the Confucian who argued that human nature is evil. Han Feizi and Li Si fully accepted this part of Xunzi's teachings. There was, however, a major difference in their views of human nature. Xunzi said that a person's original nature is evil and so it must be modified through strict training. Han Feizi and the other Legalists did not think this evil original nature could ever be trained or modified. Humans were self-serving and anti-social from the time they were born until the time they died, and any attempt to change this basic nature was futile and misguided. Instead, rulers should accept that human nature is permanently evil, embrace this fact, and use it to their advantage.>>

(3) (Devil and YHWH (Job), Odin and Frigg Griminismal http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/4178/grimnismal.html

<<Agnar and Geirrod are brother princes and foster sons of Frigg and Odin. Geirrod the younger tricked his brother so he could be King. Frigg gets Odin to visit his favorite, Geirrod, accusing Geirrod of inhospitality, a most heinous crime. However, she also appears to Geirrod, and warns him to beware of a visitor. Odin arrives at Geirrod's in disguise, saying his name is Grimnir. Geirrod binds Grimnir between two fires for eight days. Odin avenges himself by prophesying that the king will perish by his own sword. Geirrod draws his sword, but startled when Odin suddenly transforms himself into his godly form, falls on his own sword and dies, thus fulfilling the prophecy.)>>

(4)In Gods Age, as other nations of Genertela, River flows go upriver.

(5) I think a desire to actively enlight savages is too-less Chinese like idea? write more vague and ambiguous, terra. It is Similar to Lunar Way to enlarge its territory?

(6)Point of view of Buddhist?

(7)Point of view of Taoist?

(8) Search Indian Source about Reincarnation (samsara), Apparent Mysticism (hatha yoga, vajrayana?) and Orthodox Mysticism (theraveda, raja yoga)

(9)In tone of Shakespeare: King Lear

(10)As in Job of Old Testament.

(11)By that experience, Third Eye of Mikaday opened and finally realised the relation of prakriti and purusha? See about Tantric Buddhism sources.

(12)Source is Kudrun http://www.timelessmyths.com/norse/kudrun.html

(13) Written by Apuleius? Psyche and Eros: http://ancienthistory.about.com/library/bl/bl_cupidandpsyche.htm

(14)At that time, Mikaday met Demon of Tzu Lung with his future wife, hypnotised it with the music of flute, and realised what he disturbed long from final awakening?

(15)Kralori point of view to Kahar's Stillness?

(16)Thalurzni analyzed really what happened in the course of thinking from Kra and Lo, Five Elements (for Kralorela is the Center of the World and unifies all of Elements), Mikaday didn't like its theory. (Very materialistic, sorcerous point of view to the World?

(17)According to teaching of Tibetan, while Esoteric (Vajrayana)Buddhism offer Immediate Understanding (Buddha), Apparent (Paramita)Buddhism offers Nirvana only after Long Practice of Meditation along with Samsara....