Column of Superhero Arkat & Gbaji War
Column of Note and Memorundum for Arkat Worship

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Esoteric Nature
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Arkat, Heroquest & Enigma

Perhaps, Arkat is the fictituous personality who is most loved by
Glorantha's Creator, Greg Stafford, and the greatest hero in the world. Even
though the Truth in Glorantha is very equivocal, there are many things which
teach us his character and feature. And I should mention you here his
struggle for seventy-five years and his enigmatic connection to his shadow
(Though perhaps he is more suitable for applying the role of "Shadow" for
Elementality) Nysalor. There is no doubt his existence itself is the
exposition for thinking of Illumination and reason d'etre of humanity. (No
matter he is merely a generation for the Game or not.)

Anyway, the founder of intentional Heroquest is a turncoat who changed
sides many times for destroying his enemy, Nysalor = Gbaji. (That is my
opinion, his model seems to be derived from a sort of Alcibiades (Greek
Athenian general and politician; led Ionian revolt against Athens; led
Athenians against Sparta 411b-409b, regaining Chalcedon and Byzantium;
murdered; nephew of Pericles _450b?-404b) in Plutarch.) who lived in RW
Somewhere of Warring States Era.

Published Materials for Reference

I don't know well about the 1st & 2nd Edition Rune Quest and its
supplements, and The writings about Trolls, it seems Sandy Petersen wrote
many for Uzdom in Chaosium Version Troll Pack, but I don't know about Arkat
and his Stygian Empire in Ralios in 2nd RQ.

Troll Gods: Avalonhill Published

There is detailed description for Trollish Arkat cult, in the restriction of
Rune Quest rule. About himself, it hinted his existence as the trollish
"Sorcery" god and the focus of Kingtroll Worship repulsive to typical
female-dominated uz society. (Please note he was Death Lord of Zorak Zoran.)
Detail of Arkat's Trasformation from human to uz. Blue Moon Worship and
observation record of Skyfall Lake.

Troll Pack: Uz Lore Avalonhill Published

Once Japanese Edition was published, though it was out of print.
It described the realationship between Arkat and Uz race in the history of
Gbaji War. For there are many (but obscure) maps of ancient Gloranthan
middle world, it is very mportant for speculation. And there is appendix of
detailed description about the ritual for transformation from human to uz!

Dorastor: Land of Doom Avalonhill Published

In this supplement, there is the description for what happens in modern 17C
age of Glorantha where set the center of Bright Empire which Nysalor, rival
and double of Arkat ruled. Article of "the Path to Illumination" is put on
to the back of this supplement hints greatly about merits and demerits of
modern Lunar Empire, and proceed forth to the elucidation of inconsistency
which Arkat's complicated personality involves.

Lord of Terror: Avalonhill Published

It was edited for covering Dorastor. It reported the connection between
Chaotic Cults and Arkat (please read the description of Krjalk the Betrayer
Cult) and Collection of Mythologies for Nysalor and Arkat.

Book of Drastic Resolution: Chaos

It was published for covering more Dorastor and LoT. There are fragments of
famous Humakt's Myth and Description of the scene which Arkat confronted
Nysalor. It touches the relationship between Ralion Arkat worship and

Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness

There is a short fragment of Arkat Saga. (See below.) And it carries Arkat
is worshipped by uz as an incarnation of Kortagi, son of Boztakang, trollish
Chaosslayer God.

Tradetalk #4,5,6 Kingdom of Night

Ancient Kingdom of Night in Kethaela, Holy Country. Gbaji War in Maniria.
It runs with plain explanations for relations of Only Old One and Arkat.

Broken Council Guidebook

This source book was written for the LARP of RQ Con2. It relays before
Creation of Nysalor and after Creation. Some of the members who are written
of the details of their profile in this book were later joined to fight in
gbaji War and split into friends and enemies.

Tales of the Reaching Moon #13 Malkioni Special

Arkat is remembered as "a person who is an example to people of what they
should not be" for Malkioni. About the Ritual of Crusade which Arkat abused
and was consequently excommunicated by Hrestoli Church. About Stygian
Heresy. About Ralian Three Stygian Saints, etc...

Websites for Reference

Peter Metcalph's (Recently it was moved to my site for a meantime home)
Some Thoughts on Esoteric Arkatism

Nikk Effingham's
General Notes on the Cults of Arkat

Mysticism and Illumination

After all, Illumination enables a person to ignore the restrictions of his
cults which limit its worshippers with new point of view to his world. It is
a philosophy breaks order and bestows priority to an indivisual than a group
which style of destruction Orlanthi denies. So it is attributed to Chaos,
and Greg Stafford worked to connect illumination and Eastern Glorantha for
the RW "eastern"? point of view stressing spirituality of human, then
tension between Lunar Empire (autocratic Oriental-style) and Sartar
(Europian?) which was appeared in the writing of Herodotos. (It was finished
by the Complete for recent Vithelan Mythology.) Though the great difference
between Hero Wars and Rune Quest is not easy to balance, We can grasp
Illumnation as one form of Eastern Mysticism manifistation in a sense that
Eastern Mysticism denies Other Sides of each three other Magical Systems as
Garden of Temtation and illusion.

And Arkat can be seen merciless homicidal maniac of large numbers as Sheng
Seleris (same 75 years?), I can understand many groups who still hate him even now. But
Glorantha has been divided to small parts, and acts of each reality have
crushed each other, Arkat accomplished his aim by getting along with their
gaps. Most of groups who once trusted him and was "betrayed" consider him as
much evil as his enemy, Gbaji. (Exceptions are Ralios where he founded a
prosperous empire and trolls he finally accompanied (so he didn't
betrayed.)) Arkat was called as a kind of Krjalki the term means Monster for
Western Language. And it was identified with generalized name for the Chaos
God of Betrayal. (Read Hero Wars: Glorantha Introduction to Hero Wars about
detail) He was called Kragfils (Eclipse), or simply Gbaji the Deceiver which
cast back to him his Curse to Nysalor by Pelorians.

Chaos War

GTA: Heroes and Rune Masters have a chance to read "Arkat Saga: THE TALE OF
SERALOS DEGUYS" and Harmast Saga (First Chapter is revealed to public as
Morden Defends the Camp). Gbaji War made Great Trouble to many areas of
Genertelan Continent in thae era. The list below is for Arkat and his
companions, and Nysalor, and his supporters.

Companions of Arkat

Triumvirate Heroes

Talor the Laughing Warrior
(Codex #2, Gloranthan Prosopaedia, Tales #13)

Fronelan Hero. He defeated Chaos Sorcerer Arinsor who was a subject of
Nysalor, closed the Gate of Vanir which linked to Otherside, and changed the
chaotic blessing which was given by Nysalor to Telmori to curse. He combined
his force breaking through to the defence of Kartolin with Arkat's Troll
Army in the final stage of war in Dorastor, and invaded from Ralios to the
City of Dream. Later, he ruled Fronela as King of Akem (Loskalm). His dry
humor was once denied by God Learners, but today 17 C it is brought to the
focus of reassessment because it seems connected to Hrestol's Joy of Heart.
His emblem is Black Hound on the Golden Back. (Maybe it is also the emblem
of modern Watchdog Council in Loskalm.)

Gerlant the Flamesword
(Gloranthan Prosopaedia, Tales #13)

Seshnelan Hero. He was called the son of Arkat, but the meaning of it is
not clear. He was torn between two loyalties and he chose his nation rather
than his friend, and was raised to the rank of Saints, though even then he
and his army marched to Dorastor as an ally of Arkat (and Talor). His emblem
Red Flaming Sword on the White Back was later used by Crusade of Return to
Righteousness and God Learners. After Gbaji War, he enthroned as Seshnegi
King and gave his reverence together with Talor in Third Ecclesiastical
Council, banned the Arkat's Stygian Heresy in Ralios. Black-haired Saint of

Harmast the Barefoot
(Harmast's Saga, Wyrm's Footprint, Storm Tribe, etc)

He was born as a cottar in Hendriki tribe (Outlaw Refugees from Empire of
Light), he intiated to Orlanth cult which had been prohibited long and
became a leader who rebeled against Lokamayadon (King of Talastar and an
ally of Empire of Dorastor. Blasphemer of Orlanth worship.). He wandered
Ralios and was inspired by rugged land of Coloraland. He became first mortal
who succeeded Lightbringer's Quest and rescued Arkat who was slayed in
Kartolin from Underworld. Later, discouraged ny treachery of Arkat, Harmast
tried to Quest again, but he confined himself to see Talor and made an
alliance with him. (In later publication, it was revealed that he was a
reduced noble of Berenethtelli Tribe and didn't join to Hendriki, and
Lokamayadon was killed by his tutor Vargast Redhand.)

Heroes beyond Age

They participated to the War summoned by Arkat (or on coversely, summoned
his combat to his Age)

Vogarth the Strong Man
(Harmast's Saga, Storm Tribe)
Silver Age Hero. He fought for his kin in Esrolia.

Tessele the Runelord or True
(Belintar's Book, Tales#7, Tradetalk #4&5)

Silver Age Hero. She is an incarnation of Caladra and devoted herself for
her soul-mate, Vortem, killed by Chaos. She is an Enigma and later she was conjured
by Belintar.

Heort the Swift or Wiseking
(Anaxial Roster, Thunder Rebels & Storm Tribe, Tradetalk #4, etc..)

Silver Age Hero. Famous as Heortling ideal ruler. He saved the Second Son
of Vingkot, Hengall for succeeding in Heroquest "I fought, we won."

Chark the Liberator
(Gloranthan Prosopaedia, Elder Races Book of Elder Secrets)

"Future Hero" in 7C ST. He was the founder of Dwarf Heresy Indivisualism.

Other Contemporary Heroes

Malaskan Phillippe
(Arkat's Saga, Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars)

Today (1621 ST) he is the Leader of Aloranit Talar. He is directly
descended from Malkion. He fought with Arkat and beheaded the Vampire King
of Tanisor (Grakamagakan?).

(Lords of Terror)

Brithini "Witch". She became an outlaw rebelled against Brithini custom
oppressing women.

(Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars, Tradetalk #10)

Today, he was sealed as a spirit of City Kaxtorprose along the Manirian sea
coast. He helped Arkat.

Makla Mann Iron Sword
(Broken Council Guidebook, Tales #5, Storm Tribe)

He was a King of Dari in Ralios and Sword of Humath the King of Wind and
War. Even after Arkat abandoned Humakt worship, he remained loyal to Arkat.
He is a hero of Loyalty.

Jalmar Iron Sword
(Tradetalk #9)

Heortling Humakti. Once he was embarassed by the betrayal of Arkat, he
marched to Dorastor and died in warfield. It is said that Jalmar taught
Arkat the secret of his sword, "God Cleaver".

Distan the Ironbreaker
(Lords of Terror)

Great Ancestor of Bilini and holder of the Magical Sword named Ironbreaker (he is an ancestor of
Bolthor Brighteye), he was a general of Arkat.

(Tales #13, Questlines, etc...)

Heortling Sorceror. He studied Sorcery through Arkat's tutelage and was
inspired that Orlanth is the Source of Sorcery. He is the Founder of Aeolian

Owenreth the Exile
(Enclosure, Storm Tribe)

He was helped by many heroes such like Harmast Barefoot, Hendreik the
Freeman, etc.., and he reconstructed the Heortling Kingdom. He was selected
as High King. His son, Jarankol the Solarslayer joined to the Punitive Force
against Dara Happa.

Kwaratch Kang
(Troll Pack: Uz Lore, Troll Gods, Broken Council Guidebook,
Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness, etc...)

He was Uz Death Lord and General of Second Council before it was broken. He
supported Arkat and suggested him to change into Troll.

Garazaf Hyloric
(Troll Pack: Uz Lore, Troll Gods, Tradetalk #4,
Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness, etc...)

She was a Mistress Race troll in the Icy Eye Clan who became the surrogate
mother of Arkat. She served as a priestess as Subere, Kyger Litor and Xiola

Only Old One
(Troll Pack: Uz Lore, Troll Gods, Tradetalk #4, 5, 6
Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness, Broken Council Guidebook, etc...)

Ezkankekko in Darktongue. He was the ruler of Kethaelan Kingdom of Night and
the lord of the Palace of the Black Obsidian, son of Argan Argar. He healed
Arkat's serious wound and became good co-ruler of him after Arkat founded
Stygian Autarchy.

Vorwaha Bisonlord
(Dorastor: Land of Doom)

He was a supporter of Arkat's army to North. He led Praxian Nomads to
destroy the remnants of Talastari and Dara Happan Empire of Bright.

Great Enemy


Bright God, Illuminator, Osentarka, Gbaji (375|450j
He was born in Pseudo Cosmic Egg who doesn't belong to Cosmic Compromise,
as an Incarnate of Rashoran. His Genesis was promoted by the High Council of
Land Genertela formed by Greatway Openhandist Dwarves, Rist and Northern
Elves and Dara Happan Empire, etc...which ostracized some opponents like
Heortling, Trolls and Dragonewts, etc...Nysalor drove Black Eater in the Battle
of Night and Day and cast the Curse of Trollkin to Uz. He confronted against
Arkat in the center of Spiral and parts of his corpse were scattered to each
distant places across Genertela and sealed. Peloria under Lunar Empire kept
worship to him as Bringer of Prosperity and Teacher of illumination without
real merits. In the manuscript of Peloria, he was illustrated as a person
who floated over with the sitting style of crossed legs and meditated,
radiating from inside. As Gbaji in Western Manuscript, he was written as
snarled face with anger, Demonic Leather Wings, a parody of Human.

Below are lists of Heroes who opposed to Arkat and his allies, or was
controlled by Nysalor, or voluntarilly became his subjects.

Varganthar the Unconquerable Knight
(Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars)
He was a barbarian knight who opposed Talor in Fronela.

Arinsor the Chaos Sorcerer
(Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars, Book of Drastic Resolution: Chaos)
Servant of Nysalorian Empire. He was a sorceror who could control Chaos, and
tried to open the gate of Vanir with his staff and to release Chaos.

Grakamagakan Vampire King
(Genertela: Crucible of Hero Wars, Dorastor: Land of Doom)

Tanisorian King and the Lord of the Place where later became Red Ruin. A
servant of Nysalor Worship. He met Final Death by Arkat and Malaskan

Palangio the Iron Vrok
(Tradetalk #10, Arkat's Saga & Harmast Saga, Storm Tribe)

(Translator Note: Vrok is a type of hawk revered by Sun Worshippers)
Rinliddian and Dara Happan General of Alkoth. He moved south to Dragon Pass
and led the occupation force. He killed Vargast Redhand in Battle of Verge.
Later he was destroyed by dijigelmi army which was led by Arkat Kingtroll.

Ralzakaak the Broolord
(Dorastor: Land of Doom)

He was resurrected by Godlearners who believed he isn't Evil. It is said
that he was once a subject of Nysalor...Ruler of Dorastor today.

Derinogus Pistol
(Dorastor: Land of Doom)

He led Dangan Confederation in Ralios and fought with Arkat, and was killed.
He is a general of Bright Empire.

Lokamayadon the Stormpriest
(Harmast's Saga, Enclosure #2, Tales #7, Thunder Rebels & Storm Tribe, etc...)

Notorious Betrayer of Orlanth in Talastar. Rival of Harmast? He is said to
try to replace Storm Worship to Worship of himself. There are many remained
record, and it seems he was very arrogant (proudful) man. He appeared
fluently in the Saga of Vanak Spear. In Battle of Verge, he was killed by
Vargast Redhand.

Crimson Bat
(Dragon Pass Board Game, Dorastor: Land of Doom,
Elder Secrets of Glorantha, Lords of Terror, etc...)

It was restored by Red goddess. In one theory, it was an Evil Bat God, and
in another, it was Chaotic Demon destroyed by Arkat. Today, it works as
Biological Weapon of Lunar Empire.

Estorex Holy
(Broken Council Guidebook, Lords of Terror)

Yuthuppan Dayzatar priest, he preached in Ralios and was revered greatly.

Lord of Firegulf, Arlastor Gol Aral
(Wyrm's Footprint)

A Hero of Yelmite. His name appeared in the Article of Sunstop.

Anirestyu Fool
(Fortunate Succession)

He was the Last Successor of Khordavu Dynasty in Dara Happa. In Gbaji War,
he sent all of his Army to Dorastor without considering his homeland
defence. Consequently, he ruined his country, he abdicated his throne. (In
Lunarize Fortunate Succession, he was thought as a tragic but good ruler.)

Life of Arkat

Kingdom of Logic Brithos: Horal, in 375 he was born (Sunstop, Same Birthday
of nysalor?), to 415

(From Brithos to Western Sea, to Seshnela, Aloranit)

He was raised by elves living in Brithini forest, in his youth, he
discovered his father's name (It is an insistence of humakti) He gained a
Sword named God Cleaver or Unbreakable Sword. He joined to brithini Horalite
caste and learned the sorcery art of war. He accompanied with the army to
Aloranit Colony and realized the existence of Gbaji cult and his destiny. He
ran away from Brithini and became "Broken Part" (Mostali term?).

Hrestoli Seshnela: Grand Marshal of Crusade against Chaos, from 417 to 425

(From Seshnela to Ralios, Kartolin Pass (Pass between Ralios and Dorastor)

He set his Base to Arkhome and abused many times the ritual of Crusade which
was handed down from Hrestol for fighting Tanisorian Vampirelord
Grakamagakan. Even after he was excommunicated for the abusement of Crusade,
he marched to Ralios and continued his war, and allied with elves in Ballid
Forest and Humakti, defeated Telmori. He tried to attack Kartolin, but was
killed by Guardians. (He was illustrated as Redhead burly men, holding Black
Shield which was drown Two Golden Crowns.)

Orlanthi Band: Humaktson. He was rescued by Lightbringer's Quest. From 425
to 440.

(From Slontos to Kethaela, Dragon Pass)

After he was salvaged by Harmast from Hell, Arkat landed to Slontos as
Humaktson who possessed "the Sword which Humakt has" and searched the route
to Dorastor without passing through the strong-defended Kartolin.
Dragonewts, Trolls and Heortlings who was oppressed by Lokamayadon joined
his army. This united army defeated a Dara Happan army which led by Palangio
and included a chaotic herd from Snakepipe Hollow, and Arkat realized the
trollish power against Chaos. (In this stage, he was illustrated as a
Barbarian Warrior carrying two swords. (He could use both hands
simultaneously, or one sword was special?)

Deathlord: Metamorphoses to Troll and Worship of Zorak Zoran, Kingtroll.
From 440 to Triumph of 450.

(Pelorian Barbarian Belt to Dorastor)

He was advised from troll heroes (Garazaf Hyloric, Kwaratch Kang and
Ezkankekko) and went to the way of final transformation. His former humanity
allies recoiled for fear, but for hatred to Gbaji, or for their loyalty to
Arkat (Makla Mann, etc..) They continued to march to Dorastor. They went
north and in Dorastor, many heroes were summoned to and most of both sides
were destroyed. Capital Dokat and Tower of Dream were shattered, and only
One of Two fought against Double of each other exited from the Tower and cast a
curse to Dorastor. (Trolls carve images of him in marble, shaped like a dark
troll but with prominent teeth, a heart shape on his chest, the sign of the
Redstone Zorak Zoran temple on his back, and a bronze nail driven through
him from head to foot.)

First Autarch of Stygian Autarchy. Prophet of Styhgian heresy. Reign from
450 to 500.

(From Ralios to Guhan, around Felster Lake to Eastern Wild.)

Arkat ruled most of occupied Areas as God King, some of them rebelled
against him and became independents. (Talor, Gerlant, etc...) Some says he
returned to human form, another says he produced Mistress Race Troll
Autarchs. (His bloodline was extincted in the reign of Paslac.) Some says
after his reign, he retired to Constellation Dove (Arkat). Another says he
made his immortal home in well somewhere of Hero Plane. It is said that even
God Learners could not discover his residence.

Esoteric Nature

Uz Lore Troll Pack says Dark Empire was once revived in the form of
Joastland Kingdom after the fall of godlearners. It worshipped Triad Saints
of Stygian Heresy. ( In one theory, they were followers of Arkat and his
generals. Their names are Mabordinarne, Valsatar, Goriant. One of heores in
this kingdom was Retter the Stalker, Duke of Delela, and he was a famous
troll enemy. (Then does it mean the relationship between Trolls and Stygian
Heresy wasn't always good?)

In Modern Age Ralian Worship, people who disgusts schism after the conquest
of Bailifes Tanisorian Dynasty and Warring States upheld the worship to
Arkat as Symbol of Unification. But everyone cannot deny the fact which the
power of history and legend all the more increases division and confusions
coming from past Godlearnish Destruction caused the differences among cults
and distortion from suppression. There is a prophesy that incarnation(s) of
Arkat will appear in Hero Wars. Below is incarnations which Peter Metcalph
can expect in his limit. (Of course some of them can be imposters.)

Five Incarnates of Arkat are be told to appear in Hero Wars:

Foyalfine (Arkat the Deceiver)(Translator Note: In Runequest Con 2, Greg
Stafford himself played the role of Foyalfine in LARPFHow the West
was One:
Seventh Ecclesiastical Council! Can you see what kind of persona does he
like?) : A real snake in the grass. He is currently entertaining Tanisorans,
Belstos and Trolls and is offside with the Old Arkat Kult Alliance (any
relation to the EOKA of cyprus is undetermined) and his neighbours (he is
as "frustrated"). (Translator Note: EOKA is abbreviation of Ethnike
Organosis Kypriakon Agonos.)

I think that he can appear utterly committed to the cause of everybody he
meets but will be forced to betray them in the most vicious way possible.
Hence his bad odour with his neigbours and half of Azilos is a result of
past treacheries. To get ahead in his quest for the throne, he's inviting in
the trolls, the borists and the rokari to subdue his current enemies, but
currently differing on which one to choose. Eventually he realize that he
can choose all of them and become an incarnation of Arkat. In then end,
he'll betray his new allies at the best possible moment and find other
suckers to ally with.

Reinard de Faucille (Arkat the Troll): Currently ruler of Naskorion (cf
Tradetalk #3 for more details). Has an alliance with Halikiv. I believe he
wants to turn into a troll but needs Dagobard's Papers because it contains
an eye-witness account of how Arkat turned into a troll without compromising
his humanity (or purpose). Currently it's missing and he's hunting for the
scribe Jalques (cf Troll Gods yellow handout). When he does find this, he'll
become an incarnation of Arkat.

Argin Terror (Arkat the Chaos Monster): Currently ruler of Tinaros and has
unresolved problems with his mother. When he does resolve them, he'll become
an incarnation of Arkat.

Argrath (Arkat the Liberator): "Umm. Sorry guys, I was just passing through
on the . I have no interest in you whatsoever."

The Good Arkat. Dunno who he is. I think he's for the PCs to discover and
champion his or her cause. At some crucial battle, he will be defeated and
be horribly murdered. The PCs will be on their own to fight for his ideals
because they are still the right ones.

The Remains attributed to Arkat


The Homebase of Arkat's Crusaders.

Red Ruin
The Base of Tanisorian Vampire King.


Sacred Place which was discovered by Naskorion Duke Reinard for Troll Arkat.

City Marost
In this city, one hundred magical swords were buried to the root of the

City Azilos
Magical treasure "Eye of Worlds" which Count Foyalfine possessed is handed
dow from Arkat.

Ballid Forest
Forest of "Ally of Arkat".


City of Blackglass

Source of Many Legends and Capital of Only Old One. Center of Shadow
Plateau. It was destroyed by Pharaoh, and remained only Tar Pit.

Coastal City. One of heroes who supported him is sealed to this city as a
guardian spirit.

Aside from them, (inspite of his betrayals) some groups who continue Arkat
Worship survive in Aeolian Black Arkat Temple of Heortland Hendriki (maybe it is not Aeolian),
distorted form of Lunars and Spolite Carmania, of course it also includes
the worship of Kingtroll Arkat.

Arkat in Hero Wars

After Interview with Greg Stafford, some mysteries connected to Arkat were
clarified but it concluded to reveal more mysteries to clarify. Arkat was
First Hero. "Origin of the Name: Argrath, which is Savior (Destroyer?) of
Hero Wars". Trollish Sorcery God: Darkness and Death for Human. He is also
Immortal Autarch of Ralios. Double of Dark Nysalor. There are many
developments for HW in Analyses of Hero Plane, God Plane, Spirit Plane,
Sorcery Plane, Underworld, Material World... And "Underworld is a place
which piling up God, Spirit and Sorcery Plane. But phenomena in Underworld
act reversibly against Material World."

In past history related Gloranthan system, It generated step by step from
Chaos, Darkness, Sea, Earth, Sky and Storm. And in Rune Quest 3rd Edition,
Spirit Magic was magic for people who used it as "primitive form". And
Sorcery was "developed" form for more invented society. Mysticism of Lobin
Laws destroyed in a sense, though revision of Rules and treatment of
Mysticism between 1st Edition HQ and 2nd Edition are still uncertain or
inscrutable for most of "Godlearnish" gloranthans. If there is focus of an
answer, I think it will connect to existence of Arkat. Perhaps Future
Publication (2001 Winter there is only plan) of "Heroquests and
Heroquesting" may reveal some answers for it.

From Old Prosopaedia

Arkat [AR-kat]
Malkioni, Orlanth, and Troll pantheons -- ancient hero
Arkat is the most important ancient hero. His leading the epic struggle to
destroy Gbaji, the Chaos God, ended the Dawn Age. Arkat discovered the means
of deliberate heroquesting, and spread his knowledge among others. For years
his cult controlled all active excursions onto the hero plane. Arkat retired
to Ralios and founded a widespread, peaceful empire.
Although he destroyed Gbaji, Arkat underwent unusual metamorphoses which
alienated his followers. In the Second Age, political and magical enemies
destroyed Arkat's empire. Membership in his cult was at first discouraged,
then outlawed, and eventually became superfluous amidst the growing abuses
of the Jrusteli God-learners.

Due to this persecution Arkat's cult went underground for centuries, but its
remnants helped spearhead the destruction of the hated Jrusteli. Since then
it has maintained a widespread, but scattered, existence.

Arkat is represented in many different forms. Western manuscripts describe
him as a huge burly redhead and clothe him in sixth-century armor and
fashions, including his coat of arms: a black shield with two gold crowns.
Orlanthi barbarians depict the same man but carrying two swords and wearing
barbarian clothing. Trolls carve images of him in marble, shaped like a dark
troll but with prominent teeth, a heart shape on his chest, the sign of the
Redstone Zorak Zoran temple on his back, and a bronze nail driven through
him from head to foot.

Talor [TAHL-oar]
Malkioni pantheon -- the laughing warrior
This hero of Fronela gained his fame and power during the Chaos Wars, in a
battle against Gbaji the Deceiver whose worshipers had infiltrated Talor's
native land of Akem. Aided by a band of heroes from other lands, Talor
commanded armies, led secret plots, plundered ancient secrets, and
slaughtered all foes who dared defy him. Throughout it all he maintained a
wry (some say mad) sense of grim humor which failed him only twice. This
secret humor is the soul of his cult.
His device consists of a black dog's head on a gold background, with a thin
horizontal red bar behind the dog's head.

Gerlant Flamesword [GER-lant]
Malkioni pantheon -- warlord, saint of honor and right action
Gerlant Flamesword was a king of Seshnela during the most important war
fought by the Malkioni. He was Arkat's liege during the Gbaji wars and he
used Arkat to save his land. When Arkat betrayed his principles Gerlant
turned against him. This forced treachery has been a favored subject for
tragic epics for centuries. Sometimes Gerlant is declared to be Arkat's son.
Gerlant's prowess and honor became so legendary that even before his death,
he was worshiped as a saint.
He is pictured in manuscripts as a bearded king with black hair wielding his
famous flaming sword. His arms consist of a flaming red sword upon a white
background. A variant of this became the hated symbol of the God-learners.

Nysalor [NIGH-suh-lor]
Lunar and Yelm pantheons -- the bright one, the illuminator, god of
see also Gbaji, Red Goddess
At the end of the Dawn Ages the hubris of mortals reached its ultimate form
when they sought to create a perfect god. At his birth terrible portents
shook the world and a great struggle began which lasted almost a century.

Nysalor is not now worshiped for Arkat the Destroyer killed and dismembered
the god, and scattered the pieces across the worlds. The story of Nysalor is
well known and often repeated as a moral tale. Most people know only parts
of the whole story.

No images of the living god survive. He is depicted in Pelorian manuscripts
as a radiant man, floating above the ground in a pose of cross-legged

Gbaji [g'BAH-jee]
Chaos pantheon -- the deceiver
see also Arkat, Nysalor
Gbaji brought about the end of the Dawn Age and destroyed Genertelan
civilization. His subtle chaos infected all cults and peoples from Peloria
to Seshnela. At the peak of Gbaji's evil empire vampires walked openly,
disease masters of Malia were as highly esteemed as healers, and the
populace of entire cities sprouted chaos features.

Arkat the Liberator destroyed Gbaji and destroyed his empire. To this day,
Gbaji's homeland, Dorastor, is infested by vile monsters.

No images of the living god survive. He is shown in western manuscripts as a
demonic figure -- an evil parody of the human form. Pelorian manuscripts
reveal an elegant radiant man-like being, almost always shown suspended off
the ground and glowing from within. His handsome face is usually twisted
with a snarl. He is usually also shown with leathery wings.

28 / Dec / 2003
Swindlers and Arkat (after published HeroQuest rule....):

Hello Greg:

I want to write my current opinion about Arkat through HQ heroquest description, if you don't like it or let me read "Seralos Deguys" and <3007. Arcane Lore: Heroquests and Heroquesting> before I say something, please stop me before I go too far or I misunderstand the rule of HQ. But at least, I can say futility from only materialistic profit (and advantage bonus in rule) about heroquest. (Please distinguish difference of capital letters, hq (actions of characters) and HQ (rule). Three types of hq presented in HQ rule... see p.191)

<Greg: I'd suggest that anyone setting off on a HQ with swinder's data is doomed. I mean, you must have the correct data to succeed, or else be incredibly lucky. >

Arkat failed several times in HQ, and his method was (at least sometimes) experimental. (See changing paths in HQ p.201) and chose unknown (at least in his contemporary cult he belonged) "stations" several times in Otherside. Of course arkat(i) can prepare enough with gathered information, but if you went same place in other cult, still unknown factors are present.

(For example, if you meet Honorable Blue Knight and challenged in One Station, as hrestoli knight or humakti, you might have to accept his challenge, but if you are ZZni, you might want to ambush the foolish hooman rider and torture him freely for extracting his secret....)

I think each consequences of hq don't need to tell all of themselves for players, and I want to all of Good or Bad should be told from End of History or Saga, for great hq is too serious matter to be solved from only an aspect of rule. For example, once Arkat was wounded poisoned spear and that damage couldn't be healed without help of us, sorry, uz. And in that consequence, Arkat joined uzdom. You would think that reversely if he wasn't wounded, he might not have joined Uz Army.

(Or more familiar term, if Orlanth killed Eurmal on his way to Underworld in LBQ, Orlanth would have failed, even if you don't like my suggesting about relation of Frodo and Gollum in LOTR.... In Game Term, D&Dishly narrator can give freely bonuses and Heropoints after success of each quests, but I think it is better way to give something unknown things, like "Blue Hawk Eyes" or "Bright Stone String" for future playing. )

<Greg: No. Magic is a non-countable thing. You can answer it with a value of "how many," just "how much." The numbers given are approximate, variable and indefinite. At least, in the Glorantha I know of. It is mythic, not mathmatical.>

I suppose that is why mystic rule was failed in HW rule. :-) it tried to induce storytelling part into characteristic bonuses in rule. (You can freely Original Duck Rule that all teaching of Durulz are true and right, and others are wrong, but it seems that no one want it, even Quackbeth Hueymakt. )

I think Heroquest isn't always performed for material gain, some are destined to be failed from start, and its participants don't need to want something. I suppose some want to lost something in Otherside, (like cleasing curse, destroy One Ring, killed over Hill of Gold etc...)

<Me: Most dangerous swindler believes own deceit with sincerity, IMO that's why "fanatical" Arkat could easily allure and seduce his companions even after many of his betrayals.>

Success or failure is very subjective matter for characters cannot see their own abilities. :-)

Arkat might be flexible and at one point, said "I went to Otherside for getting "Eye of the World", but I got "Hand of Annilla" as a substitution and it is more useful." And you might have called him "Bugger! We are tricked!" and left him risking his revenge. Arkat called Questioners spreading pestlence in Seshnela "Servants of Deceiver" (But what occured if they succeeded in preaching?).  thus Arkat continued to call Nysalor "Gbaji" even after he left Seshnela.

But only flaw and lie for followers of Nysalor was that Nysalor could not defeat Arkat, so failed, and Arkat was called by that Deragatory term (like krjalki) by Dara Happans and other betrayed people once followed Arkat. I merely think that this sarcasm is enhanced if Arkat didn't intentionally betrayed all of his con games.  Of course, MGMV. But again, all was told from winner and the end of Saga.

<Greg: You might. You probably would, in order to speak the language of whomever asks the question. Alternately, you may say "To speak with me requires that you have purged your souls to the quantity of sand flakes upon the beach of Logic, and you have dedicated to Him We Cannot Know all the tribulations of you and before you could talk to me."

Or I might just hit you with a stick. >

At least, I can say HQ rule doesn't tell "Aeolians perform Misapplied Worship, thus they all go to Hell in afterlife." rather I want to call this penalty is "imposed by St Aeol as test of sincerity to his worshippers". Heroes who achieved Mystical Goal (like Great Orlanth, see HQ p. 109) doesn't tell about themselves after they are removed from game. And they might know that godlearners / lunars / nysalorians told truth that "all religion is same in goal but its way is different." even though HW / HQ rule told us that Three Worlds are totally separated and this maybe told us that we also should be separated and fight each other as in Gods War.

(Or peace is possible only over Moon Surface, or in total Darkness of Nakara, or in Chaos, or all dominated demonologically by Sorcery, or all of Three Worlds equally created by Somash, or turning into dragon and eat your own tail.....Nysalorians are dead and his teaching is lost....)

Maybe Arkat simply found Rage inside of his essence Dancing Shiva / Kali / Zorak Zoran before Creator.....If I understand Selfrock Teaching correctly, it binds practitioners to the part of Middle World, (perhaps similar to dragonewts bound to their eggs...) If they die in Such Status, maybe they turn into Landscape Demon some kind of Mystical Existence, though their mixed spirit / essence / soul is never revealed in Life. But concerning such is beyond the scape of rules that make bridge between normal daily usual life and Harrek the Berserk.

I dare to say that rules should be method to help imagination rather than to hinder it, is that change of conversion of principle from HW to HQ?

Even though I think skeletal frame of mechanical mythology induced in Three Worlds made some old diehards familiar with RQ mythology much similar to RW process of change in mythology (including syncretism, euhemerism, etc....that entertained long mythologists like Greg in Entekosiad.) uncomfortable, (for such distinction can be difficult to find in RW parallels.) it is good for game playing and stopping nonsense of TI in GD.....:-) I think Common Magic
tried to mend the gap at least in lower level of heroes and succeeded.

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