Cult of Entekos:
Queen of Middle Air & Wife of Sun Emperor

Reference: ENTEKOSIAD with my superficial understanding about this abustruse document, and some idea of J.R.R.Tolkien booklets of Appendix and Silmarillion about his Middleearth. He called Esther his wife as Judean Wise Women of Persian Halem (or Avatar of Babylonan Goddess?) and loved so much with his image of Anima. My Precious you are My Brilliant Star, Elbereth A Gilthoniel!
A Jernotian mystic argued about Primal Force with One of Blue Sorceror at Bindle Satrapy of West reach (1605ST):
Do you think Everything contents Cause and Effect? But this condition was made after Time started. Do you think your Logic is perfect before Ice Age as Other Malkioni? No? YarGan Fought against many Foes before Great Priestesses returned Entekos to the Sky. OK, hear my tale about How Dendara made the Way through Time of Addi.

Two World independently existed without any connection each other , Mystical One and Energetic One, MaElsoran World and Jernotian World. Among Other Gods was satisfied with that condition only the Hermaphrodite sought his/her Enlightment for Truth and method of combining Two World calling that as Evolution.
Before UlEria knew divorce and forfeiting of Love, Goddess always held her husband in her arms. Aether Identity was remained here and VisaruDaran Will instilled deep in his mother for incestuous sense. (Godlearners thought this event occured on Sea Age before Green Age) Turos Power was a son of this relationship and mastered the way of Earth made with Fire, Water and Life, gave birth of Great Lozenge Wendaria. Five Mountains raised their heads above Surface World and tamed surface matters for their descendants.
Jernotius was already living the East Top of Boundary of this Land before Unknown beyond Human perceptivity, he/she always meditated about how the two world would play the Music of Harmony.
Among these thought appeared secret two Entities, Spider Woman weaved great Web which entangled all of Material Divided, she went Outside of the GlorOranor and waited the Coming of the Moon.
Another One is most beautiful and virtuous Woman and was planned for Jernotian profound Design with subtle meaning. She was called Entekos among her Divine folk Goddesses of Five Families. She summoned Eight Virtues from Aether, Jernotia saw them from top of her Mountain and laughed. These Planet are Joyous residence of Noble Daimons and Goddesses.
The One of Goddesses EthElsor who later called as Dendara, she became first disciple of Jernotia under Mountain among many ignorant goddesses when she met Serpent coming from Edge of World, she was simultaneously fascinated and afraid with the Stream, and heard from others the secret of him only Jernotia knew. She passed passage which Head of Kagardu guarded.
"I came here because you know secret of Serpent, don't you?"
"Welcome, Entekos. It is our fate that you come here and study my secret, your name in this Mountain is Dendara means "Virtue""
She was taught about anotherworld Wendarian Beauty, harnessing continuous moving Wind at mountain Top, became close-friend of Jernotia, and waited her husband coming the Foot of Mountain.
(Later, she cut Spider web with her scissors and made boat for Travellers &Journeyers returning to Past.)
Idovanus, one of descendant AroTorru of Turos is mere human, but he captured a wild and brutal Beast more than Sakkar Spirit, Erstoro. For he prefered Order to Harmony so he used this Beast to oppress and enslave part of himself for getting more Power of Turos. Because Mountain Lord expeled Idovanus from his domain, he applied his Justice to Outside and made Three Errors. Eventually, he became High-chiefgod of All outside-edge of Wendaria, made Golden Tower and ordered his followers to call himself Greatest God. But One Day, he made the Beast get away, and never found again, then he heard Rumor of Wise Hermit who know Locate of All Lost Thing.
He reluctantly reached Mountain Top with many his soldiers and trumpeter, He passed passage which Head of Kagardu guarded.
"I came here because you know secret of Beast, don't you?"
"Welcome, Idovanus. It is our fate that you come here and study my secret."
he ordered Jernotia choose accept to be challenged or help him to find his Beast again. Entekos noticed her waiting man in her Dream. But she couldn't met him for Mountain Mistress ordered her so. Jernotius taught him he should positioned his seat on World Torch, for his Justice and only Dendara knew secret he wanted.
Idovanus got Transcendal Divinity with mascline asceticism of Jernotius, at last gained Ersonmoda as his throne in the midair, but he could not find Dendara in Aether, angered and returned to Mountain with his soldiers,
"You fooled me, she is not there. Where do you hind her?"
"Yes, I fooled you and you unleashed Logic which you cannot tame "
He ordered his soldiers to kill, burn who confront them and capture surrenderers as Slaves, but Jernotius disappeared from Mountain Top and Soldiers of Idovanus only captured silent One Woman, Dendara. He made her his personal slave.
He was taught from Dendara about answer of his Question, but he could not understand what she said. He tormented her for she unabled to teach him secret, she accept pain as ascetic practice and understood she could not speak his language, she could teach him only in practice.
When Great Serpent came from North and extinguished "Eternal Light" followers of Idovanus revolted against their liar Tyrannos and gave his Throne to One of his Son, Entekos hid him magically stunned under her Apron and concealed themselves to poor hamlet of Wendaria. (Idovanus is called Manimat in Darjiin) Demon Daak secretly traced way of Goddess.

After King Oronin attacked Mount Fire, Center of Wendaria, then Daxdarius came from Mountainous Area and warred against Andam Horde, later Prophet Idomon, King of Pelanda Gatemirus and Wildman. But she stopped Idovanus returning to battlefield and showed him Crack of Earth where his Beast hid from his trace. At first he tormented his wife, but halted when he noticed her secret Jernotian Power which he didn't know yet.
As Prophesy of Jernotius, YarGan founded first Ket Kendesos, mustered Sorcerors from West, and brought both brilliance and corruption of Civilization of Blue People. These were caused by malicious GanEstoro, who grew Dark while Idovanus gained Light of Ersonmoda. (This event was reenacted when Magnificus hid with Weaver Woman.)
Jertonius also wandered Pelanda as Teacher during he lost her another-half, this is his /her plan of Enlightenment of World, he was called as Androgeous in mortal body,
he made many Ket confronted against Blue King and taught Hymn of High Gods, Poem starting with Balance and how to make Ersoons dedicated to City Gods, he made Daxdarian Culture. When Jernotius defeated Sorcery of Kendesos, City People expected him to stay and became their King, but he/she know he was Teacher, not King. Departing this City of Sorcerors and return to Mountain.
And near Idovanus Tower stood, Dendara secretly guarded and consoled commoners when sons of his husband became tyrants, but Gorgorma appeared when sons became too ignorant and greedy to tolerate.

When Bisos killed YarGan and expelled Blue People to Bottom of Mabakarisaro, GanEstoro sensed Existence of Idovanus and was afraid of his change, intrigued at Depth of Hell with Daak and dispatched this Demon again to the Humble hamlet where then couple lived in harmony. But he is absent and Entekos made herself scapegoat, Daak raped her and cut her throat with his sharp nail, and gladly return to House of GanEstoro.
Out of Time, he came back Home of Horrible Spectacle, Idovanus felt ambivalence of existence, and he suddenly realized other dimension which Jernotia taught him, he shattered his reality and saw Fire of Ersonmoda as Weapon burning to the stomach of GanEstoro in the Hell and he always wanted and feared the heat and fire of the Orb but that was symbol of Idovanus Glory, he saw everything under Jernotian Hand, took Meditation Form and started. Finally he understood all is Jernotian Plan of Enlightenment.
"Sacrifice is always required for Balance"
Sadly smiling. Soon after Bull God KefTavar came from South, the Animal pushed down his Golden tower and the Invisible Hand threw out Ersonmoda from Heaven (In Celestian, Planet Dendara traced Ersonmoda Falling)

After all many many years has passed, each of Underworld demons and Deshkorgolos revolted against GanEstoro and they ordered Emperor of Hell to let Fire Jewel go off to Surface World. He resisted but reluctantly agreed.
In the same time with Three Priestesses of Virtue Planet in Hagu starting Purification Rite for Reviving Planet Virtue, Idojartos went Underworld and saved Jewels of Virtue, Idovanus and Revived Dendara went back Mt. Jernotius, now he can see Invisible Jernotia is always sitting on Cliff of One High Peak. She opened her eyes, smiled and whispered.
"All is change, All is balance"

In Dara Happa, Before Hermit of Apple tree illuminated Dara Happan Khorzanelm, Rashoranic Mystery of Illumination was only taught by Mountain Scholars of Jernotius.
In Modern Age, One of Rufelza Taraltara devotee, Dara Happan woman Valare Addi refound the Mystical Aspect of Dendara, but even in latest day od Sedenic Evolution, Androgeous of Jesarma will appear when Rufelza and TakenEgi lost their balance.
She is Queen of Middle Air of Jernotian Dendara, Planet Dendara Moscalf and Harmonious Wind (This doesn't have any resemblanse with Southern Brutal Storm Daimons) They called her Molanni Dagamother and shunned for she made cause of Draught and Unclean. Masclinist Dara Happans distinguished their obeidient Goddess Dendara and her capricious Maid, but even they cannot explain well about God's Wall,2nd Row Goddess has Planet Virtue.
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