Animal Form Martial Arts of Kralorela

Hsunchen people in a sence denied their humanity for their tolerance of bestiality (beastliness? in Whitewolf Vampire-Masquerade-like Sense?), and Gloranthan relativism can neglect human-centralized point of view from modern cause-humanism in some degree.

In my opinion, Chinese culture relied on another human-centralism in Confucianism of noble culture, Chinese nobility culture has distaste to Greek style gymnasions like Jews. while martial arts are lowbrow and foreign flavoured culture like overly influenced by Mahayana Buddhism and witch-doctorish Taoism Style. (I think Gloranthan Kralorelan bent to this current structure owed largely to Hollywood and HongKong Movies. But I cannot believe a human without tool or handweapon, or cultural structure overly powered. But of course, Glorantha is Fantasy world.)

Chinese Culture has generosity in another sense against that of Westerners, and has enlarged their cultural sphere of influence by this idealism.(please think about this influence once involved Vietnam, Mongol, Manchurian etc...) New Dragon Ring Rule in Second Age has IMO, much similarity to 19th century European colonial Era or Mongol oppression, poor oppressed natives would rebel without sufficient supplies, and made secret societies and mafia style system, but Godunyan Era affords more than this. so I think Hsunchen association to Martial artist sects has credibility for my sense of fun.