Prosopaedia of Pelanda and Carmania

Of cource, there is much expected risk for the translation, unifying Greg Stafford's Work in Progress and filling the gap between his work for Pelanda and Malkioni Carmanian scheme: If you simply want "official" Glorantha to your RPG game, you should keep distance from these works.

May / 2003: Add Daak, Ratakar, Veskerele, Vogestes, Urvangar, Alijiyah, Fronalako, Malakinus, Estrekor, Komos, Survilster, Perkek and Worrigari (Friendly Rivals: Loren Miller), Urenes and Turuka (Lovers of Uleria), Jeneran Logostolos to Pelandan Prosopaedia for adopting Imperial Lunar Handbook idea.....?).

June / 2003: Add two Wizard-Sorcerers: Abbassar and Makabaeus, and Aspects of Turos the Great

See Kevin McDonald's Prosopaedia for more Research.

This account from the reference of Pelorian Prosopaedia :Compiled by David Cake, Draft 1b4, Tales of the Reaching Moon #16 Oronin Valley, Japanese Fanzine TORM 3-2: Lunar Cult Book and Green-page Entekosiad, "Unity list" of Fortunate Succession. "Carmanian Cults" of Nick Brooke and Seven Lunar Goddesses from Rough Guide of Glamour, Enclosure #1 "Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha: 6th Wane" by Greg Stafford, Book of Drastic Resolution: Darkness, "Redline History 0,1 Wane" from Issaries Website, Heroes of Glorantha by David Dumham, Imperial Lunar Handbook Number 1

Read more about Writings of Nick Brooke, Loren Miller, Kevin McDonald. And Campaign of Blood Kings War by Keith Nellist is also important for speculation.

God List: Carmanians have divided gods into two categories: Jargiz (Good Gods) and Fatawa (Evil Gods), and both side make hierarchy topped on the single Supreme Leader, Wise One Idovanus and Evil One Ganesatarus.

But Entekosiad by Greg Stafford illustrated every Changing turns of mythological perspective in pre-Malkionism days. So these deities here have all different faces at the each stages, Old Ones are sometimes abandoned or given the other names; New Ones are introduced from foreign lands or miraculously found (by Heroquest). I arbitralily manage to make these list name with caterory of age (Ancient (Wendarian, Pelandan), Medieval (Spol, Carmanian), Novel (Lunar, West Reaches)), and role in rites (Main, Only-form, Feared, Mystical) as Enclosure #1 Lunar Pantheon List.

Elder Deities:
They are revered only as the remnants or names of old days, but there are many cases for revival and recharacterize like Addi: it was pre-entity of Valare: and in pre-Dara Happanized civilization, matriarchy and great-mother worship were dominant in Pelanda, part of Peloria. Majority of these elder goddesses were decimated by Darkness, and forgotten for her lost powers. But sometimes, their names show great power to the masks of novel divinities.

Orgiastic worship, combined by Uleria and / or Bentus. [Ancient, Mystical?, Enclosure]

This spirit-goddess embodies herself to the Stick for which the Chairperson of the religious Deneroni council attract attention to herself : Dara Happan Lady Valare understood her her former-self and illuminated her seventh-soul (by Lunar vision) [Ancient, Only-Form?, Entekosiad]

Goddess of Nature: she was the one of Five Deneronae (Sisters before Names), mother of Orogeria [Entekosiad]

Castrated god, (E p.14) see also about Rashorana of Seven Lunar Goddesses
phases [Ancient, Only-form, Enclosure and Nick Brooke's Site]

Deneronae, The Five:
Sacred Five born from MaElsor (Great Mother before Reality), Alk (Nature, Mother of Esus and Orogeria), Addi (Stick, the Speaker, see Valare), FaElsor (Mother, begat Finger Goddesses), BenBeng (Bell, Harmony), Beseda (Life) [Entekosiad]

The planet UlEria in Pelandan (Mastakos of Storm Barbarian) [Drastic Resolution: Darkness]

GlorOranor :
World Goddess Glorantha in Pelandan Notation [Entekosiad]

Black Dendara ascent to the heaven in Darkness after Entekos sank after Yelm, and Dara Happans thought it was the Mother of Lokarnos and Vendara (Blue Moon) [Drastic Resolution: Darkness]

Creatrix, she was revered as the one of incarnations of Rufelza in Lunar Doctrine. In Hero Wars Setting, it became the Name of the Mystical Aspect of Rufelza, Red Goddess. [Entekosiad]

Water god of Freshwater Sea (Mabakarisaro) [Enclosure #1]

ViSaruDalan (DidalaDalan):
Mountain Father lived under the Fire Mountain, the Middle Mount of Wendarian Five. (I think there is some mythological resonance and synchronicity, and similar mythology that was destroyed by the Water. But its spiritual substance was remained and survived as Pelandan God of Power and Harmony, Turos. [Entekosiad, Book of Belintar]

Ancestor of AroTorru (Log People or Last Good People), Hunter God?, a son of DiDaladalan. Sometimes confused with his descendant Vogestes (See below). [Entekosiad]

Still active Deities

Carmanian Lion Hsunchen (Basmoli) God, Lion was a revered totem animal in Carmania (small Kind of Brass (Tarakolos) Mountain still lives in 17C) as the one Symbol of Idovanus: they were also hired as Lion Guards by Syranthir and Lion Shahs. See future "She Guards Us" or "Lunar Imperial Handbook", see also Durbadath (Or Wesley Quadros' Site document (sorry, now offline))

God of Pleasure and Alcoholic drink in City Mintinus of Pelanda, see E p.54 and read some mythology (Bentus and Ikadz) by Kevin McDonald.

Barbarous patron of the Bull-usurpers from the "Legitimacy of Karmanos Bloodline" from Southern Land of Pelanda. Worshippers were Blood Kings ousted by Lunar Army and Satraps of Vakthan (first son of TakenEgi) Ilart clan, they resisted long Lunars in Blood Kings War, today with Arronius Reformation, it comes to the old role of "the Right arm of Idovanus", I suppose some connection with Tawar of Fronela and Urox of Storm Barbarian, his wife is the cow goddess Esu(o,e?)s. See Esus.

Mystical and Mysterious Mother of Carmanos the Prophet. My opinion, she is a Relative? of King Oronin. A Patroness of Veth
Esidisi Race in the Name of Queen Vyran fiercely resisted siege of the general Doskalos the Sultan of First-Blessed (later, he was resurrected and became Red Emperor) at mundane world war of Castle Blue. See Some Tale about her and Syranthir. [Nick Brooke's History of Carmania, Tales #16, King of Sartar?]

Daak the Stranger:
The God raped Dendara, the Goddess of All Worthiness and ravaged her House of Virtue in the Darkness of Pelanda. Today, mainly this god is revered by Outlaws, Terrorists and Social Misfits who want not only to steal and ravage for their survival, but to wreak havoc to ordinary society. [Entekosiad, Imperial Lunar Handbook]

Mass-combat hoplite god, similarity with other "Civilized Legions" of Lunar Empire, but most traditional, Valare thought his growth in Darkness was the cause or outcome of Three Errors of Elder Gods. He was an Enemy of Gartemius the Wise (If you see him as a hilly barbarian leader against Lowlander Civilization.) and his friend, Wildman Ekus. Sometimes Daxdarius is confused with Dara Happan Wargod, Urvairinus. [Imperial Lunar Handbook, History of Dara Happan Army (temporally showed to public)]

DenegEria (or Degeneria in Dara Happan notation):
Voria from the Heortling Storm Barbarian viewpoint. (Virginity or Innocence before Green Age) Her worship is seen as looking back Innocent Age before Wendarian Era.

Derdromus or Deshkorgo(lo)s:
Called "Monster Man". King of Fourth Underworld Ershkintu (GRoY:p.8) Deshkorgos of Dara Happa who conquered by local Lodril-like god since Green Age of West Peloria, as known as the God of Peasant Uprising, freed by Lodril when Neediness happened against the Oppressiveness. [Entekosiad, Drastic Resolution: Darkness]

Followed by the chivalric Lion Shah tradition, revered mostly in the central Carmanian noble houses in Modern Age. He is also venerated by a unit of the Imperial bodyguard (Read some Writings of Martin Laurie). See also Bashkar. [Anaxial Roster?]

Queen of Middle Air. Some connection with Molanni (Goddess of Calm Air, mother of Daga) of Saird, Dendara (from one of Earth Goddess to Planet Goddess (Moskalf for Praxians), Wife of Sun (or her handmaiden) in Dara Happa (there, she is called Dendara), very Gregged by recent trend)

Her worship is now Lunarized 17C. very sophisticated and complicated by local priestesses and Dara Happan lady Egus Valare Addi; Green Page Entekosiad: "Forword and History of the Text" explained Elder form worship and Recent Change of her Cult Religion. [Entekosiad]

Cow Goddess, wife (or mother) of Bisos. [Tales #16 Oronin Valley and Entekosiad]

Finger Goddesses:
Entekosiad p.26 Seven Goddesses, Daughters of FaElsor (first mother). The Seven are symbolized finger signs and ordinary accessories, they are important for native Darseni ritual. [Entekosiad]

Ganesatarus or GanEstoro:
In Older Mythology, this entity was sometimes identified with Monster Man (See Derdromus), and YarGan Arganum (See below) revered him, in the cycles of Ariri Orogerian Cycle, the God was the kidnapper of Innocense and Youth. (Like Hades kidnapped Persepone in Greek Mythology.)

The Evil One, Lord of Fly, abominable, Pelandan GanEstoro was the highest god of Spolite Empire of gloom, Karmanos set this deity as the adversary of all good-god pantheon, Carmanians revered Truth as most confidential virtue, so they called this entity "Deceiver". In old days of Carmanian Empire, Shahs who called with Darkness and Cruelty tamed some infernalists as useful tool, they obeyed only the commands of their master shahs. See more about this Gloranthan Ahriman. [Taes #16, Nick Brooke's Website]

Gerra :
The Moon Goddess is mainly revered with this form by 17C Lunar Spolites, at their Black Pyramid of Dezarpovo, as the Goddess of Torment. See the detail of Rite in Entekosiad.

Pyramid of self-dismemberment, later noticed as an Incarnation of Sedenya by Valare Addi. GROY mentioned her the Native Goddess-Name as a metaphor of woman fault and human agony: Wife of Emperor Lukarius of Dara Happa after defeated by his arrow shot to her pre-incarnation Lesilla? or Cerulia, Lukarius wedded his sister-in-law and forced his Antirius Precept to his wife in Lunarize Lore. [Entekosiad]

This entity, the dark-sister of Dendara, in my opinion seems to show great similarity to Pelandan JagaNatha. I don't know her connection to the Goddess who met Red Emperor in the Pentian Underworld and begat the Reaching Moon Goddess, Yara Aranis. [Glorious ReAscent of Yelm, Entekosiad]

God of Death and War in Barbarian Heortling Land and various Area in Genertela, at least, the hero Yanafal Tarnils revered the God and later apostated his alligeance by self-resurrecting, the balsphemic act to the Cult. [Redline History, Imperial Lunar Handbook]

Pelandan Lightfore, Psychopomp and lightbringer antithesis to the Orlanthi Style Seven Lightbringers, see
here if you want more information about the unique Planet. [Entekosiad #1, Enclosure]

Originally this entity was called VioVanus among the Men Tribe of AroTurru, but later around the time of Idomon or Gartemirus, the name was given the role of Creater and the Sun came to the conduit of the Mystical Power of the Brightness, in Darseni Mythology, Choreographer (VanuIti) conducted the Great Dance as an incarnation of the Sun.

Bearer of Ersonmoda (Materialistic Sun), mixed with pre-Godlearnish Supreme Malkioni God and local Bright-light god, God of Karmanos and Magi, his worship identified with pre-lunar highbrow Yelm worship in Dara Happa. Egus Arronius Jaranthir accepted Rufelza as a Jargiz [tolerable deity in Dualistic Carmanian Cosmology] in front of council Magi. Attributed to Lion and Chariot? Today, the cult religion of Dara Happan Yelm and Supreme God Idovanus perfectly diverted. [Tales #16, Enclosure, Entekosiad]

God of Torture, his chaotic aspect of other Land is unbelieved by Carmanian Dark Shah pragmatism. See here Kevin's Mythos (Bentus and Ikadz) [Medieval? and Novel, Feared, Drastic Resolution: Chaos]

Androgynous Avatar of Rashoran (I don't know his / her connection to Androgeus in Hero Wars), the first Originator of Illumination, last Law-god and first-Chaos god, central worship of seven High Gods, Idomon, the son of Turos and her; Lendarsh, the grandson of Kargzant and son of Kalikos are his prophets. His subjugation with Kagardo (Chaos God?) reminds me of one of deeds Indian Vishnu (or Shiva) Incarnation of RW hindu myth. [Tales #16, Entekosiad, Imperial Lunar Handbook]

The City God of River Coast City Joranit [Wesley Quadros' Website]

North Star Jumper (Barbarians call it Inora), his specialized Heroquest is authorized in Lunar Religion since Reign of Moonson Reclusus, improving the winter climate of Peloria annually through its Icebreaker Expedition Heroquest. He was an Enemy of Valindus. He is the son of Kargzant-Hurfor. [Entekosiad, Drastic Resolution: Prax]

Hunter God of Arir, the husband of Orogeria the Huntress, see Orogeria and Purendi the Youth. [Entekosiad]

Blue Moon of City Mernita and served to Emperor Lunakrius? Her human incarnation was Princess Cerulia (E P.37) see "Immortality Lost" [Nick Brooke's Seven Lunar Goddesses]

In Pelandan Cosmology, this term doesn't mean Orlanth and his companions. Priestess Deveria (E p65-66); Idojartos Lightfore and Gods of Seven High Gods, Dendara planet and Turos are mainly involved names in this category. [Entekosiad, Enclosure #1]

Merun Gevargh or Maran Gor:
Earthshaker God(dess?) in Spolite Empire [Loren Miller's Site]

Double-Faced goddess Natha and JagaNatha, later noticed as the One of Seven Incarnations of Sedenya by Valare Addi, Queen of second Hell in Dara Happa (Gods Wall of Raibanth) [Entekosiad, Enclosure #1, various Hero Wars suppliment for the name was considered as the name of Modern Lunar Red Goddess stage, Rufelza of Sedenya]

One of the Great Goddesses of Mastina (Northwest of Dara Happan Footstool), the people of Naveria boasts and believes that from them, began the original city culture and civilization, She was a Pupil of Jernotius and Wife and Daughter of Tragic Red King in the myth: see also Vantestos [Enclosure, Entekosiad and Imperial Lunar Handbook-1]

Night Goddess, Local version of Trollish Goddess is also carved in Dara Happan Gods Wall. Spolite pragmatism warring against Nysalorian Empire intentionally accepted Trollish Cold Deities. [Imperial Lunar handbook, Loren Miller's Site?]

Reference only in Tales of the Reaching Moon#16 as the Guardian Goddess of the capital Enthyr, she was the city goddess of Spolite. [Tales #16]

Oria:The One of Two great Goddesses of Pel-oria (Pela (Barley) and Oria), wife of Turos and rescued from Monster Man. Many subcults existed in the cities and local shrines as her husband abundance and sensuality. [Entekosiad, Enclosure, Tales #16, Tome 3-1]

Orlanth, Invisible:
This cult of this deity rapidly grows in Current Lunar West Reach under control of Satrap Kaufan Destrino of Bindle (who is ready to the thawing of Syndics Ban from Charg borders), the cult leader is Saranko, brother-in-law of Hierophant Brostangian and Satrap Alehandro, but its mythos and structure are still covered with thick mist of heretical flavour. Maybe that was backrush to Lunar Oppression against Orlanthi in the Setting of RQ3 Genertela. [Genertela Book, Imperial Lunar Handbook]

One of the Great Goddesses of Mastina (Northwest of Footstool of Raibanth), the queen of Arir and Darsen, later noticed as an incarnation of Sedenya by Valare Addi. Her planet was Ulurda (See Glorious Reascent of Yelm) if you believe Lunar Propaganda. [Blue Moon Mythology by David Cake, Ulurda by Greg Stafford and Entekosiad]

His crown of Blue People robbed by YarGan and his blood poisoned the Lake Oronin, diminished its magical fishes, if you want to know more about the Lake and its master, see Charmain's head [Tales #16, Entekosiad, Redline History]

Phalanx Cult:
The three (Malachite, Agate, Onyx) Regimental Units of Heartland Corps is garrisoned in Carmanian Line as Red Army under order of Governor Palamtales. [Tales #16] But this setting was revised in Imperial Lunar Handbook. In Martin Laurie's Idea, Dara Happans originally called Heavy Hoplites "Pelandans", but ten Stonewall Phalanx Gods are Dara Happan Origin. [History of Dara Happan Army, Imperial Lunar Handbook]

God of Assassins, the son of JagaNatha. [Entekosiad, Moon Rites]

Fronelan Bull God?Hsunchen? [Loren Miller's Site (Church of Carmanian Orthodoxy?), Broken Council Guidebook]

Wolf Hsunchen lived Western and Southern Peloria at least after Gbaji War participation, and they are main enemy of Syranthir Anabasis, (but Nick Brooke denied it and Wolfskins might not be hsunchen shapechangers.) maybe some relationship (or antagonism) to Syranthir's Lion Hsunchen supporter Bashkars. [Nick Brooke's History of Carmania]

See about Lodril of Dara Happa, (but with more important personality), his subjugation of Monster Man and winning his wife are involved with his worship, VisaruDalan and/or DidalaDalan are his associated elder-god (or other-self), many subcults existed in the cities and local shrines. [Tales #16, Entekosiad, Enclosure, Imperial Lunar Handbook-1]

Aspects of Turos

ChekTuros: Alafulos (Protector of Lover, E)
DedaddiTuros: Balovius (Great Tree Trunk), Rafelios (Small Staff, E)
HerraTuros: Othens (Shaker, Seer of Brendarbus Fall, E)
KetTuros: Kendesos (City Founder, E, ILH-1, p.39)
RomanakrinTuros: Brinnus? (Good God?=Idovanus, Enclosure Last Page)
UirTuros: Utheneos (Phallus God, ILH-1, p.37)

UlEria (Uleria):
UlEria in Pelandan notation; despised by Dara Happan view as Orlanatus, Pelandans revered her as one of their cultural greatest Goddess. See also EthElsor. Goddess of Love, she has been revered as one of the Eight Pillars of Celestal Court in God Learner Spike Cosmology, and appeared in Gods Wall First Row.

Unlike other destroyed Elder deities, she retains some of remnant worship centers even in Modern 17th Century Glorantha, like Planet Uleria (Mastakos: for Orlanthi), Zoria (some cities so called, scattered in Glorantha) and Ulawar of Pelanda. [GROY, Genertela Book and Entekosiad]

Urvangar the Dreamseeker:
In Mythology of ArroTurru (Wendarian Age People), he was one of the Caretakers and the Dream Seeker who found the Mythic Truth which cannot be shared with his fellow men, maybe he was the first shaman or priest for their culture. [Entekosiad]

Valindus or Valind:
Snow God is the main opponent of Kalikos [Nick Brooke's Website and Loren Miller's Page]

Veskerele the Faceless:
In Pelandan Myth, he is a son of Turos and Wife of Monster Man. The Faceless God of "Second Hell" in Dara Happan Cosmology, he is identified with Barbarian Thief God Lanbril in current Greg Stafford's Opinion. [Unspoken Word: Thieves Arms and Glorious Reascent of Yelm]

Vantestos Red King:
Husband (and Father) of Goddess Naveria: His existence perhaps linked to Three Pointed Crown of TakenEgi (in Glorious Reacent of Yelm) and Metropolis Glamour. [Entekosiad]

First Vampire of Glorantha: his cult was still obscure in RuneQuest 3rd edition, neither Sorcerous cult nor Divine cult. His childers(?) dwelling Grey Mountains rumored to be hired as Imperial special troops, but it is never officially admitted. [Genertela Book?, Loren Miller's Page?]

YarGan, (Arganum in Dara Happa, Kiyargan in Lendarshi):
Kiyargan of Lendarshi, Arganum (see GroY chapter of Emperor Urvairinus) of Dara Happan Empire who revered Erstoro (the Voice from Underworld, perhaps past body of GanEstoro), he killed the former King of Blue People Oronin and exterminated Rainbow? Fishes of the Lake, as later Rufelza did in the Castle Blue. He was the first builder of permanent City: Kendesos and the patron of sorcerors Logicians exiled from West. [Glorious Reascent of Yelm, Fortunate Succession, Entekosiad, Tales #16]

Heroes who already crossed the Sword Bridge
A Son of Shah Carshandar and Pelandan Wife, Albino Prince, founded the Order of Dry Bones, speciallized to funeral and spells related to death. [Imperial Lunar Handbook-1 p.36]

Dark Prophet of Spolite, he used fear as a useful tool. [Entekosiad]

Prophet of Lion Shah Era and made some Cultural Deeds as Painter Mani, the Real World Manichaesm Founder, in my humble opinion, he made some remarkable reformation to his religion as Mazdak Middle Sassanoid Era of Real World. [Nick Brooke's History of Carmania, Fortunate Succession: Unity List]

Hero of "Bull Stops Here" Battle. At combat of the Naverian Country he overthrew Harantho and his Bull People: see Entekosiad p.87. Maybe is same as the hero, called Tenkoros in Greg's Fragment [Entekosiad, some of Greg's Fragment for Lenshi Kings]

Arronius Jaranthir (Erronious?):
He lived two lifes as General of Lunar Empire. First life, he fought Erian Etyries Priestess from Twice Blessed, and got wounded seriously, and Empty Conquest against Eol started on Lunar Chronicle. Second life, he accompanied Magnificus at the Battle of Kitor, Sheng Defeated. Also it was he that authorized Rufelza as EthTelsen (100 Good Other Gods), and played Ouranekki before Battle of Kitor started as helper of Blue Moon Priestess. Ancestor of Haraxalur, starting Citizen Foreignership. [Redline History, Lunar Imperial Handbook]

Cerulia, Queen:
Mortal and Incarnate of Moon Goddess Sedenya. Wise Woman? Queen of Mernita. died for her people in Lunar Legend:see also Gerra. Cerulean Blue? [Entekosiad, Nick Brooke's Website]

Priestess of Palmstering: she revives Turos at Dead city of Hagu in Grey Age. [Entekosiad, Tales #16]

Ekus Wildman:
Best Friend of Gartemius? (Gilgamesh and Engido?) See Entekosiad p.47 [Entekosiad]

She is the First Priestess of Dendara planet, and might be a league of Lendarsh. [Entekosiad]

See Enclosure #1 Lastpage, he is a theologian of Syranthir's Ten thousand about Irensavel (Hiddenmover) with the sort of RW Gnostic Anti-Materialism Concept. Later Carmanos shifted more to RW Zoroastrianic Dualism. [Enclosure #1 Last Page]

Source of Evil Magic, Fronelan false Malakinus, Godlearner's material magic source. Karmanos thought (and made?) they have served to Ganesatarus. See more about this topic at the End of Enclosure #1. [Nick Brooke's Website?]

Gartemius or Gartemirus, Wise Emperor:
He ornamented Glorious-days of Pelanda, after Three Errors, he was the grandson of Prophet Idomon, He prohibited Human Sacrifice against JagaNatha the Earth Avenger, and his enemy Hilly Barbarians included Daxdarius himself or his dynasty. (Some similarity to Quezalcoatl and Gilgamesh?) [Entekosiad]

Harash Darbeest:
This Carmanian noble was killed by ShahMaat (Four Arrows of Light), his Watery Nymph blood Wife and Veth-Etidisi kins intrigued Vendetta to Chaotic Moon Queendom and attacked the City Meglardirth, and started Battle of Castle Blue. [Redline History]

Son of Jernotia and Turos, he shows the support from Vanu (E p.58), he shows several great feats to Gods Age People by destorying the Sorcerers of Borangu, wedding his bride, Delderia after the great quest, and found the New Truth of High Gods of Mount Jernotius. [Entekosiad, Tales #16]

Irripi Ontor:
One of Seven Mothers. He worshipped Buserian and "Nameless Knowledge" God (attributed to Lhankor Mhy?) in Unoffcial Source. [Tome 3-1] He might be the one originator of modern Magi Caste. See also Yanafal Tarnils [Redline History, etc...]

Jeneran Logostolos:
Jernotian Female Mystic who liberated the Head of Chaos Monster Kagardu and helped Valare Addi's Enlightenment. [Entekosiad]

Joker, Last Prince of Worion:
He dropped his son to Esel river and beheaded himself on the top of his fortress. Last successor of Shahtavar (Bull Shah Dynasty of Worion) after Desperate Survival Struggle in Blood Kings War. [Redline Histroy]

Karmanos or Carmanos:
Son of Syranthir (Sironder) and Charmain (In my opinion, a relative of King Oronin?), sacrificed Leo and Taurus, got the Divine Tablets from Mountain as Moses. His hero-cult grew in his descendant Dynasty as the Ancestor Worship of Shahs; but Shahtavar Purush (E p.91) perished his bloodline and cult itself ruined by Shah-Maat (Four Arrows of Light), later Lunar Worshipers justified this destruction. [Nick Brooke's Website]

Komos Regent:
He worked as the Chief Magi and Regent of Jhor during the absence of Both Father (Syranthir) and Son (Carmanos). [Nick Brooke's Site for Carmanian Dynasty.]

Korlov Ogolthor, High Duke:
This brother of Shah was captured by Lunar army before Shah Maat. [Redline History]

He was a Prophet of Grey Age and revived worship of Seven High Gods. His people revered Kargzant and Kalikos as their ancestor: many supposed the connection to Horse Nomad People reigned Peloria around Dawn. [Entekosiad, Greg Stafford's History of Lenshi Kings]

First Changing Masks of TakenEgi after Sheng Seleris attacked Moon Surface, his character was enphasized as one of Carmanian Shah. He is a friend of Arronius Jaranthir and father of HonEel the Artess. [Fortunate Succession, Redline History]

Mahendras Redbeard:
He served four generations of carmanian Bull (Bisos) Empire against red goddess as a High -Magus or Hierophant. [Redline History]

First Lunar Sorcerer, originally from Logicians of Oronin Valley and Sweet Sea, but he chose Red Goddess and was accepted to Red Moon. [Hero Wars 1st Edition]

Source of Good Magic, Malkion depersonized in the distant land from Brithos and Seshnela, and became simply Source of Sorcery without Any Personality. See also Fronalako. [Nick Brooke's Website]

Nandelus, Duke:
Carmanian Noble prompted Nomads to attack New moon Kingdom before Battle of Seven Horse in Zero Wane. [Redline History]

Periotri Narozanko:
Minister of Syranthir. See Loren Miller's Article [Carmanian Church by Loren]

Perkek and Worrigari
Friends of Rival Houses in Some Popular Carmanian Tale of Hazars. [Loren Miller's Page]

Sironder / Syranthir Forefront:
Father of the Prophet, Former Lord Duke of Jorri, Loskalm. Wedded with Lake Goddess Charmain / Charman. Some writings about him and Charmain [Nick Brooke's Website and Redline History]

Survilster Dragonslayer:
Half-Brother of Shah Samandar and Famous Enemy of EWF (Empire without Friend). He held Protectrate to the buffer area of South Barbarian Kingdoms and EWF. (Brolia or Anadikki?) [Fortunate Succession, Nick Brooke's Website]

Urenes and Turuka:
Lovers of Utheneos and Ulawar, and their love fixed the peace between the two rival cities. their daughter, Delderia, later came to the bride of Prophet Idomon. [Entekosiad]

Valare Addi:
See also Addi; She was a Local Dara Happan Woman from Vonlath invented First Experimental HeroQuest, and positively accepted Pelandan Pantheon into Lunar Worship. Author of Entekosiad with Dara Happan writing. [Entekosiad]

Spearman: One of the Sinner blamed in Three Errors among AroTurru: Hunter God, sometimes confused with Ancient ViSarta. [Entekosiad]

Yanafal Tarnils, Duke:
One of Seven Mothers. As Carmanian Governor (Satrap)'s son of Yuthuppa, he represented Carmanian Aspect in New Moon Queendom as his friend Scholar Irripi. He revived against Humakti Code and defeated his God. I don't know whether he was from Dara Happan stock who subdued to Carmanian, or Carmanian stock who dispatched by Padishah Bisoshan....[Redline History, etc...]

Important Persons in Modern West Reach: See also Nick Brooke's Life of Moonson LARP document.

Alehandro Ironarm, Satrap of Northern Spol:
General of Queens Regiment, Old Style Warrior of Cassir God's Rock. Son of Yolanela. See LARP character [Genertela Book]

Son of Haraxalur. See LARP character. [LARP setting: Life of Moonson]

Bradhar the Brave
Current Satrap of Jhor, he might be the same as Haraxalur. [Imperial Lunar Handbook]

Brostangian Archmoor, Hierophant
Master of Brinnus and House of Magi. Son of Yolanela. See LARP character [Genertela Box Set] .

Haraxalur Bold, Satrap of East Jhor
A Descendant of Arronius, he is Worthless Puppet except his Noble Blood. [Genertela Book]

Herantera, Valind's Daughter, The Ice Princess:
An ancient sorceress who lives still in the impassible, glacial heart of the Brass Mountains.

Kaufan Destrino, Satrap of Western Bindle:
He was the birth of poor noble house, but his ideal brought him to one of Four Thrones of West Reach. He seeks surest way of Guarding and Watching of Border of Charg before Sindics Ban will end. [Loren Miller's Page and Imperial Lunar Handbook]

Moralatap Anger, Satrap of Southern Worion
He once became a woman by Brolian witchmagic, he was famous for his sincerity to his Friends and ruthlessness to his enemies. [Genetela Box Set and Imperial Lunar Handbook, Andrew Behan's Site?]

Palamtales, Lunar Governor:
He was a son of Kostaddi Cobbler. But he is the Eye of Padishah sitting on the Kitor. See also LARP character. [Glorantha: Introduction to Hero Wars]

Piku, Three Eyed
The Third Eye Blue cult have long connection to Pelanda as supporter of Daxdarius and later Carmanos by their Brass Armor supply, their antagonism to Dwarven Nidan Decamony caused their destruction in almost all Fronelan influence: they gained patronage of First and Second council, Carmanian Empire. [Loren Miller's Page]

Saranko, High Priest of Invisible Orlanth
He has the same father of Brostangian, but wanted to kill or harm him for unknown reason, though Brostangian has tried to guard the Invisible Orlanth cult from the accusement by his fellow Magi of Brinnus. [Genertela Book]

Vor the Black
An immortal Suberite (Spolite Dark Goddess) sorcerer [Loren Miller's Site]

Yolanera Taloned Countess: Spolite Dark Witch
She is the mother of Alehandro, Brostangian and other important characters in West Reach. She was always living with Notorious Rumour for her ability to seduction and Intriguity, Spolite Witchery. See also LARP character [Genetela Book and Imperial Lunar Handbook]

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