Pelorian Prosopædia

Compiled by David Cake, Draft 1b4

Thanks to David Dunham, Peter Metcalfe, Nick Brooke, and Pam Carlson.

Aether Primolt

Primal Fire

The Primal god of fire, one of the Celestial Court. Yelm, Dayzatar and Lodril are his sons.

Not represented or worshipped directly.


God of Alkoth

The god of Alkoth, and son of Shargash and Biselenslib. He is less violent than Shargash. His colour is green, like the city walls.


the boatman, founder of Yuthuppa

An ancient Emperor who saved the rightful people from flood in a great boat. Where the boat landed was founded the city of Yuthuppa. He is still revered by many boatman on the Oslir, particularly around the city he founded. His wife Herustana is revered with him.

He is represented with the Imperial regalia, and usually in a boat.

Annara Gor

old woman of the Underworld

She is the old queen of the underworld. She was the wife of Monster Man, until she betrayed him to Lodril. She is little worshipped, but sometimes invoked as a great fury.

She is depicted as an ugly old woman, dressed in rags, with snakes for hair.


secret goddess of the Blue Moon. Troll and Lunar goddess

This goddess was once powerful, and worshipped by a human empire, but she was destroyed by the Emperor. She was one of the deities who killed the Emperor, causing Yelm to leave the world. She is now worshipped mostly by the trolls of the Blue Moon plateau. She is the goddess of secrets, invisibility, tides and assassins. Her worshippers are allegedly the core of the Emperors secret service.

She is represented by the Lunars as an old blind woman leaning on a cane, and dressed in blue, with one arm hidden behind her. The trolls represent her as smooth skinned uzuz with a stone in one hand and water in the other. In old documents she is sometimes shown as a blue bat.


King of Above, Servant of the Sky Gods, Adjutant of God

Ruler over the angels of light (the Luxites). His servants are the legions of the spirits of Light, including the great archangels. He is the loyal servant of the sky gods. Sometimes also called Lux.

Shown as a noble surrounded by a circle of light or fire.

Arachne Solara

goddess of nature, the greatest goddess

She is a mystic and all powerful goddess. She is the spider goddess whose web holds the universe together. She is not worshipped directly, and her appearances are unpredicatable and sometimes terrifying.

Some Pelorians are able to contact her using the Web ritual, but this contact is now strictly regulated by the Red Emperor. A being who wishes to confront Arachne Solara must engage in the Terminal Debate, challenging others for the privelege in a contest to the death. It will also be allowed if no one challenges them for 7 years. Deezola is one famous person who contacted Arachne Solara.

She is sometimes depicted as a black spider, sometimes part woman part spider.


Long Legged goddess, nurturer of Alkoth

The Weed Queen, the Wild Rice Mother, she is the lover of Shargash and the mother of Alkor. She is worshipped by the rice growing peasantry around Alkoth, and the river folk up and down the Oslir river.

She is represented with long legs and a short tunic.


Pelandan Bull God of Fertility

Bisos is a great hero and god, who has come to help his people in many ways at many times. He leads his people in war when they are oppressed, grows grain when they are hungry, and gives them great gifts, such as beer.

He most often takes the form of a great bull.


Dara Happan God of Priests, Master of Insight

Buserian is one of Yelms children, and it from him that much of the great Dara Happan knowledge of the sky comes. His followers are the buserium, astrologer priests who spend their time keeping records, observing the sky and other omens and interpreting it for others, making sacrifices, ensuring old rituals are performed, and other tasks of both a religious and scholarly nature. They are also the Imperial clerks, and thus responsible for many important duties. Buserian mandates to his followers a strict morality and dignity.

Buserian is shown as one of the buserium, in the traditional robes of the office, and bearing a priests ivory staff.


Carmanian Hero, Prophet and Shah

Son of Syranthir Forefront and Charmain, the mysterious goddess of Castle Blue, Carmanos instituted the Laws of Carmania and defeated the evil Spolite Empire, founding the line of Shahs. His worship was overthrown by the Lunars at the Battle of Four Arrows of Light, and destroyed in the course of the Blood Kings' Wars.

Celestial Court

Dara Happan

The original gods who ruled the universe once. They are known as Glorantay (the Ten). The original ten were Harmony, Love, Beauty, Joy, Truth, Growth, Athletics, Art and Aether Primolt. More modern conceptions of the Celestial Court are that there were the Powers, Acos, Uleria, Larnste, Orenoar, Harana Ilor, Tylenea, Kargan Tor, and Ratslaff, and the Old Elements, Darkness, Light, Water, and Earth. Storm is not a member of the Celestial Court, but an intruder.


Lunar and Carmanian

The Creator of the Universe, now distant from his creation.

Never depicted.

Crimson Bat

Chaos Demon, Steed of the Goddess

This hideous monster has threatened Peloria since ancient times, but was tamed and ridden out of Hell by the Red Goddess at the First Battle of Chaos. It serves the Empire as a great weapon of war, and it has special servants who revere it and ensure it is fed. It is horrible, but necessary.

It takes the form of an enormous bat, with three tongues and a hundred eyes. It was first ridden by the Red Goddess herself, and this is its most common representation, though it is now ridden into battle by its priests.

Danfive Xaron

Bridge for the Seeker

One of the 7 Mother, was originally a bloodthirsty outlaw. He performed the most dangerous part of the ritual, and was eventually deified for it. He is Gatekeeper, Porter, and Night Watchman. His temples are harsh rehabilitation camps, slave camps, and prisons, where criminals may find refuge if they can cope with his very harsh standards. His priests are known as Cenobites.

He is usually drawn as a scowling middle aged man, submissive and chained.


war god of Pelanda

Daxdarius was a great warlord, who once ruled over the land of Pelanda, and defeated many enemies. He became deified later, and defied the High Gods. He is the inventor of hoplites.

He is usually represented wearing hoplite armour, and wielding a great golden spear.


Solar, especially Yuthuppa

He is the holiest and most aloof of the Sky gods. He is far away, and it is difficult to contact him - his monks have magic powers but they are very costly and only available through their ascetic mystic lifestyle. He was once visible in the sky as a planet, but has gone outside the sky dome now. Portrayed as an old bald man with a distant or disdainful look on his face.


Lunar - Binder within

She was a ruler of lands on the Arcos river, and a priestess of Arachne Solara. She was one of the 7 Mothers. Her cult gives healing, disease prevention, and earth magic, and also controls muc of the Emperors agricultural trade. Her worshippers include healers, nobles and poets.

She is represented as a middle aged woman with healing and homely items. She has a special comb in her hair in an ancient style, with a rune specific to her decorating it.


Dara Happan womans goddess

The faithful wife of Yelm, and a planet in the sky. She has all the wifely virtues, and is properly submissive to her husband at all times. Her worshippers are generally the women of Yelmic families. She is a goddess of the sky, and the moral model for Dara Happan women. She is associated with weaving and sewing, proper pastimes for a noblewoman. She also is the goddess of marriage and fidelity, and is always invoked during weddings.

Represented as Yelms faithful wife, a noblewomen. The planet Dendara is often shown hovering above her. Often shown either next to Yelm, or working at her domestic arts of weaving and sewing.


virtuous goddess of the air

She is the goddess of the rightul air, virtuous, peaceful, and generous. She is also a goddess of female power and magic. She is more powerful in Pelanda, were her cult also includes the Dendara cult (she is worshipped as Entekos the Dendara, meaning the virtuous). She is revered throughout Peloria.

She is shown as a woman shrouded in mists and rain.


the White Goddess

She is a dutiful healing goddess, and a daughter of Yelm. She descended to earth to aid humanity, and ease our pain.

She is represented as a woman wearing the white robes of a healer.


Lunar Goddess of trade

She was once a mortal, a southern merchants daughter, until converted by the Red Goddess. Many of her spells and skills are usurped from other cults, particularly Issaries. Her cult is perhaps the Lunar cult with the most worshippers.

She is represented as a woman with wide eyes, and carrying mercantile implements, usually a scale and an urn.

Finger Goddesses

Ancient Pelandan goddesses, The Federae

These goddesses were worshipped in Pelanda in the most ancient times known to humanity. They give good things to humanity. Their worship as a group was almost extinct, and is still extremely small, but Valare Addi discovered some secrets and revived their worship. There are seven of them (Enari means mother): BusEnari, wealthy cow goddess; VergEnari, sad sow mother; MemEnari, happy goddess of nursing; SesEnari, of rivers and arger; ErtelEnari, goddess of bears and health; KesEnari, poor goddess with the apron; and Vorgetela, the invisible one.

They are represented in the form of small terra cotta statues, small enough to fit in a hand, hand-painted with black horizontal stripes. Many of these are known from the earliest times, but they are rare now.


goddess of suffering

She was once the wife of Emperor Lukarius, and endured many tortures. She has also seen those she love die, the things she cares for destroyed, and suffered in the deepest parts of the worst Hell. She is little worshipped directly, but is philosophically important to the Lunars.

She is represented as a woman howling in pain, with her arms cut off and other injuries.

Golden Bow

Pent (and Char-Un)

A nomad sun god. He is a son of Yelm, and the ancestor of many Pentan noble families. He is an archer, and his cult teaches archery magics. He is represented as a gigantic gold clad warrior armed only with a bow, covered in runes, and riding on a winged horse. Sometimes he is portrayed as a fiery horse himself.


Goddess of terror and eater of men, keeper of womens secrets

She is the sister of Dendara, and she has two mouths. She is awful and terrifying. Yelm must permit her existence - but she has very few worshippers except in the worst of times.

She is represented as a horrible hag, squatting to reveal her second mouth.


the spear god

He is worshipped by many of the common soldiers of Dara Happa. He is the god of the spear, the weapon of the Sky Gods. He is associated with the ancient hero Avivorus, a prophet of Yelm in the darkness.

He is represented as a man, wielding a spear, typically a Dara Happan soldier.

Hon-Eel the Dancer

Lunar heroine

Hon-Eel the Artess is the Second Inspiration of Moonson, a Lunar goddess and heroine. She is a goddess of dancing, maize, and rebirth. Her worshippers are the Moon Dancers, sacred dirvishes, known for their powers of prophecy. She is also known for overcoming the horse nomads and the barbarians of Tarsh, by trickery, by magic, and in battle.

She is represented as a beautiful dancing woman. Her left foot is on her right knee and she often carries maize.

Hwarin Dalthippa

Lunar Heroine, the Conquering daughter

Conquerer of the provinces and builder of magical roads. She is also sometimes worshipped as a domestic goddess, and as a patroness of the arts, especially architecture. She is worshipped by nobles and soldiers in the provinces she conquered, espcially the city of Jillaro.

Her images often show her with a third eye. She may also have a spear and shield, or be riding a unicorn. She may have a distaff in her hands or at her feet.

Hyalor Horsebreaker

horseman, Pentan

Saved the horse goddess Hippoi, and is thus the god of horsetraining and riding. Also did other acts which define the role of a noble.

Represented as a mounted man, usually with a bridle.

Hyraos Truetune

harper god

The god of the harp and a son of Yelm. There are many tales of Yelm playing the harp.


Carmanian Sun God and God of Order, Chief of Council

He is the sun god, and also the god of the Centre, the power that holds the world together. He is very little worshipped in Dara Happa, but once he and Yelm where thought to be the same. They are not any more, but their cults still have much in common.

Idovanus is represented as man of leadership, bearing such symbols of authority as a golden orb and a crown. He is often shown riding in a chariot.

Irripi Ontor

The Brown Man

One of the Seven Mothers, once a scribe from Yuthuppa. He is the Lunar god of learning. He teaches many magics to uncover the truth, but also has other powers, such as the power of Glamour.

He has no beard, but does have a moustache, and he wears scholars robes.


Catcher of souls

He is the dog headed god of the Underworld, who hunts and catches souls in his great net. He is invoked as a demon to hunt down enemies, for he can catch any soul, even great magicians. In Saird, he is an important god, ancestor and guide for the dead. He is also the ancestor of all dogs.

He is shown as a tall muscular figure with a dogs head, wielding a sword and a net full of captured souls.

Jakaleel the Witch

Spindle Hag

One of the 7 Mothers. She was once a priestess of Zorak Zoran from the Jord mountains. She has many powers of darkness. She is connected with the Blue Moon, and her cult is a favourite among Lunar trolls.

She is represented as a weak old woman wearing a light shawl with black stars.


Pelandan Chief of the High Gods, Great Teacher

Jernotius is both male and female at different times, and this gives her great insight. He is the Great Teacher , and teaches the Jernotian Way of justice through balance and austerity. She is the leader of the High Gods of Pelanda.

Represented variously, but always upon the sacred mountain of Mount Jernalf, which he never leaves.

Kalikos Icebreaker

Breaker of winter

Kallikos is the god who fights the winter every year. His planet can be seen easily, always low on the northern horizon, but at varying heights. Every year he fights and drives the ice back to the underworld, and the aurora is the sign of their fighting. His cult is very small, but state supported, with many great heroes helping him fight his yearly battle.

He is a warrior who wields a flaming spear, and battles the ice demons. Afterwards he does a leaping dance of victory.


Pentan nomad sun god

Thought by the nomads to be the equal of Yelm, but known by the Dara Happans to be merely one of his servants, sent to aid his worshippers in their worst times, and later punished for his presumption.

Shown among the nomads as a great leader, shining, mounted on a horse.


the Peasant God

He is the God of the comman man, younger brother of Dayzatar and Yelm. He is a god of many things, including volcanoes, spears, heat, male power, drunkeness and pleasure, and peasants. He is also the conquerer and ruler of the underworld, husband of Oria, conquerer (and now ruler over) Monster Man, and lover of Annara Gor. He is one of the most worshipped gods in Dara Happa. His servants are his sons, the Lowfires. Many human culture heroes are also his sons. He has many other names in different parts of Peloria. Turos is another cult that is very similar, and often thought of as another aspect of Lodril.

He is sometimes represented as a peasant, working with his tools, or sometimes drunken. In his most magical ceremonies, masks are used. The spear is sacred to him, but may be forbidden to his worshippers, in which case he may not be portrayed with one.


wagon and trade god

Once an official of the Emperor Yelm's Household. He is the creator of wagons and coins, and the traditional Pelorian trade god. He is also a planet, the Slow Planet, that takes a week to cross the sky.

He is represented as man in a short merchants tunic, carrying coins. Wagons and coins are also his representation. He is a cripple, crushed by a wagon. He also has a special rune.


God of the Sky River

Lorian is the water god that invaded the sky duing the gods war. There is a constellation in the sky that represents his efforts. He may be the reason why rain falls from the sky.

He is shown as a handsome blue fish-tailed god.


Lodrils children, who serve mankind

There are many lesser fires upon the earth, that serve Lodrils will, and help mankind. They helped save mankind in the Darkness, and they help with many of the arts of civilisation. They include the forge, the hearth, and wildfire, among others.


god of courtly dance

A god of the restrained and stately courtly dance, and also the courtly music that accompanies it. He learned his arts from Yelm. Very little worshipped directly, but acknowledged as the patron of his arts.

Always shown dancing.


goddess of Calm Air (Saird)

She is unmoving and calm, and properly submissive. Recognised by the Dara Happans as an aspect of Entekos.

Representations of her emphasise her submission to Yelm (as contrasted with the barbarian storm gods).

Monster Man

Lodrils enemy, keeper of demons

Monster Man is the old lord of the Underworld, defeated by Lodril and now his servant. He keeps all the demons and bad things defeated by Lodril chained up in the Fourth Hell, and lets them out when Lodril wishes to unleash them on the world (or sometimes just to make trouble). He is usually not worshipped directly, but he is invoked sometimes when a Lodril worshipper wants evils to be visited on another. He is the power behind peasant uprisings. He is also known to the Turos cult. He is also called Derdromus in Pelanda, and Deshkorgos in Peloria. His direct worship is officially supressed.

He is usually represented as a monstrous being with three eyes, horns, and sharp teeth, and wielding a vicious scourge. Sometimes he and Turos are shown playing Ouranekki (a board game).


Goddess of Balance and Revenge

She is the goddess of the second underworld, Avenger, Mistress of the Balance, Mother of Murder, Assassin. She has both light and dark sides. The dark side is known as JagaNatha. She is revered in Lunar theology, but has always been important for her role in presiding over sacrifices, though also terrifying as the goddess of Murder.

She is represented as a woman, her costume covering her whole body and her head. One side is black, the other is white, and it has many bells on it. She also carries a bell. She has great horns coming from her head.


domestic goddess, goddess of the land of Naveria

She is the goddess who nurtures the land of Naveria. She is revered for introducing the use of ovens (for baking bread, meat, and bricks), and the arts that come from their use, such as building and cooking. Wife, daughter, renewer and defeater of the Red King.

She is variously shown as a mature woman, often a queen, or as an old woman. She carries as a pot and spoon.


bringer of Illumination

A god created by mortals in the first age, he was at the centre of a great empire and its later destruction in a massive war. He taught the secret of Illumination, and though he is dead many people still teach his philosophies (often known as Riddlers). Illumination is supported by the Lunar religion, and Nysalor is acknowledged as a previous incarnation of the Goddess. He is also a light god.

Often shown meditating cross legged, and often has a third eye to indicate illumination. Usually attractive looking and shining with light.


the Great Goddess of the Earth

The Great Goddess, the Source and Mother of All, Mother of the Earth and the deities of the Earth. She if the origin of all the good things that come from the Earth, including being the mother of all the plants and animals. She is the wife of Lodril, and the great earth goddess of Peloria. She is probably the most worshipped goddess of Peloria.

During the worst times of the world, in the great Darkness, she was stolen away from the world by Monster Man and rescued by Lodril.

She is represented as a matronly woman, plump and well fed, and large breasted, often holding the good things she brings, such as children, piglets, or useful plants.


star huntress

A hunting goddess from near Darsen. She helped to sustain her people in the great darkness, and hunted the star bears of the sky. She is now revered by the Lunars.

She is represented as a woman wearing hunting clothes, and carrying an obsidian spear.


river goddess

She is the goddess of the great river that nurturs the cities of Dara Happa. She was once a foe of Yelm, and called Nestenos, but he tamed her, now she supports him. Her worship is widespread among the peasants who live along the river. Fish and crocodiles are her servants. She is especially important in Raibanth.

She is represented as a fish tailed woman.


Queen of Heaven - Dara Happan, primarily Yuthuppan

Pure, virginal and morally pure. She is the ruler of Heaven now that Dayzatar has absented himself. Her worshippers are nuns, and they greatly value truth and modest living. She is a perfect servant of Dayzatar (his daughter, though made without sex). She is also the Chief of the Choir of Heaven.

Usually shown kneeling and praying to heaven. She may sometimes be shown seated on heavens throne. Light come from her left and right eyes, sometimes represented as two separate goddesses.


grain goddess

She is the goddess of grain, and she brings us food. Revered by everyone, especially the peasants.

Shown as a woman holding a sheaf of grain.


Pole star - Dara Happan god of generals, and dancing

The General of Heaven, Grandmaster of the Great Dance, and King of the Firmanent. He defends the Pole star, the fortress of heaven, and directs the harmony of the heavens. He leads the armies of Heaven, including his many sons, who are Star Captains, who defended the sky against chaos and saved humanity in the Great Darkness.

Shown armoured and crowned, and holding a scroll.


city god of Raibanth

The god of Raibanth, the ruling city of Dara Happa. He rules the city and makes it great, and nurtures its royal house. Once Raibamus was the most powerful city in the world, when its King wore the Crown of Rule, but it has since given that Crown to the Emperor.

The god is often represented as one of his own priests, whose bodies he descends into and inhabits, and goes among the people.


Joker, Liar, Hare, Carrot God

Rakenveg is a Trickster, a seducer, and a fool. The stories of him always show him performing misdeeds and practicing deceit, and many of them are scandalous. Both carrots and hares are associated with sexuality and immorality.

Represented sometimes as a man, sometimes a hare, sometimes as a carrot, but usually scandalously and obscenely.

Red Emperor

Moonson Imperator, Leader of the Egi

The Red Emperor, now worshipped as the ideal of Lunar power. The original incarnation of the Red Emperor, and the most revered, was called TakenEgi, meaning Leader of the Egi, a group of Lunar heroes who live on the Moon and help sustain the Emperors power. His cult is mostly made up of Lunar functionaries and bureaucrats.

The Red Emperor is also the son of the Red Goddess. He has performed many great deeds. He used to always return appearing identically, but since Sheng Seleris stormed the moon and killed some of the Egi, each time he returns he is slightly different.

He is represented as the Emperor, performing many great deeds. The Egi are represented variously, but are roughly twenty in number and half male and half female.

Red Goddess

Moon Goddess, Mirror and Mask, Mistress of Life and Death

Rufelza, literally meaning Red Goddess, is the most common name for the Red Moon goddess, who was brought into the world by the 7 Mothers, founded an Empire, and now lives as a moon in the sky. Her mythology is complex and confusing. She was once a white planet high in the sky, but was gradually destroyed and shattered, falling into the darkest depths of Hell, and now she is slowly rising again. She has been many different things, bodies in the sky, goddesses such as Natha and Gerra and Orogeria, and beings who walked on the earth.

Represented as a young woman with red skin in white robes. Usually she is cross legged, making peace and welcome gestures, wearing a gown with a plunging neckline.


God of the Bow

Worshipped by anyone who wants to use a bow well, from professional soldiers to those who merely wish success at the games. Once he was a god called Urengerum, and ruled over a city that is now destroyed, but Urvairainus took pity on him and so he became worshipped at Raibanth. His chief priest is the Imperial Bowman. He is especially revered as a servant of Yelm, as the bow is a special weapon of Yelms.

Always shown as a man wielding a bow.

Seven Mothers

The restorers of the Red Goddess

The seven beings who participated in the great ritual that brought forth the Red Goddess are revered wherever the Goddess is. They are all now deified. The seven are Yanafal Tarnils, Irrippi Ontor, Teelo Norri, Jakaleel, Deezola, Danfive Xaron, and the mysterious She Who Waits. They are all now deified.

They are worshipped separately in the central parts of the Empire. In the provinces, their cults are combined into one great Lunar religion, which teaches and proselytises. They feed the poor and patiently explain the story of the goddess, and they are the backbone of the Lunar Provincial administration, serving as chaplains, magistrates, scribes and every other duty the Empire requests of them.

Their images appear throughout the empire. The most common image of the seven together shows them riding in a single crescent shaped boat, an image set in pottery throughout the Empire.


Great Destroyer, Protector of Alkoth

Shargash is the Red planet, and the the Dara Happan god of war, death, and thunder. He is a loyal son of Yelm, and the protector of Alkoth. During the Great Darkness, he defeated Kazkurtum and destroyed the corrupted world, preparing it for renewal. His secret is that destruction is necessary to bring forth the new, so he is also a god of life. He is worshipped in rites involving mass cremation of the dead, which take

the living participants to the underworld and (usually) bring them back


He is represented with several arms, holding weapons such as skyspears, thunderbolts, and a mace, but one hand is always

empty, beckoning his worshippers to new life


Heron goddess, mother of Darjiin

She is the great goddess of Darjiin, ancestress of its peoples. She is widely worshipped there particularly in orgiastic rites, known for their immorality throughout the Empire, which can result in death for those playing certain roles (Emperors have died this way). Yestendos is her servant. She is especially worshipped by the rice growers of Darjiin, and the people who live along its rivers.

Represented as a heron or a heron headed woman.

Teelo Norri

Young life

One of the 7 Mothers, she was a child, pure and innocent. The main focus of the cult is the Poor Fund, which feeds the poor.

She is shown as a young girl. She is the cupbearer to the Red Goddess, and so sometimes represented with a cup.


Root Holder, Yuthuppan earth goddess

She is the ancient Yuthuppan goddess of the things that come from the earth, . She is also the ancestress of many Yuthuppan heroes and deities.

She is shown holding a root in her hand.


Pelandan god of Power

Turos is a Pelandan god widely recognised as being an aspect of Lodril, and his cult takes the place of Lodrils in many places. Most of the things that are said about Lodril are also true of him. He is also the god who protects some Pelandan cities, and who invented the ancient sceptre used to keep order in meetings.


goddess of love - widespread

She is the goddess of love. She is loved in Pelanda, unpopular and scandalous in Dara Happa, and known in many other places.

She is usually shown as a beautiful woman. She is also associated with the blue planet.


ancient Emperor, the Conquerer

He was an Emperor very long ago, before the time of the Empty Emperor. He invented warfare, and his victories where so great that he is revered as the patron of warfare and bringer of victory ever since.

He is shown as the Emperor, usually shown mustering troops or in commanding them in battle.


Lord of the dead

He is a son of Lodril and Annara Gor, and Lord of the Second Hell, where the recently dead are, and also many lesser earth deities.

He is faceless.


The Great Eagle of Heaven, great god of Rinliddi

King of the Birds. Also a part of Yelm, and associated with that cult.

Represented as a huge eagle, sometimes on fire, often flying towards the sun.

Yanafal Tarnils

Ram and Warrior, Lunar Hero

One of the 7 Mothers, he is the premier war god of the Empire. He was a Carmanian noble, whose father once ruled Yuthuppa, and was exiled and became a Humakti. His cult has many magics usurped from Humakt, and is otherwise very similar. He founded the Lunar Army and is worshipped by all its officers and many of its men.

Shown as a soldier, a middle aged bearded man armed with a scimitar. His helmet has rams horns on it.

Yara Aranis

Lunar Goddess of the Reaching Moon, horse eater

Daughter of the Red Emperor and Gorgorma (who he met in a Pentan Hell). She is the destroyer of the Horse nomads. Her cult maintains the temples of the Reaching Moon, and many of her worshippers are in the army. She has many slave spirits who she has captured. Her temples maintain the Glowline.

She is shown with six arms. With her right arms she carries a crescent bladed sword, and a snake filled cornucopia, and displays her open palm. With her right have she holds a magic torch or wand, and makes gestures of beckoning and magical warding. Her visage is terrible, and her tongue hangs out and her teeth are sharp. She stands with her left leg behind her right knee, and she wears greaves. Her belly is decorated. She wears a crown decorated with 5 stars plus a crescent.


cannibal god of Pelanda

Also called Arganum in Dara Happa. He once ruled Pelanda, and fed people to his cannibal god. He lead the blue people who live under the Sweet Sea. He is a hated enemy god, fought against by Urvairainus, Bisos, and others.

He is portrayed as an enemy king, wearing the adamant crown of Oronin. Sometimes he is shown in his barge, rowed by fierce warriors. He is often shown committing atrocities, or in battle.


Emperor of the Universe, Allfather

Yelm is the great and perfect Emperor, and also the Sun that brings light to the world. He is the perfect ideal of a Dara Happan man. His cult is worshipped by the elite of Dara Happa, especially the nobility.

There are several acknowledged parts of Yelm, some of whom are worshipped as part of him. They are Antirius, god of light and justice, Vrimak, the great bird, Bijiif, the ash god and ruler of the underworld, Basko (not worshipped by the Yelm cult), Berneel Arashagern, the serpent and symbol of Yelms fertility, and Enverinus the fire god who receives sacrifices.

Yelm is represented as the Great Emperor, sitting on his throne, with the gods and goddesses lined up before him. Sometimes he is shown as the great Solar Disk.


Reed Boy, the boatman

Companion and servant of Surenslib and other water goddesses, and the patron of the reed boatmen of Peloria. He kept the poor river people afloat when they were left behind by Anaxial's boat.

Usually shown in his reed boat.

Young Elementals

Lunars sources of elemental magic

These new beings attended the goddess at her birth, a sign of the rebirth of the world. They have almost no independent cults, but are revered in the Lunar religion. There are only four - Darkness, Light, Water, and Earth.

Shown as young people or as columns of the appropriate colours.