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[Hair Care Tips for Long Hair]

This page presents hair care related information.

Almost all articles are posted by our members. I don't insure every information fit you because character of hair or scalp is individual, so the best product for a woman does not always fit your hair.

There are a lot of hair care related information in our site because our members like to discuss about hair care. However I do not have enough time to translate all of them into English, so that I would like to show abstracts of our information or picked up messages about hair care. I would be pleased if you would get more beautiful hair with this page than before.

Most of articles are translated by Wind except articles of which a name of translater is expressed.

Camellia Oil
Camellia oil and protection from static electricity

The way of a shampoo
Bubble bottle "MAgiC Bottle"
Water for shampoo

How to dry hair
A well absorbent towel

Boxwood calm
How to brush long hair

Hair Colour
Osteoporosis of hair
Toxicity of hair colour