How to dry hair

Contributed by Wind

"Yuuko's correct way of hair care" (written by YAMASHITA Yuuko; published by Furukawa Shobo) says that wrong way of drying hair is as follows:

She says that correct way of drying hair is as follows:

Another book also says that hot wind from drier is bad for hair.


A well absorbent towel

Contributed by ANDOU Kozue

"I don't like drier"
"I believe that natural dry is the best"

If you think so, I can recommend you a towel with waffle cloth made from cotton or hemp. "Pleasure of bath" (written by MAEDA Kyoko) says that the towel is very good absorbent. In order to get the towel, buy waffle cloth and sew it.

I tried to make the towel by myself, and found that my hair dried faster with it than before with other kind of towel. Above all, this way of dry is very economic.

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