How to brush longhair

by Masumi [1999/12/28]

It is says in some book that you should divide your hair with 2 or 3 parts from bottom to top when you brush it. However I divide my hair with 5 or 6 parts, where I wear thigh length hair. Really, I seldom brush, or don't brush my hair at all, because brushing make your hair damaged. Are you amazed to hear the fact?

What I do is to comb with fingers, or comb softly with boxwood comb penetrated by camellia oil. I take care not to damage my hair with any friction because such long hair as to mine is easily damaged.

Someone believes that gloss of hair is generated by brushing. But your long hair will be damaged by brushing if you brush your hair from top of the head to bottom all in once, because such a way of brushing makes much friction and cuticle on your hair will be seriously damaged. It says in some book that brush with boar bristle is good. But even if your hair get temporal glossy, it is caused by strong friction with the brush, so that I cannot recommend it. I think nothing to do our hair is the best.

I recommend my way of combing only to super long haired women or women who are lengthening their hair aiming at super long length. I think it is suitable for the beauty of super long hair to be generated with stoic care.

Can I speak in similitudes?; dyed hair is meuniere(butter fried fish with flour), and non-dyed super long hair is Sashimi (one of typical Japanese cuisine, plain raw fish meat, eating with soy saurce). As you know, taste of Sashimi almost depends on quality of the fish and skill of cutting it, and most cooking or seasoning it serves less tasty than before. I wonder if this similitudes are not so good.

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