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"The way of a shampoo"

by Masumi [1999/06/25/]

Hello webmaster and friends of Long Hair Magazine. I would like to show how to shampoo long hair.

I wonder if you shampoo your hair like commercial message for shampoo product which shows that a model heap up foam and catch her hair in it. Indeed I think that this is fatal way of shampoo for females who are going to lengthen their hair long beautifully and keep their beautiful long hair.

I have watched a video of George Michaell's long hair salon. He said that point of long hair reaching to waist is delicate and fragile like antique hand made lace. So, if you can permit me to insist extreme opinion, you almost need not shampoo bottom of your long hair. It is enough to let hot water and foam to your long hair from the top of your head, I think.

My way of shampoo is as follows. At the first shampoo, I take suitable amout of liquid of shampoo with 3 or 4 times pumping of bottle to another vessel ( I use travel sized little bottle of shampoo), and dilute it with hot water by 2 times. I shake it well so that it generate a lot of foam. I put it on my scalp. I only spread it on my scalp, and do not scrub it. I flush the foam soon after it spread over the scalp.

At the second shampoo, I take liquid of shampoo by half of the first time, dilute it like first time and shake it. I put it on my scalp again. We shall find that it bubbles up very well compared with the first time. I scrub my scalp well with my fingers and with special care of not scraping with fingernails. After that, I raise my hair and let it touch to the foam. The stains to be removed by shampoo exist in a greasy part of hair closed to the scalp, so that it will not reach the bottom of long hair. Even if you use mousse or another kind of hair dressing, you should let your hair touch the foam, must not twist your hair, and never knead or scrub like a shampoo message. Indeed we do not need liquid of shampoo so much. This is the reason why shampoo messages would not show this ( right) way of shampoo.

Now the time of rinse has come. I recommend you take twice times of time to rinse your hair longer than the time you took to shampoo. When I travel with my friends, I sometimes find that they stop rinsing with leaving foam on around their ears and hairlines. You should take care of it because it causes rashes, itches, fallen hair, and dandruff. I close a head of shower bath to my hair when I rinse my hair. I can feel the hot water flow on my scalp and it is comfortable for me because I get good circulation.

I keep my thigh length hair beautiful and healthy. Please try this way of shampoo, if you want to lengthen your hair beautifully.

Bubble bottle "MAgiC Bottle"

contributed by sky [translated by sky] URL

I introduce a "MAgiC Bottle".
This is a bubble bottle.It's a good item when you shampoo.

Put a shampoo and hot water into a bottle. Push a pump. Many bubbles come out.
I put in the quantity which uses it up in junior size (100ml) each time.
It is troublesome to wash a pump.You are pleased with a creamy bubble.
This is a same bottle as the shampoo of PAX NATURON.

I bought the "MAgiC Bottle" of Tokyo Kikaku Hanbai Co., Ltd. in TOKYU HANDS.
You can buy it to this mail order site. Please purchase by accountability.
I introduced it,because it was very good when I used it,actually.

>cf. 1999/06/25 "The way of a shampoo" Ms.MASUMI

It seems that hair will be hard to be painful if it washes with a creamy bubble.

See you.(^-^)/


Wonderful wonderful magic bottle.


A magic bottle is filled with liquid soap or liquid detergent. * When you thin, please follow a scale as a guide.

It thins with hot water 2 to 5 times, and often mixes with it. * It will become intelligible if a discernment seal is attached.

The cautions on use

- Please use up for a short period of time after thinning. - Since the liquid which the granular thing is mixing becomes the cause of getting it blocked, please do not use it. - Please carry out quantity of contents by MAX display. When a cap is rebuked, contents overflow. - Please use it in normal temperature. - When you use the thing and other maker articles with which an ingredient is different, please wash a bottle and a pump well and be not mixed. - It cannot be used in the state where concentration is high.

Tokyo Kikaku Hanbai Co., Ltd.
(Incorporated company The Tokyo plan sale)
2-853-5, Onuma-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo JAPAN
Postcode 187-0001
Telephone number 042-341-1122

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BUYER-S "MAgiC Bottle"
Kanda Tokyo Yakkyoku (Tokyo Phamasy)
Phoenix Co., Ltd.
"The way of a shampoo" by Masumi [1999/06/25]


Title & name: Soft bubble bottle series

contributed by sky [translated by sky] URL

Good evening.

>Ms. HH
> There is what was alike also by FE O SHIMO with the glass ? bottle, and it is using it.
> kana ? which it was about 800 yen although obtained very well before

-- Are they the goods here? Explanation of goods and a picture are in Above URL.

Yahoo! > business and economy > shopping and service > shopping > catalog sale > FELISSIMO
- collection guide.
FELISSIMO SHARARA SKIP "FUWAFUWA AWA bottle NO KAI(Soft bubble bottle series)".

[2002/10/17 23:22:57]

Water for shampoo

by Wind [2003/05/21]


I read hair care pages of TLHS. There is a lot of useful information. It is said that hard water is not good for hair. However we are happy because water in Japan is soft one.

It is also said that chlorine included in water is harmful for hair. I can show you a sample of it that your hair will turns brown with swimming in pools because water of them includes a lot of chlorine. TLHS recommends that you should use water from water purification appliance.