Camellia Oil

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Camellia Oil is traditional hair care material in Japan. Recently it has been shown with scientific viewpoint that Camellia Oil has many excellent effectiveness for hair.

Camellia oil is made from camellia seeds, which is used for hair care in Japan for a very long time.

Camellia oil has effects for hair as follows:

From the view point of chemistry, the basis of camellia oil is OREIN acid is not easily oxidized, Property of camellia oil is similar to the ingredient of human skin, so that camellia oil fit with hair care and skin care. Olive oil also has similar property to camellia oil. Both of camellia oil and olive oil are not easily dry. However, camellia oil exceeds olive oil in content of OREIN acid and chemical stability (including not easily to be oxidized).

Camellia oil is also good edible oil because it is not easily oxidized so that it does not cause illness.

We can recommend using olive oil instead of camellia oil if you cannot obtain camellia oil.


website of SATOU TSUBAKI
where Tsubaki is a Japanese word for camellia.


Camellia oil and protection from static electricity

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I introduce abstract of today's TV program 'Omoikkiri TV' featured static electricity on hair.

1 Thinner your hair, easier to catch static electricity.

2 You will fall into vicious circle if you hair is damaged by color or a perm, because damaged hair is easy to catch static electricity in brushing, static electricity causes your hair damage.

3 Wooden comb or comb with bristle of pig catch less static electricity. Nylon comb catches more static electricity.

4 You had better brush your hair barefoot because you can discharge to the floor via your bare feet. However you will easily catch static electricity when you brush your hair wearing socks or stockings.