Hair Colour

by Wind [2002/10/31]

TV program "Tameshite Gatten" on NHK (2002/10/31) features hair colour. I show an abstract of the program especially about damage of hair with hair colour.

There are two functions of hair colour, that is, to bleach and dye it. Hair colour contains first and second liquid. The first liquid opens cuticles and inputs any colour into your hair, that is, dyeing. The second liquid parts combinations between cells which contains your hair, and it breaks melanin ( pigment of black colour in black coloured hair ), that is, bleaching. Hair colour is called as permanent dye, actually colour fades, so that you must colour your hair repeatedly if you want to keep the colour.

Electronic microscope shows that cuticles on coloured hair are torn off from the hair. Hair repeatedly coloured perfectly loses cuticles and fiber of hair is bared. I was shocked to watch the picture. Cuticles shut a pigment in your hair, however, such hair that loses cuticles cannot be coloured any more. A picture of section of coloured hair shows that there are a lot of chinks in repeatedly coloured hair, in other word, full of pores.

The program shows an experiment of tension to hair. It shows that the more damaged hair with colouring, the longer we can draw it. At first I guessed that healthy hair could be drawn longer than coloured hair, but the result of experiment is opposite. Yamase Mami, young female TV personality with coloured a little long hair, tried the experiment with her own hair. Her hair was drawn much longer than the average length of damaged hair with colouring, where the length is the maximum length to which coloured hair which can sill be coloured some more times can be drawn. I also got shocked to watch the experiment because her hair looks beautiful though her hair was dyed repeatedly. I guess that glossy of her hair would be artificially given by a spray because her hair almost loses cuticles.

She showed an impression of the program on a board. It says that " hair dye = hair die".

Osteoporosis of hair

by Wind [2003/01/14]

I will show you an abstract of an article of Mainichi Shimbun published 2003/01/13.

1 Damage with colouring

The LION corporation released the statical examination that a number of people who complain creaking and dry of hair exceed one who complain an outgrowth of hair or snapping of hair.

Hair colour open cuticles of hair with strong alkaline liquid and let a pigment penetrate hair, and liquid hydrogen peroxide dissolve the melanin naturally contained in you hair.

Mechanism of damage with colouring is as follows.

(1) Cause of creaking of hair

Liquid hydrogen peroxide tear off fatty acid on cuticles of hair, so that grease on hair is removed. As a result hair loses sleakness.

(2) Cause of dry

Strong alkaline included in hair colour tear off cuticles of hair, so that protein which composes hair flow out from hair and water included in hair also flow out. As a result, inside of hair is full of pores like osteoporosis of bone.

Repeatedly coloured hair has many chinks inside. The LION corporation says that a hair maintenance product covers hair instead of fatty acid on cuticles of hair, and it also has an effect to repair the broken fiber of hair. The KAO corporation says that some kinds of shampoo or conditioning products of KAO contain the ingredient to fullfil the chinks.

2 Key for keeping healthy hair by specialists

<Ueki Rie> (lecturer of Juntendo university, dermatologist)

Hair is a barometer of healthy because hair is composed by a protein which is the same as that skin is. If nutrition runs short, internal organ and so on are prioritized to receive it, so that hair becomes fine and weakly. For the sake of making healthy hair, you should have a well-balanced diet and to get enough nutrition for your body.

<Inoue Tetsuo>(Director of institute of Japan hair science association)

It is the best way to keep healthy hair that you do not colour your hair. A way of shampoo not to damage your hair is as follows. At first whisk a shampoo and shampoo with your fingers. Next flush the shampoo perfectly. Don't wash your hair itself, because it makes your hair damaged by friction between hair. You had better do wrap your hair with foam of shampoo.

<Nishida Yuuichi>(leading researcher of institute of beauty care, The LION corporation)

Too much times of brushing makes friction of surface of hair, so that damage of cuticles goes still worse.

<Nakamura>(KAO corporation)

Heat from dryer raises cuticles and it becomes easily to be torn off. You had better vary the temperature of the wind to cool after your hair is half-dried.