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The Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling (JFIC in abbreviation), a non-profit-making organization founded in 1975, is officially authorized by the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) as the sole organization in Japan of indoor cycling which is provided for in the International Cycling Union (UCI). Its headquarters are located in the JCF, but the secretariat is located in secretary-general's residence.
The name of the Federation was "Japan Cycle Soccer Federation (JCSF)" at the beginning, now is "Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling (JFIC)" since 2003.

The aims of the JFIC are as follows:

*a) to direct, develop, regulate, control and discipline indoor cycling under all forms nationwide;
*b) to promote indoor cycling in Japan (and in overseas countries as the occasion demands) and at all levels;
*c) to organize, for all indoor cycling sport disciplines, Japan championships sanctioned by the JCF and other nationwide tournaments, and to sanction regional tournaments as official event;
*d) to organize and planning the training courses for commissaries, technicians, athletes etc;
*e) to encourage friendship between all members of the indoor cycling world;
*f) to promote sportsmanship and fair play;
*g) to represent the sport of indoor cycling in Japan and defend its interests before all national and international authorities;
*h) to cooperate with the Japan Olympic Committee through the JCF, in particular as regards the participation of cyclists in the World Games, the Asian Games the East Asian Games and other Games in which the JOC is concerned;

The Executives of the JFIC

Honorary President MOMOTA, Joji Kyoto, Kyoto pref.
(Member of ICC/UCI)
TAENAKA, Yoshiyuki Toyonaka, Osaka pref.
(President of Japan Intercollegiate Indoor Cycling Federation)
SATO, Yoshiharu Kameoka, Kyoto pref.
Securetary General SATO, Yasuhiko Kyoto, Kyoto pref.
Executive Board Memmber AOTO, Koichi  Kyoto, Kyoto pref.
IKEJIRI, Hiroyuki  Sakai, Osaka pref.
INOUE, Kazutoshi  Toyonaka, Osaka pref. 
INOUE, Toru Oita, Oita pref.
UEMOTO, Masayuki  Kobe, Hyogo pref.
OKADO, Yoshio Kazo, Saitama pref.
NAKAJIMA, Kiyoharu  Chikushino, Fukuoka pref.
FIJIMOTO, Yasunor  Kawachinagano, Osaka pref.
MATUI, Yoshikazu  Yokohama, Kanagawa pref.
TADA, Kazuo kawasaki, kanagawa pref.
Auditor BABA, Kazuo Toyonaka, Osaka pref.
TAKAHASHI, Shugo Itinomiya, Aichi pref.
Senior Adviser
YAMANE, Yasumasa Hitachi, Ibaraki pref.
Special Adviser KAWANO, Nobuo Kaseda, Kagoshima pref.

Relation to the JCF

Menber of the board of trustees MOMOTA Joji TAENAKA Yoshiyuki  
Indoor Cycling Committee INOUE Kazutoshi OKADO Yoshio SATO Yasuhiko*

* Chairman

Section Committees

Section Activity  Executives in charge  Member 
Competition Management Preparing tournaments / competitions etc., and operating. MATUI Yoshikazu *
UEMOTO Masayuki
YASUDA Tatsuya
Commissaires (cycle-ball) Activity of judgment and regulations IKEJIRI Hiroyuki *
TAMAI Tosikazu
HATA Hitosshi
Coaching Planning training camps and coaching IKEJIRI Hiroyuki *
TUZUKI Katsumi
Development and Promotion Activity of the development of indoor cycling INOUE Toru*
UEMOTO Masayuki
Artistic Cycling Whole activity on artistic cycling  AOTO Koichi * SAURA Hiroyuki
HAMADA Mihoko 
Public Relations To negotiate with sponsor and others
Activity to person who has done indoor cycling
SATO Yasuhiko *
TADA Kazuo
International Relations Exchange of information with overseas countries OKADO Yoshio  
Information Publicity activities OKADO Yoshio *
TADA Kazuo
Promotion in Kyushu Area Activity of helping indoor cycling in Kyushu area to develop or increase INOUE Toru  
Intercollegiate Promotion Activity of helping indoor cycling of Universities to develop or increase SATO Yoshiharu *
OKADO Yoshio

* Chairman

The Japan Intercollegiate Indoor Cycling Federation

President SATO Yoshiharu Professor, Ritsumeikan University 
East Japan Students Committee
HISADA Yusuke Student,
Cycleball Club Tokyo Institute of Technology
West Japan Students Committee
MAEDA Keiji Student,
St.Andrew's University Bicycle Club

Region Committees

Chairman, Kanto Region FUJITA Yosuke
Chairman, Kansai Region YASUDA Tatsuya
Chairman, Kyushu Region TESHIMA Toshimitu

Valqua as Sponsor

Hattori as a partner

Cherubim as a partner

Japan Federation
            of Indoor Cycling

181-5, Jurakumawari-nisimachi,
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
604-840, JAPAN