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Registration to JFIC and JCF


To participate in the indoor cycling tournament recognized by the Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling (JFIC), it is necessary to register your club with the JFIC. And when participating in a tournament, you also have to show your registered card of the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) to the tournament officer.
If you are people from other countries who have UCI license, you can participate in JFIC's tournament should JFIC approve.

Flow of your club registration

 1. Do you have a JCF License?
 [ YES ] [ NO ]  
 2. Please make an application to the Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling for a club registration.  2. You must make an application for a rider license to Japan Cycling Federation (JCF) through a cycling federation of the prefecture without fail.

 3. And at the same time, please make an application to the Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling (JFIC) for your club registration.
 How to send in a written application

For Club Registration;

Please feel free to contact the following registration secretariat at any time for getting an application form.
After your receiving an application form, fill out the form and send it back including \10,000 for club registration fee

Mail to : Club Registration Secretariat

For Rider Entry;

First order an application form to cycling federation in your prefecture by telephone or e-mail.
Secondly, fill out an application form and submit it to the cycling federation of prefecture. The applications should be accompanied with registration fee.
The effective period of the license shall be the period of time until March 31 from the day when JCF admitted registration.


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