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2.UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Kagoshima in 2010
-Final Match
Cycle-bll exhibition match
in USA, 1984  
Kongo Tokyo vs RC Mazda Höchst III  The Steinmeier brothers
vs The Pospisil brothers
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40. Japan Championships 41. Japan Championships 2010 World Cup Asian Stage
 Kusatsu, 2009  Tokyo, 2010  Kagoshima, 2010


  The 3rd Japan Cycle Soccer
       Intercollegiate Championships' Poster

It has been designed by Mr. Akatsuka Fujio who was a pioneer Japanese artist of comical manga known as the Gag Manga King.
He stood foremost among cartoonists in those days;
nevertheless he was so kind to accept a request of an unexpected visitor, a young student of cycle-ball committee.

  The Comic Book which is subject matter of cycle-ball boy. 3 volumes published from 1974 to 1975 by Shonengahosha.
The writer is Mr. Mizushima Shinji. He is best-known as an author of baseball manga. He is a two-time recipient of the Shogakukan Manga Award around this time.
  Cycle-ball Postal Stamp
that had been issued to commemorate the 2001 world indoor cycling championships in Kaseda, Kagoshima pref.

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