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Welcome to the JFIC Web Site

The Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling (JFIC) is Official Federation recognized by the Japan Cycling Federation (JCF).
The JFIC administers and promotes the development of cycle-ball, artistic cycling and other indoor cycling disciplines. The JFIC’s mission is to develop and promote indoor cycling, in close collaboration with the Japan Intercollegiate Indoor Cycling Federation and all interested parties.                                                                                                                                More about JFIC


  • Tentative schedule guide
    for participants of the UCI cycle-ball World cup and the 12th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships in Beppu, Oita prefecture, Japan (as of August 13). Please refer here

  • Notification:

    DOPE TEST will be carry out during the following international tournaments;
    • UCI cycle-ball world cup in Beppu, Agusut 23, 2014
    • 12th Asian indoor cycling championships, August 24, 2014

  • The 11th Valqua Cup Indoor Cycling Championships

    will be held on this coming 19th of July, in which 12 cycle-ball teams and 3 artistic cyclists selected by JFIC participate. Japan national cycle-ball teams and artistic cyclists, who compete in each the following tournament , are decided; World Championships, Asian Championships and World Cup in Beppu.                                                                                                                 <information card>
  • 2014 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup Asian Stage

    Japan Federation of Indoor Cycling and Japan Cycling Federation will host the 4th Leg of 2014 UCI Cycle-ball World Cup at B-Con Plaza in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, on August 23, 2014.
    10 teams, from Europe and Asia ( Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. and Japan) play Cycle-ball games against one another aiming the final tournament in the end of this year.

  • 12th Asian Indoor Cycling Championships
  • This championships will be held for the first time in 2 years since the last one in Hong Kong in January of 2012. The date is August 24, 2014 and the venue is B-Con Plaza, the same as the world cup which will be held on the previous day.

    Beppu City is world- famous as the hot spring town/city that has the greatest variety and richest hot spring source. We hope that many people from other county come to enjoy cycle-ball spectating and hot spring.
  • Update: August 13, 2014

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Japan Federation
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