How Ormsland Inhumanking tricked Alakoring and his relatives 860-880?

From Orlanth Dragonbreaker Subcult, Rule of Pendragon Pass-16, on Enclosure#1.
Virtues: Generous, Just, Proud, Valorous, "Vengeful".

(No one knows why Jonagor, Wind Lord and a brother of Saragor Ringseeker
didn't come back long after his pilgrimage to the Top of the World and
beyond, in fact, many of the household thought he was dead in his long risky
journey. But he returned just before his funeral.

But something was different, but many of them didn't know why after his
long disappearance(even Clan's Truthsayers and Humakti could not find what's wrong),
he brought Ormsword, and Delelans didn't want to wed the
Lankstan Bitch except this Strange Man, before Alakoring's mother realized
she was pregnant, "Jonagor" went to another travel and didn't come back by
that turn. (Amphitryon & Zeus?))

The amount of treasure which Alakoring and Jofrain found in the lair of
Dream Dragons was vast to convey, but Potameids of Upper Tanier and Doskior
were long and old friends of Jofrain, and they helped the Two Heroes to
convey secretly the Great Treasury of Mostali from Doskior to one of hidden
valley of Lalia River, but one of them warned him to possess it, but Jofrain
told them none of Orlanthi could not avoid one's own "wyrd" (More Lanksti
Word?) some of them were once Jofrain's lovers, and sobbed for the Doom which waited.

One of Iron Ring Member, Harandos the Mapgrapher, tattooed (magically write
a poem?) his back the location of the valley. (Later Deadre unintentionally
found the location?) Far-seeker Harandos disliked Alakoring and he said Alakoring
would bring doom his Lord, Jofrain.

After Jofrain lost his former wife in sickness of Malia, he met Diadra
Redberry and Fergus Firebreath at the city of Rhianoos, he incognitoly sought new
trading partner for his tribe and she wanted to make new poem by touching
city people, they met by chance and talked long about many things. He was
impressed with her beauty, her quick wit and her lineage for they talked
about Alakoring and how he had been born. Eventually Jofrain asked her about
the arrange for her marriage and exchanged gold-rings for their friendship.

Vesene Raventongue was vengeful woman and vile Naranarran Priestess, and
had sought to revenge Alakoring since he fled from Delelan Land for her husband was killed by
the wound which Alakoring made in his escape. It was very
unfortunate that she was the nurse of King's children. She knew very vile
magic and how to make magic portion to change man's mind.

The King of Delelans, Saragor Ringseeker was very fond of dog-fight induced
from Fronela and High Llama Pass and always showed greedy eyes to imports from High Llama
Pass which Lankstans watched, and he soon heard about Jofrain possessed
the Gold of Dwarves from his Doskiori Traders. He felt jealous what the
"Wretched" Lankstans got and the two of them secretly plotted to how to
trick them.

When Envoy from Lanksti came to Ormsburg(?), Diadra was very pleased by
that message, but the thanes and nobles of Aringori Household accepted the
gift from Jofrain for another reason and entertained him warmly except one of them, all of the members
of Aringori had different ideas about Jofrain's proposal of marriage to King's daughter.

Only Fergus Firebreath only saw through their black heart and openly
protested to this idea during his sister Diadre was absent from Clan Hall.
But Wyrmblade, the black heart brother of Fergus laughed at his cowardness.

Fergus spoke to his brother,
"It is eternal shame to break our oath to guests and abandon the custom of
"They are not true Orlanthi, so they don't know true way of Greeting and
guest right." Vesene Raventongue, evil Narnarran priestess said. "And we can
erase one of the untrustable enemies by it."

Firebreath said, "Alakoring and Jofrain are too strong for our warriors to
Wyrmblade stated "Can't you? I think you have wanted to fight Alakoring
again. And some of famous Humakti from Youf just visit us."
Their King, Ringseeker murmured, "The treasure is rightfully ours. For it
was collected by Dream Dragons, Ormskin. But Jofrain stole it under our
Firebreath said,
"I don't think they will take such trumped-up charge seriously...."

Wyrmblade stated, "By that Gold, we can buy high status in the Center of
Empire and gain Higher Position and energy in Future Accelerated Dragon
Worship (Though it didn't begin yet).", and added, "I want Alakoring's
Ormsword. It is what I most wanted. "

Firebreath protested "Alakoring is very tenacious and vengeful, I have
never wanted to anger him or urge his thunder!"

Wyrmblade grinned, "Sure, we must kill him first and for all. Alakoring
was bad boy here should be punished for it."

Firebreath realized his protest seemed not to have any impact and fell to
despair. But he could not betray his own kinfolk.

When Jofrain greeted the envoy from Kilwin in his stead near of Windy Hill,
it was Alakoring who most opposed to the idea to accompany with them in

"Always trouble comes from women." Alakoring stated.

And his mother said,
"Their family has not enough dowry to marry with our House of Gold."

"Some of them are too sticky attached to Dragons and abandoned even the way
of Orlanth! I cannot trust even they support the rule of greeting!"
Alakoring condemned.

"Don't say too bad your own relative." Jofrain protested. "I don't care she
hasn't enough dowry for me, I am rich enough to accept her."

Alakoring stated,
"They hate me for my past deed and won't want to make same mistake to make
another lineage as my grand-father once did so. They want only our heads
without body and our treasure, even though we have common with the Sacred
Greeting, I don't think they will keep their promise."

Jofrain silently spoke to Alakoring,

"You talked many about her beauty, why shouldn't I want to get her? I have never willingly hurted
or tricked same Orlanthi as you know, and rather I want to die for my ideal than live without honor
or love. I won't blame you for it."

Jofrain added,
"If you scared so much them, stay here. I don't need you there and you will
be safe here."

Alakoring sighed and asked to his Lord and his warriors,
"Do you think you are braver than I by participating such foolish

Alakoring protested, "All of my kin will condemn me if I abandon you now willingly meet trouble and danger.
All right. OK, I'll go with you though I know we will meet our doom in the nest of vipors."

But Harandos spoke, "Everyone except you."

And Alakoring added,
"We should equip weapons enough when we 'll go to their hall."

Jofrain asked to his loyal friend,
"How can we reply if someone ask us why we arm in the ceremony of wedding?"

Alakoring replied,
"OK. If someone ask, we will say it is the new fashion induced from Otkorion

They exchanged their swords, Flameless Torch and Ormsword so that his Lord
could defend himself easily against Dragon, but Alakoring didn't know it
would bring doom his master, which would take his only Token of his missing

Alakoring asked his mother before they left,
"Mother, you know I expect worst fate waiting to our visit, where do you

"My son, I want to go and live near of most trustable thing after long and
hard life, our treasure. Humanity is too fickle for me to trust."

"Guard well our wealth. But please teach me before we part eternally, who is
truly my father?"

"Your father is Orlanth, as I always said."

(Very Bad Omens on their way to Delela through Vustria, over Doskior, but Heroes
destroyed their ships intentionally?)

(We can understand this degenerated style of Draconic Magic. The Trick of Delelans (Elagor: He was
later became infamous EWF enforcer in Saird?) on this section intent to kill the "Virtuous"
(Diadra and Jofrain) and transform them into Draconic Energy. But it was nontheless degraded and
therefore never reach to the way to Kapertine or Orvene.)

Three cousins of Alakoring all presented in the Wedding: as a bride, Diadra Redberry, and
her brothers Fergus Flamebreath, and Elagor Wyrmsword. Their father and uncle-in-law of Alakoring Saragor
Ringseeker didn't want to kill his new son-in-law, but didn't abandon to gain the Gold and High Llama
which Jofrain hid somewhere in the River of upper Tanier. And Vesene Raventongue had vile
idea for it to extract the secret and location.

Neither Harandos nor Sharmara were not present, and the Broom Jofrain and his Champion
Alakoring armed well themselves and watched carefully the Hall, but they could not find any trap
because they didn't have any Draconic Discipline, and anyway, any of Delelans didn't want to kill
the Lanksti until they could find the location of Treasury, except Vesene, she tried to kill Alakoring
during night but he guarded the room hall where Jofrain and Diadra slept in the same bed.

(Maybe Sword Dance was performed for entertaining (attempt to strike in faint) both
side in the Feast. Very Strained.)

The King Saragor tried to poison (of confession?) Jofrain, but Alakoring noticed it and and took his
goblet from his hand, Alakoring drank it through his beard, and its draconic poison changed Alakoring further.

Diadra found the secret Tattooed map on the Back of her new Husband, but never willingly reveal it
to her old family because she already belonged to the Clan of her husband family (Too westernized
doctrine?) but her nurse Vesene did worst crime to the girl she brought up for then she and the
king demanded the secret, Vesene poisoned her secretly and the poison broke her feeble perception
in the Middle World.

And Lanksti realized the Ormsburg was surrounded by the Warband from the Land of Delelans, Jofrain
found the spirit of his wife was lost when her nurse brought his wife to Banquet Hall.
And Humakti from Youf encircled the Hall where the Band of Lankst holed up over Doskior River.
But they were not frightened
and killed many of Delelans escaped from Hall and joined to the warriors outside of the Citadel.

But it was Trap, the Belly (Stomach) was that of Dream Dragon which composed Banquet Hall.
In fact, the Citadel of Ormsburg was built by EWF architects from Vindori Denkral, but except
few, no one knows it was made with the body of Real Living Dragon as ships of Green Men in Southern
Sea. Still some of them knew how to awake the Dragon and how to kill the foolish dogs from Lankst
led by Elagor and reluctant Fergus. Elagor ordered his housecarls to smash enemies inside
of Hall no matter their hostage were or not....

And Jofrain and Alakoring seized their King Saragor and told,
"Why do you want to kill us secretly in the pleasant time? What crime can you do to your
own daughter?" Jofrain lamented to his crazy wife who sang in her mouth.

"The treasure is not yours and rightfully ours for you stole it from Dwarves and Dream
Dragons are our servants."
"What a sophism I have ever heard! We got the Treasure by our rightful effort and
you did only worst crime to Orlanthi Society."

"No longer my daughter belongs to our clan. She is yours. We no longer obligate to her. Why do
we fear the wrath of Orlanth? You are not true people of Orlanth."

Alakoring didn's speak to him for a while but broke his silence,
"Before I kill you, teach me, who is my true father?"
"Who cares? Your mother is bitch, so must be your father is also the beast in the Kennel!"

In Anger, Alakoring rushed forward and pierced cruelly the throat of the man who became just his
Lord's father-in-law with Fireless Torch, and cut his head and threw it to the Opening clowded
with Delelan Warriors.

"Make it to your trophy!"

(Long Fight against Delelans, Lanksti showed great bravery to Delelans but
one by one killed, Humakti riding on Wyvern from Saird also killed, finally, only Jofrain and Alakoring survived.
Elagor and Fergus was seriously-wounded by them and ony through powerful magic, their
wound was healed Wyvern Riders and Dream Dragons were all killed by Lanksti.)

Alakoring shouted to his Lord.
"Return the Useless woman! She is useless for us to make hostage to the inhuman foes."
But Jofrain didn't return her.

Lanksti drank the blood of Demi-dragons, Alakoring felt more power from such hideous deed.
Finally Fergus could not his brother to resign the idea to use the Trap, and Fire was used in the
Dragon Tangled Hall. But Alakoring felt more power from it.

Alakoring body was guarded by the Blood which he drank from his ?'s Body, though the fire inside of
their wedding destroyed all of dowry of his bride and killed all of attendances. (Alakoring tried to
save his lord but failed, because his magic saved only jimself against Draconic Pyroflame.)

In flame, Jofrain put on his hand over Alakoring's shoulder and whispered, "Now you are the Swordmaster."
Alakoring roared. Diadra died in Flame as her new husband only through madness. Alakoring only
survived for finally the fire broke the bottom of the Dragon, Doskior guarded the wounded body of
the hero. (Delelans didin't realize long Alakoring escaped from the Inferno.)

"Surely they will pay the price for it." Alakoring grimly murmured. Harandos Mapgrapher greeted to him
and offered his help, and taught him where Elagor and his family came.

The Power of Flame, Inhuman King of Ormsland agreed to help Elagor to carry the Gold beyond
Rockwood for extremely cheap price for Unknown reason. Their Dragons flew to Lalia where
Derdra found the map on her husband's back, burned any of guards on the way and killed
Sharmara where the Treasure of Vustria for she greedly guarded the valley with her bodyguards.
But such number of many wyverns and Ormspawns, it took long to carry all of the vast
amount of Gold and Precious Metals through over Rockwood.

When Alakoring closed his mother, she managed to live until he came.

"Who is my father?" Alakoring asked his dying mother.
"Stop! Alakoring. Your mother is already dead!" Mapgrapher stopped him.

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