How Alakoring flew over the Rockwood Mountain 880-910?

Reference: Grettir's Saga & Egil's Saga? Malorey: Lunacy of Lancelot?
Bondless Mercenary, David in Old Testament ....or Turin of Tolkien? (Exile
by Outlawed)

I don't believe Jofrain, Alakoring and Siglolf were all contemporaries...but
if it is saga of RW feudal europe, the authors don't mind true
history....yeah, Oberon is Caesar's son. Queen Gloriana inherits the blood
of Troy...

How do you want to express guilty feeling and lunacy derived from agony in
magical world, it might take form as furies pursuing Orestes after he killed
his mother...? There is no heortling "Styx" Myth in separated glorantha of
HW after RQ, (though some humakti myth seems to still remain "the Oath of
Styx" in their tales.)

At night, Alakoring sneaked into the middle of Shrine of Narnarra at midnight of Kilwin
and destroyed statues of Arangorf completely, and put upon the crude statue of Orlanth Dragonslayer,
Orvanshagor. No one could realize that until the night would end.
At next morning, everyone of Kilwin knew he was there was terrified by his terrible act
and the vengeance of the future.

Aringori already drove the Agent of Reprisal for abusing the hospitality
rule by Draconic Magic, Wyrmblade then succeeded the throne of Delela but
could not feel relief from it, for he saw Alakoring survived for Orlanth's
support. While Elagor asked his brother, Ormsword vibrated on his waist.

"It seems we see what we feared. I order you now to pursue and kill him
as you are now my champion."

But Fergus grimaced,
"But I don't want to damage him any more, he got enough from us."

Elagor said to his brother,
"We know well about him, do you think we can make him resign himself from
vengeance for the death of his lord and his mother? His mother was a bitch."

Firebreath sadly said, "I cannot help saying his mother was a bad woman,
but I don't think he will abandon his plan to avenge us. OK, I'll try to
kill him before he would get enough power to avenge us. Though don't think
such affair please me." And the brothers parted, while Fergus went west,
Wyrmblade flew over Rockwood and went to EWF.

The vast Treasury they brought to Saird was secretly sunk beneath the riverbed of Lendarian(?), it
formed the shape of serpent through Alchemical Magic of EWF, Elagor ordered his spies in Lankstan
Land to spread lies about Alakoring.
And the head of Alakoring was priced by Delelans. Alakoring didn't try to
vindicate himself and fled from Lankst and the delelan spies.

The brothers slandered Alakoring and spread rumors about how Alakoring
betrayed his own lord by assisting his own kin, some said when he stole some of
gold from Delelans, he was outlawed from his father's family, too. Some
who truly hated Delelans believed rumor because Alakoring was their kin, others got angry to
him by losing the treasure and wanted to deliver him to Delelans.
Alakoring didn't try to dispel their misunderstanding.

Outlawed Alakoring called himself "Harmast" (Both Harmast and Aringor was
once merely a wanderer of wildness...?) He reluctantly made a terrible oath
before the River of Styx (Heortling Name? Cruel Orlanth?) which abruptly appeared in his nightmare.
He didn't have enough self-confidence about the responsibility of his Lord's
death. He would kill all of Aringor includes himself, if he is
truly not son of Orlanth.

Alakoring went solitary everywhere of Lankst for he felt a sense of guilty,
and he avoided the truthsayers of Lhankoring and Humathi, for he wanted to
be blamed for the death of his mother and his lord. And the lies of Delelans
spread among the Lanksti and blamed him while he met other Orlanthi, threw
stones to him until he proved his Loyalty, except few wise men who followed him
like Siglolf and Mannus.

The Spirit of Rage stormed his valor and it blamed incessantly about why he
broke his oath to guard him. Alakoring could not trust gods about this
affair. For he knew that Orlanth bestowed mortals free of will and soul.
Alakoring wandered the wildland with his followers as if he were a mad
man and tried to read the sign of storm gods over his land,
as Harmast and Aringor did in
Corolaland and Vustria.

For a while, Alakoring and his warband was hired by Safelstan soulsackers, foreigners and even trolls.
But Alakoring tried to begin a his "father's pass" before Delelans would find him.
(At this time, Alakoring had a contest with Sir Ethilrist (Venerator?) and Bazkalia Oskor (Animist?))

Sword Ring of Humathi had long been a secret society of Lankst, and infiltrated to
both the politic of Safelstans and Lankstans, they were once under Makla Mann
who was the Archon of Arkat and Otkorioni King, and after Stygian Autarchy
collapsed, they didn't follow anyone except themselves, and they intervened
even Ballid Elven Wood Council and Beast People (Hsunchens) of Hrelar Amali
and prevented Delela from unifying under one banner against Delelans.
They believed Humakt is greater than Orlanth.

They followed only Vadrudi Rule and Swordmaster. Though Jofrain's word had
been heeded, it is only because he managed to kill their grandmaster in duel
after long days of Humakti monopoly to the rank of Swordmaster and robbed
him the Flameless Torch and the rank. After they noticed Jofrain was killed
in Delela, they tried to take back from Alakoring. So they didn't say to
people he was innocent though they could feel his Truth.

But Alakoring didn't fear them and once he founded where they gathered, he
solitary visited there in the Day of Dark Season and demanded their fidelity
to Swordmaster, and no one could dare to challenge single combat, but they
imposed him very difficult mission for their loyalty. So Alakoring was ushed
into Ballid Forest where once Arkat came and drew their assist against
Nysalorian Empire.

(Elf King of Ballid, Lestus Creeping Ivy was long the foe of Lanksti since
Rohorjan and Aalard raided Ballid Forest. He supported Arkat Crusade when
Arkat brought the message of Brithos Forest. (Pact with Elder Wild?
Tobosta)) Humakti told Alakoring that if he could defeat the Giants of Nida
who bothered both Dwarves and Elves from the Peak, they would plea their
loyalty to him as a Swordmaster.

At that time in Midwinter and snow fells, Fergus also heard about Alakoring
and Humakti came there. He led another Warbands and commanded to attack them
when Humakti reached the Valley of Echoes near of Nidan, where the snow and
Blizzard raged. And while the two warband fought fiercely, Avanlanche and
Hollri raged from the mountains and gulped down them.

Alakoring found himself as his followers, only Mannus and Siglolf, and Fergus in the Circle of Giants (?),
where he could only find escape route by defeating all of opponents or Death. he also
found his cousin Fergus, others were all dead. Firstly Alakoring thought to
kill Firebreath, but anyway he didn't want to kill his old friend and he
didn't want to reduce the possibility of survival, so Alakoring waked his
cousin and asked his help.

Giants (Last Remnant of Hrimthur in Nida? Humakti?) of Far Storm, Closed Storm,
Old Storm and Heroic Storm, each of them one by one were defeated by Alakoring, Fergus,
Siglolf and Mannus Arkati. And each of their act freed the winds that was enslaved
as the gift of Giants to their God, North Wind Humath.

(In the Mountain of Nida, Alakoring and Fergus Firebreath fought for their
survival against Frost Giants (Jolanti or Vadrudi? different from the point
of view of storytellers) and Sword Kings (Humakti) (Dietrich and
Hildebrandt?: Virginal of Jelaspunt Episode) Fergus' Breath helped to defeat their frost.
And finally Alakoring met Humakt while he met his brothers Vadrus and
Orlanth over the Peak of Cruelty.)

Alakoring got Immortality when he defeated the God of Death for Orlanth.
(Still Storm Brothers of Orlanth opposed their youngest brother? on the Nida
Peak Hero Plane) and Alakoring called down Four Winds (Seven Wind?) at the
peak of Storm Pillar? in Nida, Humakt himself admitted Alakoring was
innocent. And Lanksti people also knew about it and accepted Alakoring later.

Orlanth's counselor Lhankoring taught Alakoring about Balarzak Leatherwing and
how and why he could flew over the Rockwood and died soon after it. He taught
Alakoring about Secret Wonder of Telmoria and Talor, Kartolin Path. Alakoring asked Orlanth
how he could defeat the wyrms in their heart. (Alakoring wasn't able to ask about his origin
for he feared answer.) After that, Humakti swore
their fealty to the New Swordmaster and Alakoring came to the Throne of
Jofrain for a while, but he didn't stay there long, because he didn't like
responsibility and seduction of it.

<< Alakoring was not a typical good ruler.
When Chiefs? of Lankst came to him and asked his help to convince their subjects to
their order, Alakoring said.
"Orlanth is not a man of leisure to do with each of your petty
affairs! And we must solve our own problems by my own
(My friend sorcerer Mannus said) Why do you worry about to let your clansfolk to keep freedom?
I know if you are strong, you don't need any oppressive authority of Youf or Monsterous Unity."
"Do you want to Sword and Helm again? People begin to forget Orlanth!"
"I am not Vingkotling, so I don't know Sword and Helm...OK, I will go to Orlanth's Hall
next Sacred Time and counsel to the Great God about this problem.
And I will let you do something by yourself."
And he brought Rite of Orlanth Rex to his follower Chiefs how
they can keep leadership without help of priesthood.>>

Fergus was permitted to safely go back his home but warned his death when
he would meet Alakoring again. (Though after that, Orlanth blamed Alakoring
as an Oathbreaker? Alakoring spared Fergus...)

In Safelster, Arkati Survivors (Alakoring helped their hiding?) still
survived relying upon their alliance with trolls. One of their sorcerer was
Alakoring friend, Mannus Coldhand through their allegiance, Elves and
Dwarves also agreed to fight against Ormsland and Delelan Wyrmfriends
(Alakoring told dwarves that Delelans and Orms stole their treasure....)
Mannus followed Alakoring ever since he met in Safelster to Saird.

(Put on History of Malkioni (souleaters): Sweet Lies of Derinogs Pistol to
Talastaring emigrants? Nysalor Empire. Always Lanksti are martyr of Orlanth's will?)

There were worst atheists living in Kingdom of Nomia because they literally
sacked Soul of Breathes of orlanthi to fill their inner emptiness, but what they most
wanted was the monsterous power which was held only by Monsters,
like Gbaji the Deceiver or Dragons. Siglolf adviced Alakoring to exploit them
through his Godlearner ally.
Alakoring was reluctantly convinced by his plot.

Arkat tricked Orthodox Malkioni through trollish manner. (Galvosti &
Boristi?) And then Godlearners didn't mind their evil-doings as far as they followed their order.
(Sorcerer Halwal's Greed to Secret of Ormsland or Arkat (after
Nisaro Flamsword could not find the Arkat's location.))

Godlearners tried to divide the Arkat Unified Magical System though their
New Method of Categorization and Rune Use. Trolls hid the Secret of Arkat in
Guhan Hill...Siglolf tricked Nomians for the dealing of secret and military
support. (See recent debate for God Age in Glorantha Digest and HW List 2002/05,
maybe Nomians hid Horrible Demon in their deep chamber of Cathedral? or
Cage of Arkat the Devil of City Col.)

Galvosti did many mad experiment under the order of Godlearners to Pagans.
Siglolf got power by rescuing such souls but was later trapped such cage by
the Archmage Halwal. (Their last aim was demonologic control over Arkat and
Stygian Sorcery. But they also could not reveal whole of Arkat Mystery.) but it is another
story after Alakoring's departure from Ralios.

Galvosti secretly exploited Arkat Shrine against their master's will
(Godlearners) Siglolf found it and threatened them about it, Galvosi was forced to help the
army of Alakoring in the exchange with the silence of Siglolf. (Sactric & Corum? by Moorcock?)

(Insert Orlanthi View of Argrath Court for conflict between Stygian Arkati
and Godlearners (Orthodox Malkioni?) Don't forget Ralios is Bad Place for
Sartar Orlanthi. (Trolls and Sorcerers are friends of Alakoring!) Siglolf
exploited nomian Galvosti through God Learners and stole their secret, but
backfired and enslaved later?)

At Surkorion, finally Army of the Two Orlanthi Nation crushed. Battle between
Delelans and Lanksti, and many nonhumans and sorcerers joined for while Nomian Sorcerers
and Trolls supported Alakoring, Telmori and Wyrms helped Delelans and EWF.
But Alakoring finally killed Dragonfriends through his secret warbands of Humakti.
Alakoring killed Vesene Raventongue after he won the Battle but he could not find the
King of Delelans, Wyrmblade because he already fled from Ralios into EWF.

Fergus also escaped from persecution and went to beyond the mountain over
the back of Dragons. Raventongue spat to Alakoring and cast curses until he
decapitated her. And his army invaded Ormsland and captured the Strength of
Flame, Inhuman King of Ormsland.

"Who is my father?" Alakoring asked the Dying Inhuman King,
"Ask the token of your father..." "But my Ormsword was taken by Wyrmblade, damn
to his kin!" Alakoring drew his sword.

Alakoring slashed the magic of the Flame with Flameless Torch and that made spark.

By the Last shock, the sword of Jofrain was shattered by draconic magic.
But it was too much shock for the Strength of Flame, he broke his oath and
went back to Capertine and the city of Inhuman King was destroyed, Lizard
People of Gita Flatsnout was also decimated and their network of Draconic
Ascension was also destroyed. (After that, Yrtgal of Ormsland disappeared.)

Alakoring melt down the broken sword of Jofrain, Flameless Torch and
reforged it into his Iron Crown for enthronement, as a lesson for him and
burden with responsibility. The Crown was too heavy for anyone to wear
long time. (Later it became the Crown of Balazar.)

Though Siglolf asked Alakoring to stay Ralios, Alakoring knew he could not stay long in same place
and could not stop until he could return back with the Treasure of Jofrain and mad Diadra.
And he sought vengeance and his roots. So Siglolf finally accepted his departure
and went back to Windy Hill.

After Alakoring entrusted the Throne of Lankst to Siglolf, he called on
Greatest Storm which no one have known since that day which he got over the
Peak of Nida. Though Giants of Rockwood tried to grasp his Army before he
could pass over them, Alakoring blew down them with Four Storms and Mastakos
and Vanganth helped his Army. Inside the Eye of Storm, he called Thunder and
Lightning which taught the people beyond mountain he was coming as an agent
of his "father", and trolls of Halikiv and Charmilla's Band also followed
his Storm over the narrow way of Cliff of Rockwood.

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