How Alakoring broke the Diamond Storm Dragon 910-920?

Come to the Domain of Harald Smith from that of David Dunham
Bring back Money for his people (and dwarves?).

From the Archive of 100 Magicians of Aggar, it was used for the Alakoringan Rebel against was utilized until Ketil Truthsayer proved it is written around 15C Holay....(Donation of Constantinus?)

"I, the Last Son of Orlanth the High King of Every Wind, finally reached beyond the Wall of Rock where Arkat the Betrayer tried several times, killed and brought back by Harmast clumsilly, and Talor the Sarcastic succeeded and brought us to the disastrous last Battle in the Demonic Spiral, I know here, the Land of Dragons, is everything is opposite and backward."

"I fought long against Atheism, they called our God was false and derived from "Euhemerism" and told us ignorance for the Story of our Gods and Materialism, and preach the complacency of Arkat and sneering of Talor, and worship for purpose and power, but here, everything is changed."

"I came here simple humane purpose for my own stolen property, dragons stole it for I know the story of Vingkot and his way was once desecrated by Andrin the Liar, then you lost true kings like Vingkot, Kodig and Valarastans....Heort told you their god was not only mighty but an compassionate to our act, I don't want to distress you about this matter, at least as a son of himself, I feel burden of his blood is very heavy merely for mortal."

"I know your cousin of north own common feeling with Orlanth, you called them several times as betrayers, but Orlanth might not have been kind to them as you, so, you must tolerate them, for I am called here by Orlanth. His intention is transcendent and beyond our comprehension. But Gods are not monsters like EWF priests lie and pretend. Neither I want to become monster nor make Orlanth monster."

"Our common enemy, dragons are evil because they can distort our purpose and way and changed inside out, good and evil, they do good and evil only through same way, for their own selfish goal. From theirs, no love and true goodness and obligation, for they don't want to love anything. I know there are wars among Sun and Storm, Storm and Darkness, Atheism and Storm. But don't repeat it here and fight true enemies, monsters. Whether from Chaos of Dorastor or Serpents of Kero Finela, we need all of support for these mighty and vile enemies."

Source: "The Fortress Unvanquishable save for Sacnoth" of Lord Dunsany, Siegfried & Fafnir, Beowulf & Dragon,

Chalana Arroy prevented the Utuma of her friend dragon, dragons raged against her kindness as another entanglement <> Eurmal cut Rostand's tongue into two....

For the Glory of Argrath the High King, I should state now why the two faction of Orlanth's people began to fight so fiercely in the middle of Vingkotling Land, and why EWF collapsed from inside, that was from two Greatest Leaders of Dragon Friends, Obduran and Iskangdrang the Great.

(I don't know why Orlanth show us different faces to different people, in Wenelia, he appears as a Great Boar, in our land, Orlanth is the just and great chieftain, in northern land of Talastaring, he usually shows more brutal face, for Alakoring, Orlanth sometimes shows himself "the wanderer" dishevelled hairs, worn out by long journey and the hat. There is deepest meaning to treat us different but we will go same place after the good life and journey.

And at that time, people of Orlanth split into two, as the Age of Lokamayadon and Hendriki, I don't know why Great Orlanth could not avoid (or he wanted) that crush, and some of us believes that in Youf, firstly, Arangorf was one of the Messenger of Orlanth, but later, that connection was reversed, servant became master and master became servant, but they don't understand the Great Mystery of Sshakarzeel and Orlanth, if they should say such ignorant thing.)

*Why Balarzak explored Dolastor?

Iskangdrang was the noblest in Blood and a man of ability among the pupils of Obduran in the circle of Third Council, but his one fault prevented him from attain true Dragonhood. And after Orlmandan the Red was killed, Iskangdrang now headed the Council and was extremely proud of himself. He gathered his own pupils on the contrary of Obduran's teaching and talked about attaining Golden Age again in the Youf. He founded the Drang Foundation in Saird from crystallined form of his own greed as the Test Case of Whole Awakening of Land of Leftside and Rightside. (Later, Alakoring's relative of Delela financed in vain in this Foundation. Because later it was used only as a war machine.)

<<EWF believes they want to bring back Golden Age, they are not good Orlanthi, because Golden Age is Stagnant Age in their Cosmology, if I can call Golden Age "Atrilith" and Green Age "Durapdur"....maybe...... Obduran and Iskangdrang: Green Age & Golden Age? Affair to his own family member (same problem of Ingolf?) >>

But the Obduran of Inner Brotherhood was still suspicious to Iskangdrang's cause and made an ill prophesy to his former disciple. Iskangdrang suddenly realised he would be killed before his aspiration by his grandson, Usdaros. (Perseus and Acrisius) Iskangdrang counseled his righthand man, Balarzak Leatherwing about this matter and made horrible decision from the point of view of Orlanthi standard. (recall about similar situation in the writing of Akutagawa Ryunosuke....)

From Obduran's cut tail, Ormsword was forged. (Blue Metal /Bone of Dragon? Sacnoth?, Kusanagi no Tsurugi in Japanese Myth?) Balarzak stole the Ormsword from the Chamber of Great Self-sacrifice Capital of EWF when Usdaros the Impatient was in his childhood. Balarzak Leatherwing brought Usdaros Impatient to the Center of Prima Materia. But he hesitated to kill him until Usdaros should invoke Orlanth and fled from the ritual ground. (Abraham and Isaac? and similar to "Snow White" of Grim) Balarzak brought back fake heart of Usdaros to his grandfather, Balarzak died horribly by his wound Usdaros made and Chaos Horde (Ralzakaak?) festered it. (Later, Usdaros took revenge his grandfather by hindering his ascension....but it is another story.)

*Trick of dragonspawns and Ingolf

After Aringori was driven from Ralios by Alakoring and his allies, they asked help from dragonlords of Saird by his wealth which was once the treasure of Nida, it brought Golden Serpent that later became the minion of the Drang Diamond Storm,

(Wyrmblade was tricked by vile and wicked Dragonlords and lost properties by gambling and little of substance high status in the System of Magico-political EWF.) Once Aringori asked Ingolf of Galanazar of Holay for help, but declined because Ingolf was not Orlanthi after all. So Wyrmblade met his own retribution by his greed to Ormsword.

Fergus Firebreath wisely avoided to involve with "Mystic" Swindlers of Youfland, but joined to the Sect of War Dragons and its elites, the Army of Second Dragon for the survival of his ill brother and family, and Vestantes Tribe called them when Alakoring incited traditionalists rebellion against Youfland.

The vast Treasury they brought to Saird was secretly sunk beneath the riverbed of Lendarian(?), it formed the shape of serpent through Alchemical Magic of EWF. But Ingolf even refused to see it.

*Reveal the Secret of Orvanshagor

Dorastor, Old Day Traditonalist of Skanthiland: "I prefer Apparent Demonic Horde from Dorastor to subtle monstrosity of EWF." since King Distan, the one follower of Arkat's elite army after it destroyed Liornvuli, brought Ironbreaker to that land and made it into Orlanthi Land.@

But war went worse against it, since Orlmandan the Red was killed. And EWF corrupted Overlords perfectly indifferent how the Chaos Horde killed those all "anachronists". But one day, the king of Distani dreamed the Great savior came before him, so he didn't despair for the overwhelming presence of Chaos Horde.

(Coming of Savior over Rainbows after the Great Storm passing)

After they killed all of Chaos horde, the warriors of Wild Aggar laid on and put on the pile of their swords beneath Alakoring's feet and pledged fealty. Alakoring accepted these Old Traditionalists as his comrades against EWF.

Alakoring ordered his new thanes to fled from the Battle Ground before the Invincible Second Dragon Army of EWF (War Dragon Function?) approached there. And Alakoring also covered his warband with thick mist of Huraya and fled from there.

(Alakoring gradually gathered his allies in Old Day Traditionalists and others, Elder Races, and built up the secret battle line and guerilla tactics and logistics to local warriors against EWF...)

Alakoring's army was once crushed by the Second Dragons and he barely escaped. For Fergus participated in the army of Second Dragons, but he helped Alakoring to escape from the massacre, because Fergus used wisely Ormsword which was bestowed by his brother in bed.

(Chase Inside of EWF Cities, Alakoring versus EWF inner secret securities? But Sulvilster from his own kingdom of Talastar and his companions from Brolian Bisosi helped him flee from them, the Great Carmanian taught Alakoring Dragonslaying arts.)

EWF tried to use Drang the Storm Dragon: Treasury of Nida to crush "the Savior of Traditionalists", Alakoring (Who want to destroy his own property?) and his foreign allies. EWF dissents became more apparent and Firebreath and the Second Dragons was in Balazar and Dragon Pass which confronted the unreliable ally of Kingdom of Night and the Cold War against Godlearners (with some Hot Wars with Mass-Magical method like Windless Typhoon), while Alakoring spread the idea of rebellion to Barbarian Belt countries.

While rebels sent Arkati Mannus of Ralios Carmanian Court for Help, talked with Spolites and trolls about EWF menace....Alakoring went the Hidden Place of Drang the Storm Diamond.

(After the former Shah Samandar died in 913 ST, his successor Nadar abandoned the alliance with Dara Happa and Emperor Karvanyar against Youfland, because Nadar had more concerned to lost Western Land, and demanded Karvanyar to help himself for it, Karvanyar refused but agreed not attack each other while they fought outsiders, anyway, Karvanyar was also busy to fight against Pentians from East, before Alakoring ordered his follower to seek help from north Antidragon Overlords.)

Dragonslayer HQ of Orvanshagor? (Sword Sacnoth of Lord Dunsany?) Search the Weakpoint of Drang. Secret of Balarzak Leatherwing & Narnarra.

Four Secret Winds of Orlanth were used by Alakoring. Far Storm, Closed Storm, Old Storm and Heroic Storm:

Four Elements
Darkness = White Snake? / Closed Storm
Water = Aroka? / Old Storm
Earth = Seductive Power? (Berneel?) or Tsalanfornis? / Far Storm from Ralios?
Fire = He went the place where Ormsword was forged. He met Wanderer (Siegfried?) / Heroic Storm

Alakoring found White Snake while he wandered the God Plane after his army was defeated by EWF and Arangorf. He tailed it and found larger group of snakes,

The Dragon showed its ecdysis (Casting off its skin) and suggested Alakoring to do the same, (Convert to EWF?) but Alakoring refused and told it that "Once I defeated Humakt and Ana Gor in my homeland, but I never requested them to reveal their secret." And he used his Closed Storm, and cruelly killed the White Snake.

In the Great River, Alakoring met (War between Giant and Dragon?) Mastakos & Uleria. Illusion and nightmares of Draconic Energy. Alakoring used the power of Old Storm and finally confronted Aroka and Orlanth, he helped his father killing the monster and transformed it into River Oslira, ravaging Dara Happa as Flood.

(Orlanth & Aroka, Enkoshons & Vadrus)

Dragons led him to their graveyard and showed him the root of the top of the World, the Throne of Umath and Orlanth, the triumphant against Howling Void, and showed him differently the Kero Fin, where his enemies hid and roamed, but Alakoring used Far Storm from Ralios and proved all wind was ruled by Same Lord. And dragons and wyrms are scattered by his storm. He found the Golden Mine of Wyverns and sneaked into it.

(Vingkot killed the Ancestor Dragon (Tsalanforis?: Elder Secret) of Gold Loving Wyverns in Saird, Chaos Dragon of Vustria (Elder Secret of Glorantha: Secret Book))

He realized himself inside of Storm Chamber where Ormsword was forged, and Obduran and dragonlords forged the token of his true Father. But Alakoring found the wanderer who try to disappearing among the clowds of Althing. Where finally Alakoring found the Diamond Storm's weakpoint.

The Lord Wanderer appeared in a disguised form before Alakoring, (and he could not dare to ask his true-name) "Orlanth" told Alakoring's future and prophecied his "son" how long he could live after he enthrone to the High King of Saird.

Wanderer let him see indide of his Heart (Hanuman and Rama?), Storm Stead by simply opening the breast hidden door. And Aakoring saw inside Arangorf had coiled itself around Orlanth's House.

*The Three Dragons Fall (Three Armies?) Battle:
Carmanian Army, Sir Javinu & Survilstar (Sir Wilstor: Old Text Shah Nadar the Avenger finally let his uncle bring enough hazars and magi to the Battlefield. Luckily, Youfland could not raise the Second Dragons because at that time, the West Part of Youf contended with the East Part which included the Faction of War Dragons. Alakoring urged Sun Domers to rebel against Draconic Overlords? And Battle began before both sides still didn't ready to use their lethal weapons.

But finally, the Alliance of Old Day Traditionalists and Carmanians defeated the mundane army of EWF, and the war leader of Youf saw the the tide of battle agianst them. They called Drang from the Sky World and it answered.

But Alakoring could see its weakness, where he found the same weakpoint scale that consisted the chief caster of the Dragon Magic, Alakoring hit hard the portion with his Lightning Spear which he used only as his own weapon since he came beyond Rockwood. Drang the Diamond Dragon destroyed and scattered around the Battlefield. And Alakoring knew it was the End of his Hero Path.

The wealth of Alakoring scattered to the Land of Aggar, which surrendered to Alakoring after the Battle, Alakoring understood he was fixed that land and decided to make his own kingdom on that wildland and made vengeance to Aringori before he would met his end. (

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