How Alakoring fought with Dragonfriend and became Highking 920-930?

Mythology of S'hakarzeel and Arangorf: Part of Alakoringa Saga

This mythology is unique because there are many different stories teaching
what occurred in Storm Age, this is the version which is salvaged by
Argrath's Skalds and Grey Lords in the ruin of Mirin's Cross Necropolis in
Holay of EWF occupation stratum. It seems that the most of copies are destroyed
under the following Anti-Draconic dynasties and High King Verenemars, and
the perfectly impressive difference can be found in the Minaryth Blue's

He collected many versions and picked up three versions for his sample,
totally different points of view through Truth spells in each Lankstan,
Esrolvuli and the Holayite Version in 2nd Age. (Esrolvuli usually call this
cycle of mythology the Divorce and Good Husbands of Ernalda, and Lanksti
called it How Arangorf fell into slavery to Orlanth, or, simply Wildhunt.)
Mythology below about Aedin's Wall is different from Original Version in WWW,
but I think such kind of change and inconsistency is natural for Mythology. (See Thunder Rebels p.146.
I think it is derived from Alakorings attempt to combine the Ralian Mythology
with many Heortling Cycle like the Saga of Berenethtelli.)

*S'hakarzeel and Orlanth
After Umath died in the shore of Ice Sea, Storm Brothers fought for the
property of their Great Father, for after Umath killed the Howling Void with
Harana Ilor, Elder Gods permitted him to makeup his own realms between Sky
and Earth, but the Emperor and his subjects never accepted it. Storm
Brothers occupied several High Peaks of Larnsti and resisted against Fire
tribes. And their Greatests lives the Camp of Umath over Dini.

But the White Star tricked Umath, Jakrekriand and his evil minions killed
Umath through great battle in the North Ice Sea. So Umath's children in Dini
had to find the way to live by themselves without their father's greatness.
After the Demon Aedin let them meet the Dragon, S'hakarzeel became the one of the
few supporters of brutal Storm Brothers, especially for Orlanth.

Because he could see the Great Arangorf inside of Orlanth and his potential and virtue. And Storm brothers
firstly feared to go far from Dini....but gradually they knew broader area and recovered their father's
territory. Many Mountains and Peaks were sacred places for them, and their mothers lived there
even after Umath left. these includes Kero Fin, the Top of the World and the Hill of Victory (Gold).

Orlanth met Eurmal and made a pact between Chieftain and Trickster, Eurmal
taught the Young God many bad things, especially about women (but Eurmal
didn't know anything about how virtuous women (or true bitch?) behave!), and
at that time, Orlanth was called Niskis the Lover and made many temporal
connections and many of his lover became pregnant. (Sh'hakarzeel advised his
young friend not so involving in such deeds, but he didn't have a ear for it
at that time.) One of them includes the Lady of Wild. Her son was Odayla the

*S'hakarzeel and Ernalda
Orlanth liberated Ernalda from Sky Palace and went back to their own place
with his Sweet Green Woman, but after they began to think about making their
own home the couple met a trouble because Orlanth felt Ernalda was too cold
to embrace for her Earthly Nature, and Ernalda thought that Orlanth was too
brutal for her embrace with his raging Storm and didn't have subtlety to
accept and gentleness which she loved. though they were relatively happy, they felt some
frustration because their brothers and sisters, and enemies incessantly bothered them.

So, Orlanth went to the place of the Old Friend and asked an advice, so the
Mover of Heaven enlarged his Gigantic Body and coiled around their
bed....the Stead of the couple, and he taught Ernalda the secret of the
Inner Heart which was hidden deep inside of her breast which she never felt
during her servitude to the Emperor, and the Dragon taught Orlanth the
secret of Seventh Wind and Ninth Door calming down his violence, so the
couple made perfect mate by next time, so they were satisfied.

S'hakarzeel advised Ernalda to make a Ring for their new family, so she
asked Gustbran to make the Ring made from Copper (Symbol of Earth Family),
Silver (Symbol of Storm Tribe) and Gold (Commemorate the Sack of Sky
Palace). and she filled it with her love to her husband, Orlanth.
S'hakarzeel slept around them coiling over Karulionoran and Daleel, but she
hid the Marriage Ring under the tapestry of her Loom House.

*Conspiracy of Orlanth's Brothers
Orlanth's brothers still felt they were tricked in the way of things, how
Orlanth killed Emperor and took Umath's Throne, distributed Six Great
Treasures to only his faithful supporters and became their bossy Chieftain
though he was the youngest son of Umath. So gradually they began to use
Orlanth's Way of thinking against himself. for Orlanth could tell them
better World to come, but his brothers could talk about more better World.

But Orlanth could still feel secure because Earth Family shared half of
Storm Village and Orlanth's brothers couldn't undermine their loyalty to
Ernalda as they did to Orlanth. And Ernalda was the faithful to her husband
because she could feel the Greatest Magic inside of the Bond.

But Eurmal get bored with such mood of his master and at that time
ridiculed him with sarcastic poems, Orlanth punished Eurmal harshly, for
Orlanth was satisfied with the Peace, and Eurmal got angry to the chief and
Storm Brothers, Ragnaglar and Vadrus caught the chance, Eurmal taught the
Bad Storm to catch Lanbril, the Thief Goddess.

Thief goddess Lanbril promised to help the conspiracy. so she stole the
Ring with the help of Trickster, (If Ernalda keep it at her hand, even
Lanbril could not have the chance to steal it, but she hid it under the
Tapestry for her own nature, and Eurmal could find Love (he helped Niskis several times
by this ability?) through it as he could do the same to Death. So Lanbril stole it from the
Loomhouse, but Eurmal didn't keep promise and wanted it to keep his own. ???

*Salmon and Bear Hide
One Day, Orlanth wanted to eat flesh fishes, the King ordered his faithful
son Vingkot the Brave and the Trickster went hunting to the Forest of Wind
for the Salmons of Wisdom, but they didn't have game in the downriver, so
they went to Upriver, Vingkot found the fat and fine Salmons swimming, and
tried to catch it. But the Brown Bear took them from his side and pushed him
back. Vingkot demanded the Salmons under the Name of Storm King, but the Bear
didn't know his father's name at that time.

Vingkot was still young at that time and didn't know well about the help of
Trickster, Eurmal helped his fight by the mistletoe rod, the Brown Boar was
killed by the rod after the struggle was over and skinned by Vingkot as a
trophy (though Vingkot could not kill his brother-in-half, for he skinned
Odayla in Grizzly Peak, he transformed into human form by that act?), but
Orlanth felt something wrong when his son brought it to his Clan Hall.

Velhara the Lady of the Wild first came to the Vingkot's Victory Hall and
demanded the weregeld of her slain son, Odayla the Bear. She demanded a lot
of silver and gold enough which could cover the Hide her son, Vingkot
realized he seriously wronged to his brother and ordered his tribe to bring
all of Silver and Gold before him, but the Bear's Hide was too large and it
was not enough, so Vingkot asked his father for help.

Orlanth realized what occured to his wild son but could not find his spirit
even he tried to find it from the Top of the World at that time, so he also
felt very sorry to his former lover because he ordred Vingkot to catch
Salmon, he brought all of Silver and Gold in Storm Stead but it seemed that
the Hide became wider, and it wasn't enough. Orlanth felt he was tricked by
the Trickster and he made Eurmal upside down and shaked the Trickster well, the
Ring dropped from his pocket, instantly and strangely filled the Hide.

And Orlanth didn't realize what was the Marriage Ring at that time. So
Orlanth permitted Velhara to bring them to her nest. But Velhara was wild
and couldn't understand the worth of it enough. So she also lost it soon.
(So Ernalda's Lovers received it while they were yearly husbands of her:
Esrolian Version)

*Outlawry of Orlanth
One Day, Ernalda stood up to her Husband and demanded his outlawry to Storm Tribe,

"Because he could not avenge my brother's death but he afford to pay too
much for his concubine's son, and his brothers could not support him anymore."

(But some story of Heortling says that just she only wanted to find her
lost Ring while her husband exiled. For she thought that Orlanth got angry
to her if he knew she lost somewhere of her stead. But Esrolians and Ralians
knew different story about this treachery.)

Hedkoranth raged such betrayal and suggested his father to suppress the
rebels by force, but Orlanth denied such idea though he had a power to do
so, and said he would keep his swore oath because he himself made the Clan
Law. Ernalda ordered her loyal thanes to kill Orlanth if he returned to the
Storm Village while Outlawry. Some of them protested to it, but some of them
like Starkval admitted that Orlanth himself said that Loyality is Obedience
to what decided by their leader who he chose.

Orlanth's Four Storm (Hedkoranth, Enferalda, Helamakt and Finovan)
accompanied with his exile. His Brother Yinkin also followed him into his Exile. Orlanth and
his companions were beaten and drove to the outside of the Storm Tribe Boundary.

*Kinstrife of Storm Tribe
S'hakarzeel didn't awake long, after the sleep, he was asked advice from
Ernalda, he suggested Ernalda to keep locked Storm Village while she could
not find the Matrimony Ring, S'hakarzeel understood Orlanth began to love
free wandering as his younger day, Orlanth went to the Top of the World and
found he could see everything under it from the Peak. (Odin's Throne?)

Many Suitors of Marriage for her bounty and the wealth of Daleel visited
the Aedin's Wall. Elmal the Bright, Heler the Shaggy, Vestkarthen of the
Deep, Dojor the Black, Delan the Strong, and later,
Dashing Veradash contested for her favor, later, by Blood.

In some Version of this Cycle she said she could not marry with one of them
until she would knit her bridal dress. But she knitted it in day while she
untied it in night, she could not finish the work. (Wit of Penelope? in
Odessey, but Esrolians knew in fact she married each of them as yearly
husbands.) Suitors fought each other and Ernalda always pretended to be with
the Strongest at that time.

During that period, Kinstrife locked Storm Village, and Storm Brothers were
too busy to guard the Ernalda's Daleel for fighting each other, some of
Thunder Brothers went with their father, others were forced to work as
cottars and weren't permitted to own weapons for Earth Family feared their
rebellion, or perfectly sided with Earth Family as Starkval. (some say that
Eurmal stole his two Green Eyes.) So Ernalda had to choose her yearly
husband for the difference of Earth Family Property while Orlanth's

(People of Holay might still believe that Orlanth is always in Exile
throughout History, and Vinga substitutes her father while his absence...?)

*Dashing Veradash and Ernalda
Orlanth finally returned to the Storm Stead still under his Outlawry
because he wanted to know what his wife thinking, disguised incognito under
the cape of Wanderer, the Dashing Veradash, one of Marriage Suitors. (Some
Ralian Cycle changed this story into the Comic how Ernalda committed
Adultery to Heler and other paramours but didn't realise one of them was her
husband until the Comic would be over.
(later he abandoned the whore and went to the faithful wife, Ralia.))

Orlanth passed through the each of Seventh Gates, (each of them guarded by
Earth Families, Thunder Brothers or marriage suitors) these are opened the
foot of Great Mountain Citadels of Aedin's Wall, S'hakarzeel's Body by
trickery, persuasion or fighting. (Some says Dragonspine is First Dragon's

Vingkot and Dashing Veradash met the Final Gate of Chamber to Karulionoran
at the foot of Kero Fin, the father in the alias asked to his son,
"Why don't you try to kill me? You are ordered to do so."
Vingkot replied,

"I can't kill honored Guest, though Ernalda ordered us to do so, I know her
intention is different from it. (But don't try it to Starkval.)"
And Vingkot let him pass through the door to the Hall of Dragon's Head and
Ernalda's House.

(Orlanth met Ernalda in the Night as a seducer, and saw what she did during
night, Orlanth understood her faith and sincerity, and the couple exchanged
some riddles and poems, hinted what was lost during his absense.)

*Ninth Door and Odayla in Sky World (See Thunder Rebels p.27, Odayla is the
Guardian of Sky World, see also Red Goddess riding over Ubisus)

(S'hakarzeel asked Orlanth several times to decapitate his Head and bring
it to Sky Palace when he ravaged it several times, but Orlanth refused such
horrible acts to his best friend (Similar Story in the Folktale of Grimm Brothers?
Cursed Prince: Donkey and Boy))

The maiden Drolgard guided Orlanth and his companions (Stars?) where
S'hakarzeel's Head was. Orlanth asked his old friend he could find his
Marriage Ring only in the Sky World, that is the Enemy Place after Orlanth
killed Murharzarm and Yelm.

But even Orlanth felt hesitation because there were Sky Giants and his
Greatest Enemies in Sky World, so S'hakarzeel recommended him to bring his
head and his bright eyes to Sky World, it would work as Green Star: a Lamp
in Sky World (S'hakarzeel advised Orlanth to take his eye for guidance, Iron
Hance in Grim Folktale?)

It will reveal the tricks of Sky Gods who were very good at intrigue and
deceit, (Umath was killed by their trick on his way to the Center of Sky
World, Palace of Dayzatar.) And the Dragon told him that it might be
recognized as his trophy, a pass through by the Giants of the Sky because
once they were enemies of Ancient Dragons. That was just before the Earth
Families recognized he was, in fact, Orlanth.

Finally the Dragon convinced the King that was the best way before Storm
Brothers entering crushed in the Dragon Head Chamber, Orlanth beheaded
the head of his Friend and after he passed through the Ninth Door of Storm Stead
and Storm Gate of Giants, it became human form: Arangorf (Thunder Brother), Orlanth
and another Seven Stars defeated Gore and Gash? on the way to the Rigsdal's

During his exile from Storm Realm, Odayla learned hunting skill in the Sky
World, Archer of Sky tutored him. Orlanth's Ring finally met Sky Bear and
Lost Ring in the Center of the Sky World with the Help of Water Tribe?
Vingkot made a smoke to the Sky with Sacrifice and it reached to Odayla in
Sky World. Odayla recognized his father and admitted he guarded the Storm
Citadel of Sky World ever since. Rigsdal and Orlanth's Ring made a contract
and he also joined to Storm tribe with his cousin Rigsdal, (Rigsdal Guard
Tower situates Lyran Mountain in Mundane World:

S'hakarzeel became whole again in the Center of the Sky World, he taught
Orlanth that Emperor cursed him to descend to live in Mundane World (Later,
this explained the situation of Stormfall War against Chaos (Uz Lore & King
of Sartar). After Orlanth and his Ring conquered over the Sky Palace (during Thick Cloud
derived from Vingkot's Sacrifice covered the Sky World?), he and
his son Odayla fell from the Center with Thunder and Lightning and went to
the Peak of Kero Fin, and defeated Marriage Suitors with Orlanth's Sword and Odayla's arrows.

And gradually everyone of Storm Brothers thought that only Orlanth could rule Storm Tribe
with Justice, Ernalda was satisfied with the Return of her Marriage Ring, and Orlanth
called Ohorlanth Clouds over Kero Fin and made a bed for their mating, and they were
happy again, overlooked by their faithful friend, Mover of Sky Dragon.

(This Myth is very Youfish Version: of course.)

How Alakoring fought with Dragonfriend and became Highking 920-930?

Reference: The Heimskringla, or, The Sagas of the Norse Kings.

While Alakoring reorganized the survivors of Vestantes into his new tribe, Tarkarlings,
(they got literally great damage from the death of Drang the Diamond Storm Dragon)
there was one Great Mystic secluded among people of Holay, called Ingolf of Vindori Tribe,
his tribe mainly lived near Kordros Island of Tarsh, he was generous and compassionate
man though he didn't reach his adulthood by initiation in the Life of Orlanthi Pantheon
as his tutor Dragonewts.

The year after First Sunrise 925 years passed, Ice Winter of Ralios struck
hard, the bride of Tobosta of Elder Wild died for the disaster (after
Tobosta first visited King Alakoring) Antagonistic Powers against Youf didn't unified even
after the Death of Diamond Storm Dragon, Alakoring's Ally Trolls and Hachrat
Blowhard ravaged hard Dara Happan Cities of Karvanyar (Dara Happans
fought hard Nomads Invasion at that time) as well as Youfish
Cities. And Shah Nadar wanted to enlarge his domain to westward
rather than troublesome south.

Ingolf and Alakoring had common concern, how to help their weaklings. But
they were different for their concept to how to do so. And Alakoring had
tried to Ingolf several times, each time, Ingolf dodged his attack by his
mystical Draconic Power. But it weakened him.

Holay's Evil Queen of Filichet banished (killed?) her former husband from Youfland
after Drang the Diamond Storm was killed as clever women always replace her
husband when misfortune struck him, Ingolf adviced her to choose new Husband
through "Traditional Contest" ((Mythology of Reladiva (Nealda) & Heliacal
(Khelmal)?), See also Argrath's Saga.) She was reluctant at first and saw
Alakoring with distrustful eyes. But her daughter Vingan strongly
recommended to do so. So she summoned Priests and tried to make marriage
contest. But she didn't forget to send message to Youfish Lords
about the Contest as a clever Holay queen.

EWF War Banner was stolen by another faction, so generals of Second Dragon
and Fergus Firebreath could not muster the Army and had to find the solution
against Old Traditionalists. So Fergus was bestowed Secret Mission to return
Holay into Youf Again with Magical Ritual though he could not perfectly
comprehend the ritual, his sick brother strongly asked him to do so.
(Tale of Anti EWF Stronghold (Already Old and destroyed, occupied? Mirin's
Cross, Famous Poets?: Lanksti Cruel Orlanth and Wild Hunt)

Alakoring's Protectrate (Princlipality?) Expanded, but there was still
rivalry between the people of Orlanth's Throne (the Top of the World) and
Orlanth's Mother. Great Warlords of EWF (Battle of Machine War 907-917?)
abused that condition and hindered the rebel Orlanthi against EWF to contact
Kero Fin. Their Leader asked his help for their priests secretly supported
EWF though Kings and Chieftains renounced from Youf.
Then Alakoring heard about the contest.

The Secret of Berenethtelli: Vanak Spear & Harmast helped Alakoring to go
beyond the Ninth Door Again. Alakoring felt the Darkside of Orlanth while
Fergus fought for his friend? (The Secret of the Top of the World? Orlanth
chained his father Umath inside of Secret Cave between Sky and Earth: Zeus
and Cronus?)

Alakoring met his "father", and he showed Alakoring Arangorf made its nest
inside of his own "Heart". Orlanth literally opened his breast to his "son"
and told Alakoring who knew his own father and let him ask your own
"mother". (Don't trust any women.)

By that, Alakoring drove Boat Planet? (Diros in Orlanthi Mythology) into
Aedin's Wall and invaded EWF Storm Realm? (Veradash = Alaloring, Vingkot =
Fergus?) Alakoring killed Arangorf Inner Dragon? by storming Orlanth's

Aedin's Wall = 8 Citadels to reach Arangorf = Green Star Dragonshead
(Steller Palace of Sh'hakarzeel)

1: Doktados Mountains (Peter Metcalph: Hill of Gold?) ||
2: Bear Mountains (Autumn Mountains of Aggar) ||
3: Arrowmound (Source of Oslir, West Rockwood / Mislari Mountains) ||
4: Soren Mountains (West Rockwood: North of Corola Land) ||
5: Conquest Peak (Spider (Black Orm) Mountain) ||
6: Lyran Mountains (Hydra Mountains of west Tarsh) ||
7: Quivin Mountains (East of Dragonpass) ||
8: Kero Fin (Center of Dragonpass) || Mount Farar (Top of the World: Nida /
West Rockwood)

Alakoring dodged each guardians by several methods and ways, (one of them
was Vingan Princess but Alakoring killed her without noticing,) finally he
met Vingkot that was his cousin. And his inner Dashing Veradash taught him
to fight his friend. They fought before the Eanalda's Loom House, Dareel.

Orlanth forced Alakoring to get Ormsword back from Fergus if he still
wanted to know his origin, but Fergus used his Ormsword to behead the Green
Eyed Dragon's Head and Alakoring fell from Skyworld to Inner World, the root
of Kero Fin (Go to the Dragon's Eye) Fergus still loved his cousin and could
not understand the ritual, he thought it was too inhuman....

Fergus was forced to choose friendship (Alakoring? and humanity) or loyalty
(EWF and transcendence) if he killed Alakoring, Alakoring's body filled the
gap of Aedin's Wall, and made the symbol of Ouroboros, victory of Youf (See
the origin of Infinity sign and Greg's Dragon Pantheon about Infinity Rune
(Ouroboros?) and World Dragon (S-Unfinished Infinity).) was confirmed. But
Dragonewts knew that would never happen.

For the decapitation of Green Star by Fergus, the Dragon of Aedin's Wall
fell to non-living status (skeleton?) again, and Orlanth's Ring and Stellar
Draconis was separated (Shhakarzeel)? (Shhakarzeel = Dragonspine? Stellar
Draconis, Aroka = Oslira? Stellar Draconis) Alakoring burst into Lightning in the Sky World,
grasped Yavor's Lightning, and rode over the Great Bear.

When he realized where he was, the Chamber of Inner Brotherhood, Alakoring
used the Spear of Lightning genuinely forged from Magic after he lost his
sword. And he struck many imperfect Dragon Mystics and attacked the Sibilant
Tongue of Ouroboros with it several times.

"Who is my father?" "Can't you ask yourself? You feel your father
everywhere, your father is Orlanth himself." Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros
smiled. And Alakoring roared to it.

"Liers! Orlanth is not your toy! You have used him as if he is a tool of
controlling humanity and touching stone, but Orlanth is beyond your
comprehension." And they fought in the Inferno. The Inhuman King smiled and
returned his Own Egg and Alakoring thought that was his victory.

Alakoring refused three times to come to his throne, but his supporters
could not find any other men suited for this task, finally Alakoring
reluctantly enthroned. Alakoring forged and tempered his Royal Crown from
the iron which was that of the Sword of Flameless Torch, he made it very
heavy to burden except great heroes like Alakoring, (later he cast upon
great magics of Orlanth Rex over this crown.)

Alakoring was not a typical good ruler.
When Kings of Saird came to him and asked his help to convince their
subjects to their order, Alakoring said.
"Orlanth is not a man of leisure to do with each of your petty affairs! And
we must solve our own problems by my own (My friend sorcerer said) Why do
you worry about to let your clansfolk to keep freedom? I know if you are
strong, you don't need any oppressive authority of Youf or Monstrous Unity."
"Do you want to Sword and Helm again? People begin to forget Orlanth!"
"I am not Vingkotling, so I don't know Sword and Helm...OK, I will go to
Orlanth's Hall next Sacred Time and counsel to the Great God about this
problem. And I will let you do something by yourself."
And he brought Rite of Orlanth Rex to his follower Kings how they can keep
leadership without help of priesthood.

Wood Sculpturer Alakoring? made by himself, TR p.246 Rex Statue for him and
the Queen of Holay, He made Alakoring Ring (Wintertop Shadow of Unspoken Word p.31)
and may heroes and dragonslayers gathered in his Cloudbreak.

Wyrmblade consequently consumed his draconic essense and fell to the
Falsehood by the tutelage of Bad Mystics. Last Straw was Fergus' treachery.
Fergus could not destroy Alakoring though he tried to do so several times
because he still loved his cousin, so finally Wyrmblade was abandoned while
Fergus departed to the expedition and had a miserable end.

(Treasury of Nida was used for the parts of Diamond Storm Dragon? Alakoring
destroyed in the sacrifice with his rightful property?)

Alakoring ordered his thanes to open the Grave of Dragonlords, they
reluctantly do it. Then he ordered his Kolati to awaken the Spirit of Elagor
Wyrmblade. For fear, they did as he said. He took whip of Jofrain and
whipped the bound soul. The Spirit screamed and asked his mercy. But
Alakoring didn't relent.

Fergus blamed Alakoring in his letter? (Chinese Legend?) Alakoring replied
he would also soon die in Orlanth's Prophecy.

And though Evil Queen of Holay and Alakoring made a matrimony, that was
highly political and magical in nature and both knew that fact, she never
accepted her Vingan Daughter's death and got angry for she thought Alakoring
abused the Magic of the Guardian of Holay Queen to attack his own foe.

There was far from romance between the
Two and she didn't stay long in Cloudbreak.
Alakoring didn't trust her and she soon betrayed his kingdom to the EWF
after its counter attack to Old Day Traditionalists.
Though the Queen protested by the consequence, Ingolf kept silent, because
he also grieved for another reason that the Queen could not understand.

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