How Tobosta Greenbow killed the Highking 930-940?

Evil Holay Queen helped the Conspirators to assassinate Alakoring, but
Daughter of Alakoring and Queen of Holay? left her mother and went to her
father's house, she was a last family of Alakoring he could feel peace only
with her, she died in the Flame of Dragons from Youf Counterattack
which destroyed Cloudbreak later.

Gorangi Vak and Taming of Skybull 1st Age? (Storm Tribe) or 2nd Age? (Tales
#18) Alakoring visited Carmania with his faithful arkati supporter Mannus
and his wife Queen of Holay. Queen Vyran of North Lake Oronin invited the
Black Heart Queen and her husband.

While Alakoring talked with her about Gods and Ultimate Power, Alakoring
finally realized how foolish he was to reveal his father (Orlanth wanted him
in Kaurionoran and he made an oath to kill all of Darstalite....(he "knew"
he also is Darstalite, but he denied it for he is Orlanth's "son").)

Holay Queen tried to trick him but he managed to escape, and Queen Vyran
tried to help him about Alakoring's belief to Orlanth. (For Lanksti,
"Wanderer" is cruel and whimsical? but very strong) Talking to Queen Vyran
about his worship form. (the difference between Alakoring and Heortling?))

Queen Vyran is cruel and calculative as Queen of Holay and her cold water
of Lake Oronin, but she was unusual for she is just on the matter of
Justice. The Queen of Castle Blue offered him the future help if he can
provide something useful to render. Alakoring accepted and received a
hunting horn which could call her Castle.

Tobosta Greenbow was an extraordinary Green Elf (brown elf? mated with
dryad?), because he was made from Specific Plan of Green Lady Council of
Elder Wild, and EWF Draconic Lord helped him and his dryad counselors to
choose his bride when he travelled to far to the Ralios forest, she was a
dryad who took blood from the Eternal Tree of Ballid and Wondrous Forest.

After since Dragonlords of Lefthand Land began to corrupt and force their
subjects Accelerated Dragon Worship, first Elder Wilds and elves broke out
from Youf and began Rebellion. But Tobosta had another purpose to go Ralios,
but by that, he lost the method to go easily there after EWF dragons could
not help him anymore.

When "Wanderer" thrust deep Ormsword into Tobosta's Bride, he warned that
if someone drew his sword from its trunk, the scar would pour the vitae and
kill the Tree. When Alakoring drew Ormsword, the Tree withered, and the
dryad disappeared from the eyes of local elves.

First, Tobosta travelled long to the Ralios with the help of Ingolf, but
after he found what the Highking of Tarkarling did to his bride, he tried to
find the way to heal the Tree, the Shamans of Ballid Forest taught him about
the magical liniment but it needs to apply the Blade which hurt his bride.
Tobosta visited to Alakoring's Court and asked his help. But he didn't have
his Ormsword and Fergus held it.

After Alakoring succeeded to come to the husband of Holay and raided the
deepest Heart of Youfland, many of Rebels of Barbarian Belt sent envoys to
his Cloudbreak and offered their fealty to the High King, Alakoring helped
troll legion Hachrat Blowhard and other dragonslayers like scions of
Survilstar in Brolia and Bisosae. And he set Rex Shrine and Law Stone for
the War Council near of Forantin Lake Zalador (later, this Lake was renamed
to Angry Lake for the following incident) and he declared he would accept
everyone's challenge against his Warlordship.

The Isle inside of the Lake became the Duel Field (Iceland near Althing? or
Ireland of Tristan) when the Lawsuit could not resolve feud. (Though
Alakoring loved the scenery of the Isle reminded him of the scenery of
Doskior he spent younger days with Diadre and Fergus.) But no one dared to
challenge Alakoring there in his domain. But Fergus was not his subject.

Fergus fell to misfortune for he could not kill Alakoring, he lost his clan
when the enemy of War Dragons saw he resigned from that Commander. And most
of his family was lost in the exile from Ralios, Battle with enemy factions,
Death of Diamond Storm Dragon and Alakoring. Finally Fergus' wife and
children was tortured and killed by one of corrupted and ignorant rogue tax
collectors, he abandoned all of Youfish position, massacred all of them and
fled into Wildland.

Fergus then understood what occurred when Dragons abandoned humanity,
humanity itself began to assert itself. At that time, Fergus was caught by
Elder Wild elves and was deprived of his last possession, Ormsword.

Aldryami knew how to hybrid new breed and had a plan between Elder Wild and
Ballid? Tobosta was one of such breed, but after Wanderer let another
withering stacking Ormsword, Tobosta needed Ormsword for healing. But the
effort of Tobosta came to vain when the liniment from Ballid didn't work,
because the Ormsword warped the life magic of elves by its own magic, and
they fell into despair and began to think about killing Fergus for revenge.
At that time, Wanderer visited the camp of Elves and offered his advise
about the Dryad.

The Wanderer taught elves the Stronger Healing magic, but it needs the
Blood from the Heart whose owner was the man who withered Tobosta's Bride.
Wanderer urged Firebreath to conspire with Tobosta, and Fergus knew well
about Alakoring's character.

One Day, Alakoring received the secret sign from his Old Friend challenging
Duel that the cousins made, Alakoring accepted Fergus' challenge and solely
had a stroll to the lake where he the old High King could recall his
homeland scenery of Lankst, Tobosta and his wood warband waited him from
long distance over the cliff.

Fergus accepted the Evil Holay Queen's Offer and the support of elves
if he could manage to kill Alakoring.
"I lost every thing by that struggle, that is the time to be done."
"Time is come, but I don't want to kill you now."

At the isle of the Lake Zalador (after his death, it was renamed Angry
Lake.) Alakoring found a object twinkling, and at the same time, Alakoring realised it was
the Ormsword which he had long sought and he saw his old friend armed and waited,
Alakoring didn't bring his famous Yavor's Spear and fought him
with only the Oar that brought him to the island.

Alakoring and Fergus long (some legends say three or seven of days and
nights) fought but could not hurt seriously each other.
Fergus used his Magical Firebreath and softened Alakoring's hard skins
but Alakoring used technically his wind daemons
and while Fergus wielded Ormsword and cut down many places of
Alakoring's black painted oar, but Alakoring didn't dare to harm him.

Finally both of them
became dizzy, exhausted and left the field for resting for a while.
Alakoring spoke about the beauty of the isle and resemblance to their
childhood place, Fergus agreed. (Gunner and Njal?) Suddenly, Fergus covered
Alakoring's body when Tobosta firstly shot Alakoring from distance.
Alakoring called Castle Blue for saving his cousin's life.

In blindness, desperately he found Fergus' dying body, Tobosta shot him by
the glittering light of the Sword. (Alakoring roared as it changed the lake
Red by his breeding: thus Angry Lake.)
Wind Daemons shot down almost all of elven arrows
but Tobosta used the Red Arrow that was bestowed by Wanderer.

Castle Blue Appeared. As a charge,
Veth Ethidisi demanded Ormsword because it will bring doom to holders who
could not use properly its secret. (The End of King Arthur and Three
Witches: Nymph of Angry Lake, See King of Sartar: Queen Vyran, Alakoring's
connection toward Castle Blue) Alakoring finally realized and abandoned his
ownership to the artifact.

The Wanderer taught Tobosta where he first stack deeply the Ormsword inside
of "her" trunk his wife Dryad. And Evil Queen of Holay taught him where was
her husband's weakpoint the linden leaf fallen over Alakoring's shoulder
when he first bathed the dragonblood. (Strangely, it was the same place.)
After all, Alakoring was killed by that Red Arrow. Soon High King's followers
and Mannus heard the sound of assault from distance, found him dying in the
Wood and drove elves, but could not heal his wound. Alakoring already knew
his condition and sighed.

He was asked before death. "Who is your successor?" "The strongest man."
and died. (Perhaps as King Arthur, he wasn't burned?) And in the Castle
Blue, Wanderer and the Queen negotiated about his soul. Wanderer demanded
his heart for elves. But Queen Vyran asked Wanderer to leave Alakoring until
he can repay the debt to her (Later he repayed it in the Battle against Red
Goddess.) Elves mattered cursing words to her and Wanderer,
but he left there without doing anymore showing mysterious smile.
(So Alakoring was not destroyed in
Dragonkill.) Tobosta could not heal his bride.

(Later, the Inhuman King of Dragon's Eye received the Ormsword and taught
something Tobosta, that made him to fight guerilla war against EWF.)

Alakoring kingdom was divided by many warlords until Second Dragons and
Yelmalion Mercenaries arrived "Cloudbreak" of Alakoring and crushed, ravaged
and destroyed completely in the campaign of EWF counter attack (they won
Machine War in the South) And Orlanthi must have waited Verenmars the Prince
came from the North for their freedom. Alakoring's crown was lost during
that turmoil. And the daughter of Alakoring also disappeared from the
history of Glorantha since that assault.

We heard the source of this saga from the companions of Ardinyar
Kocholangson, their Iron Ring showed us Fire Breath that was once bestowed
only to Fergus of Delela, so we now know Alakoring also embraced the truth
of Argrath, as once he and Fergus sang the beautiful song for the communion
between Delela and Lankst for the fight against Chaos.

The End of Alakoringa Saga by the Skalds in the Court of Argrath

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