How Alakoring began to hate Dragons 850-870?

(Source: Volsunga Saga, Nibelungen Lied, hardened by Dragonblood except one weakpoint
(Achilles or Siegfried) Hervar's Saga and Tyrfing)

"His sword was automatically drawn from his scabbard. in Castle Blue"
"He tried to give his sword to Tobosta."
(Sorry, I don't have English Version King of Sartar....)

(There are Two types of stationary state in the Orlanth's turbulance, one is that of Molani's sediment which betrayed to Orlanth's greatest Rival, Yelm and begat her vicious draught, Daga. And She has induced Predark to Inner World several times by Yelmic Trick. But another is the Eye of Storm, which was always inhabited in the Essense of Orlanth's spirit, but it is also invisible and hard to see through it for always his storm disturbing to do so, but it is Brastalos, Orlanth's Six Virtues inhabit in this hidden treasury at the center of the World. It is one of the greatest Secrets of Orlanth.

Obduran Skyflyer is Arangorf of Orlanth, Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros taught almost all of Secrets to Walzing and Hunting Band, but only Obduran could see through its trickery, and he married with Brastalos at the same time the Inhuman King distilled the another Half of Orlanth, the Eternal Rebel. When the Wind stopped, the Inhuman King stepped forward and went to the Crucible of Inner Chamber, thus the Utuma of Youf itself began.

@It said, "Orlanthi was created for destroying Chaos by the Great Cosmic Dragon. It will be the award of their effort, we cannot fight against Chaos as in Nysalorian Era, but it will help both them and us by helping their Utuma and destroying our weaknesses." So the Inhuman King of Dragon's Eye spoke to his equal, the Inhuman King of Ryzel, but it rejected its equal's request for it still remembered the wrath of Iron Vrok, hero of mortal humanity. Instead of it, the Inhuman King of Ormsland agreed to gain entanglement of Youf, by let Alakoring kill itself.)

Ralios is Bad Place, for Orlanth's nature appears here as the one of his worst aspect, and Eurmal always warps Good into Wrong. And Orlanth himself sometimes prefers to make troubles than to settle them. Alakoring was born in such a place. He was Sacred and Adventurous, but always lonely and young. And EWF missionaries were corrupted in the place, they sought temporal material from their ignorant worshippers. Alakoring hated them and started his secret guerilla war.

For Arkat the Troll destroyed most of Chaotic Remnants of Dawn Age Gbaji empire and seated himself over All of Ralios as oppressive another Emperor, Ralian Orlanthi long suffered Safelstan Overlords and their heavy taxes. And they demanded it constantly for they fought against Atheists coming from Sorcerer Land. But after Aringor of Saug went through the path of Harmast Barefoot and brought back his bride from Death, the Orlanthi of East Wild took power from Ormsland Inhuman King and other Beast People and later, Youf. (And they founded Stronghold of Youfland in their boundary and for a time they sent their missionary to Fronela through High Llama Pass.) Narnarra the Greater showed her husband the secret of Planets. And her power finally crushed the Power of Pazlac in Naskorio.

Two Orlanthi Land, Kingdom of Delela and Lankst, bloodline of Aringor Lightbringer and Lhankor Mhy (Please remember this tale was made in Sartar...maybe the author linked Lhankoring and Lankstan for the similar spelling) have long rivalled for the true orthodoxy of Orlanthi way and sometimes it has gone to uncontrolling Blood feud. While Lankstan Lhankorings blamed Delelans as the sons and daughters of Trolls, Delelan Doskiori accused them as the companion of sorcerers, though both of them fought fiercely survived Arkati Stygians for their independence.

One day, the King of Lankstan Varragoring got bored with constant bloodshed and tried to find the way to make proper conciliation to Aringori. But after the king who forcefully gave his daughter Sharmara to the mysterious prince of Delela was killed by one of his enemy, strife continued again, and his pregnant mother was abandoned in their enemies boundary. Sharmara felt she was not safe in her land of kin and fled with her servants and thanes to Troll Land.


He was given birth in the darkest realm of Ralios, Halikiv, one of Stygian Arkati Stronghold once as the living assurance of Kingdom of Delela and Lankstan Kingdom. His father was long unknown for him, and he was always sought the name of his Unknown father, his mother was the daughter of noblest Blood of Orbuni Clan , but he rebelled against Arkati in his youth for their Trollish Cruelty, if he didn't have the mysterious support of Ziola Umbar High Priestess Charmila Softspeak (She loved his character), he was certainly executed by his own relatives. No one could defeat him on one's own, because he was so mighty to taking his sword. But finally, Alakoring wanted to see beyond the protection of imcomprehensible Castle of Lead and wanted to go back his ancestor land, and his mother also agreed with his intention for she heard that her relatives again grew power to the Two Kingdoms.

Ralian Orlanthi are not originally Orlanthi before Dawn, and they accepted rightful power of Air and Wind, Sword King Humakt (Humath) and Orlanth during Lightbringer Missionary came before them. So unfortunately most of them could not find their kinship directly to Storm and could not help seeking another way to the Justice of Air between Sky and Earth. Some of them were from Beast People of Galanin and Eneral, so sometimes they betrayed Storm and returned to their bestial way.

And after Alakoring came back to his unknown father's land, he gradually began to resist their Draconic Rituals for their Darstalite way by that turn. Because that was his nature and he urged other men to do the same. No one could defeat him on one's own, because he was so mighty to taking his sword.

Alakoring had many lovers, but their relations never lasted for a will of Ormsland prevented to do so secretly. Ormsword worked badly in Bad Place. And Ralios was very bad. Blind Makla Manni was always faithful to Arkat and his stygian force.

Though Alakoring mother Sharmara opposed, his father Varragoring forced her to marry with one of Delelan Corrupted Overlords. One day, the Hero beyond Mountain who was Alakoring's father brought Ormsword (Unbreakable Sword?, Shatternot?) and stack it deep into the trunk of Elven Trees. (It withered for the scar after the event? relation between Tobosta (Woman?) & Alakoring? (Man?) Brunhild and Siegfried?) and no one can drew it from the trunk except the Hero.

Alakoring was too mighty and he shattered almost any weapon except his father's sword. Though Ormsword was made not for fighting but for sacrificing. Dragonlady Diadra picked up it and presented it to him. Alakoring was firstly pleased by it, but later blamed Diadra, unintentionally bringing curse over him though he couldn't know how to use it properly.

One sister and Two Brothers were cousins of Alakoring, Diadra Redberry was famous for her brilliant beauty and poetry. Fergus Flamebreath, and Elagor Wyrmsword were all heroic warriors and great swordmasters. Their father and uncle-in-law of Alakoring was Saragor Ringseeker, infamous for his greed and disregardness of Orlanthi way. And their bad-advisor was Vesene Raventongue, very bad Narnarran Priestess.

In Delela, firstly Arangorf Priests and his relatives warmly entertained Alakoring because their mentors beyond Rockwood tutored to do so. They presented the Sword of Blue-Metal made from Dragon?'s Bone. It was called Ormsword and once used for the Sacred Draconic Ritual-Utuma, but Draconic Mystics in Delela were bad students of Dragon and carelessly dropped their humanity for getting temporal Draconic Sensurity. And they were far more worse as a ruling classes, and gradualy realized Alakoring had not any Draconic Potential.

It meaned for them that Alakoring was far more lower than lowest caste of people in EWF society. And their attitude to him was rapidly cooled down. Some of them betrayed Alakoring far more worse form. And it was what the Inhuman King of Ormsland intended, Alakoring realized many people who once being promised, but were betrayed in the community. Alakoring became Devotee of both Orlanth and its secret way, Orvanshagor. And he realized the way of Orlanth was confirmed by Constant Rebellion itself against Oppression.

No one could defeat him on one's own, because he was so mighty to taking his sword. Even Fergus could not defeat him by his magical fire breath. For his Power was derived from Draconic Source and he was immune to any of its power, especially, he was poisoned by Dragon and got the leather-like skin except one weak point. Once Elagor asked him to present Ormsword, first politely, and later, demandingly. Alakoring rejected and the relation of the two worsened.

Finally He ravaged Delela and killed many dragonfriends. He knew the Secret of Orvanshagor and used it for extracting powers from victims, for he could easily pinpoint weakness of them by his own nature. And Orlanth was always strong in him, and urged him to seek his origin, but he could not gain the secret which Dragons could bestow him. He fled from his father's land with his gangs and mother Sharmara.

While the Gang of Alakoring went back to Lankstan Land, a great hero appeared and challenged to oppressive rule of Seshnelan Agents, and killed many of the Guhani Death Lords and Ballid Aldryami Lightsons. His Iron sword, named Flameless Torch, was greatly feared by his enemies. His name was Jofrain Nightburner (Perhaps Jofrain Pazlacbane's grandson?). He was cousin of Alakoring's mother. But he heard about Alakoring's notoriety and tried to teach him a lesson.

Alakoring hadn't had any master and he set only First Rule of Umath over himself. And he thought no one could defeat him on one's own, because he was so mighty with his sword. But Jofrain proved it was wrong for he was the Grand Swordmaster who can have been found only one in Ralios at one time. Jofrain came before him incognito and challenged Champion's duel. They fought long, but finally Jofrain deprived Alakoring's Ormsword and forced Alakoring to surrender and his oath of fealty, he considered about his mother Sharmara and pledged to him.

Alakoring became Lord Jofrain's righthand man and the Leader of houscarls, and his mother finally felt secure in her cousin's Hall and he drank the mead of his uncle. Alakoring cultivated friendship with his lord and his family. And he fought eagerly Trolls and Safelstan Arkati survivors, even Sorcerers from Tanisor.

Jofrain and Alakoring experienced Adventures together and found Great Treasury of Dwarves (Niebelungen Gold?) near the forest of Tortica. It was taken from them by force of Dream Dragons, they hid it in the rugged hill of Vustria, but finally Alakoring and Jofrain killed all of them through bitter struggle and gained all of these treasure and precious metal.

Later the ambassador from Bad Deal demanded the return of it. But Jofrain politely declined their demand and asked them lest they could dare to dream the return of their treasure if he and Alakoring barely managed to slay all of wyrms. The envoy of Nidan didn't listen any of his statement and cursed that all of wrong proprietor of their treasure would be cursed to worst of doom. Alakoring was worried about it and suggested his lord to kill them before they would inform their master the location of the treasure, but Jofrain laughed and drove them without any bloodshed.

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