Produced and Operated in Japan.
"Visi-Vin" means "Visiter les Vignerons"
(Let's visit the wineries in French).
Let's visit the wineries !!
Lets' enjoy discussing with the people in wineries
and drinking wines.
But how ????

"Visi-Vin" provides the information
how to visit wineries.

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Last updated:26 August, 1999
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Now is the chance to go!!

Always opened both for the beginners and the repeaters.

Splended wine resorts with good wines and foods!!

Coming Soon!! Useful tips
Q & A for what is not mentioned anywhere else.

Even if you plan to visit wineries in the next trip, you cannot find out how to do. "Visi-Vin" provides how to visit wineries based on the actual experience.