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We change the renewal day of the site. It is 13th.

On January 13th, 2021 renewal
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February 13th.

A-940 Bunkyo Nomura [Autumn landscape]
A-941 Keijyu Imai [Snow covered Kinkaku-temple in Kyoto]
A-942 Naonobu Kano [Landscape]
B-2470 Syoue Watanabe [firefly]
B-2471 Syoukoku Ikai [Rice ears]
B-2472 Kosyuh Hatta [Cherry-blossom]
B-2473 Ryuho Yuhara [Seven herbs of autumn]
B-2474 Seikou Itakura [Gentiana]
B-2475 Kinsui Goi [Sea bream and clams]
C-687 Mitsunori Tosa [Seven Gods of Good Luck 1set]
C-688 Ryouki Ohe [Japanese dancing girl]
C-689 Gogyou Miyake[Scarecrow]

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