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We change the renewal day of the site. It is 5th.

Our site was updated twice a month. However, for the time being, update will be changed once a month to 5th.
On October 5th, 2018 renewal
The new merchandise is 10 pieces.
The renewal of the next time is
November 5th.

A-921 Heian Shrine in [Kyoto Keigaku]
B-2397 Peach and loquat [Syunrei Ohya]
B-2398 lion [Syusou]
B-2399 Fan and grasshopper [Fukunen Konishi]
B-2400 Dragon and tiger [Renzan Kishi]
B-2401 Moon and plum [Zenrei]
B-2402 Young maple and bee [Seigyu Kitakami]
B-2403 Child sparrow and willow [Buntoh Hayashi]
B-2404 Full moon and autumn flowers [Kinman Asai]
C-676 Six famous poet groups 1set [Eisen'in Kano]

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