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On March 13th, 2021 renewal
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A-948 Waterfall landscape [Getsujyou Mori]
A-949 Japanese national flag [Hiromichi Itoi]
B-2482 Willow and white camellia [Gyokuzan Shinjyou]
B-2483 Willow and Japanese nightingale [Hohryu Yoshimura]
B-2484 Cherry tree and full moon [Getsujyou Mori]
B-2485 Firefly in a riverside [Buntai Oohashi]
B-2486 Strawberry [Chousei Miwa]
B-2487 Racoon dogs which enjoy a party [Jyuzan]
B-2488 Deer and waterfall [Keijyu Imai]
B-2489 Full moon and cherry tree [Suison]

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