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One of a Kind Antiques Fine and diverse collection of 17th century American and European Antiques, furniture, paintings, through 20th century designs. Estate jewelry, estate silver, Arts and Crafts, Modernism, Appraisals.
Rainmaker Native American Art, Collectibles & Antiques, Jewelry, Hopi Kachina Dolls, Rugs & Blankets, Pottery, Baskets, Fetishes, Weapons & Clothing and Beadwork.
Il Putto Arts & Antiques European arts and antiques, mainly from Italy, France and Spain. We have a collection of (bronze) sculptures, paintings, furniture, candlesticks and other works of art.
We sell Japanese antiques on-line from Tokyo, JAPAN. Old Imari porcelain, Kutani porcelain of the Meiji/Taisho era, Kyoto ware are specialties.
Bachmann Eckenstein Asian Art & Antiques - Dealing in Asian Art ? Masterpieces from the Far East Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques dealing & consulting in Asian Art & Oriental Art, antiques from China, Japan & Tibet, and Buddhist Art
Antique Alive Antique Alive presents Korean antique treasures, works of art, and handicrafts in various art forms such as mother of pearl, celadon, white pottery, paper fans, ramie fabrics, antique furniture.
Japanese Craft
Online Shop Saiga
Sells Japanese calligraphy(Shodo), Oshie, Sensu, and Chirimen.
Leonce Antiques Antique sterling silver specialists. Wide selection of antique sterling flatware and hollowware, antique furniture, antique lighting, lamps, mirrors, fireplace items, collectibles and many more antique items. A great resource for decorators, interior designers, and home owners.

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