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*How to make order at Rare Antique TANIGUCHI

Step1: Write down the Namber and the price of the item.
If you want to buy an item. Please write down the Number and the price of the item. Which at the top of the product description page.

Step2: Choose Payment Method.
the next step is selecting your payment method. We accept payments made Westen Union bank, Postal money order and PayPal. Please choose the most appropriate for you. We do not accept any other method of payment.

Step3: Fill in the form
It takes just a few minutes to fill the form, which at the bottom of this page. You will need to enter your personal and shipping details. Please fill in the form carefully, especially the Item Number, Price and Payment Methood. Choose your Payment Methood from the dropdown list. Click "Submit" to confiom your order to us.

Step4: Complete your order
The total amount of each order is price of each product you ordered plus 5% of the price as the transaction fee. (If you chose to pay PayPal) Please calculate the total amount by your self.

*(Western union bank)*
[There is not the addition of a fee.]
Please remit to "Kaoru Ito" with the Western union bank near you. After finish your payment. Please send the remitance control Number (MTCN) and remitter's name exactly to us by E-mail.

[I add 5% of the merchandise price as the fee.]
I transmit the request mail in your mail address from PayPal.

*(International postal money order)*
The exchange rate is subject to the day you make payment.
Address: 247 Nakano-cho, Shinmonzen, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Postal code: 605-0082
Phone number: +81-75-531-5887
Name: Taiji Taniguchi

*About Delivery

1: AU the packing and delivery are free of charge.
2: When we confirm your remittance, we will contact you as soon as possible. Mearnhile, we will delivery your item to you, base on the delivery details you sended. The item will be sending within one week after we confirm your remittance.
3: The receipt and the certificate of the item will be sending to you enclosed.

Thank you for patrenize our website. If you have any question or suggestion. Please contact us by E-mail
If you get chance to visit Kyoto, Japan, it's our honor to have you dropping in our shop. Thank you!

Please do not push the Enter key during input.!
(Information has been transmitted in the input midway)

Please set up the encoding to the West Europe language (ISO),
if you send the order form from this page!
Application Date
First Name
Second Name
Zip/Postal code
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Remittance method
Item Number
Item Number

Please contact here, in case that the mail of the confirmationdoes not reach from me within 2 days,even if you send the order form in this page.

*Inquiry and suggestion about stock,etc
(Please enter the
name and E-mail address on the occasion of entry)